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“Energy Split Sword Technique!” As soon as he finished speaking, three strands of golden sword qi shot out from the tip of Violet Spirit.

This time, the sword qi was even sharper and swifter than any sword qi that Yang Ye had executed in the past.

Because this sword qi was boosted by 3rd level Sword Intent!


At this moment, Yang Ye wasnt at the 2nd level anymore, and he was at the 3rd which was also perfection in the initial-stage of Sword Intent!

The three strands of golden sword qi were like three bolts of golden lightning, and they emanated a sharp whistle through the air as they shot explosively towards Qing Mings group of three!

After they found out that Yang Ye had comprehended Sword Intent, the three of them didnt dare be careless at all.

Qing Ming took a step forward while a wisp of a savage expression flashed in his eyes.

He said, “Finish us with a single strike You”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pressed his palms forward while the profound energy within his body surged explosively.

Profound energy coiled and surged around his palms, and in an instant, he pulled his palms back before suddenly blasting them forward once more!

“Overlapping Wave Palm!” Along with Qing Mings loud shout, numerous palm prints condensed from energy ceaselessly surged out violently from Qing Mings palms like tidal waves.

Just like the name of the technique, these energy palms really had shot out successively, and there wasnt even the slightest gap between them.

Of course, the most important fact was the speed and might of this technique.

Its speed wasnt inferior to those three strands of sword qi that Yang Ye executed, and as for its might, it was obvious from the explosions that resounded as it collided with the air before it.

Because at the moment the Overlapping Wave Palm technique was executed, numerous explosions had resounded in the surroundings, and it was the sound of the technique blasting air apart!

Qing Min and Qing Lian who stood behind Qing Ming heaved sighs of relief when they saw Qing Ming execute a technique.

The Overlapping Wave Palm was a low-grade Earth Rank technique.

Even though Qing Ming wasnt able to fully display its might, they felt that it should be able to deal with Yang Yes golden sword qi that carried Sword Intent.

Before the gazes of everyone, the three strands of golden sword qi collided with the string of energy palms!

There was no explosion that theyd expected nor was there any loud commotion….

Yang Yes golden sword qi seemed like a sharp axe chopping through rotten wood, and it sliced through those energy palms without the slightest difficulty and didnt slow down as it continued shooting at Qing Mings group of three!

The three of them were astounded when they witnessed this scene.

However, it was too late for them to evade because these three strands of sword qi had arrived in front of them.

All three of them activated their Profound Energy Barriers at the first possible moment.


The three golden strands of sword qi still cut through them with ease and directly penetrated their bodies.

After it penetrated their bodies, the three strands of sword qi didnt disperse and shot explosively towards the distance.

After they shot over 100m away, they finally collided with a wall at the side of a mountain!

After that, three bottomless and pitch black holes appeared there!

Qing Min had perished, and so had Qing Lian.

Because when these three strands of sword qi penetrated their bodies, the Sword Intent had instantly crushed their internal organs into powder, causing them to instantly lose their lives!

As for Qing Min, he was still alive, but he was halfway in his grave.

Fresh blood was ceaselessly spraying out from the hole in his chest….

“You… you didnt just comprehend Sword Intent….” Qing Ming gazed at Yang Ye as he said word by word, “You… Youve attained it to the initial… initial….” He was unable to finish speaking in the end because a strand of violet light had instantly shot through his neck, and then his head flew into the air!

With a wave of his hand, Violet Spirit returned into his grasp, and then Yang Ye walked slowly towards their corpses.

As he gazed at them, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Actually, Im not against robbing and plundering others.

But Im against others robbing and plundering me.

Moreover, I never waste my breath on others before the battle has come to an end!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the spatial rings in their possessions flew into Yang Yes palm with a wave of his hand.

He looked through them for a moment, and then he revealed another satisfied smile.

Because there was a total of 18 King Rank Inner Cores and some techniques within the spatial rings.

Moreover, there were a few thousand energy stones as well.

Of course, he didnt fancy the techniques and energy stones at all.

The only thing he felt slightly regretful about was that Qing Mings spatial ring didnt contain the Overlapping Wave Palm.

Its might was really good, and the only reason his sword qi had sliced through it with such ease was firstly because of his 3rd level Sword Intent and secondly because Qing Ming wasnt able to fully bright forth its might.

Otherwise, even if he utilized his 3rd level Sword Intent, he still wouldnt be able to break through it with such ease!

Even though it was a slight pity, his gains this time werent bad.

Coupled with his gains from plundering others before this, he almost possessed sufficient Inner Cores now!

This made him recall what Qin Xiyue had told him about killing Inner Beasts was inferior in speed when compared to robbing and plundering the gains of others.

Of course, the precondition was that the strength of the person that did this had to be formidable, otherwise, these people before him clearly displayed the consequences of being weak!

Yang Ye shook his head before he gazed at Violet Spirit that he held in his hand.

Needless to say, hed underestimate this sword since the beginning, and hed even doubted Su Qingshis words on many occasions.

Because Su Qingshi said that this sword was once a Dao Artifact and even had a Sword Spirit.

However, since it was in his possession, it seemed to have never revealed its strength as a Dao Artifact but only occasionally made some unusual movement!

However, the actions of the Violet Spirit sword this time caused Yang Ye to have no choice but to look at it in a new light.

Because it was Violet Spirit that brought him into that state he experienced earlier.

Moreover, hed faintly sensed the Sword Spirit within Violet Spirit now.

He was unable to sense it in a precise manner, and he was just able to faintly sense that Violet Spirit possessed a will of its own!

Moreover, he was able to sense that the Sword Spirit within Violet Spirit desired to communicate with him, but for some unknown reason, it was unable to communicate clearly.

In short, his intuition told him that the Sword Spirit within the Violet Spirit sword in his possession and the Green Darkness Sword in Su Qingshis possession wasnt in deep sleep, and it seemed as if it was sealed by something instead!

Yang Ye shook his head and restrained his thoughts, and he stopped thinking about this.

No matter what, his gains today were enormous.

Not only had he obtained over 10 Inner Cores, but his Sword Intent had also advanced to attain perfection in the initial-stage.

After he attained perfection in the initial-stage, Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to notice that its might hadnt just multiplied.

To put it in more precise terms, the 3rd level was a divide.

Once one attained the 3rd level in Sword Intent, its might was instantly advance to a new level, and it wasnt just a multiplication of strength!

So, he was a little bit more confident in his ability to obtain the 1st in the Ascension Rankings now!

Up until now, he hadnt met any of legendary monstrous geniuses of the southern territory like Qin Youran from the Imperial Academy, Yuan Tong who was said to have the greatest chance of becoming the Martial God, or the monstrous genius of the Darkbeast Empire that even made the violet robed young man from the Steel Ape Clan to admit his inferiority.

When facing such monstrous geniuses, Yang Ye would naturally not think that he could definitely defeat them.

Not to mention those monstrous geniuses, he didnt even dare to say that he could definitely defeat that violet robed young man from the Steep Ape Clan or even Wenren Yue.

After all, they hadnt revealed their true strengths and trump cards!

Hed always held the mentality of fighting to the death when he came to seize the 1st on the Ascension Rankings.

The requirement he gave himself was that he must seize the 1st! However, hed never felt that he would absolutely be able to seize the 1st, nor had he felt that he was the strongest amongst the younger generation of the southern territory and could defeat all geniuses with a single strike of the sword!

Since the beginning, hed merely set his sights on the 1st on the Ascension Rankings.

As for whether he could succeed or not, he didnt know.

In any case, hed come with the resolution to die trying!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, restrained his thoughts, and stopped thinking about all of this.

He turned to look at the violet mink, and then he grinned as he stretched out his hand to rub its little head.

He said, “Little Fellow, thank you for always staying by my side!”

Hed always been fortunate to have this little fellow by his side to accompany him through countless difficult days, and it was exactly this little fellow that had helped him countless times.

Hed always taken the violet mink to be a friend that he could trust his life with and die for!

The violet mink blinked, and then it rubbed its little head against Yang Yes face in an intimate manner!

Yang Ye smiled, took the violet mink in his arms, and then flashed towards the south.

Earlier, hed heard Qing Lian say that Yuan Tong had issued some sort of summons.

With the status possessed by Yuan Tong and his sect, I presume that countless geniuses of the southern territory have already converged there.

So, Yang Ye definitely intended to take a look at such a grand event as well.

Perhaps I can witness a battle between Yuan Tong and that mysterious genius of the Darkbeast Empire in advance.

If he was able to witness their strengths, then it would naturally be a good thing for him!


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