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Chapter 2023 – I Seek Out the Strong!

The Unfettered One!

Yang Ye fell silent.

He hadnt expected the Unfettered One to have come here, and he hadnt expected to see the Unfettered One again in the large universe.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and watched.

Amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos of the world, my Sword Dao reigns supreme!

Yang Ye couldnt help but chuckle when he thought about those words.

The Unfettered One is still as overbearing as always!

However, it also displayed how confident the Unfettered One was in his own Sword Dao!

Would anyone dare to say that their Dao reigned supreme amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos

The Unfettered One did!

At the base of Horizon Mountain, the Unfettered One walked slowly towards it.

Suddenly, a colossus appeared before him.

It was the Crimson Ox!

It roared with fury at the Unfettered One and slammed its body down upon him.

The Unfettered Ones expression didnt change at all, and he just continued forward.

When the Crimson Ox was just a little over 1m away from him, he suddenly waved his hand.

A branch on the ground suddenly shot out like a bolt of lightning.


The Crimson Ox was blasted away and slammed against the mountain wall.

However, it didnt fall down the mountain wall because a tiny branch was stabbed into its stomach!

It was that branch that was keeping the Crimson Ox nailed to the wall and had completely immobilized it.

The Unfettered One continued forward.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at the top of Horizon Mountain, and a white haired old man was there.

It was the Sage Yang Ye had just met!

The old man glanced at the Unfettered One, “Ive never heard of you in the large universe.”

The Unfettered One looked the old man in the eyes, “Those whove seen me are dead.”

The old man fell silent for a long time and said, “No wonder.

So you were behind the disappearance of around 10 Sages amongst all the races.

Whats your objective”

The Unfettered One walked slowly towards the old man, “To prove my Sword Dao!”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, “Youre killing Sages to prove your Sword Dao”

The Unfettered One didnt stop and just continued walking towards the old man, “Why do I seek out Sages Because Sages are strong enough.

I seek out the strong.”

The old man asked, “Then why dont you seek out the progenitors”

The Unfettered One replied, “Youre the last one.

Ill go look for them after you.”

The old man asked, “What will you do once youve defeated them all”

The Unfettered One stopped and said, “Arent there the so-called gods”

The old man fell silent.

Meanwhile, the Unfettered One closed his eyes slowly, and the old man before him closed his eyes as well.

The surroundings suddenly fell silent, or it should be described as falling deathly silent.

It felt like the surroundings had frozen!

Some time later, the Sage stretched out his arms and pressed them down lightly.

The world around instantly started trembling, and a wave of powerful natural might swept out from all directions.

The true might of nature!

At this moment, the Unfettered One seemed like he was fighting the world.

Suddenly, a thumb-sized rock appeared in the Unfettered Ones palm, and then it shot forward.

Its speed increased as it flew, and it flickered with faint sword energy.

The sword energy was very warm and wasnt dazzling at all, and it even seemed quite gentle.

However, it shot through the natural aura with absolute ease!

Meanwhile, the Unfettered One suddenly opened his eyes and left.

At the same time, the old mans voice came from behind the Unfettered One, “I never expected your Sword Dao to have attained such a level!”

The Unfettered One didnt say anything and just continued forward.

It didnt take long for him to vanish from the old mans field of vision.

The scene before Yang Ye stopped!

Yang Ye returned to reality.

The old man asked, “What do you think”

Yang Ye replied, “Very strong!”

The old man nodded slightly, “His Sword Dao was at the peak of the Heart Sword Stage, and anything could be his sword.

Of course, it isnt that simple.

Im sure you understand what I mean!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I do!”

The state of making everything into a sword wasnt just using other things as the sword.

For example, he could use a rock as a sword, but how strong would it be It would definitely be strong against an ordinary person, but if he fought someone in the same realm of cultivation, he would be courting death.

Besides that, the reason a rock used as a sword couldnt display such strength was mainly because a rock couldnt endure too much of his strength.

After all, a rock was a rock, and its endurance had a limit!

But the rock in the Unfettered Ones hands had been able to endure all his strength!

That was the difference between him and the Unfettered One.

The Unfettered One had clearly mastered something even more superior, or it should be said that the Unfettered Ones Sword Dao was superior and stronger!

This comparison gave Yang Ye clear insight into the direction he should take.

He knew what kind of path he should take next!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and cupped his fist to the old man, “Thank you!”

The old man grinned and said, “Whos the current Sovereign of Sky”

Yang Ye replied, “I dont know!”

“You dont” The old man was quite surprised, “Youre the guardian of my sky race and a successor of the Dao Path, so…”

He suddenly frowned when he spoke up to this point.

Yang Ye asked, “What”

The old man shook his head slightly, “Forget it, it isnt anything I should worry about.

Since you were selected by the Sky Emperor, you definitely wont harm my sky race.” He flicked a ball of light that floated over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats this”

The old man replied, “Its my inheritance.

I hope youll give it to someone from my sky race.”

Give it to someone from the sky race!

The Sages were mostly good people, but Sages were still people.

They werent completely selfless, and even if they were selfless, it was towards people from their own race and not outsiders!

Yang Ye took the ball of white light and said, “Dont worry, Ill select an outstanding genius of the sky race for you!”

The old man smiled, “I trust you.” He flicked with his finger again, and a black bracelet appeared in front of Yang Ye, “My mount will follow the person who possesses that.

Im in the Devil Dimension, and some of the experts here will probably not allow my inheritance to be just taken.

You can use my mount.

Youll have a much better chance at leaving if you have it to escort you out!”

He paused for a moment and continued, “However, please promise me that if it refuses to stay with you after you leave the Devil Dimension, then let it go.


Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

The old man grinned, “Go on!”

Yang Ye cupped his fist to the old man and left the hut.

Once Yang Ye left, silence suddenly filled the hut, and a long time passed before the old man spoke softly, “No emotion and emotion… I see…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old mans figure gradually turned ethereal, and it didnt take long for him to vanish.

Another Sage had truly vanished from this world!

There wasnt a trace of him left!

After he left the hut, Yang Ye sighed softly.

Even Sages could die, and he felt that practically everyone would face such a day in their lives.

Eternal life

Who could truly accomplish that Many extraordinary experts were merely able to live longer!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and left the hill.

As soon as he did, the Crimson Ox appeared before him.

It glanced at him, and then it looked up the mountain.

After that, it slowly knelt down before the mountain.

A short while later, it stood up, and then it gazed at the bracelet in Yang Yes possession.


Yang Ye didnt say anything.

A short while passed before the Crimson Ox flashed into the bracelet.

Yang Ye glanced at it, and then walked over to Mad Saber and the others.

Mad Saber asked, “You got it”

Yang Ye nodded slightly.

A slight smile appeared on Mad Sabers icy cold face, “I knew you would get it.

Come, Ill send you out of the Devil Dimension!”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “Ill go myself.”

Mad Saber was visibly displeased, “What”

Yang Ye smiled, “Im a sword cultivator.

If I want to leave, no one can stop me.

If you go with me, itll definitely cause endless troubles for you, and that will be bad.

Dont you think so too”

Mad Saber fell silent.

Yang Ye patted Mad Saber lightly on the shoulder and smiled, “Even a million demon beasts couldnt stop me, let alone now Dont worry, no one can stop me.

Ill tell the others and we can get together another day!”

Mad Saber nodded, “Alright! Be careful.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Lets get together another day!”

Yang Ye vanished into the distance once he finished speaking.

Mad Saber spoke solemnly, “Notify father to send people to watch him.

I want to be sure that he gets out safely!”

Ming Che spoke in a low voice, “Big Brother, it shouldnt be a problem with Brother Yangs strength, right”

Mad Saber glared at Ming Che, “I told you to do it, so just do it!”

Ming Che puckered his lips, but he didnt dare to say anything else and just vanished into the distance.

Mad Saber looked up at the direction Yang Ye had left towards, “Im afraid its not that simple!”

Once Yang Ye left the hill, he arrived at the foot of Horizon Mountain, and it was where the Unfettered One had fought.

It was familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time!

It was an absurd feeling!

“Amongst the 3,000 Grand Daos, my Sword Dao reigns supreme!” Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, “What a sentiment!”

Suddenly, around a dozen people appeared behind Yang Ye, and they were led by Lin Tian, Liao Fan, and Su Xiu!

Yang Ye turned around.

Liao Fan smiled, “Congratulations Brother Ye!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Thank you!”

Meanwhile, Liao Fans smile suddenly turned cold, “Brother Ye, leave the inheritance behind and you can leave.

What do you think”

Yang Yes smile remained on his face, “Do you know how to write the word death Do you want me to teach you Its free!”

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