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Chapter 2024 – Its a Terrible Misunderstanding!

Lin Tian and Liao Fans faces turned gloomy when they heard Yang Ye.

A cold smile curled up on Liao Fans lips, “Brother Ye, are you that confident”

Yang Ye smiled, “I am!”

Liao Fan wanted to say more, but Lin Tian suddenly said, “Since youre that confident, then come give it a try!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a spear appeared in his grasp, and then he appeared in front of Yang Ye while stabbing his spear at Yang Yes face!

Yang Ye raised his hand and punched!


Lin Tian was blasted over 300m back!

Liao Fan and the others faces fell at the sight of this.

They were about to attack when a ray of saber energy suddenly tore through the air and entered their group.


Liao Fan and the others were forced to spread out.

Yang Ye turned around, and he saw Mad Saber walking over with his younger brother and three other young men from the devil race.

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled.

This fellow still came in the end!

Mad Saber walked over to Yang Ye, glanced at Liao Fans group, and said, “Leave them to me.

You leave first!”

Yang Ye wanted to say something, but Mad Saber said, “Dont waste your time on them.

There are even stronger opponents waiting ahead.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Be careful!”

He transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky,

“Dont let him get away!” Liao Fan spoke abruptly and intended to pursue Yang Ye, but Mad Sabers group appeared before Liao Fans group.

Lin Tian walked over to Mad Saber and spoke in a low voice, “Brother Mad Saber, doing this isnt right!”

Mad Saber replied indifferently, “Lin Tian, since we worked together previously, let me tell you something.

Just stop.

Youll still have a great future before you if you stop now!”

Lin Tian laughed coldly, “Giving up isnt my style!”

Mad Saber replied, “Then lets fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swung the saber in his grasp!

Yang Ye didnt stay a moment longer and sped up.

He didnt stay because he believed in Mad Sabers strength.

Mad Saber had come from the Dead Dimension, so his strength was absolutely not something Lin Tian and the others could compare to.

His main objective was to return to the Sky Dimension and save Yu Jing.

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped and looked ahead, “Show yourself!”

The space there trembled, and then it split open before a woman with a sword in hand walked out from there.

Yang Ye frowned, “You”

It was AXiu!

She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “You have the Sages inheritance”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed.

What You want to take it from me too”

She fell silent for a moment and replied, “Id like to try.”

Yang Ye replied, “Then try!”

AXiu didnt say anything.

She just moved her wrist, and a ray of sword energy tore through the air in Yang Yes direction.

Yang Ye didnt draw his sword.

He just raised his hand and slammed a punch forward.


The ray of sword energy instantly exploded.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He tapped the tip of his foot against the ground and shot over 30m backwards.

Yang Ye touched his throat, and there was a drop of scarlet red on the tip of his finger.

It was blood!

Yang Ye looked up at her, “Youre very fast!”

She looked him in the eyes, “Your reaction is very fast too.

However, you may not be so lucky next time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she tapped her right foot down and transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Yang Ye.

She was extremely swift to the point a sword instantly arrived before Yang Yes forehead when her foot descended to the ground.

However, the sword didnt stab Yang Yes skin because two fingers had clamped down on it.

Their eyes met, and then AXiu suddenly twisted her sword.

Yang Ye immediately released it, allowing her sword to continue forward, but Yang Ye moved to the side and made it pass just by his forehead.

AXiu reacted very quickly.

She twisted her wrist and executed a horizontal sweep.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes figure bent backwards and avoided that lethal attack of hers.

Just like that, one attacked while the other defended.

Around 15 minutes later, AXiu suddenly stopped.

She stared at Yang Ye and asked, “How”

Since she started fighting Yang Ye, he seemed to be able to predict her every move, causing every one of her attacks to miss and even get countered!

Yang Ye shook his head, “You cant take the inheritance from me!”

“Stop my final attack!” AXiu suddenly leaped up and arrived above Yang Ye, and then she took her sword in both hands and swung it down.

Yang Ye was about to attack when he suddenly frowned, and then he turned around and slammed his fist forward.

As soon as he did that, a sword slammed against his fist.


An explosion resounded and Yang Ye was blasted backwards repeatedly.

Meanwhile, another sword soundlessly slashed down at him.

It appeared very abruptly, and it was like it had always been behind him!

Yang Yes reaction was very quick.

He twisted his right foot on the ground, causing himself to stop and spin around before slamming a punch forward.


The sword was obliterated.

However, at the same time, a sword appeared on Yang Yes right, left, front, and back.

All of them were descending upon his head.

Yang Yes face fell.

He stretched out his right hand, and it only took a moment for an ethereal dragon claw to appear around his right hand.

After that, he raised it and waved it around him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions resounded around him, and the swords vanished.

AXiu didnt attack again.

She stopped and looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Are you still going to continue holding back”

“Holding back” Yang Ye chuckled and replied, “Miss AXiu, youre a pretty good person, unlike Liao Dan and Su Xiu.

Otherwise, you would be a corpse by now.

Leave, I need the Sages inheritance for something else!”

Yang Ye turned around and left.

Suddenly, AXiu asked, “Who are you”

Yang Ye didnt answer her and just vanished into the sky.

AXiu remained silent on the spot for a long time, and then she said, “He overcame every one of my moves… Ye Yang…” Her eyes suddenly opened wide, “Ye Yang, Yang Ye…”

At this moment, shed guessed his identity.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was very far away.

Yang Ye arrived before the Devil Well.

He was about to leave when a voice came from behind him, “Young Brother, are you going to leave just like that”

Yang Ye stopped, and an old man had appeared behind him.

The old man had white hair, a very long beard that practically touched the ground.

Yang Ye asked, “The devil race”

The old man nodded slightly, “Exactly.”

Yang Ye smiled, “What The devil race doesnt want it to leave the Devil Dimension”

The old man smiled, “Not really.

We just dont want it to fall into the sky races hands.”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, Im sure you can discern that Im from the human race!”

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Young Brother, a junior in my clan wants it, so I wonder if youll be willing to part with it Of course, I wont take it from you for free.

If youre willing to give it to me, Ill owe you a favor, alright”

“A favor” Yang Ye sized up the old man and chuckled, “The favor of a Zen Realm expert isnt a small thing.

However, Im sorry but I cant give it to you.

So, you should look for another Sages inheritance.”

The old mans eyes narrowed slightly, “Young Brother, while the inheritance is great, your life is your most precious possession, right”

A threat!

Yang Ye smiled, “Are you threatening me”

The old man replied indifferently, “You can treat it like that!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the old man when he appeared again.

A moment later, his sword shot down.

The old man hadnt expected Yang Ye to suddenly attack, and he was slightly stunned.

However, his reaction was extremely swift, and hed slapped his palm at Yang Yes sword at the exact same moment that Yang Ye had attacked.


An explosion resounded.

Yang Ye and the old man split apart, and they were around 300m away from each other.

The old man looked down at his palm, and there was an extremely deep injury there!

The old mans face instantly fell, and a trace of seriousness filled his eyes.

He looked up at Yang Ye, “I didnt expect you to have been hiding so much strength, and youre even a sword cultivator!”

Yang Ye didnt say a word.

He just raised his palm, and a sword appeared on it.

The sword started spinning rapidly against his palm, and rays of extremely dazzling sword energy frequently emerged from it.

The old mans expression became solemn from the sight of this.

At this moment, he sensed a feeling of danger!

“Go!” Meanwhile, Yang Yes voice suddenly resounded, and then his sword vanished from his palm.


The sky dimmed down before Yang Yes attack!

The old man was shocked.

He overlapped his palms and swiftly slapped them forward.


The space in a huge area shook violently, and then an endless expanse of space cracked open.

Hiss! Hiss!

A breath of time later, the old man was over 1km away, and as soon as he stopped himself, his palms were obliterated!

Meanwhile, another sword appeared on Yang Yes palm!

The old man hurriedly looked up at Yang Ye and spoke with astonishment, “You… Youre Yang Ye…”

Yang Ye didnt conceal it and nodded, “So”

The old man suddenly moved 300m back and said, “Young Brother, this is a misunderstanding, a terrible misunderstanding!”

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

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