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Chapter 2043 – Familiar Writing!


Extremely arrogant!

Needless to say, Yang Yes arrogance displeased all of them quite a bit, but no one dared to anger him right now.


The strength Yang Ye revealed earlier instilled deep fear in them!

Now, theyd finally realized that the man before them, the new Seal Master of the Slaughter Line, was no ordinary person!

Somewhere hidden, a man and a woman stared at Yang Yes figure, and only after Yang Ye vanished into the hall did the man speak, “What do you think”

The woman by his side said, “Very strong!”

The man chuckled, “Very strong indeed!”

The woman fell silent.

The man and woman were Su Lang and Mo You.

Mo You spoke softly, “I feel that we shouldnt get mixed up in the enmity between him and the Prediction Line.

As far as were concerned, fighting him doesnt benefit at all.

As for reputation, I think it isnt very important.

In any case, we arent the only ones who are targeting him!”

Su Lang spoke softly, “I know what youre worried about.

If it was at any other time, I would naturally not interfere in such a difficult thing that doesnt benefit us at all.

However, we have to do it right now!”

Mo You frowned slightly when she heard this.

She was about to say something when Su Lang said, “Lets go!”

He vanished into a distant hall.

Mo You sighed softly on the spot, “He is absolutely ruthless!”

Her voice carried a trace of worry.

Even though she hadnt come into contact with Yang Ye for long, Yang Ye made her feel extreme danger.

Even now, she still remembered what Yang Ye had told her.

So long as she dared to attack him, he would dare to kill her!

She was very well aware that Yang Ye wasnt joking!

A madman!

Yang Ye was a madman who was afraid of nothing.

In the hall.

At this moment, the hall was extremely quiet.

Yang Ye sat at a corner with his eyes closed, and it seemed like he was meditating.

The people here glanced at him from time to time, and their gazes had curiosity, the intent to kill, and so on and so forth.

However, they concealed their intent to kill very well and didnt dare to reveal it.

At this moment, Yang Yes mind was immersed into the Primordial Pagoda.

The pair of black gloves were in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye sized up the gloves.

If he wasnt wrong, they were at the Sage Rank.

A treasure at the Sage Rank!

Yang Ye flicked two droplets of blood into them, and they shook violently.

Suddenly, Yang Yes blood was bounced out of it.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned by this, “Youre still fighting back”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye flipped his right palm, and an ethereal dragon claw appeared around his right hand.

After that, he slammed the dragon claw down on the gloves.


The gloves were instantly slapped flying.

That wasnt the end of it.

Yang Ye charged forward and slammed a punch forward…

Around 10 minutes later, the gloves stood obediently in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was about to try them when a small figure suddenly flew over to him.

It was the mischievous Snowy!

Snowy blinked at the gloves, and then she stretched out her claws and put them into the gloves.

However, they were too big!

It looked really amusing!

Snowy gazed at Yang Ye and kept blinking.

Obviously, she was asking him if he had a smaller pair!

Yang Ye didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He was just about to speak when the gloves suddenly shrunk.

They shrunk to the point they covered Snowys claws well.

Snowys eyes immediately lit up, and she slammed it forward.


Everywhere her fist passed, space was torn open!

Snowys eyes grew even brighter from the sight of this!

Yang Ye rubbed her head lightly and smiled, “You can play with it, but you have to give it to me when Im fighting, alright”

Snowy nodded to display that she had no objections.

Yang Ye played with Snowy for a while and left the Primordial Pagoda.

Meanwhile, Su Lang entered the hall.

He glanced at them and smiled, “Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Please come with me!”

He glanced at Yang Ye and left.

Everyone hurriedly followed after him.

They followed Su Lang to the back of Guardian Mountain.

The area was extremely huge and covered in an endless expanse of mountains.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and was slightly vigilant.

Before he even came here, he knew that coming here would definitely not be free of danger, and the only reason hed come was because he couldnt cower.

At the very least, he couldnt shrink back at a time like this!

If he did, it was obvious that he would have to face more and more trouble.

That was reality.

At most times, even if someone didnt cause trouble, others would think that person was afraid of trouble.

So, they would try to take a yard and keep looking for trouble with the person.

That was the current situation Yang Ye was in.

So long as he shrunk back, everyone would come looking for trouble with him.

Moreover, he was certain that the so-called Young Junior Master didnt want him to shrink back.

Conversely, the greater his show of strength was, and the greater the potential he revealed, the safer he would be.

Of course, he couldnt act carelessly, and he never had!

“Were here!” Su Lang suddenly stopped, “Everyone, thats where our ancestor once comprehended the Dao.”

All of them bowed slightly towards the mountain wall, even Su Lang did!

However, Yang Ye didnt.

Their expressions became quite unsightly from the sight of this.

Su Lang gazed at Yang Ye, “What”

Yang Ye was stunned and asked, “What”

Su Lang said indifferently, “Our ancestor isnt worthy of you bowing”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Brother Su, so thats what you meant.

But I want to ask you something.

Is that mountain wall our ancestor I dont think so, right Since it isnt, then why are you bowing Our ancestor isnt even here, so who are you showing that to”

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a young man shouted with fury, “Yang Ye, you arrogant…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye gazed at the young man and shouted angrily, “Shut up! If you dont like it, come fight me in single combat!”

The young man was livid.

Yang Ye would naturally not be nice to them.

At least 90% of them hoped for his death.

If he wasnt afraid of escalating the situation, he would have killed all of them, and he wouldnt have wasted his time being courteous with Su Lang.

Even though he wanted to make a show of strength, he didnt want to go too far.

Sometimes, going too far would only arouse aversion in others.

Especially the Weapon Progenitor.

If Yang Ye really was a brainless person who knew nothing but slaughter, then the Weapon Progenitor may be the first one to decide to remove him from the Weapon Path!

Once the Weapon Progenitor had ill feelings towards him, it was obvious that it would be the moment he was finished too.

Unless he fled to the Dao Path!

Su Lang took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then he said, “Brother Yang, youre amazing!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “In my opinion, respect mainly depends on your own heart.

So long as you hold respect in your heart, then bowing is just a formal gesture.

Of course, if all of you think Im disrespecting him, then you can go report me to him.

I, Yang Ye, will accept the punishment he gives me!”

“How shameless!” One of the men spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye shrugged and gazed at Su Lang, “Brother Su, I think we should do what were here to do, dont you think so too”

Su Lang glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Of course!”

As he spoke, he walked off into the distance, and the others followed him.

However, one of them suddenly stopped and went over to Yang Yes side.

It was Nan Zhi from the Merge Line whom hed met earlier.

Nan Zhi shook his head and smiled, “Brother Yang, doing this will only make more enemies for yourself!”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “They took me to be their enemy from the beginning.

Did they not”

Nan Zhi thought for a moment and said, “True.

However, Brother Yang, arent you worried about the situation youre in According to my knowledge, none of the other 5 lines want one more line to take a share of their resources.

If they werent afraid of that Young Martial Uncle, then if Im to be honest, you would have died the day you arrived here.

Im telling you the truth!”

Yang Ye said, “Can I defeat that Young Martial Uncle of yours”

Nan Zhi was stunned, and then he shook his head, “You must be joking!”

Yang Ye said, “Actually, I was tricked by him.

Otherwise, who would want to get mixed up in this It cant be helped.

I cant defeat him, and I fell into his trap.

So, I can only see this to its end!”

“No wonder!” Nan Zhi spoke softly, “I knew it.

A normal person would definitely not get mixed up in all of this.

But… Brother Yang, if Im to be honest, this is a terrible situation.

Presently, all the top existences are only watching, but its impossible to guarantee that they wont do anything.

Once they do, theyll definitely give you no chance to survive!”

Yang Ye glanced at Nan Zhi, “Why are you telling me all of this”

Nan Zhi smiled, “I think youre not bad, and I want to become friends with you.

Is that a good reason”

Yang Ye nodded, “Alright.”

Nan Zhi chuckled and said, “Brother Yang, lets go.”

He strode off once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at Nan Zhi and followed the group.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye and Nan Zhi to stop.

There was almost 300m tall mountain wall before them, and it was over 100m wide too.

At the center of the mountain wall was a mark from the sword that was around an inch long, and it was extremely tiny when compared to the entire mountain wall.

There was a string of words by the mark as well, and Yang Ye was stunned when he saw those words.

The writing was very familiar!

It was the Unfettered Ones writing!

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