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Chapter 2072 – The Sovereign of Man’s Son!

The young man’s voice was filled with excitement.

Snowy blinked, and then gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye rubbed her head gently, and then looked up at the young man, “They’re mine!”

Yang Ye felt that it was best to be reasonable and try to discuss the matter.

Otherwise, others would say that he was unreasonable.

The young man moved his gaze from Snowy to Yang Ye, sized up Yang Ye, and smiled, “Looks like it’s time for a competition of backing.

Come, let me guess.

Since you possess a Sprite Lord and were able to find this place, I presume you’re not from an ordinary clan or organization.

You’re holding a sword too, so are you from the Xuanyuan Clan”

Yang Ye shook his head.

“Oh” The young man smiled, “You’re not from the Xuanyuan Clan Then the Gui Glan Or the Jiang Clan I don’t think you’re from the Ji Clan because Ji Yue is the only capable genius in the Ji Clan’s younger generation right now.

But you’re clearly not a woman disguised as a man! So, if I’m not wrong, you should be from the Gui Clan or Jiang Clan, right”

Yang Ye smiled, “So what if I am So what if I’m not”

The young man roared with laughter.

He laughed for a while before he suddenly said, “Do you know who I am”

Yang Ye shook his head.

The young man smiled, “I’m the son of the Sovereign of Man.

So, I’ll be taking that Mist Sprite and Sprite Lord on behalf of the human race.

You don’t have any objections, right”

“The Sovereign of Man” Yang Ye was stunned, and it didn’t take long for a weird expression to appear on his face. He’s actually the Sovereign of Man’s son!

The Sovereign of Man!

Even though Yang Ye had never met the Sovereign of Man, there was quite a bit of enmity between them.

Or it should be said that the enmity between them was quite serious.

So, now that he’d met his enemy’s son…

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, smiled, and then a sword appeared in his grasp.

“You plan to attack us” The young man suddenly smiled, “Are you thinking about killing us to keep us quiet I… am so scared!” As he spoke, he intentionally put on a very exaggerated expression of fear.

Meanwhile, the old man behind the young man suddenly opened his eyes.

He pulled the young man behind him and looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Is your surname Yang”

Surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, “You recognize me”

The old man’s face instantly became serious when he heard Yang Ye admit it, and then he spoke solemnly, “Yuan Li, take the Young Master with you and leave!”

The young man was stunned when he heard this, and then he suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re Yang Ye! The person who’s wanted by my human race!”

Yang Ye grinned, “I think so!”

The young man’s eyes narrowed slightly while the old man suddenly said, “Young Master, I’m begging you to leave.”

The young man suddenly smiled, “Uncle Li, is he really that terrifying”

The old man sighed, “His identity has been confirmed.

He’s a successor of the Dao Path, and he’s linked to the Weapon Path too.

Besides that, he has been to the mysterious Martial Emperor Academy.

In short, no one can do anything to him unless a Sage acts against him.

Just listen to my advice and leave right now, alright”

The young man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “We’ll meet again.”

He turned around and intended to leave.

However, he’d only taken two steps when he suddenly turned around, pressed his palms together, and transformed into a pillar of golden light that shot at Yang Ye.

There was a fine ‘人’ character which represented “Man” within the pillar of light.

Yang Ye didn’t say a word and just swung his sword.


The pillar of golden light was sliced into pieces, and the young man was blasted backwards.

At the same time, a ray of sword energy stabbed down from above Yang Ye.

The old man was attacking!

Yang Ye didn’t even look up.

He just flipped his palm, and a sword started floating on it.

A moment later, the sword shot up into the air and stabbed against the old man’s sword.

The powerful force of the collision and the special traits of the sword itself caused the old man’s sword to shatter.

At the same time, the old man was blasted away.

“Die!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded from Yang Ye’s right, and then a huge palm that flickered with crimson red flames emanated a wave of terrifying pressure as it slammed down at Yang Ye.

It was the middle aged man who’d launched this attack!

Yang Ye didn’t draw his sword.

He just turned around and swung a punch.


His punch carried the roar of a dragon.

As soon as they collided, the middle aged man was instantly blasted away.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was pushed over 100m back.

At this moment, his entire arm was completely red like it had been burned.

Yang Ye looked up at the middle aged man, “Interesting!”

He shook his right hand once he finished speaking, and his arm had been completely repaired by his Primordial Violet Energy.

The middle aged man’s face fell from the sight of this.

“Young Master, leave!” Meanwhile, the old man spoke again.

The young man gazed at the old man, “We have two Major Zen Realm and one Minor Zen Realm expert in our group, yet we can’t do anything to him”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hands.

In an instant, the space in the surroundings trembled violently, and then rays of golden light seeped out from within him.

They were like small snakes which shot at Yang Ye.

A technique!

In just an instant, Yang Ye’s figure was enveloped within them.

However, as soon as they enveloped him, a sword howl resounded, and then countless beams of sword energy erupted from within the golden light.


The golden light instantly exploded apart.

At the same time, a ray of light instantly arrived in front of the young man.

However, the middle aged man appeared in front of him, and his flaming palms clamped down upon Yang Ye’s sword!

Suddenly, a foot stomped down on the hilt of the sword.


The sword shot straight through and instantly stabbed into the middle aged man’s chest.

The middle aged man’s eyes opened wide.

Yang Ye was about to attack again when the middle aged man suddenly charged forward and wrapped his arms around Yang Ye’s shoulder.

He spoke ferociously, “Yang Ye, let’s die together!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ball of flames erupted from within him, and it instantly enveloped both him and Yang Ye.


But just a moment later, a ball of white light blasted out of the flames, and then a man walked out from there.

There was a huge ethereal white dragon behind the man.

The Sky Dragon!

Yang Ye raised his palm and slapped it forward, and the ball of flames by his side was instantly obliterated.

The young man’s face finally had a serious expression on it, and besides seriousness, there was a trace of fear.

“Young Master, leave!” The old man spoke once more.

The young man gazed at the old man, “Be careful!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye smiled, “Is it worth it to give your life up for someone like that”

The old man closed his eyes slowly and twisted his palms.

In an instant, numerous ethereal swords appeared around him.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “As a sword cultivator, how can you allow your sword to be another’s servant A bound heart is a bound sword.”

Suddenly, the old man opened his eyes and looked at Yang Ye, “Thank you for the reminder.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me.

I hope I have a second chance at life.

If I still pick up the sword in my next life, then my sword will never become another’s servant.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

In an instant, over 10,000 swords rained down like a storm.

It was the old man’s final attack!

Yang Ye shook his head.

He took a step forward, and all the swords stopped in midair.

The Sword Domain!

Yang Ye had used the Sword Domain to suppress them by force, but while he’d suppressed them, they hadn’t vanished.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then 36 ethereal swords appeared in the Sword Domain.

A moment later, rays of light crisscrossed throughout the surroundings.

The Invincible Sword Formation!

Three breaths of time later, everything calmed down here.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the rays of light vanished without a trace.

“The Sword Domain…” The old man muttered like he’d lost his soul.


Meanwhile, a pair of wings appeared behind Yang Ye, and then he appeared extremely far away.

A man was dashing madly through space.

It was the son of the Sovereign of Man.

After the few collisions they’d had with Yang Ye, he was very well aware that they couldn’t do anything to Yang Ye.

So, he’d decisively chosen to flee.

“30 breaths of time!” The man stared into the distance, “I’ll be safe in 30 breaths of time!”

He sped up again.

Suddenly, his expression changed, and he stopped.

A ray of light descended before him, and it dispersed to reveal the figure of a man.

The young man stared at the man, “Yang Ye, are you really planning on killing me”

Yang Ye cracked a smile, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.”

Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot.

The young man’s expression changed drastically.

He pressed his palms together and slammed them forward.


A wave of powerful energy surged out from his palms.

However, it hadn’t been able to stop Yang Ye’s sword energy, and the sword energy forced its way through the energy and stabbed forward…


The ray of sword energy flashed, and the young man’s figure stiffened on the spot.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared behind the young man.

The young man’s eyes were opened wide.

His lips trembled, and he seemed like he wanted to say something, but Yang Ye swung his sword backwards.


The young man’s head flew up into the air.

Meanwhile, space trembled far away in space.

Someone was forcefully traveling through space and was about to emerge there!

Obviously, it was the person who’d come to save the young man.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth.

He sheathed his sword and was ready to draw it at any moment!



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