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Chapter 2076 – Snowys Strength!

At this moment, Yang Ye knew that something bad was about to happen.

Sure enough, Yang Ye sensed the temperature around him spike abruptly.

He turned around, and he saw a ghastly white ball of flames floating behind him.

A moment later, it suddenly exploded apart, and then ghastly white flames enveloped the surroundings and Yang Ye.

Suddenly, a ball of blood red flames charged out from the wave of flames, and Yang Ye was within it.

At this moment, Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face.

Even though he was within the Divine Yin Flame, the ghastly white flames still felt extremely dangerous to him.

Moreover, if hed stayed just a while longer in there, even the Divine Yin Flame may not have been able to keep him from being turned to ashes.

It wasnt that the Divine Yin Flame was inferior to the Fire Sprite here, it was Yang Ye who was inferior to it.

It wasnt like the Mist Sprite and Water Sprite from before, it was much, much stronger.

Coupled with the fact that this entire planet was covered in lava and flames, even a Sage may be helpless against it while it remained here!

Meanwhile, a small ball of ghastly white flames appeared before Yang Ye again, and then it suddenly formed the face of a young girl.

“Human!” Suddenly, it said, “Where did she go”

She” Yang Ye was stunned, but it didnt take long for him to realize who it was talking about.


Obviously, it had shown itself because of Snowy.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he called Snowy out here.

Once she emerged from the Primordial Pagoda, she gazed at the ball of flames.

The latter gazed at Snowy for a long time before it said, “Why are you with a human”

Snowy flew over to Yang Yes shoulder and gently patted Yang Yes head.

She cracked a smile when she saw Yang Ye look at her.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head gently, and then he gazed at the flame, “Do you know the people from the Prehistoric Civilization”


The flame floated over to Yang Ye and stared at him, “Youve met them.”

“Them” Yang Ye said, “Looks like you do know them.

Theyve shown themselves, but they need the help of all four Sprites.

If youre willing, you can come with me; if youre not, I wont force you!”

Even though hed promised that person from the prehistoric times to find all four Sprites, he would only act according to the limits of his ability! If this Fire Sprite wasnt willing to go with him, he could do nothing about it.

Moreover, even if he could, he wouldnt force it if it didnt want to!

Because of Snowy, he had a good impression of all sprites and natural beings.

The Fire Sprite fell silent.

A long time passed before it said, “Ill go with you!”

Yang Ye couldnt help but ask, “Why”

Of course, he was actually asking why it was willing to help that person from the prehistoric times.

The Fire Sprite glanced at Yang Ye and said, “When the disaster arrived all those years ago, most of them died.

However, before that, they used certain methods to hide us away, and coupled with our own special nature, we were able to survive the disaster.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Now, I have three sprites with me, and only one more is left.

If youre willing, you can go there with me.

Otherwise, I can go first and come back for you later.”

“Ill go with you!” The Fire Sprite replied, “The formation here is slowly vanishing.

Once it vanishes completely, this place will be completely exposed.

I dont want to become someone elses prey.”

Yang Ye nodded and smiled, “Thats fine too.

Lets go!”

Suddenly, Snowy pointed at the fiery red lotus.

The Fire Sprite asked, “You like it”

Snowy quickly nodded.

The Fire Sprite glanced at Snowy, and then the fire lotus suddenly floated over to Snowy.

This wasnt the same lotus that Snowy had pointed at, and it was a different one.

This one seemed like it was made from crystals, but it wasnt.

Moreover, the fire element energy within it was pure to a horrifying level!

Snowys eyes instantly lit up at the sight of it.

She grabbed it, and then cracked a smile at the Fire Sprite.

Yang Ye couldnt help but ask, “What is that”

The Fire Sprite replied indifferently, “A 10,000 year old Fire Lotus.

If you consume it now, you may advance a level immediately!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he gulped, “Er, do you have more”

If he was being honest, he was really tempted by it.

The Fire Sprite spoke indifferently, “No, Ive eaten all of them.

Thats my last one!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Snowy raised the fire lotus to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was about to speak when the Fire Sprite suddenly said, “The energy within it is extremely pure.

Itll be extremely beneficial to her.”

Yang Ye smiled and rubbed Snowys head, “You eat it!”

Snowy shook her head instead.

Yang Ye bent down and whispered in Snowys ears.

Snowys eyes lit up, and then she cracked a smile before returning to the Primordial Pagoda with the fire lotus.

“Human!” Suddenly, the Fire Sprite said, “Do you know that if you devour her, you may gain 10,000 years worth of cultivation or even more.”

Devour Snowy Yang Ye glanced at the Fire Sprite, “Not to mention 10,000 years, even if Id instantly become a god, I still wouldnt even consider doing that.

Lets go!”

Yang Ye turned around and vanished into the sky.

The Fire Sprite just watched Yang Ye leave, and no one knew what it was thinking.

Yang Yes final destination was Endless Continent!

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw this name, Endless Continent What the hell

Yang Ye traveled according to the map which had been given to him, and he arrived at Endless Continent.

It was just a black hole!

At this moment, Yang Ye stood very far away from the black hole and didnt dare to get close.

Because even he couldnt really withstand the suction force coming from it.

“What kind of Sprite is that” Yang Ye frowned.

He didnt dare to go to the black hole.

Not to mention him, even a Sage wouldnt dare to rashly go over there.

Hed encountered black holes in the past, but those black holes were nothing when compared to this one.

What do I do Yang Ye was at a slight loss for what to do.

“A Dark Sprite!” Meanwhile, the Fire Sprite spoke abruptly, “It should be the King of Darkness, the Dark Sprite.

It was the one among us who cultivated the most.

After devouring black hole after black hole throughout these years, it has probably become extremely strong.”

Yang Yes eyelids twitched.

Looks like this final Sprite wont be easy to deal with!

Of course, the problem he faced right now was how to make it show itself and have a discussion with them.

He naturally had to discuss the matter with it.

Force That wouldnt work at all!

Yang Ye gazed at the Fire Sprite, “Since you know it, can you ask it to come talk with us”

The Fire Sprite shook its head.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

The Fire Sprite glanced at Yang Ye and replied, “Theres enmity between us!”

Yang Ye was astounded, “Sprites get into conflict too”

The Fire Sprite glanced at Yang Ye, and it was like it was looking at an idiot.

Yang Ye felt that it was quite insulting.

He shook his head and asked Snowy to come outside.

He could only entrust his hopes to Snowy at times like this.

Yang Ye pointed at the black hole, “Can you make the fellow inside there show himself We need to talk to him!”

Snowy blinked and glanced at the black hole.

A short while passed before she raised her little paw and made a grasping motion in the direction of the black hole.

In an instant, the black hole suddenly started spinning.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, When did she become so amazing

Meanwhile, the Fire Sprite spoke abruptly, “She can control the energy released from all Sprites.

So, besides that fellow, no other Sprite in this world isnt countered by her.

However, she will never harm us, or it should be said that she will only help us!”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “If the Sprite Lord of our time hadnt sacrificed itself, we wouldnt have been able to survive, even if that race protected us!”

Sacrificed itself Yang Ye frowned.

He would never allow Snowy to sacrifice herself, even if he had to die.

He would never let Snowy sacrifice herself.

Suddenly, the black hole trembled, and then a terrifying wave of suction force swept towards Yang Ye.

Yang Yes expression changed, and he was about to take Snowy with him and retreat.

However, Snowy suddenly shook her little head, opened her mouth, and inhaled lightly.


The sound of wind resounded, and then the suction force was instantly sucked into Snowys little mouth.

Yang Ye was stunned speechless.

The Fire Sprite couldnt help but glance at Snowy.

Actually, Yang Ye was extremely shocked right now.

Hed never allowed Snowy to fight since the very beginning.

Or it should be said that hed always overlooked Snowys abilities.

Yet now, hed realized that Snowy was much more amazing than hed ever imagined.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt that Snowy wasnt Snowy anymore.

She was the Sprite Lord whom all the sprites of the world respected and feared.

Suddenly, the black hole fell silent, and then a black shadow flashed out from it.

A moment later, a black sword stabbed at Snowy.

It was so fast that Yang Ye wasnt able to react at all!

Snowy was stunned by this, and then she suddenly clenched her paws while fury filled her eyes.


An instant later, a wave of terrifying aura surged out explosively from within Snowy.

Snowy opened her mouth and inhaled.

At this moment, Yang Ye noticed that the spirit energy in an absolutely huge area had vanished without a trace.

At the same time, a pair of pure white wings had appeared on Snowys back.

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the profound energy within him was vanishing at an alarming rate!

Yang Ye was stunned.

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