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Chapter 2079 – Reunion!


Comprehension was quite a profound thing.

Many people may meditate their entire lifetimes but fail to comprehend anything; but some would just unintentionally comprehend everything they needed.

It was something that relied very heavily on luck!

Even though he had help from the prehistoric expert, whether he could complete that final step depended on Yang Ye himself.

Day after day passed in the hall.

Snowy was by Yang Yes side.

At this moment, she was acting as his guard.

She sat on his shoulder while looking around.

No one knew what she was actually thinking.

The Fire Sprite, Water Sprite, and Mist Sprite frequently came to Snowy, and the little fellows muttered between each other in their own language that no one could understand.

The Dark Sprite merely looked from afar and didnt go close to Snowy.

Because it had attacked Snowy that day, Snowy was very hostile to it.

So, as soon as it got close, Snowy would raise her fists, causing the Dark Sprite to be forced to stay far away.

Snowy had a similar character to Yang Ye.

When she was being nice, she was very nice, but when she wasnt, her temper was horrible.

As a Sprite Lord, she naturally had to have a temper!

“Have you chosen him” Suddenly, a voice came from the casket.

Snowy gazed at the casket, and then she flashed over to it.

She patted it lightly as if she was asking if the voice was talking to her.

“Why have you chosen him” The voice continued, “Sprite Lords are pure and kind, so shouldnt the person they choose be kind too”

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed at Yang Ye before waving her claws in a very serious manner.

She was saying that Yang Ye was a good person, a very good person.

A long time passed before the voice spoke once more, “True.

Everyone has their own view of whats a good person.

A person good to me is a good person, and a person bad to me is a bad person.

I can see that hes very good to you!”

Snowy nodded with vigor.

As far as she was concerned, Yang Ye was the best person in the world.

Actually, it could only be said that she had encountered Yang Ye in her worst moment of darkness, and it was he whod saved her.

So, Yang Ye was everything to her.


Suddenly, a soft huff came from the hall.

Snowy shuddered, and then she gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes were opening slowly at the exact same moment.

As soon as she saw Yang Yes eyes opening, she immediately flew over to his shoulder and rubbed her head against his cheek.

Yang Ye smiled as he rubbed her little head, and he felt completely calm.

It felt really nice!

Meanwhile, the voice from the casket resounded, “The Zen Realm”

Yang Ye gazed at the casket, and then an aura surged out from him.

However, it vanished without a trace just an instant later.

The peak of the Minor Zen Realm!

He was only half a step away from the Major Zen Realm!

Meanwhile, the voice resounded, “Congratulations!”

Yang Ye cupped his fist in the caskets direction, “Thank you!” If it wasnt for the expert in the casket, it would have taken him years to attain the peak of the Minor Zen Realm.

So, he had to remember this kindness hed received.

Meanwhile, the voice suddenly asked, “You seem like youre being pursued”

Yang Ye nodded, “I am!”

The voice fell silent, and then a green leaf appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at the casket with bewilderment, and then voice explained, “Its a Bodhi Leaf that dropped from the Bodhi Tree.

During our era, the Bodhi Tree was a top-rate divine treasure, and its leaves can conceal auras and obscure from the heavens.

If you keep it with you, even a seer wont be able to locate you.

Of course, nothing is absolute, so its best to be careful too!”

Yang Ye didnt refuse it.

He took the leaf and smiled, “Senior, I really owe you now!”

The voice replied, “Its fine.

Ill definitely need your help in the future.

I hope you dont refuse when the time comes!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I wont refuse if its within the limits of my ability, and Ill try my best even if it isnt!”

He glanced at the surroundings and continued, “Senior, I have to search for a treasure that nurtures the soul, so Ill be bidding my farewells now!”

The voice replied, “Take care!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he took Snowy in his arms and walked out of the hall.

Snowy waved at the other Sprites, and then she sat on Yang Yes shoulder.

Once they left, the Fire Sprite suddenly asked, “Why didnt you make her stay”

The Fire Sprite was naturally talking about Snowy.

The expert in the casket replied, “Sprites have their own thoughts, and they choose who they follow.

Its pointless to force them.

Just like all of you.

I wont force all of you to stay either, and you can leave if you want.”

During their time, the Sprites were very respected existences.

As for Sprite Lords, they were even greater.

This was also why the expert in the casket had been willing to meet Yang Ye.

It was because Yang Ye had a Sprite Lord with him!

Otherwise, no matter how great Yang Yes natural talent was, it would have been impossible for him to enter this hall!

Yang Ye turned around once he left the hall.

Sure enough, it gradually turned ethereal.

In the end, it vanished before his eyes.

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he turned around and left.

A divine treasure that could nourish the soul!

After he left the ruins, Yang Ye went to the Human Dimension.

Presently, he had the Bodhi Leaf, so he was safe for now.

Thus, hed decided to go see Su Qingshi and the others.

He really missed them as they hadnt met for so long!

Once he entered the Human Dimension, Yang Ye contacted Yang Lianshuang, and it didnt take long for her to appear before him.

Yang Lianshuang smiled, “Long time no see!”

Yang Ye nodded, “How have all of you been Has anyone come looking for you”

She shook her head slightly, “We stayed hidden and kept a low profile.

Perhaps no one is aware that your wives and daughter are with us, so no powers have acted against us!

Yang Ye nodded, “Thats good news!”

Hed been worried that other powers would target Su Qingshi and the others.

Obviously, hed worried for nothing.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Lianshuang, help me with something.

Help me find a divine treasure that can nourish the soul.

Its best if its at the Sage Rank.”

“A divine treasure capable of nourishing the soul” Yang Lianshuang thought for a moment and replied, “Alright, Ill find out.

Come on, lets go see your wives.”

Yang Lianshuang led Yang Ye deep into a mountain range, and there was a city there.

The city wasnt very large, but it was well concealed.

It was surrounded by many mountains, and there were signs of a formation there.

Unless an expert around the Sage Realm passed from above, it would be utterly impossible for anyone to notice the city.

Yang Lianshuang said, “Ive brought everyone from the Yang Clan up here.

This is our base now.

Ive made an organization here, and it focuses on gathering information about all the other forces.

Presently, were able to obtain news about all the races actions at the first possible moment.

Even when you were pursued by a Sage and saved by the Weapon Path, we were one of the few powers that were the first to find out!”

Yang Ye gazed at her with astonishment, “You know about all of that”

“Of course!” Yang Lianshuang smiled, “Our eyes cover all the races.

However, you really surprised us.

Wed been able to constantly track you before this, but for some reason, your whereabouts were concealed, and even we werent able to track you!”

Yang Ye smiled, and he knew it probably was the Bodhi Leafs work.

Suddenly, Yang Lianshuang said, “Were here!”

Yang Ye stopped.

A woman in a green dress was standing at the entrance to the city, and she was Su Qingshi whom he hadnt met for a very long time.

She grinned when she saw him, “Youre back!”

Yang Ye walked over to her, took her hand, and smiled, “I am!”

Su Qingshi nodded slightly, “Come, lets go see Xueer and the others!”

As she watched Yang Ye vanish with Su Qingshi, Yang Lianshuang shrugged, and then glanced at her wrist, “Its 12.”

She looked up at the sky, “Sigh, if only I studied well all those years ago.

Otherwise, I may have been able to make one of those bombs…”

At this moment, Yang Lianshuang felt a rare trace of regret.

She regretted skipping classes all those years ago.

In the next few days, Yang Ye stayed by Su Qingshi and the others side at all times.

As far as he was concerned, there was nothing that made him happier than being with them.

Especially Xueer.

Shed grown much taller, but Lei Lin was still tiny as always.

Lei Lin was extremely happy to see him and Snowy.

She took Snowy in her arms and kept petting Snowy, and the latter didnt refuse it at all.

Snowy didnt acknowledge many people.

Lei Lin was one, and Xueer was another.

As he watched Snowy and the other little ones play, a smile couldnt help but curl up on Yang Yes face.

Wouldnt it be great if things could be like this forever

Such a thought had only flashed through his mind.

It wasnt easy for someone to live in peace and enjoy life in this world, especially Yang Ye.

Because he was entangled with so much trouble.

Five days later, Yang Lianshuang came to Yang Ye.

“The Soulmend Casket!” Yang Lianshuang spoke solemnly, “It was once a precious treasure of the sky race, and its a divine treasure that specializes in nourishing the soul.

Not only can it nurture the soul, it can improve ones soul.

Its a treasure that Soul Cultivators dream of obtaining.”

Yang Ye asked, “Is it in the Sky Dimension”

She shook her head, “Its in Cosmic Star City.

Its a trade city for all the races, and they practically carry out all their business there.

Youll be able to take a look at the treasures from all the races there.”

“Cosmic Star City!” Yang Ye nodded, “I have to go now!”

He didnt want to delay Blood Maidens recuperation.

Suddenly, a voice came from the side, “Daddy, are you leaving again”

Yang Ye saw Xueer standing there.

Yang Ye walked over to Xueer, rubbed her head, and said, “Daddy has something important to do.

You understand, right”

Xueer looked down and fell silent.

Yang Ye had quite a string of complicated emotions in his heart.

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi walked over, glanced at him, and said, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye nodded.

He glanced at Xueer and said, “Daddy promises to return and see you later!”

Yang Ye didnt stay a moment longer once he finished speaking.

He immediately transformed into a ray of light that vanished from the house.

Meanwhile, Xueer suddenly looked up and saw Yang Ye had vanished, causing her to immediately burst into tears.

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