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Chapter 2091 – Sage Rank

The Void Dimension!

Strictly speaking, the Void Dimension didnt belong to the large universe, and it was an independent universe outside the large universe.

The actual cosmos was boundless, so it naturally didnt just have a single large universe.


Since the human race was born in the world, it had been exploring incessantly.

First, it explored its own planet, then it explored outer space.

After that, they started exploring the universe.

As for the Void Dimension, it was the only independent universe outside the large universe that the human race had discovered.

As for the world beyond the Void Dimension, no one knew what was there.

Because endless black holes covered the area beyond it, and they surrounded both the Void Dimension and the large universe!

While ordinary black holes were of no threat to experts at the Dao Realm, endless black holes like these were a threat even to Sages!

What was the world beyond the large universe and Void Dimension like

It was a question that only those progenitors may know the answer to.

The Bodhi Tree had appeared in the Void Dimension.

As soon as news of it spread, all the races were alarmed, and countless experts rushed to the Void Dimension.

The weakest among them were at the Major Zen Realm, and all of them were no ordinary Major Zen Realm experts.

They were the type of Major Zen Realm experts who may enter the Sage Realm at any moment!

Because of the Bodhi Tree, everyone forgot about the god race, or it should be said to have faded out of their minds.

Compared to the god race, the Bodhi Tree was more important.

After all, the god race showed no signs of taking revenge on the other races yet!

Moreover, as far as the other races were concerned, nothing was more important than adding a progenitor to their race.

The reason the four paths stood above the other races was mainly because the four paths had progenitors.

But the other races didnt.

Sages were utterly insufficient to face the progenitors.

So, if a progenitor were to be born in their race, their status in the large universe would rise by countless levels in an instant.

So, as far as all the races were concerned, the important matter at hand was to seize the Bodhi Tree.

Even though they knew the competition would be extremely intense, no one gave up.

Yang Yes figure shot swiftly through the boundless reaches of space.

All along the way, he did encounter some people, and based on the direction they were traveling, it was obvious they were going to the Void Dimension.

There was a huge number of people going there!

Yang Ye wasnt determined to get the Bodhi Tree during this trip.

As far as he was concerned, he was just going to have a look.

If he had the chance, he would naturally not let it slip by, but if it was impossible, he would give up.

No matter how good the Bodhi Tree was, it was never as good as staying alive.

Moreover, it was very likely to even arouse the desire of progenitors.

The Void Dimension was quite far away from the large universe, so Yang Ye flew for almost three days and three nights before he left the large universe.

As he gazed at the endless starry sky before him, Yang Ye once again felt how vast the universe was.

How huge was the universe

In any case, he didnt know!

Another day passed, and Yang Ye finally arrived at the Void Dimension.

According to the information Yang Lianshuang provided him, the Bodhi Tree had appeared on a continent called the Void Continent within the Void Dimension.

So, Void Continent was his destination.

Void Continent.

While Void Continents spirit energy wasnt very abundant, it wasnt very bad either.

So, there were cultivators here.

As far as Void Continent was concerned, it was currently the most chaotic period in its history.

Countless experts from far away had arrived in Void Continent!

As far as the inhabitants of Void Continent were concerned, they just hoped the outsiders wouldnt start a war on the continent.

Otherwise, it would definitely be unable to endure the battles between these extraordinary experts.

A ray of light descended deep within the mountains, and it dispersed to reveal a young man on a huge rock.

It was Yang Ye, of course.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and withdrew the Bodhi Leaf.

It was turning yellow.

It was yellowing!

The Bodhi Leaf could conceal his aura, but it wasnt invincible.

Since it had started to turn yellow, it was obvious that someone was searching for him.

Once the Bodhi Leaf turned completely yellow, it would be just a leaf.

The Sage Alliance hadnt given up on finding him!

Yang Yes face was gloomy.

Presently, it was still quite strenuous for him to fight a Sage.

Even if he risked his life in battle, he probably only had a 30 or 40% chance to defeat a Sage, and if they sent two Sages at him, then he wouldnt even have a 10% chance.

He had to grow stronger!

As far as he was concerned, the important matter at hand was to work hard on growing stronger.

Previously, hed encountered a Sage from the sky race, and that Sage recognized his identity as the sky races guardian, but would he be so lucky the next time

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and shot a glance up into the sky.

Even though Void Continent wasnt very huge, it wasnt very small either.

So, the problem he faced right now was where would he find the Bodhi Tree

If Snowy wasnt evolving, he could summon her and ask her to find it for him.

He was extremely confident in Snowys ability.

While Snowy was quite mischievous, her ability to locate treasures was quite amazing.

Of course, her ability to trick treasures was absolutely amazing too.

Actually, she didnt even have to trick them.

Many treasures and even Sprites actually wished for nothing more than to be by her side.

After all, she was a Sprite Lord!

Unfortunately, Snowy was evolving, so he couldnt make her locate treasures for him.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and vanished on the spot.

It didnt take long for him to see a city.

When looked at from above, it was like a huge dragon coiled up there, and it felt extremely imposing.

Yang Ye descended to the city gates.

The reason he hadnt directly entered the city was because of the formation covering the city.

He didnt know how strong it was, but as far as he was concerned, he felt that he should abide by the rules of the places he visited.

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw three words above the city gates—Hidden Dragon City.

Hidden Dragon City Is a dragon hidden here Yang Ye chuckled to himself and walked in.

The gate wasnt guarded.

Once he entered the city, Yang Ye noticed that it was bustling with people, and the cultivators here werent weak at all.

The reason hed come to the city was so that he could find out if there was information about the Bodhi Tree here.

Yang Lianshuangs forces merely covered the large universe, and her network hadnt expanded here yet.

So, he had to rely on himself here.

“Are you an outsider” Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yang Yes ears.

Yang Ye turned toward its source, and he saw a woman.

She wore a sexy dress with a skirt that was rather translucent.

While the key areas were concealed well, her long legs were still extremely striking, and so were those two peaks on her chest.

They were huge as if they were about to burst out of her dress, causing others to be unable to help but look there.

Yang Ye asked, “How did you know”

She smiled, “Because too many outsiders have been coming here lately, and I noticed you looking around.

Obviously, its your first time here.

So, I guessed that youre an outsider.

Looks like Im correct.”

Yang Ye asked, “And”

She smiled, “Why dont we speak somewhere else Perhaps I possess some information you require”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded.

A smile curled up on her lips when she saw Yang Ye nod, and then she led Yang Ye to a pavilion.

It was a restaurant!

Restaurants werent rare throughout the continent because not every single person only knew how to cultivate.

Some cared a lot about their enjoyment.

So, there were all sorts of places of entertainment on the continent.

They found a place to sit down, and it didnt take long for a young man to walk over, “What would you like to drink”

Yang Ye hadnt even said anything when she spoke first, “Bring us two glasses of Sage Rank Immortal Spirit! And two plates of Sage Rank Skydew Fruits.”

Sage Rank Yang Ye was stunned, This place has Sage Rank food Or perhaps Sage Rank treasures are worthless here on this continent Its so worthless until a random restaurant has it

Meanwhile, the young man had left.

Yang Ye gazed at her, “You said you possess information I require.

You know what information I require”

She smiled, “Of course.

Havent all of you outsiders come here for that thing”

Yang Ye asked, “You know about it”

She smiled, “I know a little.

Oh, the food is here.

Lets eat first!”

The young man was back with a tray, and there were two crystalline glasses with crystal blue liquid within them.

Besides that, there were two fist sized fruits by the glasses.

The fruits were crimson red, and they didnt look very impressive.

Yang Ye decided to give it a try.

He took a sip from the glass.

The liquid was cold and slightly sweet, and it tasted alright.

However, it wasnt at the Sage Rank, and it was just ordinary spirit wine!

Yang Ye was quite disappointed!

He put down the glass and took a bite from the fruit.

It was slightly warm and extremely sweet.

It was absolutely the type of fruit that Snowy would love.

Unfortunately, it wasnt at the Sage Rank either, and it was just slightly better than an ordinary fruit.

Yang Ye was extremely disappointed!

Yang Ye shook his head.

Hed thought there people here had a huge amount of Sage Rank treasures, and he was prepared to buy some and take home with him.

But now it seemed like it was just a dream.

Suddenly, the young man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Two glasses of Immortal Spirit and two Skydew Fruits.

Its 200,000 immortal crystals.”

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot.

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