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Chapter 2096 – Gathering of Sages!


As soon as he grasped Elysium, Yang Ye felt boundless strength.


At this moment, he understood what it was like to possess a powerful weapon.

At this moment, the powerful pressure emanated by the Sage had arrived in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye tightened his grip on Elysium, twisted his foot against the ground, and then spun 360 degrees.

At the same time, Elysium swept forward.


A loud explosion resounded.

The old man’s aura was instantly obliterated, and a ray of silver light shot forward.

A moment later, it arrived before the old man.

It was Yang Ye with Elysium in his grasp!

The old man didn’t shrink back.

He twisted his right hand and slapped it forward, causing the entire battlefield to tremble.

Meanwhile, Elysium slammed down at the old man.


As soon as they came into contact with each other, the battlefield was obliterated.

Below the battlefield, the woman’s face gradually turned unsightly.

As far as she was concerned, the battle should have ended in 10 breaths of time at most, but it had been going on for almost an hour now.

Moreover, the sounds of battle allowed her to realize that the young man called Yang Ye was much stronger than she imagined.

He had the ability to fight a Sage!

The woman slowly closed her eyes, Who have I offended

On the battlefield.

The battle was still going on.

However, Yang Ye and the Sage were fighting in a black hole.

With Elysium in his hand, Yang Ye’s strength had multiplied by countless times.

Coupled with the special characteristics of Elysium, even the old man didn’t dare go head-on against his attacks.

That was also why they were equally matched in battle!

At this moment, the old man grew more and more shocked as the battle progressed. Is this really a Zen Realm expert He was truly shocked right now.

A Zen Realm expert actually possessed the strength of a Sage!

If he wasn’t experiencing it for himself, he would never believe it.

Yang Ye grew more and more excited as the battle progressed.

Even though he was relying on Elysium to fight the old man, it didn’t matter! External forces were a part of a person’s strength.

Of course, he would only use external forces when facing an expert like a Sage.

If he encountered anyone in the same realm of cultivation, he would never use any external forces.

Simply speaking, there was a limit, and he could grasp it well.


Suddenly, an explosion resounded, and then two figures split apart.

They were Yang Ye and the old man, of course.

The old man stared at Yang Ye.

There were many injuries on Yang Ye, but since the battle began, Yang Ye was still persisting.

His recovery was simply unprecedented.

Yang Ye pointed Elysium downwards at an angle and gazed at the old man, “Shall we continue”

The old man closed his eyes slowly.

A long time later, he gazed at Yang Ye, “I’ve really had my eyes opened today.

We’ll meet again!” He vanished once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye naturally wouldn’t give chase.

Actually, he was almost completely exhausted.

While he’d been able to fight the old man equally, if it continued, it would mostly end with him losing.

Because even until now, the old man was still able to deal with his attacks without much difficulty.

If the old man really risked his life, Yang Ye would probably only have less than a 30% chance at winning.

Unfortunately, the old man was clearly unwilling to do that!

He knew that he was still lacking in many aspects!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and returned to the ground.

Only A’Man was there.

A’Man gave Yang Ye a thumb’s up, “Amazing!”

It was heartfelt.

While it couldn’t be said that there was no one in the younger generation of the large universe capable of fighting Sages, there absolutely weren’t more than a handful.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

He didn’t say a word.

He just sat down cross-legged and started recuperating.

Presently, his entire body felt terrible.

Actually, it did come with benefits.

He’d learned a lot from his battle with a Sage.

Now, he had to absorb everything he’d gained!

Far away in the clouds, an old man and young woman stopped there.

The old man was naturally the old man who’d fought Yang Ye just now.

The woman spoke softly, “Ancestor, even you can’t kill him”

He glanced at her and shook his head, “If I’m willing to pay a certain price, I’m 80 or even 90% confident that I can kill him.

But is it worth it to risk my life against him Of course not.

Moreover, he possesses such strength at his age, so he definitely has the backing of quite a powerful organization.

While the organizations of the large universe can’t interfere in our world, it doesn’t mean that they can’t come here.”

He slowly closed his eyes and said, “This thing ends here.

Allow me to be honest, if it was anyone else in the clan who caused all of this, I would have obliterated that person by now.

It’s time for you to grow up.

From this moment onward, you’re not allowed outside until you attain the Major Zen Realm, and if you still act disobediently like you have in the past, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”

The old man vanished once he finished speaking.

The woman remained silent on the spot for a long time.

In the end, she shot a glance at Yang Ye’s direction and vanished as well.

By the seaside.

Yang Ye was recuperating, and A’Man was by his side.

However, A’Man wasn’t the only one here now.

More and more people were arriving here.

All of them were cultivators!

Some of them had rushed over from the large universe, and some were locals of Void Continent.

Since such a divine treasure had appeared in the Void Dimension, the experts of the dimension would naturally not allow such an opportunity to slip by.

As for the Sages, they had other plans!

More and more experts were converging here.

An hour later, Yang Ye opened his eyes.

A’Man asked, “You’re alright now”

Yang Ye nodded.

He glanced at the surroundings and noticed many people.

She spoke softly, “They’re all here for that tree!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Are experts from your race here”

She shook her head, “I’ve notified our patriarch and reported that there’s something off here.

So, the patriarch hasn’t sent any experts for now.

However, according to my knowledge, those fellows won’t be able to restrain themselves for long!”

“That’s normal!” Yang Ye continued, “Not to mention them, even I’m quite tempted.

However, we should stay sensible.

While some things are good, we shouldn’t force it if it doesn’t belong to us.

Otherwise, it still won’t belong to us.”

He gazed at the tree in the distance.

It was still there and hadn’t left.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, just that was unusual.

Suddenly, a few powerful auras flew towards the island, and then three old men appeared before the tree.

They bowed respectfully to it and said something.

A short while later, three wooden benches appeared before them.

This time, they weren’t overjoyed like the first group of Sages.

Because they were aware that over 20 Sages had perished here.

In other words, there was danger here!

Simply speaking, they would either achieve a breakthrough or die!

That was why while many Sages had rushed over here, very few had gone to the tree.

It was because they were still hesitating!

A long time passed before those three Sages sat down.

Obviously, they’d decided to risk everything!

Everyone here was watching them.

Time trickled by, and a long time passed before changes started to occur on those Sages.

Their hair started to turn white, and their faces started aging.

They were growing old!

They were aging rapidly at a visible speed.

The skin on their faces seemed like dried up tangerines, and it was simply impossible to describe how dried up it was.

Besides that, they were emitting a smell, but the people on the seaside couldn’t smell it.

It was the smell of decay!

It was happening again!

Yang Ye and A’Man exchanged glances, and there was bewilderment in both their eyes. What are these Sages experiencing to make them age so quickly

Perhaps they would know the answer if they sat down there, but they would never dare to do that, no matter what.

Time trickled by, the Sages were still aging.

After quite some time passed, one of the Sages suddenly opened his eyes.

There was no color left in his eyes, and there was only muddiness left.

He just gazed blankly at the tree.

In the end, he gazed at the seaside.

His lips trembled.

He seemed like he wanted to say something.

Unfortunately, he vanished before he could say anything.

Another Sage had perished!

The seaside was extremely silent.

Another Sage had perished soundlessly just like that.

Suddenly, another Sage opened his eyes.

That Sage gazed at the tree and tried hard to stand up, but he noticed that he couldn’t even lift a finger.

In the end, self-ridicule appeared in his eyes, and then he vanished on the wooden bench.

Only a single Sage remained.

Everyone’s gazes converged on that final Sage.

Time trickled by.

Around six hours passed before that Sage suddenly opened his eyes.

At the moment that happened, his face suddenly started rapidly growing younger.

“HAHAHA!” He suddenly started roaring with laughter.

It rumbled through the surroundings and was filled with self-satisfaction and madness.

However, Yang Ye frowned instead.


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