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Chapter 2107 – Awake!

There were a few dozen Sages here.

At this moment, Yang Ye experienced what it was like to feel pressure just from gazes.

Being stared at by a few dozen Sages was a form of pressure.

However, Yang Ye never bowed to such things.


They were still people to Yang Ye!

While everyone was looking at Yang Ye, none attacked.

The reason was very simple, as far as they were concerned, Yang Ye was no ordinary person, so killing him would definitely offend many people and even make them suffer the revenge of certain experts.

So, no one attacked.

No one wanted to bear all the trouble yet let others benefit.

After all, the sword wasnt with Yang Ye now, so killing Yang Ye wasnt beneficial to them at all.

So, the atmosphere here became quite awkward.

Suddenly, a middle aged man in a golden robe stepped forward, “Have you forgotten how all of our races treated him”

The Sovereign of Man!

The middle aged man in a golden robe was the Sovereign of Man!

Everyone gazed at him, and he smiled, “Im sure all of youve done your own research, he isnt a magnanimous person.

Arent you afraid hell take revenge for what all of youve done Now, hes only at the Zen Realm, so it isnt that difficult for us to kill him.

But have you considered what would happen if he attains the Sage Realm At that time, besides progenitors, can anyone among us kill him Perhaps even 10 Sages wont be able to kill him!”

Many frowned when they heard this.

They knew that the Sovereign of Man wanted to use them to deal with Yang Ye, but he wasnt wrong.

All the races still had the strength to kill Yang Ye now.

However, if Yang Ye was allowed to grow, then killing Yang Ye would really require a progenitor.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign of Man smiled, “Dont forget that the god race has returned to the large universe.

If we start to scheme against each other now, well probably be annihilated by them in the future.

Suddenly, someone spoke, “Lets act together!”

The Sovereign of Man glanced at the surroundings.

The other Sages nodded to display their agreement.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign of Man gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “Yang Ye, your death is worth it.

After all, so many Sages are attacking you at once, its an unprecedented honor indeed.”

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “I dont want to talk to you.”

Yang Ye flipped his palm and Elysium appeared in his grasp.


Obviously, it was impossible.

If he was able to escape when there were so many Sages here, then they could probably just go kill themselves.

Since he couldnt escape, Yang Ye had no choice but to fight.

“Elysium!” Suddenly, the Sovereign of Man said, “See that He really is colluding with the god race.

Even the weapon of the god races war god is in his possession! He…”

“Cut the **ing crap!” Yang Ye suddenly said, “Im **ing colluding with the god race.

If you dont like it, come kill me! I look down on people like you who want to kill yet insist on making up some righteous excuse to do so!”

The Sovereign of Mans eyes narrowed slightly, “Since you want…”

Suddenly, Yang Yes figure vanished, and then Elysium appeared above the Sovereign of Man.

A sword howl resounded, and then a sword collided against Elysium.


The powerful force of the collision blasted Yang Ye away, and the Sovereign of Man was pushed around 300m back too.

The faces of all the experts here turned quite gloomy from the sight of this.

Yang Ye really had the strength to fight Sages! Moreover, Yang Ye was just at the Zen Realm now.

So, if he attained the Sage Realm… Just thinking about it was horrifying!

“The Sky Dragon!” Suddenly, the Sovereign of Sky frowned slightly, and his gaze descended upon the huge white dragon behind Yang Ye.

It was the guardian beast of the sky race!

Some of the other patriarchs had recognized it too, and they gazed at the Sovereign of Sky.

The Sovereign of Sky spoke indifferently, “My sky race has no guardian!”

Obviously, he was drawing a line between the sky race and Yang Ye.

Everyone moved their gazes away from him once they heard that.

At the same time, one of them gazed at the Sovereign of Man and smiled, “Sovereign of Man, I think we should attack together.

Im afraid itll be quite difficult for you to kill him on your own!”

Yang Ye glanced at the person who spoke and said coldly, “Shaman King, arent you ashamed of yourself for playing such tricks”

The Shaman King chuckled, “Is it not true Sovereign of Man, to be honest, you dont have a good chance to defeat him, dont get defeated by a junior and lose face.”

The Sovereign of Man smiled, “Youre absolutely right.

Since thats the case, lets attack together!”

The Shaman King wanted to say more, but an old man suddenly said, “Alright, lets put our personal enmity aside and deal with him first!”

The others nodded, and then a few dozen auras swept down at Yang Ye.

The auras of a few dozen Sages.

How terrifying was that

Just their auras were sufficient to crush Yang Ye.

Suddenly, the furnace shook violently.


A moment later, it exploded apart.

At this moment, none of them bothered to pay further attention to Yang Ye.

They watched as a sword floated out from the remnants of the furnace.

The Sword Supreme!

Desire burned through their eyes when they saw it.

It was a divine treasure of the large universe!

Suddenly, the Sovereign of Man stepped forward.

The others frowned when they saw this, and the Sovereign of Man suddenly said, “Everyone, it has a mind of its own, and she will choose who she follows.

I think all of you should forget about trying to obtain it by force.

I wont try that as well.

As for who she chooses, lets just allow fate to decide.


They exchanged glances, and they indicated that they had no objections.

The Sword Supreme was floating there, and everyone was looking at it.

Yang Ye was looking at it too.

It felt extraordinary to him now.


He sensed a form of shapeless pressure coming from it.

Meanwhile, the Sovereign of Man suddenly said, “Sword Supreme, you were born for all the races.

Now, the god race is back.

I hope youll assist us again.

Let us join forces and annihilate the god race to bring peace to this large universe once more.


The Sword Supreme just floated there and didnt provide any response.

The Sovereign of Man was about to say more when the Sword Supreme suddenly floated over to the woman, the woman who had led Yang Ye to the Sword Ruins.

She stared at the Sword Supreme, “What You plan to devour me”

Suddenly, the Sword Supremes tip pressed against her forehead.

She didnt move away and just looked at it.

A moment of silence ensued before a clear and melodious voice came from within the Sword Supreme, “Its clearly extremely beneficial to devour you.

However, since youve gained your own consciousness, its your fortune and luck.

Go on, dont interfere in the matter of this world.

Just focus on cultivating, and youll definitely be able to rise a level higher!”

She fell silent for a long time before she said, “Youre my obstacle.

Ill never be able to take a step further while you exist!”

“Youre wrong!” The Sword Supreme spoke softly, “Im not an obstacle in your path, youre the obstacle in your own path.

Overcome yourself, and your heart will be free.

Once your heart is free, advancing further will only be a matter of time for you.”

She looked straight at the Sword Supreme, “Why You should be aware of what youll gain from devouring me right now! Why are you giving it up”

The Sword Supreme replied, “Youll understand in the future.

Leave, leave this large universe.

Go far away.”

She gazed at the Sword Supreme for a long time, and then she turned around and left.

No one stopped her.

When she walked past Yang Ye, she suddenly stopped and glanced at him, “If you want to live, then make her choose you.”

Her figure shook and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Choose me Yang Ye chuckled.

The Sword Supreme didnt match his character at all.

It wasnt a sword of slaughter, but he was a man of slaughter.

It hadnt been awake before this and coupled with the fact that he possessed the Primordial Pagoda, that was why it had stayed with him.

Yet now, it had awakened, so would it still stay with him

No matter what, Yang Ye decided to give it a try.

Yang Ye gazed at the Sword Supreme.

He was about to speak when it spoke abruptly, “Thank you for your help.

However, the fate between us ends here.”

Yang Ye was in a rather awkward position.

Shed rejected him!

The Sages here heaved sighs of relief when they heard her.

Fortunately, the Sword Supreme hadnt chosen Yang Ye, otherwise they would be in trouble.

Now, they had a chance.

The Sovereign of Man spoke abruptly, “Weve been together for some time, I…”

The Sword Supreme interrupted him, “Do you know why I was willing to go with Emperor Xuanyuan”

The Sword Supreme continued before he could say anything, “He really was thinking about the human race at that time, and he didnt have many selfish thoughts.

As for you, while you seem to be thinking for the human race on the surface, you actually only think about yourself.”

The Sovereign of Mans expression became quite unsightly.

The Sword Supreme continued, “As far as youre concerned, magnanimity is only for those who obey you, and the rest deserve to be slaughtered.

That isnt magnanimity.

Magnanimity is tolerance, broadmindedness, and selflessness.

But you have none of that.”

The Sovereign of Man spoke in a low voice, “Youll probably never find anyone like that in this world.”

Suddenly, a small head emerged from Yang Yes chest.

The small head looked around, and then her gaze descended onto the Sword Supreme.

A moment later, she leaped out and flew over to the Sword Supreme before taking it in her arms.

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded, and then an old man stretched out his hand and clawed at the little fellow.

The powerful pressure from this enveloped the little fellow, causing her to be unable to move!

Yang Yes expression changed drastically.

He was about to attack when Snowy suddenly swung the Sword Supreme forward.

At this moment, the surroundings fell silent.

Disbelief filled all their eyes!

They watched with disbelief as the old mans figure split open from the center, and blood and organs sprayed to the ground.

Snowy blinked and glanced at the sword in her grasp.

Its that powerful

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and gazed at the Sovereign of Man.

After that, she held the Sword Supreme in her grasp and started hopping in the Sovereign of Mans direction.

The Sovereign of Mans expression changed, “Dont do anything rash!”

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