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Chapter 2110 – Who Do You Think You Are

Yang Ye sized up the armless man and asked, “Who are you”

The armless man walked over to him, looked up into the depths of the sky, and said, “I know you feel very lonely and like the whole world is against you.

However, it’s a path you chose for yourself, isn’t it”

Yang Ye fell silent.

The armless man continued, “Since you started on Profounder Continent, what has your path been You’ve been relying on yourself all along the way.

Regardless of whether it’s all the races, the god race, the four paths, or any other organization, you must remember that they can’t be relied on.

You can only rely on yourself.

That fellow from the Dao Path said the Dao Path will protect you, and that’s just nonsense.

When you’re of no value to them, they’ll be the first to abandon you.

That’s reality.

Unless it’s someone related by blood, wouldn’t anyone care about someone else who has no value”

The armless man took a few more steps forward at this point, “I know that you’ve suffered a lot throughout these years.

But some things and some people are things he has to do.”

Yang Ye gazed at the armless man and asked, “Who are you”

“You’ll find out in the future!” The armless man continued, “I made some time to meet you because I wanted to tell you that you can join the Dao Path and do things for it, but don’t trust it too much.

Don’t think you can relax because you’ve obtained its protection.

The most terrifying thing is becoming indolent.

Besides that, there’s another thing you need to know.

Don’t rely on that thing within you too much.

It doesn’t belong to you in the end, and since it doesn’t, it may leave you one day.”

The Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly because the armless man was actually aware of it!

Meanwhile, the armless man suddenly said, “You’ve very close to the god race!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why Is there something wrong with them”

The armless man shook his head, “I have nothing to say about how they treat you.

I refuse to believe they have no selfish intentions of their own, but that’s normal.

Anyway, just be careful.

The world is about to enter its most chaotic state in tens of thousands of years, and all sorts of existences will be showing themselves.

You won’t even have the right to be used as cannon fodder if you don’t have some strength!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Who are you”

The armless man smiled, “You’ll find out in the future.

Be careful!”

The armless man vanished on the spot.

Only Yang Ye remained here.

A long time passed before Yang Ye shook his head and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye went to Snowy and the sword, and he spoke solemnly as he gazed at the sword, “What do you want”

Just as the woman in a white dress from the god race had said, it had definitely not stayed solely because of Snowy.

The Sword Supreme remained silent for a short while before it said, “Can I not stay”

Yang Ye shook his head, “No, I just don’t understand.

So, I’m asking.”

The Sword Supreme replied, “You don’t have to worry about that.

Just take care of your own business.”

It transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot once it finished speaking.

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he left the Primordial Pagoda.

In the outside world, Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he vanished into the sky.

The Weapon Path!

He’d decided to visit the Weapon Path first.

Because it was the closest, and he knew it a little better.

A short while later, Yang Ye arrived at the entrance to the Weapon Path, and it only took a moment for a middle aged man to appear before him.

The middle aged man frowned, “It’s you!”

Yang Ye naturally recognized the guardian of the Weapon Dimension because he’d caused quite a bit of trouble here in the past.

Yang Ye nodded and was about to speak when the middle aged man suddenly said, “Leave, you’re not welcome here!”

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “I’m here representing the Dao Path.

It’s fine if this is how the Weapon Path treats a guest!” Yang Ye shrugged and turned around with the intent to leave.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man suddenly said, “Wait!”

However, Yang Ye didn’t stop.

As far as he was concerned, this was just a process he was completing.

If he could get through it peacefully, it would naturally be better.

He wasn’t someone who insisted on causing trouble.

The middle aged man’s face fell when he saw Yang Ye show no signs of stopping, and then he appeared in front of Yang Ye and obstructed Yang Ye’s path.

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “What”

“I told you to stop!” The middle aged man continued, “Didn’t you hear me”

A sword howl resounded abruptly.


The middle aged man was blasted over 3km away by a beam of sword energy!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye started walking in the middle aged man’s direction, “I should stop because you said so Let me be frank, who do you think you are”

The middle aged man’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you here to cause trouble”

Yang Ye stopped, “I’m not here to cause trouble.

I just want you to talk properly.

Stop talking like you’re ordering me around.

So, can I go in now”

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “Of course.

I hope you’ll be able to come out alive!”

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, “Don’t leave! You can see for yourself in a while!”

Yang Ye entered the Weapon Dimension once he finished speaking.

The middle aged man’s expression was extremely unsightly.

The Weapon Dimension.

Yang Ye was here!

It didn’t take long for the news of this to spread throughout the Weapon Dimension.

The six lines of the Weapon Dimension naturally knew Yang Ye well.

After all, he’d give them a huge headache.

Yet now, he was back.

However, he was back as the Dao Path’s successor.

How will the Weapon Path deal with this

After all, a successor of the Weapon Path hadn’t been able to return from the Dao Path.

Yang Ye went to the Slaughter Line first.

Just like it had been in the past, it was extremely quiet.

He was naturally not here to reminisce, he was here to see someone—Elder Mo who’d helped him in the past!

Yang Ye saw Elder Mo before a hall.

Elder Mo wasn’t surprised.

He sized up Yang Ye and said, “You’re here on behalf of the Dao Path”

Yang Ye nodded.

Elder Mo nodded slightly, “Looks like the Dao Path has acknowledged you.


Yang Ye shook his head, “It’s nothing worth congratulating.” He glanced at the surroundings and continued, “I have to rely on myself no matter what.”

“That’s true!” Elder Mo continued, “How do you feel being back here Especially when you’re here while representing the Dao Path”

Yang Ye replied, “Nothing much.

I just want to meet some old friends and leave.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be that easy!” Elder Mo continued, “According to my knowledge, a genius of the Weapon Path didn’t return from the Dao Path.

While it doesn’t affect both paths much, the Weapon Path will definitely try to make a show of strength.”

Yang Ye smiled, “If they let me leave, I’ll leave; but if they don’t let me leave, then let’s fight.

I’ve already put an end to the relationship between me and the Weapon Path that day.

So, if the Weapon Path wants to fight, I’ll fight them until the end!”

Elder Mo nodded, “I like you quite a bit, so I’ll say a few more words.

Actually, all the races, the god race, and the four paths are not existences that you should be very concerned with.

To put it in simpler terms, don’t treat them as your enemy because there are stronger enemies ahead.

They are much more terrifying.”

Yang Ye frowned, “There are even stronger enemies”

The old man sat down on the ground and drew over a dozen circles on the ground, “All of these planets are within our large universe.

If you study them, you’ll realize that they are actually spinning on their own around a core.

As they spin, the four seasons, the high and low tide, night and day, and many other things are created.

Don’t you think this is a little too orderly”

Yang Ye remained silent as he waited for the old man to continue.

Elder Mo continued, “The universe is extremely mysterious and boundless.

Before the human race evolved, there were countless living beings throughout this universe.

Like the god race, they are one of those races of living beings.

So, how was this universe like hundreds of thousands or even millions of years before the god race Was this universe born naturally, or was it created by someone”

The old man suddenly made a circle, and a ball of water appeared on his palm.

Yang Ye was puzzled.

Elder Mo smiled, “There are countless microorganisms in this ball of water.

See how tiny life is to us.” He looked up at the sky and continued, “There are many microorganisms within our bodies, but do you think they realize how tiny they are Just like us, we may be even smaller to the universe.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Elder Mo, what you’ve just said is too complex.

However, I still understood a little.

However, as far as I’m concerned, I should focus on the present.

As for the secrets of the universe, I really don’t have the time for that!”

Elder Mo smiled, “I was just telling you about it.”

Yang Ye smiled, “However, I’m quite curious about you, Elder Mo.”

Elder Mo replied, “I’m just an old man who studies random things.

There’s no need to feel curious.

Anyway, your trip to the other three paths won’t be very smooth.

Good luck!”

He turned around and left.

Yang Ye glanced at Elder Mo’s leaving figure, and then he left as well.

Elder Mo suddenly stopped, “Even the undefeatable Void Spirit Maiden was forced to enter the cycle of reincarnation, and the entire void spirit race vanished from history… If I’m not wrong, it’s about time again!”


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