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Chapter 21 – It Was Yang Ye’s Fault!

Besides Yang Ye, the countenance of all the other three of them had turned ghastly pale upon noticing the snakes charging over.

Especially Qing Hong, her figure directly fell weakly by Yang Ye’s side.

As for Man’zi and Xiao Hei, they weren’t any better, and their entire bodies felt weak and didn’t even have the strength to flee.

If it was at an ordinary time, then with their mental strength, they would definitely not be so terrified even if they were facing a few tens of thousands of snakes.

However, after the oppression of the heavy pressure during that period of time from before, their nerves and minds couldn’t bear such heavy strain any longer.

Moreover, coupled with the snakes that densely covered the surroundings, the three of them had directly accepted their fats and stopped struggling in vain.

When the snakes charged over, Yang Ye still maintained a calm mind, and he tried hard to think about what had offended this swarm of snakes.

Yang Ye suddenly stood up when the snakes were only over 10m away from them, and he withdrew the Twin Wing Python’s Inner Core from behind the clothes at his chest before forcefully tossing it away.

At the same time, his wrist spun as his sword appeared in his hand.

As he watched the Inner Court fall into the darkness in the distance, the Profound Energy within his entire body surged.

He wouldn’t resign himself to death, yet he was clearly aware that if his guess was wrong, then he would probably die.

Fortunately, he was right.

When that Inner Core entered into the darkness in the distance, the snakes that were originally surging towards them had instantly stopped on the spot, and then they surged like tidewater towards the direction the Inner Core vanished at.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt a slight lingering fear in his heart.

The scene of that dense swarm of snakes wriggling about was an extremely magnificent sight, and they seemed as if they were boundless.

Wave after wave surged towards the Inner Core, and such a magnificent sight had continued for almost over 2 hours before all of them vanished.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a long sigh of relief when he saw all the snakes in the surroundings had vanished.

Even with how brave he was, he was still slightly terrified when gazing at such a magnificent sight.

Not to mention him, even a King Realm expert that could fly would definitely perish when facing the encirclement of so many snakes.

Under the circumstances where one’s opponent didn’t possess absolute strength, then numbers were superior!

Yang Ye lowered his head to look at the three of them who had fainted on the ground, and he shook his head.

Even though that situation from before was a hopeless situation, their display was truly a bit too horrible.

He’d heard that the Sword Sect’s Outer Court Exam contained a test on one’s mental state, and based on their display, the three of them would absolutely not conform to the requirements.

After he woke them up, the three of them shot their gazes towards the surroundings, and when they noticed there weren’t any snakes in the surroundings, they instantly sat up and wiped the cold sweat on their foreheads.

“In the path towards the Martial Dao, one’s mental state and disposition are especially important.

Your behaviors from before were truly too inferior.” Yang Ye felt that there was a need to warn them.

Because no matter what, all of them were companions that had gone through thick and thin.

If he was able to allow their mental states to improve, then it would be a good thing.

Their faces instantly revealed slight embarrassment when they heard Yang Ye.

There was no need for Yang Ye to say anything because they themselves knew that they’d really embarrassed themselves just now.

Even though the swarm of snakes was terrifying, as Profounder, directly losing their ability to do battle was truly too cowardly.

When he noticed their embarrassed expressions, Yang Ye continued.

“I’m not ridiculing all of you.

All of you must realize that as a Profounder, if you don’t have the courage to seek survival in a hopeless situation, then how far can you go on your path towards the Martial Dao Just like what happened moments before.

That was a hopeless situation, but all of you shouldn’t give up.

Even if you die, you shouldn’t give up.

If you don’t give up, then you’ll still have a trace of hope.

But if you give up, then you wouldn’t have any chance.

Not to mention the path towards the Martial Dao, you wouldn’t even have your lives any longer!”

These were words that came from Yang Ye’s heart.

Since he was young, difficulties had followed closely behind him like cancer.

However, he hadn’t given up, and no matter what he did, he’d never given up.

Even if he was reduced to a Labor Disciple of the Sword Sect and fell from heaven right to hell, he still didn’t give up, and it was precisely this mentality of never giving up that allowed him to survive until now.

When they heard Yang Ye, Man’zi and Xiao Hei took a deep breath before they stood up and bowed to Yang Ye.

Man’zi said in a serious tone, “Thank you.

Now I understand why our strengths are so inferior.

Even though it’s related to natural talent and cultivation resources, but it’s mostly because of our selves instead.

Our will isn’t firm, and we give up as soon as we encounter difficulty.

We deserve to be forever unable to stand above others!”

Man’zi was speaking from the heart.

Especially when he recalled the scenes of the past, it allowed him to further confirm his own problems.

In the past, he and Xiao Hei… No, it should be said that numerous people amongst the mercenaries thought that if they were given cultivation resources, then they would absolutely not be weaker than the disciples of sects and elites of the Empire.

However, when he thought about it now, this way of thinking was truly laughable.

Not to mention anyone else, just Yang Ye who stood before him had a cultivation that was lower to his own, yet Yang Ye’s strength and mental state wasn’t something he could compare to at all.

Qing Hong glanced at Yang Ye, and then she lowered her head.

She had similar thoughts as well before this, and that was that if she was a disciple of a sect, then her strength would absolutely not be weaker than Yang Ye.

But just moments ago, their respective displays within the hopeless situation from before allowed her to understand the distance between the two of them, and it wasn’t just a gap of strength.

When he noticed the three of them were slightly dejected, Yang Ye consoled.

“I’m not trying to discourage all of you, and I’m just reminding all of you.

What all of you need to do now is to understand your mistakes and face them courageously, not become dejected as you’re now.

In any case, all of you are only a little over 20 years old, and you still have a chance to enter the First Heaven Realm.”

Man’zi laughed bitterly and said, “Without a fortuitous encounter, we’ll probably have no hope to enter the First Heaven Realm for our entire lifetimes.”

When he heard this, Yang Ye didn’t say anything because some things couldn’t be changed by a few words from him.

Every single person had their own path in life, and they just had to walk properly on their own path.

Meanwhile, Qing Hong looked at Yang Ye and asked.

“Right, why did those snakes act in that way”

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to tell them about everything that occurred just now because he was also puzzled about why those snakes would encircle them.

When she heard Yang Ye had thrown the Inner Core away, Qing Hong frowned and asked.

“You, you placed the Inner Core behind your clothes and not within a spatial ring”

When they heard Qing Hong, Man’zi and Xiao Hei looked at Yang Ye as well.

Even though he felt something was wrong, Yang Ye still nodded under their gaze.

When they saw Yang Ye nod, the three of them instantly revealed strange expressions.

Qing Hong slapped her forehead and rolled her eyes at Yang Ye before she said, “Little Brother, do you know how extremely attractive Inner Cores are to Darkbeasts Inner Cores of their own kind are capable of allowing them to advance in cultivation.

In the beginning, I thought you’d placed the Inner Core into a spatial ring, but I never expected that you placed it behind your clothes.”

When he heard this, Yang Ye habitually rubbed his nose and glanced at the three of them before he said in a light voice, “So, in this way, it was I who drew those snakes over”

The three of them nodded forcefully.

Yang Ye was slightly embarrassed as it was his own fault in the end.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye hurriedly apologized because no matter what, it was his mistake that caused them to almost be eaten by those snakes.

So, he had to apologize.

When they heard Yang Ye apologize, the three of them felt slightly embarrassed instead.

Even though it was Yang Ye’s mistake, he’d saved their lives in the end.

Moreover, it was unintentional this time.

So, now that Yang Ye had apologized, the depressed feelings in their hearts had instantly vanished.

Once the ill feelings between them were resolved, they started chatting freely once more.

This time, the three of them taught Yang Ye about all the experiences they possessed as mercenaries.

For example, what he shouldn’t do and what he had to do.

Under their guidance, Yang Ye didn’t just obtain great gains, he even felt extremely fortunate to have become companions with them.

Tempering himself required battles of life and death and ceaseless breakthroughs while in danger.

This was Yang Ye’s original way of thinking, and it wasn’t wrong.

However, only now did Yang Ye realize that this matter wasn’t as simple as he’d imagined.

To put it in a simpler manner, if one didn’t sprinkle Beast King droppings before resting in the Snake Forest, then even if it was a First Heaven Realm expert that was resting here, the consequences would still be horrible.

Because once one entered into battle within the pitch black Snake Forest, the battle would absolutely draw over a swarm of countless snakes.

Under such circumstances, even a First Heaven Realm would definitely perish.

Moreover, there were numerous methods of survival in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and these methods had been summarized through the lives of countless mercenaries.

Yang Ye committed all of these methods to memory in a serious manner because even though he’d come to temper himself, he didn’t want to court death for no reason.

It was fine to have a battle with a king of snakes, but if he had to fight a few tens of thousands of snakes, then he wasn’t gaining experience and tempering but courting death instead.

After the trouble caused by that swam of snakes, all of them didn’t rest and chatted until daybreak instead.

After dawn arrived, all of them made slight preparations before continuing on their way.


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