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Chapter 2123 – An Old Friend!

“It wasn’t the god race” Yang Ye asked again.

The woman in a white dress nodded.

Yang Ye’s face fell. It’s not the god race’s doing.

In the beginning, the whole world thought that it was the god race’s doing, even he did.

Because only the god race had a reason to do it.

Yet now, she said that it wasn’t the god race!

Of course he wouldn’t think that she was lying to him.

Since she wasn’t lying to him, then there was a problem.

Who was acting against the human race and sky race

She said, “My god race is investigating too.

However, we haven’t gotten any answers.

But no matter who it is, both my god race and you will have to take the blame for it.”

Yang Ye nodded, “True!”

Presently, if the god race tried to say that it wasn’t their doing, the other races would never believe them.

She gazed at Snowy and said, “Do you know why the spirit energy here is vanishing”

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy too.

Snowy blinked, glanced at the surroundings, and then sniffed lightly.

In the end, she started waving her claws swiftly.

A short while passed before Yang Ye gazed at the woman, “She’s saying that the spirit energy here vanished into thin air.”

The woman couldn’t help but frown upon hearing this.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, “Can you stop it from vanishing”

Snowy thought for a moment and made a grabbing motion with her claws.

In just a moment, she’d grabbed a ball of white energy, and then she gazed at Yang Ye as if she was seeking praise for a job well done.

Her little face was even covered in self-satisfaction.

Yang Ye’s face stiffened, and then he rubbed Snowy’s head, “I meant if you can stop the vanishing spirit energy from vanishing.

Not just a little bit but the entire dimension!”

Snowy drew a huge circle with one of her claws.

Yang Ye nodded, “Right, the entire dimension.”

Snowy hesitated for a moment, and then she glanced at the surroundings.

In the end, she stretched out a paw and pressed it down.


In an instant, the world shook violently, and then countless strands of spirit energy appeared here!

It was the spirit energy that had vanished!

Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Alright, don’t restore it!”

Snowy pulled back her paw, and the spirit energy here vanished slowly.

Yang Ye glanced at Snowy, “You’re really amazing!”

It was an absolutely sincere praise.

Snowy’s ability was really quite terrifying, and it was no wonder so many people wanted a Sprite Lord! If one side of a battle between two factions had a Sprite Lord, the Sprite Lord could instantly throw the other side into despair!

The woman in a white dress spoke abruptly, “Come, let’s leave!”

Yang Ye asked, “Where are we going”

She replied, “To the god race.

Where else can you go now Just go into hiding for now!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he took Snowy in his arms and followed her.

Just as she’d said, he should go into hiding for now!

It didn’t take long for them to leave the Demon Dimension.

However, the Demon Dimension was filled with clamor!

While the demon beasts of the Demon Dimension cultivated the body, they still needed spirit energy.

Moreover, many natural treasures would gradually vanish without spirit energy.

It wouldn’t take long for all the living beings in the Demon Dimension to gradually vanish and go extinct.

Look for Yang Ye!

In an instant, the experts of the entire large universe started madly searching for Yang Ye.

As far as they were concerned, so long as they found Yang Ye, their problems would be solved.

However, Yang Ye seemed to have vanished into thin air, and they couldn’t find him no matter what.

The Sky Dimension, Sky Hall.

At this moment, a few dozen Sages were here, including the patriarchs of all the races.

The Sovereign of Sky was at the seat of the host!

The atmosphere here was quite tense.

It was because their scouts had been searching for days, but they couldn’t find even a trace of Yang Ye.

The Sovereign of Man suddenly said, “He has probably gone to the god race!”

“Then let’s look for the god race!” The Sovereign of Sky stood up abruptly, “The god race are the masterminds! Everyone, we can’t continue staying in a passive position.

We must find the god race and fight them to the death.

Even if we die, we should die in battle!”

The Sovereign of Man nodded with agreement, “The Sovereign of Sky is right.

If this continues, we’ll be exhausted to death.

Instead of suffering a death like that, let’s just fight them instead.

What do all of you think”

“We still have to locate the god race first!” Meanwhile, an old man suddenly said, “The god race is in hiding, so it’s absolutely difficult to locate them now!”

“It’s absolutely easy!” Suddenly, a voice resounded here.

Their expressions changed as they looked over to the source of the voice.

A mysterious black robed figure had appeared at the entrance to the hall and was walking slowly in their direction.

The black robed figure walked to the center of the hall, “The god race is in God Battlefield!”

God Battlefield!

It wasn’t an unfamiliar name to them.

The final battle between the god race and all the races had been carried out there, and the amount of people who died during that battle… It could simply be considered as uncountable, truly uncountable.

Countless Sages perished in that battle, and even a few Progenitor Realm experts had fallen.

In the days after that battle, it became like a forbidden area because the resentment there was too strong!

The Sovereign of Sky walked over to the mysterious figure, “Who are you”

The mysterious figure replied, “That isn’t important.

What’s important is that I know where the god race is, and you need that information.


The Sovereign of Sky replied, “How do we know it’s true Or perhaps you’re from the god race, and you’re intentionally tricking us so that you can catch us off guard”

The mysterious figure replied, “Do you have any other choice Of course, you can refuse to go, and then wait.

Just wait and wait, until the spirit energy in all the dimensions vanish completely.

At that time, all of you would be finished even if you’re just left alone!”

The Sovereign of Sky gazed at the mysterious figure for a long time and asked, “Who are you Why do you know where the god race is Why are you helping us”

The mysterious figure replied, “That isn’t something you should be worried about.

You should be worried about whether the god race will move.”

The mysterious figure turned around and walked away upon saying that.

However, the Sovereign of Sky suddenly stretched out his hand and clawed at the mysterious figure.


A wave of powerful force blasted the Sovereign of Sky over 100m back.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure had vanished from the hall.

Everyone here exchanged glances, and there was undisguised shock in their eyes.

None of them had been able to detect how the mysterious figure had vanished.

What did that represent It represented that mysterious figure’s strength far surpassed them!

Unfathomable strength!

All of them gazed at the Sovereign of Sky.

The Sovereign of Sky fell silent for a moment, and then he said, “Gather all the Sages! We’re going to the God Battlefield!”

Someone suddenly asked, “What if it’s a trap”

The Sovereign of Sky closed his eyes slowly, “We have no other choice!”

The God Battlefield.

The woman in a white dress and Yang Ye arrived here.

A solemn expression had appeared on Yang Ye’s face when he arrived here, and even Snowy had a solemn expression on her face as she stood there on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

She looked off into the surroundings while being prepared to run at any moment.

Yin energy!

The baleful energy and Yin energy here was simply too strong!

Yang Ye had killed quite a few people, but the baleful energy and Yin energy here were at an unprecedented level.

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw gray haze covered the sky until extremely far away, and mysterious black energy drifted through the surroundings.

It was oppressive!

He felt an oppressive feeling that struck the heart!

Yang Ye asked, “This is where the god race and all the other races went to war”

The woman in a white dress nodded, “My god race lost that battle.”

She gazed at Yang Ye when she spoke up to this point, “I’m really relieved.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean”

She replied, “I thought you would be like the other races and think that my god race deserves death.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference between both of you.

I won’t let the enmity of others affect me.

Moreover, I think that every race has their own shortcomings and strong points too.

For example, the human race has a huge population, but it has countless bad people.

Moreover, at most times, humans treat people of their own race more ruthlessly than how they treat the god race.”

A ruler!

Yang Ye had his own ruler of right and wrong in his heart!

The woman looked up into the distance, “All those years ago, my god race was proud and arrogant indeed.

Yang Ye, as I said before, I never wanted to use you or make you help my god race.

I just felt that you’re not a bad person, and I felt that you’re different from others.

Moreover, the future isn’t something just a single person can change.

If my god race loses this battle, we’ll become history for real.

Similarly, if the other races lose, we’ll make them become history too!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Are you really planning on annihilating them all”

She smiled, “Aren’t they trying to do the same to us” She suddenly gazed at Yang Ye at this point, “Whose side will you take if we really go to war”

Yang Ye answered without the slightest hesitation, “The god race!”

Even though he was human, it was the human race which he wanted to kill the most.

Help the human race He would probably die before he even knew it.

The interests of the human race That was a joke! The Sovereign of Man had never bothered about that when he hunted Yang Ye.

Of course, while he was hostile to the Sovereign of Man and the Sovereign of Man’s subordinates, he wasn’t hostile toward the entire human race.

The Sovereign of Man couldn’t represent the entire human race.

Meanwhile, the woman in a white dress said, “I’m quite content with hearing that.

I knew that if the god race didn’t betray you, you wouldn’t betray us.”

Yang Ye was about to speak when she suddenly looked up at the sky, “I didn’t expect them to get here so quickly!”

Yang Ye was puzzled.

Suddenly, a few dozen powerful auras swept down from the sky!

The Alliance of All was here!


Suddenly, a spear shot down from the sky like a bolt of lightning, and its target was the woman in a white dress.

Yang Ye was about to do something about it when she shook her head slightly, and then she tapped her finger forward.

Starlight flickered, and the spear stopped in midair.

Meanwhile, a white robed man appeared on the spear.

He looked down at her and said, “The human race’s Xiao Hanyi.

I’m here to seek guidance from the god race’s strategist!”

The Spear Sage, Hanyi!

An extraordinary genius of the human race from thousands of years ago!

The woman in a white dress pondered deeply for a moment, and then she looked up at him, “The god race, Ding Shaoyao!”

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot when he heard this.


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