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Chapter 2128 – Slaughtered!

Yang Yes body had exploded apart!

But Yang Yes soul was still there!

Once Ding Shaoyao stopped, the formation beneath Yang Ye instantly vanished.

While Yang Ye had lost his body, his soul was still there! Moreover, faint starlight was all around him.

Ding Shaoyao watched as Yang Yes body started to grow once more.

It was rebirth after destruction!

True rebirth!

Yang Yes body hadnt shattered, it was undergoing rebirth after destruction! It was new life!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to recover to normal.

He opened his eyes slowly and looked down at himself before slowly clenching his right fist.


The space in a huge area around Yang Ye cracked open.


Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

At this moment, he felt like his entire body was filled with boundless strength.

If he compared his past strength with his current strength, it was like comparing the strength of a child with an adult.

A transformation!

A true transformation!

Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao suddenly said, “Still not used to it”

Yang Ye nodded, “Very!”

Even though his body was at the Sage Realm now, this strength was quite unfamiliar to him.

Ding Shaoyao said, “Its very normal because I used brute force to help you advance, and you didnt get it through gradual accumulation.

So, it more or less has some disadvantages, and youll have to frequently consolidate your cultivation further.”

Yang Ye said, “Thank you!”

Ding Shaoyao nodded slightly, “I have other matters to attend to.

See you!”

She vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and vanished on the spot.

He didnt go to the god races city, and he went to the prehistoric ruins instead.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive there, and he frowned when he arrived before the casket and saw it, “What”

The casket was much different than it had been!

At this moment, it was covered in cracks like someone had hammered it!

The mysterious experts voice came from within the casket, “Long time no see!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I came here because I wanted you to teach Snowy.

She needs to grow stronger!”

Snowy couldnt just be a ball of cuteness anymore.

It was for her own good.

She was a Sprite Lord, so she was bound to be extraordinary, and she needed the strength to protect herself.

Meanwhile, Snowy emerged from the Primordial Pagoda.

She glanced at the surroundings and waved her claws at the casket.

The mysterious expert fell silent for a short while and said, “She does need to grow stronger.

Sprite Lords of the past possessed a status that was on par with the Universe Sprite, and they have their own duty.”

Yang Ye was slightly puzzled, “Duty”

The mysterious expert replied, “They can absorb spirit energy, but they can also create spirit energy for a world.

Since they can create spirit energy for a world, it represents that she can breathe life into a world.

So, a Sprite Lord is very, very important to a universe.

However, your era seems to have not realized that.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I hope they never realize that!”

Yang Ye could sense that the prehistoric expert attached extremely great importance to Snowy.

The prehistoric expert said, “During our era, Sprite Lords had their own method of cultivation.

One of these extraordinary cultivation techniques was made by an outstanding Sprite Lord.

That Sprite Lord was extremely renowned during our time.

It was that same Sprite Lord whod helped many people and Sprites of our time to survive.”

The prehistoric expert paused for a moment and continued, “The cultivation technique he created was called Spirit Fortune.

This Sprite Lord of yours merely absorbs spirit energy instinctively.

Actually, thats very wrong, and its a huge waste.

If she learns this technique, then besides progenitors, no other person or living being can harm her!”

“The Evil Yin Sprite!” Suddenly, Yang Ye asked, “Senior, do you know about the Evil Yin Sprite”

Snowys greatest enemy was the Evil Yin Sprite!

The prehistoric expert replied with a question, “What Theres an Evil Yin Sprite in this world”

Yang Ye nodded, “Weve met it.

Snowy almost died at its hands!”

The prehistoric expert suddenly asked, “How did she survive!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “That treasure within me!”

He hadnt mentioned Tian Xiu because his intuition told him that it was best to not let anyone know how special Tian Xiu was.

The prehistoric expert said, “Right, that treasure should be able to fight back against the Evil Yin Sprite.

However, it probably cant harm the Evil Yin Sprite.”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, do you know about its origins”

“I know a little!” The prehistoric expert explained, “Actually, there are many living beings that are very similar to Sprite Lords and Universe Sprites.

The Sprite Lord is of utmost kindness, but the Evil Yin Sprite is of utmost evil.

If theres Yin, theres Yang; if theres light, theres darkness.

The Evil Yin Sprite is the darkest part of the universe, and its the evilest living being.

Its born with the world, so unless the universe is destroyed, it will remain.

Of course, there are some forces capable of killing it.

But those are very, very few!”

Utmost evil!

Yang Yes face was extremely gloomy because he knew the Evil Yin Sprite was not just any ordinary enemy.

Meanwhile, the prehistoric expert added, “Its a natural enemy of Sprite Lords and Universe Sprites.

A mature Sprite Lord naturally has no reason to fear it, but your Sprite Lord hasnt fully matured yet.

So, she should be no match for it right now.”

Yang Ye nodded, “So, I hope Snowy can grow stronger.

Even if she cant kill the Evil Yin Sprite, all that matters is that she has the ability to protect herself.”

The prehistoric expert suddenly said, “Leave her here and she can grow stronger!”

Yang Ye nodded, “But Ill be staying here with her!”

As soon as she heard him, Snowy immediately rubbed her head against Yang Yes chin.

While she wanted to grow stronger, she didnt want to be apart from Yang Ye, and she didnt want to be apart from Tian Xiu, the Primordial Pagoda, and Little Sky either.

She would be really lonely without them!

Fortunately, Yang Ye was staying.

Meanwhile, the prehistoric expert said, “I know what youre worried about.

Actually, if Im to be honest, even if I plan on harming you, I would never harm her.

My race promised our Sprite Lord that we would protect all Sprite Lords forever.

While this Sprite Lord of yours refuses to stay with me, I still would never harm her.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Senior, its not what you think.

I wouldnt have brought her here if I didnt trust you.

The reason Im staying is because I cant bear to leave this little fellow.

I want to stay by her side.

Moreover, shell work harder while Im here.

Otherwise, shell start slacking off.

Im sure you wont be able to do anything about that!”

Slacking off!

Snowy blinked with an extremely innocent expression on her face.

The prehistoric expert replied, “Fine.”

Just like that, Yang Ye stayed in the prehistoric ruins.

As for the matters of the outside world, he was paying attention to that at all times.

Because the spirit energy in the Human Dimension was gradually returning, Yang Lianshuang and the others had no need to move.

However, Yang Ye had asked them to restrain their activities and try to keep a low profile.

The large universe was facing troubled times, especially when Yang Lianshuang and the others were linked to Yang Ye.

So, if others found them, it would definitely be an extremely dangerous thing!

Besides that, he asked Yang Lianshuang to pay close attention to the actions of the Alliance of All and the four paths.

Presently, the large universe seemed calm, but that was not the case at all.

It was the calm before the storm.

The strength the other races had revealed previously hadnt just deterred the god race, it had deterred the four paths too.

The other races had truly joined forces, and they were a force capable of fighting any one of the four paths.

Now, the four paths feared the other races a little.

They didnt just have to take precautions against the other three paths, they had to take precautions against the god race and their greatest enemies.

In short, the large universe was divided into many factions right now.

The four paths remained on their own, the other races had joined forces into the Alliance of All, the god race was another faction, and there were other mysterious organizations hidden in the shadows.

So, all the large universe needed right now was a fuse!

Besides that, the Alliance of All didnt just treat the god race as their only opponent.

That incident in the God Battlefield had allowed them to realize that there were other powers scheming against them, and that was why they hadnt fought the god race to the death when they had a slight advantage that day.

They didnt want someone else to reap the rewards of their efforts!

Regardless of how the situation in the large universe was, Yang Ye and Snowy had a peaceful life.

Since Snowy started focusing on cultivating and especially after she received the guidance of that prehistoric expert, Snowy could be said to be advancing by leaps and bounds.

Presently, Snowy had learned how to combine energies.

For example, she could create lightning, a storm, flames… She could create any force of nature.

According to the prehistoric expert, it was called Elemental Combination!

It was the process of combining all sorts of invisible elements to form a variety of mysterious and powerful forces!

Yang Ye wanted to learn it too!

Unfortunately, only Snowy could.

As for the reason, it was very simple.

Those elements would take the initiative to get close to Snowy, and they would willingly let her control them.

It could be said that Snowy faced no difficulties when learning all of this.

However, if it was Yang Ye, it would be absolutely difficult!


Those elements rejected him.

If he tried to combine them by force, he would suffer their counterattack.

However, Snowy didnt experience any of that, and they would obey her every command!

She was blessed by nature!

This time, Yang Ye finally witnessed how terrifying Snowy was!

Just like that, time trickled by.

Three months later.

One day, the entire large universe was suddenly filled with clamorous noise.

One of the four paths, the Confucianist Path, had been completely slaughtered overnight!

The Confucianist Path had been slaughtered!

The entire large universe was shocked!

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