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Chapter 2129 – No! Absolutely Not!

The Confucianist Path had been slaughtered!

It could be described as an extremely explosive piece of news.

What kind of power was it

It was one of the four paths, and it was one of the top powers in the large universe.

So, what kind of power had been able to annihilate it without making a sound

Even the joint forces of the other three paths wasnt capable of that!

So, the entire large universe fell into silence.

Everyone was worried.

It could be said that the organizations of the entire large universe had started to panic slightly.

The prehistoric ruins.

When Yang Ye received news of it, an extremely solemn expression appeared on his face too.

After all, it was impossible for a single person to slaughter the Confucianist Path before anyone found out.

After all, it had a progenitor, so what happened to that progenitor

Was the progenitor dead

In the hall.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly.

Even he sensed an indescribable feeling of coldness.

Suddenly, Ding Shaoyaos voice resounded before him, “Do you want to have a look at the Confucianist Dimension”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and nodded.

He wanted to take a look there too.

It just happened that Snowy was almost done with her studies too.

Shes learned all the necessary techniques from the prehistoric expert and committed them to memory.

So, she just had to work hard from now on.

Yang Ye walked over to the casket, “Senior, something has occurred in the large universe, and I plan to go have a look.”

The prehistoric expert asked, “The Confucianist Path”

Yang Ye glanced at the casket, “I didnt expect you to find out so soon.”

“I pay attention to the large universe!” The prehistoric expert continued, “Im afraid it isnt that simple.”

Yang Ye nodded, “It isnt.

Senior, Im sure youre aware of the Confucianist Paths status in the large universe, but they have been slaughtered.

To be honest, this world feels too dangerous to me, and I feel like hiding here forever.”

The prehistoric expert said, “You think this place is safe”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “Is it not safe”

The prehistoric expert fell silent for a moment and said, “Its not absolutely safe.

Your era is a little behind our era, but the gap isnt that huge.

Moreover, some experts are extraordinarily strong even in our era.

In short, just be careful.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Farewell!”

Snowy imitated Yang Ye and cupped her paw while seated in Yang Yes arms, and it was quite an amusing sight.

“Be careful of the Evil Yin Sprite!” Meanwhile, the prehistoric expert suddenly said, “It wont let your Sprite Lord go.

Because if it can devour a Sprite Lord, its strength will undergo a qualitative leap.

Actually, its not the only one.

Anyone who devours a Sprite Lord will undergo a huge leap in strength!”

Snowy felt speechless when she heard this.

After chatting with the prehistoric expert for a while longer, Yang Ye left the prehistoric ruins.

The Confucianist Dimension!

Yang Ye started traveling toward it.

He really wanted to know what kind of organization was actually able to annihilate it without making a single sound!

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to get to the Confucianist Path.

At this moment, he noticed that he wasnt the only one here.

There were many others around here.

Obviously, theyd come to investigate the incident here.

The Confucianist Dimension hadnt been destroyed, but there were no signs of life in it.

The Confucianist Path was the path that had the most interactions with the outside.

Its members were active in the kingdoms and empires of the mortal world because they needed to spread the teachings of the Confucianist Path.

Moreover, it was the path with the most followers among the four paths.

Anyone who studied was practically a follower of the Confucianist Path! And the Confucianist Dimension was a place that countless scholars yearned to go to.

Now, it was gone.

Once he entered the Confucianist Dimension, a scent of blood assaulted his nose.

The Confucianist Dimension was like a small world, and the core disciples of the Confucianist Path werent its only inhabitants.

There were many other residents.

They stayed in the Confucianist Dimension and obeyed the Confucianist Path.

As for the reason, it was very simple.

They hoped to be selected and recruited.

Yet now…

Every city Yang Ye passed was covered in corpses!

All of their faces had terror on them.

Obviously, their deaths werent peaceful.

Yang Ye went to the main city of the Confucianist Dimension, Scholarly Sage City.

It was the true core city of the Confucianist Path.

But at this moment, the city was in ruins.

The entire city seemed like it had been squashed by a huge palm.

It was horrible!

The entire city was in an extremely terrifying state.

It was covered in corpses, and blood flowed into small rivers in the city.

The stench of blood!

There were no souls here.

Their souls had vanished.

Yang Ye continued forward.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at Scholarly Sage Hall, and there was a statue of an old man there.

The old man had an amiable appearance, snow white hair, and had an indescribable aura.

The Confucianist Progenitor!

The old man was one of the supreme experts of the large universe.

Yang Ye gazed at the statue for a long time, and then he went around it and entered the hall.

At this moment, the hall was filled with people, and they merely glanced at Yang Ye before withdrawing their gazes.

At this moment, Yang Ye was wearing a loose black robe, so no one had been able to recognize him!

The hall hadnt been damaged, but there were 11 Sages seated in here.

11 Sages of the Confucianist Path!

However, there were no signs of life left in them.

They were dead!

Everyones gazes in the hall converged on those Sages.

Who had been able to make 11 Sages perish here

They were puzzled, but no one was here to give them the answer.

Suddenly, one of the Sages in the hall withdrew a crystal blue ball.

The old mans profound energy flowed slowly into the ball, and a short while passed before he said, “Restore!”

As soon as he said that, the ball shook violently, and then a scene appeared within it.

It was the scene in the city!

Everyones gazes converged on the ball.

The city was still in a peaceful state within the ball, and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

As time trickled by, a black cloud suddenly appeared in the city, and then a wave of invisible pressure suddenly pressed down upon the city in waves.

In an instant, countless experts shot up into the sky from within the city.


Suddenly, the ball exploded apart, and then the old man spat out a few mouthfuls of blood while moving backwards repeatedly.

The hall fell completely silent.

Meanwhile, the old man suddenly said, “A mysterious force covered this dimension.

At that moment, it was like a sealed off dimension, so even if it was destroyed, no one would have been able to sense what happened.

It isnt something a single person can accomplish!”

It wasnt someone a single person could accomplish!

So, there was a problem now.

Which organization had the strength to do this

They had no answer.

Meanwhile, the old man glanced at the people here, “Im sure youre all from the various races of the other three paths, right”

They gazed at the old man.

The old man said, “The large universe is really going to fall into chaos! Now, all of you, the various races, the other three paths, and even the god race will have to live in fear! Allow me to be honest, if all of you continue fighting against each other, everyone might perish in the end.”

He turned around and left once he finished speaking.

The hall fell silent again.

Meanwhile, one of the middle aged men suddenly said, “The Confucianist Path has been annihilated, but what about its progenitor Has he been killed too”

Was the Confucianist Progenitor killed too

Yang Ye frowned.

If the Confucianist Progenitor had been killed, the organization which annihilated the Confucianist Path was truly too terrifying.

Besides that, the other three paths hadnt made any sort of response until now.

That was quite unusual!

Some people started to leave the hall.

In the end, only Yang Ye remained.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and noticed nothing out of the ordinary, so he planned to leave too.

Suddenly, a voice resounded in his mind, “Young Brother, please wait!”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, and he slowly clenched his fists.

Yang Ye turned to look at the nearby statue, the Confucianist Progenitors statue.

The voice had come from there!

Meanwhile, an ethereal figure appeared above the statue.

It was the Confucianist Progenitor!

The Confucianist Progenitor sized up Yang Ye and said, “Young Brother, youre Yang Ye, right”

Yang Ye nodded.

The Confucianist Progenitor grinned, “Looks like were tied together by quite a bit of destiny.”

Yang Ye was quite stunned, “Huh”

Destiny What kind of games is this old man playing

Meanwhile, the Confucianist Progenitor said, “Its gone.

Countless years of effort gone just like that.”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, “Senior, what happened here”

The Confucianist Progenitor shook his head slightly, “I lost.

A single loss made me lose everything.”

Yang Ye was puzzled and wanted to say something, but the Confucianist Progenitor suddenly said, “Among the four paths, I think my path is the only one which didnt target you, right”

Yang Ye gazed at him, “Senior, what are you trying to say”

The Confucianist Progenitor replied, “Do you know what kind of existence the Confucianist Path is in the large universe”

Yang Ye shook his head.

The Confucianist Progenitor smiled, “We pass down culture.

Just think about it, if the Confucianist Path ceases to exist in the large universe, then what will the large universe be like without culture Of course, it wont affect this generation, but what about the next, and the generation after that Since my Confucianist Path was created, we established basic human ethics and educated all living beings.

We allowed all living beings to learn about etiquette, shame, and all living beings.

My Confucianist Path has done nothing to harm the large universe.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

If he were to be honest, it was just as the Confucianist Progenitor had said.

If the Confucianist Path hadnt passed down culture and spread it through the world, the large universe would definitely not be this civilized.

The Confucianist Progenitor walked over to Yang Ye, “Young Brother, I have a request!”

A request!

Yang Ye immediately knew that it would definitely be a huge amount of trouble.

So, he was about to refuse immediately, but the Confucianist Progenitor suddenly withdrew a black brush and passed it over to Yang Ye, “The Scholarly Sage Brush, the number one treasure of my Confucianist Path.

It can write in the heart of the world, the cycle of rebirth for all things, overturn Yin and Yang… Now, its yours!”

“No! No!” Suddenly, Yang Ye hurriedly shook his head, “Senior, youre too kind.

I cant accept such a huge gift.

I absolutely cant! No! I really cant! Please take it back immediately!”

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