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Chapter 2152 – Explore!

They didnt continue fighting.

The Sovereign of Sky glanced at Yang Ye, and then he led the others away.

Yang Ye didnt attack again.

Those Sages beside the Sovereign of Sky werent weakling.

While An Nanjing and him had the strength to kill Sages, they would have no choice but to flee when facing too many Sages.

Not long after the Sovereign of Skys group left, a voice resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Come to the north!”

It was the Dao Progenitors voice!

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he vanished on the spot.

It didnt take long for him to arrive before the black holes in the north, and the Dao Progenitor immediately appeared in front of him when he arrived there.

The Dao Progenitor pointed ahead, “See that There are hundreds of thousands of black holes here, and our task is to find a pathway that leads to the universe beyond ours!”

Yang Ye asked, “Senior, are you sure that theres a path”

The Dao Progenitor shook his head, “Im not sure!”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “Actually, at my level of cultivation, we can survive even the End Times.

If worse comes to worse, we can reincarnate.

However, the countless people of my Dao Path cant do that.

As soon as the End Times arrive, they will die if they cant leave this universe.”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at the endless black holes, “There may be a path in them, and there may be none.

No matter what, we have to try.


Yang Ye asked, “How do we find them”

“Enter the black hole!” The Dao Progenitor explained, “The black holes in this area have a powerful and mysterious force, and it twists the black holes into one.

So, if an external force enters them, the energy will be triggered, and it will make the energy of these black holes fight against the external force!”

Yang Ye asked, “Is it very strong”

The Dao Progenitor gazed at Yang Ye, “If the energy within the black holes in all directions are triggered at the same time, its sufficient to destroy the entire large universe!”

Destroy the entire large universe!

Yang Ye had quite a solemn expression on his face.

He gazed at the area before him, “Senior, why does the large universe feel like a prison to me”

“A prison” The old man grinned, “As far as we are concerned, every universe is a prison.

That existence from the Buddhist Path and I have cultivated the past, the present, and the future.

Weve surpassed the limits of man and reached a new height.

However, we still cant transcend the universe.

The boundless universe is like a huge mountain before us.

Its mysterious and powerful.”

Yang Ye gazed at the Dao Progenitor, ``Do you think this universe was created by someone or some being”

“That question is beyond me!” The Dao Progenitor smiled, “How strong were the prehistoric race and the void spirit race However, they still werent able to figure out the entire universe.”

Yang Ye looked forward.

Pitch black darkness greeted him, and only someone strong could see what was within the darkness.

Meanwhile, the Dao Progenitor said, “Ill help you suppress that energy.

However, the energy within the black hole will still be very strong.

Moreover, there are storms within the black holes, and you must not get swept into them.

Otherwise, itll mostly end in death.

Besides that, if you think the gravity in there is too strong, then dont force yourself and just retreat immediately.


Yang Ye nodded, “Alright!”

The Dao Progenitor nodded slightly, and then he vanished.

A moment later, a wave of invisible pressure descended.

The Dao Progenitors voice suddenly resounded in Yang Yes mind, “Just choose any one of them!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he entered a black hole.

As soon as he entered it, Yang Ye felt his entire body tighten.

It was like something was pulling at him, and besides darkness, he could see nothing in here.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and started moving forward.

In the beginning, he moved quite slowly, but a short while later, he sped up.

It didnt take long for him to see bolts of lightning flash by him from time to time!

Lightning Yang Ye frowned, Why is there lightning in this black hole

Suddenly, Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grabbed the lightning.

He scanned it carefully, and he noticed that it was no different than the lightning in the outside world.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he continued forward.

However, he was moving even faster than before.

Yang Ye moved swiftly through the black hole.

All along the way, he only noticed some white light besides the lightning.

Figures frequently flashed within the white light, but they were too fast, so fast that he couldnt catch the white light.

But when he stopped and waited, the white light would vanish without a trace.

In the end, Yang Ye started to shoot forward slightly.

His speed was at his limits now.

In the endless black hole, Yang Ye shot forward swiftly.

Everywhere he passed, powerful sword energy tore through everything.

However, after a day and night passed, Yang Ye still hadnt noticed anything special.

In the end, Yang Ye stopped because he sensed an extremely powerful pressure, and it even made his breathing slow down.

He knew that he may have arrived at the central area of the black hole, and it wouldnt take long for him to find out if a path really did exist here.

A short while later, Yang Ye stopped.

At this moment, his muscles were tense, and his body was at a breaking point.

He was at the central area of the black hole, but he found nothing around him.

Yang Ye frowned, “Theres nothing here”

Suddenly, Snowy emerged from the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye was shocked when he saw her.

After all, the pressure here was extremely terrifying.

However, he noticed that Snowy was completely unaffected!

Yang Ye was about to speak when Snowy pointed ahead.

Yang Ye asked, “Theres something there”

Snowy frowned slightly.

She nodded, but she shook her head a moment later.

She wasnt sure!

That was what Snowy was telling him!

She wasnt sure!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he went in that direction while holding Snowy in his arms.

A long time passed before Snowy suddenly raised her paw, and Yang Ye hurriedly stopped.

Snowy glanced at the surroundings, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and blinked.

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “What is it”

She hesitated for a moment, and then she pointed at the place they were standing.

She was telling him that it was around here!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, but he noticed nothing.

Suddenly, Snowy started waving her paws swiftly, and she even sniffed lightly.

Yang Ye noticed that something was vanishing here, and then Yang Ye couldnt help but glance at Snowy.

He felt that Snowy could really absorb anything now!

Suddenly, Snowys eyes opened wide.

She leaped up onto Yang Yes shoulder and pointed ahead.

Yang Ye looked over toward where she pointed, but he saw nothing.

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she quickly pointed in that direction.

Yang Ye looked over again, but he still saw nothing.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly.

He naturally didnt think that Snowy was lying to him.

Even though Snowy was quite mischievous at times, she wasnt that mischievous to the point of tricking him.

In other words, there was something ahead, and Snowy could see it, but he couldnt!

Suddenly, Snowy waved her paw and hid behind his head.

The thing was approaching!

Yang Ye closed his eyes, and then he took a step forward.

The Sword Domain!

Yang Ye had immediately activated the Sword Domain this time.

As soon as he did that, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and he saw a black ball in front of him.

It wasnt large, and it was only the size of a fist.

There was a solemn expression in Yang Yes eyes.

The black ball stopped around 10m away from Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at it, and then he took Snowy in his arms, “Snowy, can you talk to it”

Snowy blinked, and then she gazed at the black ball.

Snowy hesitated for a moment, and then she started waving her paws.

Meanwhile, the black ball started trembling.

Obviously, it was responding to Snowy.

Yang Ye was delighted when he witnessed this because Snowy could talk to it!

In that way, he could obtain a lot of information!

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys little head and said, “Help me ask it who it is and what its doing here!”

Snowy hesitated for a moment, and then she waved her paws swiftly.

The black ball responded as she asked.

Just like that, the little fellows spoke to each other, and a long time passed before Snowy suddenly opened her eyes.

After that, she started shaking her head forcefully like she was dizzy.

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “What is it”

Snowy pointed at the black ball and started waving her paws.

A short while passed before Yang Ye said, “It wants you to stay and help it with something”

Snowy nodded, and then she waved her paws at the black ball again.

She was telling it that she wouldnt stay because she didnt like dark places like this.

Yang Ye nodded, “Yes, you cant stay here.

Right, did it say who it is Or why its here”

Snowy shook her head and waved her paws again.

She was telling him that it was quite difficult to communicate with that black ball.

Yang Ye was about to speak when the black ball suddenly shook violently, and then Yang Yes expression changed drastically.

It was because he noticed that the black hole around him was shrinking rapidly!

Suddenly, Snowy flew off his shoulder, and Yang Ye watched with astonishment as she flew over to the black ball before slapping it with her paw.


A loud slap resounded, and the black ball was slapped flying!

Yang Ye was stunned speechless by this scene.

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