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Chapter 2154 – The Cycle!

Needless to say, Yang Ye was quite shocked right now!

The prehistoric race wasn’t a race from this large universe, and they’d come here through the Star Gate!

The figure floated over to Yang Ye, “We went through great troubles to escape our universe, but we never expected that the universe we went to was experiencing the End Times too.

Just like that, it caused my prehistoric race to suffer tremendous losses and almost go extinct.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

The prehistoric expert suddenly asked, “Do you know how terrifying the End Times is”

Yang Ye shook his head.

The prehistoric expert explained, “Spirit energy dries up, the earth collapses, and countless living beings die.

It’s a calamity that’s impossible to be stopped with the strength of man.”

Yang Ye asked, “How did you survive”

“Me” The prehistoric expert said, “Do you really think I’m still alive”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly, “Aren’t you alive”

The prehistoric expert replied, “Of course I am.

However, it isn’t my real body that’s standing before you, and it’s just a projection of me.”

A projection!

Yang Ye glanced at the figure, “Then what about your real body”

“It’s sealed!” The prehistoric expert explained, “While that calamity wasn’t something the strength of man could stop, we thought of many methods to deal with it, and sealing ourselves was one of those methods.

However, it’s a method that’s only viable for my race because my race is a little special when compared to other races.

I said so much because I wanted to tell you that my race once tried to escape to another universe.

However, the other universe may not be heaven, and it may be worse than the universe you came from.”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “Then, do we have no other choice but to wait for death to arrive”

“It’s karma!” The prehistoric expert explained, “Countless living beings throughout the universe take endlessly from the universe, yet they never return anything.

What would you do if you’re the universe If they are allowed to continue taking, then the universe will collapse.

So, that’s why the End Times exist, and new life will be breathed into the universe after the End Times.

It’s equivalent to wiping away everything and starting from the beginning.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “It’s an impossible dilemma.

Everyone wants to live in this universe, and the only way to live longer is to cultivate.

But cultivating requires taking the spirit energy of the universe, and that’s why it’s impossible to solve!”

“Indeed!” The prehistoric expert said, “If you want to find the Star Gate, you can ask that Sprite Lord of yours.

She’s the only one besides the Universe Sprite who can contact it.

Of course, she doesn’t have the ability to accomplish that right now.”

Yang Ye said, “In other words, there’s no path beyond those black holes”

“That’s not certain!” The prehistoric expert continued, “The formation of those black holes is quite strange.

Some of them are a teleportation formation that can lead to other universes.

However, those black holes aren’t naturally formed, they are man-made.

When the large universe was formed, if its earlier group of living beings were strong enough, they would have found the way out of this universe.

So, perhaps teleportation formations do exist within those endless black holes.”

Yang Ye asked, “Is this a guess of yours”

“No!” The prehistoric expert explained, “We’re outsiders, so we don’t know much about this large universe’s history, but we do know some of it.

This large universe experienced the End Times once before we arrived, and based on our research, a group of experts seemed to have survived it.”

The prehistoric expert paused for a moment at this point, “If you can leave this large universe and look at it from the outside, you’ll realize that it’s covered by a formation.

It’s an extremely powerful formation, and it was created by the earliest beings of this large universe!”

The large universe is surrounded by a formation!

Yang Ye was quite shocked when he heard this.

Of course, he had quite the headache too.

Race after race were appearing in the large universe, and it made things quite complicated for him.

Meanwhile, the prehistoric expert said, “Let me explain the large universe’s history to you.

When it was first born, a civilization appeared, and we call it the Initial Civilization.

After that, our prehistoric race arrived.

When we arrived, the people of the Initial Civilization had either perished or left.

Countless years after we arrived, the universe was reborn.

At that time, a new civilization appeared, and it should be the void spirit race.

The void spirit race became the overlord of this universe.

After that, the latest civilization was the god race.

After that, it’s the current civilization.”

Yang Ye had a rough understanding of the large universe’s history at this point.

The human civilization was really nothing before the entire universe!

The prehistoric expert continued, “The universe is diverse, and its size is unimaginable.

Actually, according to my race’s records, there’s a universe that has never experienced the End Times.”

Yang Ye asked, “What universe”

The prehistoric expert said, “I don’t know the specifics.

All I do know is that while that universe is huge, it’s extremely harmonious.

It’s mainly because the living beings there are very special.

Simply speaking, it’s filled with spirits, Sprite Kings, and Sprite Lords.

These fellows give back to the universe as they take from it.

Just like your Sprite Lord.

She can take the spirit energy of an entire continent, but she can also bring new life to a dead continent.

So, according to my inference, it doesn’t harm the foundation of the universe, so the End Times doesn’t occur.”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “in the end, we caused the End Times, right”

“You can describe it like that!” The prehistoric expert continued, “The enemy of all living beings is none other than ourselves.

We are our biggest enemies.

The universe created us, yet we chose to destroy ourselves.”

At this moment, Yang Ye thought of three common words.

Defying the heavens!

Many cultivators kept mentioning that, and he had done the same too.

However, how innocent was the heavens The world had never treated them unfairly, yet they kept talking about defying the heavens.

Yang Ye felt that if he was the heavens, he would have killed all of those idiots by now!

“Young man!” Suddenly, the prehistoric expert said, “You’ve gotten the Sprite Lord to stay with you, and it’s great karmic luck for you.

However, it’s great trouble for you too.

Once the End Times arrive and all of you aren’t able to find a new way to survive, then the Sprite Lord will definitely become something that everyone fights for.

There’s a chance to survive the End Times while one had a Sprite Lord’s help.

So, you must find a new way to survive as soon as possible or make your Sprite Lord leave you.

With how special she is, you don’t have to worry about her safety at all.

Because even a progenitor wouldn’t dare to harm a Sprite Lord at a time like this.”

Make Snowy leave Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “I’m afraid I can’t do that!”

If he really did that, Snowy’s tears would probably submerge the entire continent.

The little fellow treated him like her closest loved one, and he could be described as everything to her.

So, if he made her leave, he couldn’t imagine how sad she would be.

The prehistoric expert fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye smiled, “No matter what, thank you for explaining so much to me.

Finally, since you’ve stayed here, I presume you have some kind of objective, right Please feel free to ask if you need my help!”

“Thank you!” The prehistoric expert said, “I’ll look for you if I need your help.

Feel free to come to me if you need help too.”

Yang Ye nodded and cupped his fist, “I’ll be leaving now.”

He turned around and left the hall.

Not long after Yang Ye left, a voice resounded from within the hall, “Destruction is new life… The Void Spirit Maiden stopped us all those years ago.

But she probably won’t be there to stop us now, right”

At the exact same moment that voice resounded, in the Primordial Pagoda within Yang Ye who was already outside the hall, Tian Xiu suddenly looked up at the sky while a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through them.

However, it didn’t take long for her to return to normal.

As soon as she did that, a wisp of bewilderment flashed through her eyes.

A short while later, she shook her little head and pranced off over to Snowy.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing glanced at Little Sky, and then she frowned slightly.

Elysium was in her grasp.

At that instant just now, she sensed extreme danger, and that was why she’d instinctively withdrawn Elysium!

She’d sensed that danger from Tian Xiu!

An Nanjing looked at Tian Xiu with bewilderment in her eyes.

After Yang Ye left the prehistoric ruins, he entered outer space and was about to leave on his sword when a mysterious black robed figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

There was a tiny ‘天’ character for Sky on the figure’s left chest.

Yang Ye frowned and became slightly vigilant.

Suddenly, the black robed figure walked over to Yang Ye, “You’ve come into contact with the people of the prehistoric times”

Yang Ye nodded, “Who are you”

The black robed person replied, “You don’t have to worry about who I am.

I came to see you for two reasons.

Firstly, don’t trust the prehistoric people, and never give Snowy to them.

If you give Snowy to them, then I guarantee that no matter how strong and terrifying your backing is, I’ll still kill you.

If I’m willing to kill you at any cost, then even five progenitors won’t be able to save you.”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but frown when he heard this.

Meanwhile, the black robed person continued, “The prehistoric race isn’t as simple as you think, and their objectives are not pure.

Finally, I want to talk to the Sprite Lord.

Only talk.”

Yang Ye glanced at the black robed person and summoned Snowy.

Once Snowy emerged, she glanced at the mysterious black robed figure, and then a trace of surprise appeared in her eyes.

After that, she flew over to the black robed figure’s shoulder and patted the figure’s head.

Yang Ye was quite shocked!

Who’s that Snowy’s actually being so intimate!

Meanwhile, the black robed figure suddenly rubbed Snowy’s head and said, “It was my fault.

I didn’t find you as soon as possible and made you suffer so much in the lower dimensions.

Now, since you’ve made your choice, I won’t force you.

No matter what, live well.

As for everything else, leave it to me.”

Suddenly, Snowy pointed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s face darkened because the little fellow was telling the black robed person to make Yang Ye help!


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