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Xiao Lang was caught off guard, and the violet light struck straight onto him.

Moreover, the terrifying energy contained within the violent light directly blasted him towards Yang Ye!

However, this wasnt the end of it.

Eight at the moment Xiao Lang was blasted flying, another strand of violet light had appeared in front of him.

So, Xiao Langs robust figure smashed straight onto the violet light….


Another explosion resounded….

Just like this, in merely a few breaths of time, Xiao Lang had suffered almost 10 strands of violet light!


Xiao Langs figure suddenly enlarged explosively in midair, and he instantly recovered his true form.

After he recovered his true form, Xiao Lang raised his head and howled furiously before his figure pounced straight towards the violet mink.

His speed was so swift that even Yang Ye was visibly moved.

However, Yang Ye still chose to stand by idly.

Besides the fact that this was the little fellows intentions, it was also because he trusted in the violet mink!

Yang Ye had always firmly believed a single thing, and it was that no Darkbeast beneath the Spirit Rank was able to harm the little fellow!

Sure enough, right when Xiao Lang pounced towards the violet mink, the violet minks figure flashed and directly vanished on the spot, and then it appeared where Xiao Lang stood moments before this.

At the same time, a strand of violet light instantly appeared in front of Xiao Lang.


Xiao Lang was unable to dodge it, and he suffered the full might of this violet light! However, with his defensive ability, this strand of violet light didnt cause any substantial harm to him, and it hurt at most….

As he stood where the violet mink had resided just moments ago, Xiao Langs figure shook, and he recovered his human form.

At this moment, his face was covered in a solemn expression, and he gazed at the little fellow and said solemnly, “What exactly is your background!”

The little fellow didnt answer him.

It just pointed at Xiao Lang before pointing at Yang Ye.

Obviously, it still intended to subdue this Shapeshifted Darkbeast!

The corners of Yang Yes mouth twitched.

The little fellows intentions were good, but the reality of it was cruel.

Subdue this formidable Shapeshifted Darkbeast At any rate, Yang Ye didnt have much confidence in being able to accomplish it.

But killing Xiao Lang might be possible….

Sure enough, an expression of fury instantly covered Xiao Langs rugged face, and he pointed his right hand at Yang Ye and said, “You want me to go with a human What qualifications does a tiny human at the First Heaven Realm possess to make me, Xiao Lang, follow by his side Is he even worthy”

He didnt know why this mysterious little fellow was staying by the side of this human, but he would absolutely not do so.

Not to mention that this human was merely a First Heaven Realm profounder, he wouldnt even go with a Spirit Realm or Exalt Realm expert!

He was an elite of the Skyhowl Demon Wolf clan that possessed the bloodline of a divine beast! Follow by the side of a human What a joke!

The violet mink was infuriated as well.

It waved its little claw with the intention of teaching Xiao Lang another lesson.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye stopped the little fellow, and then he gazed at Xiao Lang and said, “Xiao Lang, how about we make a bet Of course, you can refuse.

But in my opinion, youre absolutely unable to defeat both of us by yourself!”

Xiao Langs eyelids twitched.

He glanced at the violet mink who was slightly furious, and then he glanced at Yang Ye.

He remained silent for a moment before he said in the end, “Human, what are we betting on!”

Yang Ye was secretly delighted in his heart, yet his expression remained unchanged as he said, “Well have a fight.

If I lose, then Ill return the Icesoul Fruit Tree to you, and if you lose, then you must follow me for 10 years! Its only 10 years, so its only like an instant when compared to the lifespan of Darkbeasts.

What do you think”

“Well fight” Dense disdain arose on Xiao Langs face as he said, “If youre without its help, then human, I can smash you into mush at any time!”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Xiao Lang, dont speak such meaningless words.

Just tell me if youre willing to bet or not!”

Xiao Langs eyes narrowed slightly, and then he said in a low voice, “Human, are you being serious”

“Of course!” Yang Ye nodded.

“It wont participate”

“It wont!”

“But I dont believe you!” Xiao Lang said, “Humans like you are greedy and cunning, and going back on your words is a common occurrence amongst you.

Isnt it”

Right at this moment, the violet mink on Yang Yes shoulder flashed out, and then it pointed its claw at itself as if it was offering a guarantee for Yang Ye….

Xiao Lang didnt speak further upon witnessing this.

In the Grand Myriad Mountains, Darkbeasts were really trustworthy because if they werent, then they would be unable to survive here.

Especially Darkbeasts that possessed formidable strengths, they placed even more importance upon their trustworthiness.

Because if they werent trustworthy, then no one would be willing to submit to them!

On the other hand, even though this mysterious little fellows strength couldnt be said to be extremely formidable, it absolutely couldnt be said to be weak either.

In any case, he wasnt willing to fight the little fellow.

After a short moment of silence, Xiao Lang gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Human, Ill make that bet with you!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he said, “If you dont want to be my subordinate and intend to seize the Icesoul Fruit Tree back, then its in your best interests to return to your true form!”

Xiao Lang laughed with ridicule and said, “Human, you think too highly of yourself.

Ten punches, Ill finish you off within 10 punches!”

Yang Ye shook his head to himself when he heard this.

Looks like it isnt just humans who have the lethal flaw of underestimating their opponents, and Darkbeasts are the same as well.

In any case, hed decided in his heart that he wouldnt underestimate his opponent no matter who his opponent was because carelessness and underestimating ones opponent usually represented death….

“Human, launch the first attack, otherwise, you wouldnt have the opportunity to launch any!” Xiao Lang stood proudly as he spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye nodded.

His grip loosened, and Violet Spirit transformed into a strand of violet light that flew into the sky.

At the same time, he suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot and relied on the counterforce from this action to shoot explosively like a cannonball towards Xiao Lang.

When Xiao Lang was around 10m away from him, the profound energy within Yang Yes body surged violently into the Gale Shoes while he executed the Gale Steps technique at the same time.

Under the boost of the Gale Shoes and Gale Steps, Yang Yes speed suddenly improved by more than two times, and he instantly traversed the distance between him and Xiao Lang!

Xiao Langs expression remained unchanged when he witnessed this.

So what if youre swift Can you break through my defenses In his opinion, this was impossible!

When he arrived in front of Xiao Lang, Yang Yes left hand moved slightly, and then a strand of fierce, sharp, terrifying, and invisible Sword Intent surged out.

After that, his right hand moved, he drew his sword and stabbed it directly towards Xiao Langs chest.

When facing this King Rank Shapeshifted Beast, Yang Ye naturally wouldnt be careless, so hed directly utilized his Sword Intent since the battle began.

Moreover, it was even the 2nd level of Sword Intent!

Xiao Langs expression finally changed when Yang Ye utilized his Sword Intent.

Xiao Lang knew hed underestimated his opponent, but it was already too late now because Yang Ye was truly too close to him.

Moreover, because hed been careless and allowed Yang Ye to seize the initiative, he could only receive Yang Yes attack head-on!


The Hidden Sword didnt suffer any obstruction as it stabbed through Xiao Langs defense and pierced through his chest.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lang had launched a counterattack as well.

He clenched his right hand into a fist, and it whistled sharply through the air as it smashed directly at Yang Yes face.

Yang Ye loosened his grip and let go of the Hidden Sword before he tilted his head to the left to avoid Xiao Langs fist.

After that, he lightly tapped his right foot on the ground, and he seized this opportunity to smashed forward and collide with Xiao Lang.


As soon as they came into contact, they swiftly split apart.

Yang Ye took six steps back while Xiao Lang took six steps back as well!

Right at this moment, Xiao Langs pupils suddenly constricted, and then his figure moved with the intention of dodging away from where he stood.

However, he was still a bit too late.

A strand of blood suddenly and mysteriously shot out from his chest, and then another hole created by a sword appeared on his chest.

Xiao Lang lowered his head to glance at the two holes, and his expression became solemn.

He raised his head to gaze at Yang Ye before he said in a low voice, “A sword that cant be seen, a strange sword technique, and the legendary Sword Intent of humans.

Human, I have no choice but to admit that I underestimated you!”

Yes, Yang Ye always had another trump card he hadnt utilized, and it was his Sword Control Technique and the Hidden Sword.

To a certain extent, this sort of odd method of attack wasnt weaker to the violet minks violet light.

Of course, it couldnt compare to the violet minks violet light in the end.

Because his attacks could still be traces, but the little fellows attacks had truly pierced through the barriers of space!

As he gazed at the two holes on Xiao Langs chest, Yang Ye shook his head with a helpless expression.

The bodies of Darkbeasts are truly formidable.

He actually seems to be completely fine after suffering two injuries from my sword.

If he was a human, then I would already be collecting the spoils of the battle now!


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