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Chapter 2172 – Nether Palace!

Ten moves!

The surroundings fell silent!

Who was An Nanjing She was someone who’d killed Sages!

But Yun Fan actually spoke about defeating her in ten moves!

The armless man smiled and didn’t say a word.

He just gazed at An Nanjing.

A moment later, An Nanjing vanished from the platform, and she was in front of Yun Fan when she appeared again.

The latter reacted very quickly.

He’d clenched his fist at the instant An Nanjing had vanished, and then he slammed his fist forward.


An explosion resounded, and then a figure was blasted 300m away.

It was Yun Fan!

As soon as he stopped himself, An Nanjing appeared in front of him, and then explosions resounded incessantly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A strange scene appeared here.

The insufferably arrogant Yun Fan was being slammed around by just one of An Nanjing’s legs, and he actually couldn’t fight back at all!

Everyone here was speechless.

Yang Ye shook his head.

Firstly, Yun Fan did have some skill.

Because he’d been able to take three of An Nanjing’s moves.

He’d forcefully stopped the first three of An Nanjing’s moves, but that was all.

An Nanjing’s strength was something that could overcome even a few Sages.

As for Yun Fan, he was too young!

Around ten minutes later, An Nanjing stopped and returned to the platform.

Meanwhile, Yun Fan was lying on the ground.

The surroundings were deathly silent.

He’d lost just like that!

An Nanjing glanced at Yun Fan and said, “You don’t have to walk on your knees, just be a little humble!”


At this moment, all the students’ admiration of An Nanjing skyrocketed.

She was strong, a woman, and so young.

So, as far as the students were concerned, making an old man a dean was naturally not as fun as having a young and strong female dean.

Just like that, An Nanjing became the dean of Martial Emperor Academy!

The first female dean in the academy’s history!

The peak of the mountain at the back of Martial Emperor Academy.

The armless man stood there while Yang Ye and An Nanjing were by his side.

“I’ll be leaving for some time!” Meanwhile, the armless man suddenly said, “Be careful, both of you.

Regardless of whether it’s the prehistoric experts, Nether Pavilion, the god race, the three paths, or the Universe Sprite, they aren’t easy to deal with.

Or I should say that some forces are itching to make a move.

The large universe may seem calm right now, but it actually just needs a fuse.”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “And you are very likely to be that fuse!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why”

“The Sprite Lord!” The armless man spoke softly, “That little fellow’s abilities are far greater than you can imagine.

She’s very likely to become someone everyone fights for.

They aren’t fighting for her now because it isn’t time, but when the time comes, you may be unable to deal with their attacks.”

Yang Ye asked, “Are they all very strong”

The armless man nodded, “Very strong.

According to the information I received, the god race’s Patriarch Shi Tian may be about to awaken.

He’s not someone easy to deal with at all.

Then there’s the Nether Pavilion.

In short, both of you should be careful.

Besides that, you can take a look at the academy’s library.

Some information about the large universe that the Martial Emperor gathered is kept there.

There’s all sorts of information.

Remember it all because it’ll be useful to you.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Why are you helping me”

The armless man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “You’ll find out in the future.”

He didn’t say another word and vanished into the sky.

Only Yang Ye and An Nanjing remained here.

A short while passed before Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing, “Let’s go have a look at the library!”

An Nanjing nodded.

They went to the library, and no one stopped them as they went up to the highest level.

After that, Yang Ye started reading through all the information within the library.

Just as the armless man had said, they were very useful to him.

Because there were records about the god race, void spirit race, and prehistoric race.

While it wasn’t complete, it could be said that this information couldn’t be found anywhere else.

There were even some records about the Initial Civilization.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much.

Besides that, there were some records about the four paths and all the races.

These records were very detailed.

Their enmities, conflicts, how those conflicts arose… Everything was recorded.

He’d learned a lot!

Five days later, they left the library.

Outside the library, Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing and said, “I’m heading back to the Human Dimension.

You probably can’t return with me, right”

She nodded, “I have some things to deal with.

Let me know if anything happens.”

Yang Ye nodded, “You too.

Don’t forget to notify me if you need something.

Others may do it all themselves, but I won’t, and you shouldn’t either.


She glanced at him and said, “Alright!”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Once Yang Ye left, the vice dean appeared by An Nanjing’s side.

The vice dean glanced at the direction Yang Ye had left toward and said, “If he’s willing to abandon that Sprite Lord, he will be able to avoid a lot of trouble; if he’s willing to use the Sprite Lord to make a trade, he’ll be able to get the best for himself.”

An Nanjing spoke softly, “Then he wouldn’t be him!”

The vice dean nodded and gazed at her, “Martial Emperor Academy will be swept into it, right”

An Nanjing gazed at the vice dean, “Do you think the academy can stay out of everything in these times”

The vice dean shook his head.

An Nanjing said, “How many Sages do we have”

“Nine!” The vice dean continued, “They are all Sages that relied on themselves to attain the Sage Realm, and two of them possess unfathomable strength.

They can be said to be halfway into the Progenitor Realm.

However, they are in closed door cultivation at all times and rarely show themselves!”

An Nanjing asked, “Will they obey my command”

The vice dean hesitated for a moment and said, “I’m afraid it’ll be difficult.

After all, you’re very young.”

An Nanjing said, “Tell them if they don’t obey me, then they have two choices.

Either die or leave the academy.”

The vice dean was shocked, “You…”

An Nanjing closed her eyes slowly, “Since I’ve taken over the academy, I need absolute obedience.

I don’t like people scheming against each other, and I don’t like wasting my breath.

If they refuse to obey, then leave my territory, otherwise, I’ll kill them.”

The vice dean suddenly asked, “What if all of them refuse”

She gazed at him, “Then I’ll kill them all.”

The vice dean felt speechless.

An Nanjing said, “So long as I’m here, no one will dare to attack, even if Martial Emperor Academy has no Sages.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

The vice dean laughed bitterly.

He’d underestimated her a little.

In the beginning, he’d thought she was only taking the position of dean and wouldn’t actually take control of the academy, but now it seemed like that wasn’t the case at all!

An Nanjing was really taking control!

As for those Sages, they didn’t know how terrifying she was.

It was really not difficult for her to kill a Sage!

The most terrifying part was that she had Yang Ye too! If anything were to happen to her in Martial Emperor Academy, then based on Yang Ye’s temper, he would definitely destroy the academy!


The vice dean shook his head and vanished on the spot.

After he left the academy, Yang Ye shot up into outer space.

He planned to return to the Human Dimension.

Suddenly, a woman appeared in front of him.

Surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, “It’s you!”

It was Nether Maiden from the Nether Pavilion!

Nether Maiden!

Yang Ye was extremely surprised.

He hadn’t expected to see her!

She glanced at him and said, “Someone wants to see you and talk to you.

Come with me.”

She turned around and left.

Yang Ye frowned slightly from the sight of this.

She was acting a little strangely!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and followed her.

Yang Ye glanced at her as they traveled, “Has Second Sister regained consciousness”

Nether Maiden nodded, “Yes!”

Yang Ye was delighted, “How about Eldest Sister”

Nether Maiden replied softly, “She’s awake too!”

Yang Ye smiled and gazed at Nether Maiden, “All ten of you sisters… No, I mean all eleven of you sisters are together again.”

She nodded.

“What about your Hall Master” Yang Ye asked, “Your Hall Master Shao Siyou.

She has shown herself, right”

Nether Maiden stopped and gazed at Yang Ye, “Snowy is with you, right”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly.

He gazed at her for a long time and smiled, “She is.


Nether Maiden shook her head slightly, “Nothing.

Come with me!”

She sped up once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at her.

In the end, he still chose to follow her.

They traveled through outer space, and she only stopped around two hours later.

At this moment, there was a pitch black palace standing in space around 1km in front of them.

Yang Ye looked over, and he saw two words above the palace—Nether Palace!

Nether Palace!

Nether Maiden gazed at Yang Ye, “Let’s go!”

She transformed into a ray of dark light that entered the palace.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to follow her.

Once they entered the palace, a delicate voice came from afar, “Welcome Young Brother Yang Ye.

Right, I know you’re a straightforward person, so I won’t beat around the bush.

Your Sprite Lord, my Nether Pavilion needs your Sprite Lord.

I wonder if you can give it to us”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “No!”


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