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Xiao Lang felt slightly regretful when he heard Yang Ye.

He didnt regret becoming Yang Yes opponent, he regretted offending the little fellow just now.

If he hadnt offended that little fellow, then so long as he was able to enter the pool of golden profound energy, it would take him a year at most to advance into the Spirit Rank! The Spirit Rank! If he cultivated according to his normal speed, then it would take a few years at least!

Xiao Lang sighed lightly and said, “Human, I slightly understand why its staying by your side now.

The profound energy within that space of yours is lethally attractive to us Darkbeasts.

In my opinion, there probably isnt any Darkbeast that can resist the temptation of that space.

May I ask exactly what that is Dont worry.

Even if I find out, I wouldnt tell anyone about it.

Because the Soul Contract between us allows you to control my fate at all times!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Xiao Lang, you only have to carry out your promise.

Dont worry, Ill fulfill your wish when the time comes!”

Xiao Lang didnt speak further when he heard this.

He nodded, and then he transformed into a strand of violet light that entered Yang Yes Vortex Dantian.

After Xiao Lang entered his Vortex Dantian, Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink, and then he rubbed the little fellows head as he said, “Little Fellow, what exactly is that soul contract”

The violet mink blinked, and then it didnt shake its head nor nod.

Yang Ye smiled when he saw this, and he stopped pursuing an answer.

He embraced the violet mink in his arms and flashed towards the distance.

When it saw Yang Ye had stopped pursuing an answer, it blinked in Yang Yes arms while a strange glow flashed in its eyes.


At the peak of that mountain over 500km away from Ascension Mountain Range where the representatives of the various powers resided, a ninth rank Black Hawk suddenly flew over and descended onto Exalt Hus shoulder.

After a short while, Exalt Hus pupils constricted, and then he looked at Qing Yunzi and the others before he said in a grim voice.

“A mysterious Darkbeast has appeared in Ascension Mountain Range, and its actually staying by the side of a human.

What exactly is going on!”

When she heard this, Su Qingshi who was meditating with her eyes closed had suddenly opened her eyes, and a wisp of worry flashed within them.

Qing Yunzi frowned and said, “Exalt Hu, that should be your problem.

Arent the members of your Darkbeast Race very proud Why would it follow a human”

Exalt Hu grunted coldly and said, “Qing Yunzi, dont let me find out that its being controlled by you humans.

Otherwise, hmph!”

Qing Yunzi sneered and said, “Hu Zongyuan, dont talk crap here.

Maybe that mysterious Darkbeast is willingly following by the side of that human profounder”

“No matter if its out of its own will or not, hes dead!” Hu Zongyuan said coldly, “At this moment, it isnt just the elites of my Darkbeast Empire who are chasing after that young man within Ascension Mountain Range, even the profounders of your human race are doing the same.

So, no matter what sort of extraordinary ability he possesses, its impossible for him to escape Ascension Mountain Range!”

When he spoke up to here, Hu Zongyuan suddenly looked at Qing Yunzi and said, “Supposedly, it was your Origin Schools Yuan Tong who gave the order to pursue that young man.

What Qing Yunzi, is your Origin School very interested in the method of controlling Darkbeasts that young man possesses”

A cold glow flashed in Qing Yunzis eyes, yet he didnt reply.

He turned around to look at Ascension Mountain Range while he frowned and said in his heart, “With Yuan Tongs strength, how could he have possibly allowed that young man called Yang Ye to escape Could it be that something unexpected occurred again”

When he saw Qing Yunzi remain silent, Hu Zongyuan grunted coldly while a wisp of ghastly killing intent appeared in his eyes.

He said something to the black hawk in a low voice, and then it flew over towards Ascension Mountain Range.

No matter how that young man had ended up with that mysterious Darkbeast, he wouldnt allow the young man to leave the Grand Myriad Mountains with his life! Because if that young mans methods were obtained by the Origin School, then it would undoubtedly be an enormous calamity to the Darkbeast Race in the Grand Myriad Mountains!

Su Qingshi gazed towards the direction of Ascension Mountain Range while she clenched her fair hands tightly, and the worry in her beautiful eyes grew deeper….

Indeed, the humans and Darkbeasts on Ascension Mountain Range had stopped targeting each other now because they had a common target, and it was to find Yang Ye.

It could be said that he was enemies with the entire world!

However, Yang Ye didnt care.

With the little fellow helping him to conceal his aura, there was practically no Darkbeast or human on Ascension Mountain Range that could notice him.

Moreover, besides a few Darkbeasts and human profounders, the others were practically giving their lives away if they encountered him.

This time, the little fellow didnt show any mercy to those Darkbeasts, and it took the initiative to annihilate all those Darkbeasts who were searching for Yang Ye!

At a forest, Situ Rong was leading the members of the Sword Sect to search for Yang Ye.

Murong Yao suddenly stopped behind him, and she gazed at him and said, “Situ Rong, do you really intend to obey the Origin Schools Yuan Tong and pursue Yang Ye”

Situ Rong stopped moving, and then he turned around to look at Murong Yao as he said in a cold voice, “Murong Yao, I know that theres something between you and Yang Ye, but dont forget that Yang Ye almost caused our Sword Sect to become everyones enemy! Hes clearly able to control King Rank Darkbeasts yet refuses to hand the method over, causing us humans to lose miserably in the battle with Darkbeasts.

You still intend to protect such a selfish person”

Murong Yao revealed undisguised disdain and ridicule on her face as she said, “Situ Rong, it looks to me like youre afraid that Yang Ye would threaten your position in the sect, right Indeed, with the potential and strength that Yang Ye revealed, it wouldnt take long for him to surpass you, Situ Rong! Its even to the extent that his accomplishments during the second round of the Ascension Rankings would be superior to yours.

Coupled with the fact that there was existing enmity between the two of you, so you want to send him to his death.

I really understand all of this, but I truly look down upon you because you insist on assuming such dignified and honorable airs while abusing your position to avenge a private grudge!”

Situ Rongs expression changed while killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he said coldly, “Murong Yao, dont think that I wouldnt dare to kill you!”

Murong Yao laughed coldly and said, “Situ Rong, truthfully speaking, I couldnt stand the sight of you since a very long time ago.

If it wasnt for the sake of the Sword Sects ranking on the Ascension Rankings, I would truly want to kill you right now!”

“You” Situ Rong spoke with disdain and said, “Murong Yao, I admit that both you and Yang Ye possess extremely great potential.

But so what about that Both of youre either at the seventh rank of the First Heaven Realm or at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm, whereas, Im at the ninth rank of the First Heaven Realm.

Moreover, Ive successfully cultivated an Earth Rank sword technique of the Sword Sect.

So, what qualifications and strength do the two of you have to challenge me”

Murong Yao shook her head and didnt speak further.

After that, she turned and left.

There was no common ground for understanding between people of differing principles.

She truly didnt want to stay with Situ Rong and the others anymore!

As he watched Murong Yao turn around and leave, a cold glow flashed in Situ Rongs eyes.

In the next moment, he slashed at her with the sword in his hand, causing a snow white strand of sword qi to whistle sharply through the air as it shot violently towards Murong Yao.

After a moment of hesitation, Situ Rong had chosen to attack in the end.

Amongst the younger generation of the Sword Sect, only Yang Ye and Murong Yao were capable of posing a threat to him, and if he eliminated the two of them, then he would be the number one expert in the Sword Sects younger generation in the future! Of course, most importantly, Murong Yao knew everything hed done to Yang Ye while on Ascension Mountain Range.

He knew that what hed done to Yang Ye on Ascension Mountain Range wasnt really honorable.

If Murong Yao sent news of this back to the Sword Sect, then the higher-ups of the Sword Sect would definitely have a bad impression of him.

So, Murong Yao had to die!

When she sensed the sword qi that assaulted her from behind, the expression on Murong Yaos pretty face changed slightly, and she swiftly turned around while her wrist spun, causing the sword in her hand to slash over swiftly.

No, it should be said that it slashed over numerous times.

Because in this very instant, Murong Yao had slashed at least 10 times, but it looked like a single strike due to the fact that her speed was too swift!


Her sword directly dispersed Situ Rongs sword qi, and then she pointed her sword at Situ Rong while she said, “Situ Rong, are you looking for death by attacking a fellow disciple”

Situ Rongs eyelids twitched when he saw Murong Yao disperse his sword qi.

Hed never fought Murong Yao in the past, so hed only possessed a rough estimation of her strength until now.

But now it would seem like hed clearly underestimated her strength a little.

He was confident in his ability to defeat Murong Yao, but he wasnt confident in his ability to kill her.

He took a deep breath, gazed at the few disciples of the Sword Sect who stood by his side, and then he said, “Attack together and kill her!” All of them were his trustedfriends, so he didnt have to worry at all.

Those disciples exchanged glances before they stopped hesitating, and then they withdrew their swords and pointed them at Murong Yao.

In the Sword Sect, one had to take sides as well.

If one took the right side, then ones days in the future would naturally be comfortable, yet if one took the wrong side, then the consequences were obvious.

At this moment, theyd chosen to stand by Situ Rongs side because he was at the ninth rank of the First Heaven Realm!


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