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Chapter 2187 – The Human Races Troubles!

Yang Ye arrived in outer space, and the body of a middle aged man was floating there.

It was Yang Wudis body.

There were three rays of sword energy coiled around him, causing all things to be kept away.

Yang Ye knelt down slowly and just knelt there.

After that battle, the entire situation in the large universe had become bleak.

Regardless of whether it was the Alliance of All or Yang Yes side, both had suffered severe losses.

Especially the Alliance of All, its losses had truly harmed its foundation, and it would take at least a thousand years for the Alliance of All to recover from their losses!

As for Yang Yes side, hed suffered severe losses.

In short, the god race was the true winner.

The Alliance of All and the two paths had taken precautions against the god race, and they were prepared to deal with the god race after Yang Ye.

As far as they were concerned, they could deal with Yang Ye swiftly, and then deal with the god race.

However, theyd underestimated Yang Wudi and Yang Yes strengths, so not only had they failed to deal with Yang Ye swiftly, theyd been crippled by him instead.

So, the god race was able to reap the final benefits!

As for the human race, the human race had quite complicated emotions when they heard that Yang Ye was still alive.

Obviously, some hoped that Yang Ye would die in the battle.

The human race couldnt have been considered to have betrayed Yang Ye, but it could be described as being extremely disloyal.

It had abandoned its king for its survival, it had abandoned Yang Ye.

It would be fine if Yang Ye died in battle.

But Yang Ye just happened to have survived.

So, how would they face him

Of course, even more were wondering what the human race would do if Yang Ye sought revenge!

Yang Ye didnt take revenge.

But Yang Lianshuang and her subordinates who had quite a prominent position in the human race, and even the experts of the Spirit Ape Clan had left without making a sound.

At this moment, the hearts of all the human Sages were heavy.

They had no leader, so theyd lost their backbone, and when they tried to select a new leader, they realized that no one was suitable for the task.

Who could take up such a responsibility

No one!

While the war had stopped, the battles hadnt.

Regardless of whether it was the Alliance of All or three paths, all of them faced an issue.

The End Times!

Spirit energy had vanished and escalated the conflict between the races.

At this moment, all the races were in chaos.

Especially races like the demon race which had no leader, they were in utter chaos.

The Demon God had perished in battle, so the demon race had instantly been split apart.

Former allies in battle were sworn enemies now, and the clans in the demon race started to fight each other for spirit energy and natural treasures.

It wasnt just the demon race, the other races were in a similar situation.

The human race.

The Human Dimension was in utter chaos right now.

While Yang Ye was still here, hed used brutal methods to suppress many powers and instilled fear in them to dare not cause trouble.

However, once Yang Ye left, and coupled with the rapid disappearance of spirit energy throughout the world, the organizations in the Human Dimension couldnt be bothered about anything else.

They started to fight and seize spirit energy and spirit veins.

Presently, all the prefectures in the Human Dimension were in chaos.

They were even willing to kill family for spirit energy!

Nature Sacred Ground was helpless against this!

It was impossible to stop!

The entire Human Dimension was covered in battle.

Cities started to empty out, and countless suffered horrible deaths.

The worst was the sky race!

The Sovereign of Sky himself wasnt really strong enough, so he couldnt suppress all the organizations in the Sky Dimensions.

So, besides Sky City, his own base of operations, the rest of the Sky Dimension was in chaos.

Slaughter and plundering!

It wasnt just the sky race, the entire large universe was suffering the same fate.

The end of the world!

The End Times hadnt truly arrived, but the end of the world had appeared in advance.

Yang Ye was still kneeling in that expanse of space.


It was a word that was extremely unfamiliar to him.

When his mother died, he hated that word to the bone.

Yet now, the middle aged man before him and used his life to severely injure five progenitors for him.

The middle aged man didnt owe him anything, and it was he who owed the middle aged man!

A long time passed before Yang Ye stood up slowly, “Im sure youve been tired after so many years.

Rest well and just leave the rest to me.

Ill make all of them pay for what they owe us!”

Yang Ye turned around and left.

Void Spirit Continent.

Yang Ye led the others here.

It was once the void spirit races territory.

Yet now, it was just an expanse of ruins, and the spirit energy here had ceased to exist.

Even a mouse wouldnt be willing to live on this planet now.

There were no signs of life here at all!

Yang Ye brought them to the hall which An Nanjing and him had cultivated in previously.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “An Nanjing and I cultivated here.

Cultivating here is especially effective.

You can give it a try!”


Regardless of whether it was Yang Ye, Nether Maiden, or the others, they all needed to cultivate and grow stronger.

Nether Maiden and the others nodded, and then they entered the hall.

They were quite unaccustomed to it in the beginning, but they were no ordinary people, so it didnt take long for them to get used to cultivating in such high gravity.

Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Tingyun followed him and asked, “Where are you going”

Yang Ye stopped, “Just cultivate well.”

Meanwhile, she appeared in front of Yang Ye, “You want to take revenge”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Tingyun said, “Listen to me.

It isnt the time.

While your strength has grown tremendously, dont forget that the Alliance of All still has the backing of five progenitors.

Those progenitors may be heavily injured, but it doesnt represent that they dont have the strength to fight.

If you go now, theyll risk their lives in battle against you.”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Dont worry, I wont act rashly.”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Tingyun wanted to chase after him, but Yang Lianshuang said, “Theres no need to chase after him.”

Tingyun gazed at Yang Lianshuang, “Arent you going to persuade him”

Yang Lianshuang shook her head, “It wont make a difference.

Dont worry, he wont let himself die.

At the very least, he wont choose to die until he has annihilated the Alliance of All and those five progenitors.”

Situ Tingyun fell silent for a moment and said, “I didnt expect it to develop to this state!”

Yang Lianshuang said, “Dont think too much about it.

Go cultivate.

All of us need to grow stronger.

Perhaps the war has only just begun!”

Situ Tingyun looked at her with a puzzled gaze in her eyes, but Yang Lianshuang didnt say anything and just left.

She had too many things to do, like making arrangements for the Spirit Ape Clan and her subordinates.

They may not be strong, but they were her people.

Moreover, she needed them to grasp the movements of the other races at all times.

Yang Ye left Void Spirit Continent and went to the God Battlefield!


He had naturally not forgotten Snowy!

However, at this moment, the underground area there was completely deserted.

There was no sign of the god race!

Yang Ye fell silent before the city.

The god race!

This race which had once been quite close to him.

Yet now, it was an enemy of his.


Yang Ye laughed with self-ridicule and left.

As soon as he emerged on the surface, he met a middle aged man.

It was none other than Lin Zhen from the Human Dimension!

Yang Ye asked, “Do you need something”

Lin Zhen glanced at Yang Ye, hesitated for a moment, and said, “The human race is in chaos.

The organizations throughout the five prefectures have started to fight and seize spirit energy.

Theyve gone mad for the sake of spirit energy and spirit veins.

Besides that, conflict has started to arise in Nature Sacred Ground, and its all because of spirit energy.

In short, the human race is in utter chaos.”

Yang Ye replied indifferently, “And”

A wisp of bitterness appeared on the corners of Lin Zhens mouth, “Young Brother Yang, we know that what we did was bad.

We hope youll be magnanimous and forgive us for that, and come back to take control of the human race once more and lead it out of this hopeless situation.

I beg you on behalf of the human race!”

Lin Zhen bowed to Yang Ye as he spoke.

They wanted Yang Ye back!

It wasnt his own decision but the decision of all the human Sages.

Because Yang Ye was the only one capable of convincing everyone to obey him, and only he had the strength to suppress the human race.

At the same time, the human race only had hope under Yang Yes leadership.

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The human race didnt need a benevolent leader now, what it did need was someone who could fight and deter their enemies and the people in their own race.

Yang Ye conformed to that requirement completely!

Return to the human race

Yang Ye shook his head, “I have no more ties with the human race, and its future has nothing to do with me.”

Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Lin Zhen obstructed Yang Yes path and laughed bitterly, “Young Brother Yang, the human race is really at its most dangerous moment.

If no one steps forward, then the human race will probably destroy itself before the End Times even arrive.

Now, only you can save us, and only you can reunite the entire human race! So, please consider the overall situation of our entire race and return to the human race…”

“Im not interested!” Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Lin Zhens expression changed drastically, and then he chased up to Yang Ye again, “Young Brother Yang, I just received news that the Alliance of All launched a surprise attack against us, and they plan to seize our human races spirit energy.

So please…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned around to look at him, “What was the human race doing when I fought the Alliance of All What was the human race doing when my brothers fell one by one The human race did nothing! Yet now that its in trouble, you want my help Alright, make all of them come back to life, and Ill save the human race! Go on! Make them come back to life!”

Yang Ye was practically howling as he finished speaking.

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