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Chapter 2188 – Leave!

The monkey, Qin Chuan, Yu Jing, Mad Saber, Ling…

All of them had stepped forward when Yang Ye was in trouble, and they fought to their death.

But what was the human race doing then

They were just watching from the sidelines.

Since the human race couldnt suffer with him, then why should he suffer with them

They could just deal with their own problems!

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Only Lin Zhen remained here.

Lin Zhen had a bitter expression on his face.

Actually, he hadnt had much hope when he came this time!

Hed suggested that the Sages of the human race take Yang Yes side and make a risky bet when the Alliance of All wanted to annihilate Yang Ye.

However, they werent willing to make that bet.

Because based on the circumstances at the time, Yang Ye really had no chance!

Not even the slightest chance!

Over 100 Sages!

How terrifying was such a force

But what about Yang Ye He just had An Nanjing and the monkey.

At that time, if the human race took Yang Yes side, it would be no different than giving their lives away!

Since there was no hope, they would definitely not choose to take Yang Yes side.

Thus, they let Yang Ye on his own, and they made Yang Ye have no choice but to leave the human race and draw the line between him and the human race.

They succeeded!

However, the outcome far surpassed their expectations.

Yang Ye survived, and his strength had grown tremendously!

At a time like this, they wanted Yang Ye to go back.

Were they idiots Of course not, they had their own pride.

However, was it more important than their lives Was it more important than the human races future Of course not.

The human race was in chaos, utter chaos.

If no one stepped forward, it was very likely to be erased from history.

So, they held onto that last bit of hope, and they hoped that the so-called desire to do right by the human race would make Yang Ye return!

Unfortunately, Yang Ye wasnt someone like that.

As far as he was concerned, if the human race stayed by his side no matter the situation, then he would do the same.

He would be willing to lose his life for the human race.

Sadly, the human race had chosen to abandon him.

Yang Ye left.

In his heart, only revenge and getting Snowy back remained.

As for the human race, hed never given it any thought.

Lin Zhen shook his head and left.

The Human Dimension.

Countless experts from the Alliance of All had entered the Human Dimension.

As for their goal, it was simple, it was to plunder the human race!

When their internal conflict couldnt be solved, they decided to move the conflict and let their experts plunder other races.

In that way, they could move the conflict away and make those experts become united again.

But where to plunder

The first target that came to mind was the human race.

The human race had Yang Ye in the past, so they didnt dare to step foot in there.

However, Yang Ye wasnt the king of the human race anymore.

So, as far as they were concerned, the human race was a sheep waiting to be slaughtered!

It was doomsday for the human race!

Countless Sages and experts surged into the Human Dimension.

Plunder and kill!

While the human race had over a dozen Sages, they couldnt resist the joint forces of the Alliance of All.

At this moment, the Human Dimension was truly hell on earth!

Yang Ye returned to Void Spirit Continent.

Nether Maiden and the others were all cultivating.

Yang Ye entered the Primordial Pagoda.

There was a shattered sword and a sword covered in damages before him.

It was Judgment and the Sword Precursor.

While his heart was one with the Sword Precursor, her quality was too low.

So, shed been heavily damaged in the previous battle.

Fortunately, both Judgment and the Sword Precursors spirits were still here.

Yang Ye brought them to the pill furnace, and then he placed the Sword Precursor in it.

At the same time, a strand of terrifying slaughter intent and sword intent surged into the furnace.

“You…” The Divine Yin Flame was shocked, “Y-Your slaughter intent is too strong.

If you use it to forge this sword, it will become a true sword of slaughter.

Are you sure”

Yang Ye replied, “The sword is what the master is.

Since I want to kill, then she will be a sword of slaughter.”

The Divine Yin Flame sighed softly.

A sword of slaughter!

The Sword Precursors quality would definitely rise when forged with his slaughter intent.

After all, it was in the Progenitor Realm!

Progenitor Realm slaughter intent

There were probably no more than three people with it in the entire history of the large universe!

So, a sword forged from it would become a true sword of slaughter.

Even if Yang Ye wasnt controlling it, it would still be extremely terrifying.

The Divine Yin Flame did as Yang Ye wanted in the end.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged before the furnace while the shattered bits of Judgment were on his lap.

At this moment, he was repairing it with his sword intent.

Time trickled by, and Yang Yes sword intent surged endlessly into it.

As for his slaughter intent, it was ceaselessly surging into the pill furnace.

In the end, his slaughter intent was so strong that even the Divine Yin Flame couldnt really endure it.

It was truly too strong!

Just like that, a month went by.

A month later, Judgment suddenly let out a sword howl, and then it floated before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at it and spoke softly, “Thank you for staying by my side until now.

Go and seek out your own path.”

Even though he was blind now, his heart wasnt blind, and he could still use his heart to see!

Judgment trembled slightly, “Take care!”

As soon as it finished speaking, it vanished on the spot.

It was gone!

Judgment hadnt acknowledged Yang Ye as its master, and it didnt conform to his Sword Dao either.

While a sword at Judgments level was just slightly inferior to the Sword Precursor, there was something it had in common with the Sword Precursor.


Sword cultivators werent the only ones who chose swords, swords chose their owners too.

While Yang Ye was strong, Yang Ye wasnt the person Judgment wanted.

Actually, Judgment had wanted to leave some time ago.

However, the Sword Precursor wasnt there, so it chose to stay with Yang Ye for some time.

Now that the Sword Precursor had awakened, it chose to leave.

Once Judgment left, the furnace before Yang Ye was covered in slaughter intent.

The Divine Yin Flame had turned blood red like a ball of blood within the furnace! It was extremely shocking!

Just like that, time trickled by, and two more weeks passed.

One day, a sword howl resounded from within the furnace, and then a completely blood red woman walked out slowly from within it.

The Sword Spirit!

The Sword Spirit used to wear a white dress, and she seemed like a goddess from the nine heavens.

Yet now, she was completely blood red, and even her jet black hair was blood red now.

Moreover, the slaughter intent she emanated made her seem like a god of death from the deepest reaches of hell.

Yang Ye combed her hair slowly, “Do you regret your decision”

She grabbed Yang Yes hand, “If you become a god, then I will become a god with you; if you become a devil, then I will become a devil with you.”

Besides Snowy and Zier, shed been with him the longest.

Shed been with him all this time!

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Sword Spirit transformed into a blood red sword that entered his forehead.

Or to be more precise, shed entered his sea of consciousness.

Both her quality and strength had been improved tremendously, and she was merely inferior to the Sword Supreme when compared to all the other swords in the large universe.

Yang Ye turned around with the intent to leave, but the Divine Yin Flame suddenly asked, “Will you return to the Dao Path”

The Dao Path Yang Ye stopped and fell silent.

The Divine Yin Flame was about to say something when Yang Ye suddenly said, “They are free to choose whether to help me or not.

I dont blame the Dao Path, and I dont blame the Dao Progenitor.

However, I wont go back there.

In the future, well go our own separate ways.

If you want to leave and go to the Dao Progenitor, I wont stop you!”

The Divine Yin Flame fell silent for a long time and said, “Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a ball of flames flashed out from the furnace and vanished from the pagoda.

It shot through space and vanished from Void Spirit Continent!

The Divine Yin Flame had chosen to leave in the end!

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment and planned to leave.

Suddenly, a golden pagoda appeared before him.

The Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye asked softly, “Are you leaving too”

The Primordial Pagoda trembled slightly, it seemed to be conveying something.

A short while later, Yang Ye figured out what it meant.

He rubbed it gently and said, “Snowy will be fine.

Dont worry.

Ill go get her back soon.”

The Primordial Pagoda trembled and flew above Yang Ye.

A moment later, a strand of golden light enveloped Yang Ye, and then the pagoda entered Yang Yes forehead.


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A terrifying wave of golden energy swept out from Yang Ye!

In an instant, countless strands of Primordial Violet Energy throughout the Primordial Pagoda surged like torrents toward Yang Ye.

In an instant, he was covered in Primordial Violet Energy.

Meanwhile, Little Sky and Tian Xiu appeared not too far away from him.

Tian Xiu gazed at Little Sky, “Whats happening”

Little Sky replied softly, “Its helping him!”

Helping him!

After the previous incident and after Snowy had been taken away, the Primordial Pagoda stopped acting like it had in the past.

Now, it had realized that Yang Ye was weak and was very likely to be killed.

But if Yang Ye died, it would fall unconscious once more.

Of course, most importantly, Snowy had been taken, and that had been quite a blow to the Primordial Pagoda.

The Primordial Pagoda really took Snowy to be its friend.

In short, it had realized how important strength was.

So, it was helping Yang Ye grow stronger!

Countless strands of Primordial Violet Energy surged endlessly toward Yang Ye under the Primordial Pagodas command, and Yang Yes aura gradually started growing stronger and stronger.

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