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Chapter 2191 – Kill!

Yang Ye left Dawn City, but even more came here.

Because Yang Ye had been here, and that was why the experts from the Alliance of All didn’t dare to enter the city.

Their fear of Yang Ye had gone deep into their bones.

Since the experts from the Alliance of All didn’t dare to enter Dawn City, it made the final paradise in the Human Dimension.

No one dared to cause trouble here.

Everyone feared the blood red sword energy in the air above the Qin Estate!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived in the Devil Dimension.

The Devil Capital.

It was quite a famous city in the Devil Dimension.

Even at a time like this, it was still bustling.

Everywhere else in the Devil Dimension had started to fall into chaos, but not this place.

Because the number one clan of the devil race resided here, the Gulan Clan!

The Gulan Clan’s status was merely below the royal family.

It was the Gulan Clan that was leading the devil race’s invasion in the Human Dimension, and countless experts of the devil race had gained tremendously from the Human Dimension under their lead.

That was why the Gulan Clan’s status in the devil race was growing greater and greater!

At a certain underground prison in the city.

There were around 100 people here, and all of them were women.

Moreover, they were beautiful human women.

They were the women that the Gulan Clan’s young master, Gulan Han, had taken from the Human Dimension, and it was to use them as furnaces.

All of them had despair on their faces, they were covered in restrictions.

So, it was impossible for them to even kill themselves.

They had no hope left.

Because the human race was on the verge of destruction.

The human race would either be annihilated or enslaved in the future!

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded in their ears.

All of them were stunned by it.

A beautiful woman in a green dress among them suddenly stood up, “He’s here.”

“Qin Yu, who is it” A woman by her side asked softly.

The woman in the green dress was Qin Chuan’s younger sister, Qin Yu.

She clenched her fists, “Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye!

All of the others were stunned.

Devil Capital.

Yang Ye stood before its walls while blood red light coiled around him.

A white robed old man stood not too far ahead of him, and there were over a dozen around the old man.

The old man was a Sage, and the weakest among the rest was at the Major Zen Realm!

Besides that, there were countless experts watching from the city walls.

As for within the city, many other experts were rushing out incessantly.

Unlike the human race, the devil race may be in chaos, but they knew they should stay united.

Even though they only stayed united mostly for the sake of plundering others, they were still united at the very least.

Now that they knew someone was attacking, countless experts immediately converged here.

The old man sized up Yang Ye and asked, “Who are you”

Yang Ye replied, “Where’s Gulan Han”

Gulan Han!

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Why do you want to see…”


Suddenly, the heads of three experts by the old man’s side flew up into the air, and blood sprayed out like a fountain from their necks!

Everyone here was stunned by this scene.

They were all Major Zen Realm experts!

But they’d been instantly annihilated just like that

The white robed old man’s face turned unprecedentedly solemn, and he slowly clenched his fists while his profound energy started to surge madly.

Suddenly, a blood red sword appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then it appeared behind the old man!

The old man was shocked.

A terrifying aura swept out from him, but as soon as it appeared, it was suppressed by a strand of slaughter intent.


An instant later, it pierced through the back of the old man’s head.

Blood sprayed out, and the old man’s body stiffened on the spot.

Suddenly, the blood red sword flashed above the city walls.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

A few hundred heads flew up into the air while accompanied by hundreds of fountains of blood.

It was an extremely shocking scene.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The heads descended to the ground and formed an extremely neat line.

At this moment, the surroundings were extremely quiet.

Those who were still alive gazed at Yang Ye like they were looking at a monster.

Instant annihilation!

Even a Sage had been annihilated in an instant!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye entered the city, and no one stopped him.

Yang Ye stopped once he entered it and said, “Three breaths of time.

I’ll slaughter this entire city if Gulan Han doesn’t show himself by then.”

Slaughter the city!

Suddenly, someone shouted, “He’s Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye!

Clamorous noise resounded as soon as that name was heard!

They naturally knew Yang Ye, and it was Yang Ye who’d forcefully resisted the Alliance of All’s Sages and killed many of them instead.

Most importantly, Yang Ye had attained the Progenitor Realm in slaughter intent.

Yet now, Yang Ye was in the Devil Capital.

Meanwhile, three breaths of time had passed.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then a blood red sword shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Countless heads flew up into the air.

A slaughter!

Yang Ye had truly started slaughtering!

Everyone was horrified and started fleeing in all directions.

Suddenly, a few dozen figures appeared near Yang Ye, and they were led by a white haired old man.

He was the master of Devil Capital, the ancestor of the Gulan Clan.

The old man sized up Yang Ye and asked, “May I know how my Gulan Clan offended you”

Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and the old man’s pupils constricted.

He clenched both his fists and slammed them forward.

Bang! Bang!

Two terrifying waves of energy surged out, but they were instantly sliced into bits by the blood red sword energy.


Everyone watched as the old man’s arms flew off his body, and he was blasted over 10km away as well.

All the experts here turned pale from the sight of this!

Yang Ye was actually that strong!

Suddenly, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the blood red sword returned to his grasp.

Right when Yang Ye was about to attack again, the white haired old man suddenly roared with fury, “Bring Gulan Han here!”

This time, he was truly afraid!

Yang Ye wasn’t someone just any ordinary Sage could resist!

It didn’t take long for a young man to be brought over.

He was Gulan Han!

Gulan Han glanced at Yang Ye and asked, “Y-You’re looking for me”

“The Qin Clan!” Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Gulan Han, “The Qin Clan’s Qin Yu!”

The white haired old man’s face instantly turned extremely unsightly when he heard this.

He gazed at Gulan Han while slaughter intent filled his eyes.

He naturally knew a little about what Gulan Han was doing, but he chose to close an eye to it.

However, he hadn’t expected Gulan Han to actually offend Yang Ye.

The Qin Clan!

Gulan Han’s face changed for a moment, and then he said, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!”


Gulan Han’s arms flew off into the air.

Gulan Han’s face instantly turned ghastly pale.

Meanwhile, the old man suddenly appeared in front of Gulan Han and kicked him away while roaring with fury, “Hurry up and give her to him!”

At this moment, Gulan Han realized how serious the situation was.

It didn’t take long for Qin Yu to be brought to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Are you alright”

She glanced at him and said, “Is my brother really gone”

Yang Ye felt something stab his heart.

He took a step forward and spoke softly, “I’m sorry!”

Qin Yu shook her head while tears couldn’t help but flow down her face, “It’s not your fault.

It was his own choice, so both my father and I understand it.

But… but we really don’t want him to go, we really don’t!”

Yang Ye rubbed her head gently, “I, Yang Ye, am your brother from now on.”

Qin Yu looked up at Yang Ye for a long time and spoke softly, “There are many others being held down there.

Save them too, alright Otherwise, they’ll suffer a horrible end!”

“Let them go now!” Suddenly, the white haired old man howled with fury.

At this moment, he was beyond horrified.

He was horrified!

Truly horrified!

Yang Ye had attained the Progenitor Realm in slaughter intent, so Yang Ye was a god of slaughter, Yang Ye was a terrible demon.

Yang Ye was even more terrifying than he had been.

Now, Yang Ye killed for every little thing!

So, at this moment, the old man even had the desire to kill Gulan Han.

After all, Gulan Han just had to offend this god of death.

As soon as the old man gave the order, it didn’t take long for all the human women to be released.

At this moment, every one of them and the others from the devil race were looking at Yang Ye.

It was especially so for the white haired old man’s group.

They just wanted Yang Ye to leave right now.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Let’s go!”

However, Qin Yu shook her head and said, “They frequently visit the Human Dimension, and countless have been cruelly murdered by them.

As for us human women, countless of us have been brutally murdered by them…”

She gazed at Yang Ye, “If we leave today, it’s very likely that they’ll go and capture these girls again.

Big Brother, help me kill them all, alright”

Big Brother!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but give in.

He nodded lightly, “Alright!”

As soon as he said that, a sword howl resounded, and then a blood red sword shot up into the air.

An instant later, rays of blood red sword energy flashed through the city…

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Head after head flew up into the air, and it didn’t take long for the entire ground to be dyed red with blood.

It was an absolutely horrifying sight!


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