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Chapter 2192 – I Heard You’re Very Strong!

As for the white haired old man and the others, they’d fled as soon as Yang Ye attacked!


As far as they were concerned, all they could do was flee.


Who could fight Yang Ye The white haired old man, the ancestor of the Gulan Clan, had lost his arms in an instant.

So who could fight Yang Ye

Shrill cries resounded incessantly throughout the city.

Everywhere the blood red sword passed, nothing remained!

In just a short while, there wasn’t a single living soul left in the city.

Outside the city.

Yang Ye led the girls away.

He walked for a while before he seemed to have thought of something and immediately flicked out a ray of sword energy.

A sword howl resounded, and it entered the city.


They watched as the entire city exploded apart, and then a ray of light flashed.

In an instant, the entire city was obliterated!

Yang Ye gazed at Qin Yu, “Do you feel better now”

Qin Yu gazed at Yang Ye, and her tears surged without end.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Are you going to return to the Qin Clan or leave with me”

She glanced at the other girls, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Can I take them with me and go with you”

She could discern that Yang Ye didn’t want to interfere in the human race’s business.

If she chose to return to the Qin Clan, the other girls would probably suffer.

Because the Qin Clan couldn’t and wouldn’t protect them.

Yang Ye naturally understood her thoughts, so he nodded lightly, “Of course!”

Qin Yu was delighted, “Thank you!”

Just like that, Yang Ye led them all to Void Spirit Continent.

After he made arrangements for them, he went into the Primordial Pagoda.

In the 2nd level, Yang Ye sat by An Nanjing’s side and took her hand.

He spoke softly, “I’ll stay with you!”

On a desolate planet without any spirit energy.

A woman suddenly descended on it.

She was the god race’s Ding Shaoyao.

Other experts from the god race were by her side, a total of 26 Sages!

Ding Shaoyao led them toward the distance, and it didn’t take long for her to stop.

There was a bottomless abyss not too far away from them.

Ding Shaoyao looked down at it in silence.

A long time passed before she waved both her hands.

In an instant, space here trembled, and then a huge and strange formation of light covered the abyss.

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from far away in the sky.

Ding Shaoyao’s eyes narrowed slightly and stopped what she was doing.

The other Sages behind her were about to act, but she stopped them.

A short while later, a sword descended before her.

The Sword Supreme!

It was the number one sword in the large universe, the Sword Supreme!

Ding Shaoyao placed her hands behind her back and asked, “What is it”

The Sword Supreme spoke solemnly, “Is your god race really going to revive him”

Ding Shaoyao nodded, “Why Are you going to stop me”

The Sword Supreme fell silent.

This abyss was something Emperor Xuanyuan had used her to create, and it had buried the mighty patriarch of the god race, Shi Tian! However, only she and Emperor Xuanyuan knew that Shi Tian hadn’t really been killed by that attack.

He was merely heavily injured!

A supreme expert at Shi Tian’s level wasn’t that easy to kill!

After that, Emperor Xuanyuan had planned to attack Shi Tian every ten years until Shi Tian was killed.

However, the experts of the human race feared Emperor Xuanyuan who had the Sword Supreme in his grasp, so they suddenly attacked him and killed him.

Now, the god race was about to revive Shi Tian.

However, the Alliance of All didn’t have the ability to stop them.

Even if she notified the other two paths and some other experts, there was still no one who was willing to come here.

She felt helpless!

After that battle between the two paths and Yang Ye, they had truly suffered severe losses.

Especially all those five progenitors, they had paid a terrible price to kill Yang Wudi.

Now, they were helpless against Ding Shaoyao and the god race’s plans.

As for why Ding Shaoyao had chosen this moment to revive Shi Tian, the reasons above were it.

If it was in the past, her actions would definitely be obstructed by the experts of all the races.

At that time, it wouldn’t be Yang Ye who had to face five progenitors and over a hundred Sages, it would be the god race that faced such a force!

So, she’d been waiting, waiting for a chance, and she finally got it.

The Sword Supreme fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “Your god race won’t be the final winner!”

Ding Shaoyao glanced at the Sword Supreme, “If I were you, I would leave.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave in a while.

After all, you’re just a sword now.

No matter how strong you are, you’re still just a sword when without a master.”

The Sword Supreme fell silent for a long time, and then she transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

Ding Shaoyao closed her eyes slowly, “You’re just a sword!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she walked over to the side of the abyss.

All those years ago, Shi Tian had fought off the experts from all the races and the four paths at this very spot, and it was at this very spot that the god race vanished from the large universe.

They either died or fled!

How strong was the god race at that time

A long time passed before Ding Shaoyao shook her head and waved her hands.

In an instant, an expanse of the starry sky appeared in the sky above the continent.

An instant later, countless rays of starlight surged down from deep within space.

In an instant, the entire abyss started to tremble.

A strand of aura gradually arose from deep within the bottom of the abyss.

It was quite weak, like the breathing of an infant.

Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao waved her hands lightly, and a ray of white light appeared before her.

Snowy glanced at her and remained silent.

Ding Shaoyao said, “Spirit energy, I need spirit energy!”

Snowy remained silent.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man walked over to her, “Strategist, let’s show her who’s boss.

Otherwise, she won’t be obedient!”


The middle aged man suddenly flew off into the distance.

Over 3km away, the middle aged man slammed against the ground.

He gazed at her with bewilderment, “Strategist, I…”

Ding Shaoyao glanced coldly at him, “I don’t need you to teach me what to do.”

The middle aged man was shocked and hurriedly fell to his knees, “I’m sorry!”

Ding Shaoyao’s status in the god race was too supreme.

Of course, it wasn’t just her status, her strength was extremely formidable too.

Besides Zhi’er, Ding Shaoyao possessed absolute authority in the god race!

Ding Shaoyao withdrew her gaze and looked at Snowy.

She stretched out her hand with the intent to touch Snowy, but the latter avoided her.

Ding Shaoyao’s hand stiffened slightly, and then she spoke softly, “Snowy, they’ll kill you and Yang Ye if you don’t help me.

You don’t want anything to happen to him, right”

Snowy glared angrily at Ding Shaoyao.

Ding Shaoyao waved her right hand with an indifferent expression on her face, “Kill Yang Ye!”

Those Sages behind her turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Snowy obstructed them.

She gazed at Ding Shaoyao, and then a strand of spirit energy appeared here.

A short while later, the spirit energy surged incessantly into the abyss.

Just like that, countless strands of spirit energy and stellar energy surged madly into the abyss.

Ding Shaoyao looked down into the abyss with her hands behind her back.

Her gaze was icy cold, and indifference covered her face.

An old man was watching all of this from far away in space.

It was the Dao Progenitor.

The Dao Progenitor naturally knew what she was doing, but he still couldn’t stop her.

That woman over there had thought about everything.

The Alliance of All, the four paths, Yang Ye… She’d used the complicated relationship between Yang Ye, the Alliance of All, and the four paths to create the best opportunity for the god race, an opportunity for it to rise up once more.

Now, the god race’s rise was unstoppable!

A long time later, the Dao Progenitor sighed softly and left.

Meanwhile, there was another old man on another side.

It was Elder Yuan, or as others called him, Heaven Secret.

Zhong Ye was by his side.

After he left the Weapon Path, Zhong Ye had been staying with Elder Yuan.

Elder Yuan spoke softly, “Shi Tian is about to be revived!”

Zhong Ye asked, “The same invincible Shi Tian from all those years ago”

The old man nodded lightly, “If it wasn’t for him, the god race would have been annihilated all those years ago.

He’s really an extraordinary person.

Many progenitors coupled with Emperor Xuanyuan who wielded Sword Supreme were barely able to win that battle, all those years ago.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to annihilate the god race.

Of course, it wasn’t that they didn’t want to, they just couldn’t.

That little girl’s father, the strategist of the god race during Shi Tian’s time, was an extraordinary figure too.”

He paused for a moment and gazed at Ding Shaoyao, “An extraordinary father had no useless children!”

Zhong Ye shook his head, “This large universe won’t be able to endure more of these battles!”

The old man was about to say something when the abyss suddenly started trembling, and then a terrifying aura gradually seeped out from within it.

The old man spoke softly, “He’s emerging!”


Meanwhile, a terrifying aura shot out from the abyss, and then a golden pillar of energy surged out.

A short while passed before a middle aged man appeared within the golden pillar of energy.

The Sages behind Ding Shaoyao knelt down in unison, “Patriarch!”

Ding Shaoyao closed her eyes slowly, “It worked!”

“Haha…” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded from within the golden pillar of energy, and it surged through the sky.

Or to be more precise, the roaring laughter resounded through countless worlds.

The laughter was filled with happiness and a sense of freedom!

“Large universe! I! Shi Tian! Am back!” Meanwhile, a voice resounded through every corner of the large universe.

Suddenly, a middle aged man in a cloud white robe appeared near the abyss.

Ding Shaoyao and the others gazed at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man ignored Ding Shaoyao’s group, and he just walked slowly toward the golden pillar of light, “I heard you’re very strong.

I hope it’s true!”

A voice came from within the pillar of golden energy, “Who are you”

The middle aged man shook his head slightly, “There’s a type of feeling in this world.

I don’t want to continue having that feeling.”

He stopped at this point and looked straight at the pillar of golden energy, “Do you know what that feeling is It’s the feeling of being invincible!”


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