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Chapter 2196 – To Slaughter!

Yang Ye had planned to bring Yu Jing and the others’ loved ones to Void Spirit Continent since the very beginning.

The large universe was in chaos, so their loved ones were definitely in extreme danger.

As for him, he had the responsibility to protect their loved ones.

A’Man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and spoke softly, “You don’t have to constantly feel guilt for it!”


A'Man was very well aware that Yang Ye would undoubtedly feel guilty for his entire life.

A’Man continued, “They definitely don’t want to see you live in guilt.

Live well and live for them, alright”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time before he said, “Alright!”

She grinned, “Then let’s go!”

Just like that, they left Void Spirit Continent.

The Barbaric Dimension.

At this moment, the Barbaric Dimension was in utter chaos.

Especially after the Barbaric King was injured, he couldn’t control the barbaric race anymore.

So, it was truly without a leader!

Guman Estate.

As soon as A’Man arrived here with Yang Ye, an old man appeared before them.

The old man frowned, “A’Man”

She nodded, “I want to see the patriarch!”

“The patriarch won’t see you!” Suddenly, an icy cold voice came from the side.

Yang Ye Looked over and saw a young man walking over slowly.

A’Man couldn’t help but frown from the sight of him.

Meanwhile, the young man walked over to A’Man.

He glanced coldly at her and ridiculed, “Didn’t you announce your departure from the clan What You’re back now Tsk, tsk, when did your words become useless like farts”

A’Man glanced at him, and then she gazed at the old man, “I want to see the patriarch!”

The old man was put in quite a difficult position.

Meanwhile, the young man said, “The patriarch A’Man, do you know that the patriarch is dead He’s dead!”

“Dead” Her expression changed, “Guman Ke, what are you talking about!”

“What am I talking about” The young man had ferocity covering his face at this point, “You traitor! Do you know the patriarch died because of you You ignored the opinion of the entire clan and betrayed the clan to help the enemy of the Alliance of All, Yang Ye.

Because of that, our clan was targeted by our entire race, and the Barbaric King used that as an excuse to kill our patriarch.

As for the 13 spirit veins we had, all of them were taken by the Barbaric King, the Silan Clan, and the Nanxiu Clan! Now that we have no spirit energy, we can’t even be considered as a third-rate clan.

Now, anyone with a little strength in the barbaric race comes to our clan to plunder us.

It’s all because of you!”

The young man, Guman Ke, was quite agitated at this point, and he stretched out his hand to grab her.

However, his hand was grabbed before it could touch A’Man.

Yang Ye appeared in front of A’Man, and he said, “Calm down!”

“Calm down” Guman Ke glared angrily at Yang Ye, “Who do you think you are Just **…”


An explosion resounded.

Guman Ke was blasted away and slammed against the city walls.

The old man’s expression changed.

He was about to attack when Yang Ye suddenly gazed at him, and then a blood red sword pressed against the old man’s forehead, causing his body to stiffen on the spot.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at A’Man, the latter spoke softly, “Let’s go inside!”

They entered Guman Estate once she finished speaking.

In a hall.

Yang Ye and A’Man were at its center, and her clansmen were around them.

A white haired old man stood before them, and he was an elder of the clan who was managing the clan now.

A’Man spoke softly, “Third Uncle!”

The old man glanced at her and sighed softly, “Don’t blame Guman Ke, his father was killed by the experts of the Nansi Clan while protecting our spirit veins.

It was quite a blow to him.”

A’Man nodded.

She was about to speak when a wave of terrifying aura appeared here.

Yang Ye frowned slightly and looked outside.

There were over a dozen people who descended outside the hall.

They were led by a middle aged man in a luxurious robe.

It was a Sage, and the people beside him were at the Major Zen Realm!

“The Nansi Clan!” The old man’s face fell, and he led the others out of the hall.

The old man stared at the middle aged man, “Nansi Yue, are you really planning to kill us all”

“Killing you all” The middle aged man, Nansi Yue, chuckled, “Of course now.

I’m merely here to buy some treasures from your clan.

Yes, I’m here to buy, not steal.”

The white haired old man was about to speak when Nansi Yue continued, “The Barbaric Emperor Armor.

According to my knowledge, your clan has an armor like that.

I’m really interested in it, so please part with it for me!”

The Barbaric Emperor Armor!

The expressions of everyone here turned unsightly.

The Barbaric Emperor Armor was the number one precious treasure of the Guman Clan.

While it wasn’t a Progenitor Realm treasure, it was ranked high amongst Sage Rank treasures.

Most importantly, it was the symbol of the Guman Clan!

The symbol of the clan!

The old man was livid, “Nansi Yue, if your clan really plans to go too far, then I…”

“Go too far” Nansi Yue laughed coldly, “What can you do about it Let me tell you that there’s no place for your clan in the Barbaric Dimension now!”

The white haired old man was about to say something when A’Man suddenly said, “Third Uncle, there’s no need to say anything.”

The old man gazed at her, and she spoke softly, “As far as the Barbaric King and those other two clans are concerned, it’s the best time to annihilate our clan.

They won’t let such an opportunity slip by! I’m sure you know that weeds must be pulled out by the roots!”

The old man’s face instantly turned ghastly pale.

It was the same for everyone else from the Guman Clan.

“You understand things well, young girl!” Nansi Yue laughed coldly, “It’s your Guman Clan’s fault for taking the wrong side! Alright, let’s cut the crap and just hand it over!”

“A’Man, it’s all your fault!” Suddenly, Guman Ke glared angrily at her, “See It’s all your fault that our clan has fallen to such a state.

You traitor! You’re a sinner of our clan! I…”

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “Say another word and I’ll make your head fall off your body!”

Guman Ke was horrified and gazed at Yang Ye.

But Yang Ye ignored him and gazed at A’Man, “Sorry!”

A’Man shook her head slightly and remained silent.

Yang Ye gazed at Nansi Yue, and the latter frowned, “Have we met”

Yang Ye walked slowly in Nansi Yue’s direction.

Suddenly, A’Man said, “Forget it!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she spoke softly, “If they die, my clan will probably be unable to leave the Barbaric Dimension with ease.”

Yang Ye fell silent.

She said, “Let’s just leave quietly!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Tell them to leave with me!”

She was about to speak when Nansi Yue suddenly said, “Leave You think you can leave How laughable! Your clan’s actually thinking about leaving at a time like this I…”

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded, and then over a dozen blood red rays of sword energy flashed!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Besides Nansi Yue, the heads of everyone else flew up just like that.

This shocked everyone here.

All of them were Major Zen Realm experts!

Yet they’d been killed just like that

Nansi Yue was stunned, and then his eyes opened wide, “Y-You’re Yang Ye!’

Yang Ye!

Everyone was shocked when they heard that name!

Who didn’t know Yang Ye’s name right now He was the most ruthless existence in the large universe!

Guman Ke gulped while cold sweat rolled down his face.

As for the others from the Guman Clan, they were extremely shocked too.

At this moment, they finally recalled who A’Man had left their clan to help.

It was Yang Ye!

As soon as they thought up to this point, they couldn’t help but heave sighs of relief in their hearts.

Yang Ye walked slowly in Nansi Yue’s direction.

The latter’s expression was extremely unsightly.

Flee While he was a Sage, he was facing Yang Ye!

The man before him made him unable to even arouse the thought of fleeing!

Yang Ye stopped and said, “After giving it some thought, I decided to kill you!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and a blood red sword shot forward.

At the instant Yang Ye said that, Nansi Yue’s expression had changed drastically, and a terrifying aura swept out from him.

At the same time, he transformed into a ray of light that fled toward the sky!

Suddenly, a ray of blood red sword energy tore through the sky and shot deep into the clouds.

“AH!” A shrill cry resounded, and then a blood red sword shot back down and stabbed into the ground.

There was a bloody head by its side!

It was Nansi Yue’s head!

The surroundings fell extremely silent.

This scene had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Two attacks!

He’d killed a Sage with just two attacks!

And that Sage didn’t even have the strength to fight back!

Yang Ye stretched out his right hand, and the blood red sword flew into his grasp.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at A’Man, “Tell them to get ready.

I’ll be back in a while!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of blood red light and shot up into the sky.

A’Man hurriedly asked, “Where are you going”

A moment of silence ensued before a voice came from the side, “To slaughter!”

A’Man was at a loss for words.


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