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In the forest, Murong Yao stood proudly with her sword pointed at Situ Rong.

On the other hand, there were a few icy cold corpses by her side.

These corpses naturally belonged to those disciples of the Sword Sect.

She, Murong Yao, had never been a soft-hearted and hesitant person.

In the past, she hadnt made a move against Situ Rong out of consideration for the Sword Sects interests.

But now that Situ Rong intended to kill her, she would naturally not stubbornly adhere to the idea of taking the Sword Sects interests into consideration.

As for their relationship as fellow disciples, only a person that was utterly stupid would care about such a thing at a time like this!

At this moment, Situ Rong gazed at Murong Yao with a solemn expression.

Hed never imagined that after just a few rounds of collisions, the disciples of the Sword Sect by his side would have perished beneath Murong Yaos swift attacks.

Moreover, these swift attacks of Murong Yaos caused him to feel a trace of danger as well!

But no matter what, Murong Yao had to die!

When he thought up to here, the profound energy within Situ Rongs body started to circulate, and then a gust of violent wind appeared out of nowhere while the sword in his hand lit up.

A glow flickered on the sword while he raised his right hand slightly to point the sword at Murong Yao.

He said, “Murong Yao, I admit that I really underestimated you in the past.

But its fine because youll definitely die today!”

Murong Yaos brows raised as she said, “Why dont you give it a try”

Situ Rongs pupils constricted, and then his figure flashed and transformed into a string of afterimages that shot explosively towards Murong Yao.

When he arrived in front of Murong Yao, the sword in his hand swept swiftly towards Murong Yaos neck.

Murong Yaos figure suddenly bent backward as if her body had been broken into two, and she avoided Situ Rongs attack.

After that, she tapped the ground with the tip of her foot, and her figure seemed as if it was gliding as she retreated backward by over 10m.

Right when she was about to counterattack, her pupils suddenly constricted while she looked towards the distance on the right.

She said, “Who is it!”

When he heard this, Situ Rong stopped and didnt pursue her with another attack, and then he looked towards the left.

“What acute senses!” Along with these words, a young man that wore a black robe walked out from behind a tree.

Situ Rong and Murong Yaos expressions changed when they saw this young man because it was Li Xianjun from the Ghost Sect!

Li Xianjun gazed at Situ Rong and Murong Yao, and then he smiled and said, “What a pity.

I originally intended to watch fellow disciples from the Sword Sect kill each other.

Unfortunately, I was noticed.

Both of you can continue.

I guarantee that I wont interfere, alright”

“Do you think were idiots” said Situ Rong in a cold voice.

Li Xianjun shook his head and said, “Thats truly a pity.

Looks like I can only do it myself.

Will both of you fight me together or will you come at me one by one”

When he spoke up to here, Li Xianjun paused for a moment, and then he smiled and said, “Its best for both of you to join forces.

After I deal with both of you, I can return to the Empire, otherwise, it would be difficult for me to give the sect an explanation!”

“What arrogance!” Situ Rong said with disdain, “Li Xianjun, I originally intended to go looking for you, but I never imagined that you would come and give your life up to me.

Perfect, Ill deal with both you and this demonic woman in one go!”

When she heard Situ Rong, Murong Yao shook her head.

Being ignorant wasnt terrifying, it was terrifying when one didnt realize ones own ignorance, and Situ Rong was such a person.

Li Xianjun chuckled, and then he shook his head and said, “I never imagined that such a weirdo would exist in the Sword Sect.

Nevermind, allow me to deal with you first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xianjun twisted his wrist, and a black sickle appeared in his grasp.

The sickle was extremely long, and it was around the same length as Li Xianjuns height.

Fine threads of blood were ceaselessly flowing about on the edge of the sickle, and it was an extremely mysterious sight!

After the sickle appeared in his hand, Li Xianjun suddenly vanished on the spot, and he transformed into a black ray of light that instantly arrived in front of Situ Rong.

With a movement of his wrist, the black sickle shot towards Situ Rongs neck in a hooking motion!

Situ Rong grunted coldly, and he utilized his sword to block the sickle.



The sound of metal breaking apart resounded, and then the sickle continued towards Situ Rongs neck without slowing down at all.

Situ Rong was horrified.

Fortunately, his reaction wasnt slow, and his figure flashed swiftly.

But it was still a little too late.


An ear carried a strand of blood with it as it flew into the air.

Li Xianjun didnt follow up with another attack because a sword had suddenly arrived behind him.

His figure spun on the spot before his wrist moved once more, and the sickle made a hooking motion towards the sword that had arrived in front of him!


The sound of metal breaking resounded once more.

Murong Yaos expression changed.

She tapped the ground lightly with the tip of her foot, and then her figure retreated swiftly to escape the sickles area of attack.

Li Xianjun still didnt pursue her, and he merely turned around to look at Situ Rong who had a savage expression and said, “I know that you have a trump card, so you can utilize it right now.

Because if you still dont, then you probably wont have another chance.”

Situ Rong took a deep breath before the profound energy within his body surged violently.

At a certain moment in time, the profound energy within his body surged violently into his legs, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

His speed was so swift that it caused Li Xianjun and Murong Yao to be stunned on the spot….

Actually, they werent stunned because Situ Rongs speed was too swift, and it was because of the direction Situ Rong moved towards.

To be more precise, Situ Rong had fled….

Yes, Situ Rongs figure flashed backward explosively, and in less than a few breaths of time, hed vanished from both their fields of vision….

After a short while, Li Xianjun shook his head and smiled before he said, “This is the representative of the Sword Sects younger generation”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around to look at Murong Yao and said, “Unfortunately, you stayed behind to help him just now, and he has abandoned you now instead! Actually, if both of you joined forces, then I would mostly be forced to retreat! After all, your strength is really not bad.”

“So, youre confident in being able to annihilate me now that Im all alone” Murong Yao spoke indifferently.

She didnt spare any further thought to Situ Rongs actions because she felt it was a humiliation to be a disciple from the same sect as such a person!

Li Xianjun smiled and said, “Do you know why I didnt pursue him”

After he asked this question and before Murong Yao could answer him, he continued and said, “Because you are my objective.

Even if he returned to the Grand Qin Empire, he wouldnt amount to anything.

But youre different.

With your natural talent, then if you attain the ninth rank of the First Heaven Realm, even I wouldnt be confident in my ability to defeat you! We might not be able to encounter each other during the second round of the competition, so this is the best opportunity to deal with you!”

“Then how about we determine the outcome with a single strike” Murong Yao slowly raised her sword and pointed it at Li Xianjun.

The corners of Li Xianjuns mouth rose slightly into a wisp of a smile, and he said, “Thats exactly what I wanted!”

Murong Yao didnt speak further.

Her body gradually soared into the sky while a sword appeared in her grasp with a flick of her wrist, and then she gradually raised the sword while holding it with both hands.

Suddenly, a gust of violent wind appeared.

At the same time, the sword in her hand trembled violently as if something terrifying was about to struggle free from it!

Li Xianjuns eyes narrowed slightly while a wisp of a solemn expression flashed within them.

His right hand moved slightly, causing the black sickle to tear through the air as it was gradually raised up.

At the same time, his profound energy was poured into it without end, causing those threads of blood on its edge to flow even more swiftly….

At a certain moment in time, a wisp of a fierce expression flashed in Murong Yaos eyes, and then she forcefully executed a downward slash towards Li Xianjun.

“Thousand Layer!”

Thousand Layer, a low-grade Earth Rank technique of the Sword Sect.

It stressed upon the overlapping of sword qi, and when it was cultivated to the advanced-stage, a thousand strands of sword qi could be overlapped together! Of course, the difficulty to accomplish this was extremely high because it had strict requirements towards the speed of its users sword!

Along with a loud shout from Murong Yao, the sword in her hand slashed down, and it transformed into countless afterimages.

At the same time, a snow white strand of sword qi tore through the air, and it emanated a sharp whistle as it shot explosively towards Li Xianjun.

As he gazed at the snow white strand of sword qi, Li Xianjuns pupils constricted while his expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

Because it wasnt a single strand of sword qi but at least 100! In other words, this woman before him had instantly slashed 100 times with her sword! Such speed was truly terrifying!

He took a deep breath, and his figure spun in a circle with the tip of his foot as the pivot.

After that, the sickle in his hand swept upwards at an angle.

In an instant, the threads of blood on the sickle left the sickles blade, and they shot explosively towards the snow white strand of sword qi….

One was white and the other was blood red.

They collided until the solemn gazes of Murong Yao and Li Xianjun.

After a brief moment of silence….


An enormous world shaking bang rumbled and resounded in the forest, and then a wave of energy swept towards the surroundings like a tide.

Everywhere it passed, all the trees were instantly blasted into powder, and only a mess was left in its wake!

This was how terrifying the might of Earth Rank techniques was!

On the other hand, as the people that were at the center of the collision.

Both of them had been blasted flying when the wave of energy swept out, and it was for a distance of over 60m!

“HAHA!!” Right at this moment, roaring laughter suddenly resounded, and then Situ Rong whod left earlier had returned abruptly to the battlefield.

As he gazed at Murong Yao and Li Xianjun whod been blasted flying, the expression on Situ Rongs face was indescribably complacent.

He said, “Murong Yao had a fierce battle with Li Xianjun from the Ghost Sect but was defeated and killed.

On the other hand, Li Xianjun was killed by me, Situ Rong.

Dont both of you think this reason is extremely perfect”


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