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Chapter 2210 – So Its You!

Blood covered the Dao Dimension!

Endless blood had converged at the Dao Dimension!

Yang Yes eyes were closed tight, and the Sword Spirit was in his grasp.

The Buddhist Progenitor glanced at Yang Ye and was about to attack when Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

In an instant, a golden pagoda appeared above him, and then a pitch black face flashed out from his forehead.

A face!

A face that was filled with endless resentment and hatred!

It was the resentment and hatred which Yang Ye had absorbed earlier!

How terrifying was a mass of endless hatred and resentment

The Buddhist Progenitor frowned when he saw it.

A solemn expression!

The Buddhists Progenitors eyes were filled with a solemn expression!

He didnt dare act carelessly against it and pressed his palms together.

In an instant, rays of golden light swept out incessantly from within him, and then slammed down in waves against the face.

However, as soon as they came into contact with the face, they were instantly obliterated like snow dropping into hot oil.


A rumbling explosion resounded, and then a figure was blasted away.

It was the Buddhist Progenitor!

However, the face didnt vanish.

It shot through the air and shot toward the Buddhist Progenitor.

After he stopped himself around 30km away, he overlapped his palms and slammed them forward!


A golden palm tore through the air and slammed against the face.


The experts of the Dao Path watched as the golden palm exploded apart.


A moment later, the Buddhist Progenitor was blasted extremely far away.

As soon as he stopped himself, a ray of blood red sword energy tore through space.

Right when it was about to stab the Buddhist Progenitors chest, he shot a glance at Yang Ye, and then transformed into a ray of golden light that vanished on the spot.

Hed fled!

Yang Ye was about to pursue him when the face transformed into a ray of black light that entered Yang Yes forehead!

Yang Yes figure stiffened on the spot.

Yang Ye frowned and touched his forehead, “You refuse to leave me”

Yang Ye was right, it really didnt want to leave him.

A host!

In the beginning, it had no intelligence or consciousness, but when Yang Ye converged all of the hatred and resentment together, it had undergone a transformation!

Now, it had some intelligence.

It yearned to slaughter, it yearned for revenge, and it yearned to grow!

So, it chose to stay with Yang Ye.

Because as far as it was concerned, Yang Ye was the best host!

Yang Ye shook his head, ignored it, and looked up at the sky.

It was the direction that the Buddhist Progenitor had fled toward.

Yang Ye was about to give chase when the Dao Progenitor appeared in front of him.

Yang Ye frowned, “Are you going to stop me”

The Dao Progenitor shook his head slightly, “I just want to tell you that youll have to pay a huge price to kill a progenitor right now.

But dont forget that besides the Buddhist Progenitor, there is the Weapon Progenitor, the Nether Pavilions Master, the Devil Progenitor, and the Evil Progenitor.

Do you think theyll wait for you to come seek them out for revenge”

The Dao Progenitor shook his head slightly, “They wont.

When you pay that price to annihilate the Buddhist Progenitor, they would attack and annihilate you and everyone close to you.

Besides their severe injuries, theres another reason why they arent showing themselves right now, and its because they dont want to die while trying to bring you down.

After all, even they cant kill you with ease now.

Even they will have to pay a terrible price to kill you, and even if they are willing to pay that price, they still may even fail in the end.”

Yang Ye remained silent.

The Dao Progenitor continued, “Scan the surroundings for yourself!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he sensed four faint auras.

The auras of progenitors!

The Dao Progenitor continued, “Actually, they wanted to pay a price and kill you from the very beginning.

While they are injured, if they join forces, then they can kill you if they are willing to pay a certain price.

However, the god race and undying race showed themselves, causing them to dare not act rashly.

If the god race and undying race showed themselves earlier, your father wouldnt have been attacked by five progenitors that day.”


Regardless of whether it was the Weapon Progenitor, Buddhist Progenitor, or the others, all of them regretted attacking Yang Wudi that day!

It wasnt that they regretted killing him, it was that theyd paid such a painful price for doing so.

All of them were severely injured.

Especially the Weapon Progenitor and Buddhist Progenitor, their injuries had almost resulted in the destruction of the Paths they represented.

Now, they were in an absolutely passive position!

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes.

In an instant, the slaughter intent and red light he emanated gradually vanished.

A long time passed before Yang Ye looked once more in the direction that the Buddhist Progenitor had fled toward.

If the Buddhist Progenitor was willing to fight him, he was 60% or even 70% confident that he could kill the Buddhist Progenitor.

However, the latter chose to flee.

If a progenitor was intent on fleeing, then he couldnt do anything to stop that progenitor.

His current speed and every other aspect was quite inferior when compared to a true progenitor.

Just as the Buddhist Progenitor had said, he lacked experience!

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time, and then he gazed at the other four auras.

He didnt say anything and just walked away.

Meanwhile, the Dao Progenitor suddenly said, “What do you think about the undying race and god race”

Yang Ye stopped, “Senior, what are you trying to say”

The Dao Progenitor replied solemnly, “Both the god race and undying race will be difficult to deal with.”

As far as he was concerned, he naturally hoped to bring Yang Ye over to the World Alliances side.

Yang Yes current strength wasnt any weaker to a progenitor.

Most importantly, Yang Ye was still young, and his future was limitless.

His room to grow was huge.

Moreover, Yang Ye had a group of experts by his side.

Like An Nanjing and the others, and they were all monstrous geniuses amongst monstrous geniuses.

If Yang Ye joined them, the World Alliances strength would definitely rise tremendously!

How could Yang Ye not understand what the old man meant

He shook his head, “Senior, I have no ill intent towards you or the Dao Path.

Because youve only been helping me from the beginning, and you owe me nothing.

You didnt lend a hand to my father when they attacked him, but you did that because of the Dao Path that relies on you.

So, I dont blame you for that.

Because you dont owe me anything.

If you or the Dao Path needs help, then I will definitely do my best! However…”

Yang Ye turned around and looked at the Dao Progenitor, “I wont join forces with the Dao Path or anyone else.

Especially not the Buddhist Path and Weapon Path.

They killed my brothers that day, so Im afraid my brothers wont be able to die in peace if I join forces with them now.”

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “The large universe will be doomed!”

“What does that have to do with me” Yang Ye continued, “Senior, Im not a savior.

All I know is that my father, my brothers, and my third sister have to be avenged, and I plan to avenge them myself.

Ill kill those five progenitors and all those Sages, sooner or later.”

Yang Ye turned around and left once he finished speaking.

The Dao Progenitor sighed softly on the spot.

Meanwhile, the Weapon Progenitor appeared near him.

The Weapon Progenitor watched Yang Ye leave while the desire to kill flickered in his eyes.

However, he felt quite helpless in his heart.

Yang Ye could disregard everything, but he couldnt.

He didnt want to die with Yang Ye, and neither did the Buddhist Progenitor.

So, the Buddhist Progenitor had ignored the humiliation it would cause him and chose to flee!

This proved the old saying, the weak fear the strong, and the strong fear the fearless.

Yang Ye was fearless right now!

The Dao Progenitor shook his head slightly, “I told you not to do it, but you refused to listen.”

The Weapon Progenitor shook his head, “We underestimated him, and we underestimated Yang Wudis strength.”

At that time, they felt that their joint forces could kill Yang Wudi in an instant, and then they would be free to annihilate Yang Ye in an instant too.

However, it didnt go as planned.

Yang Wudi was so strong that he was worthy of what his name represented—matchlessness!

Just that had caused them to fall into the situation they were in now!

Most importantly, if they had been able to attack Yang Ye that day, they could have annihilated him without giving him a chance.

Yet now, they couldnt do anything to him anymore.

The Dao Progenitor looked up at the sky and spoke softly, “Ive contacted all those other old fellows who are halfway into their graves.

I wonder if they are willing to get mixed up in all of this.”

The Weapon Progenitor glanced at the Dao Progenitor, “What about the Martial Emperor”

The Dao Progenitor shook his head slightly, “I cant see through his intentions.

Even if hes willing to join us, its best not to have him with us!”

The Weapon Progenitor was puzzled, “Why”

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “If a person was once invincible throughout his lifetime, yet hes defeated one day.

What do you think will happen to him”

The Weapon progenitor frowned, “What do you mean”

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “Besides the setbacks he encountered in his youth, the Martial Emperors adult life was practically completely smooth…”

He gazed at the direction Yang Ye had left toward and continued, “Wild grass, thats what wild grass is like.

No matter what nature throws at it, it never falls.


Perhaps his natural talent isnt the best, but his tenacity is superb.

Its that spirit to never accept defeat that his father was most pleased about.

Even if he loses, it isnt a problem for him, because he can just start over.”

The Dao Progenitor left once he finished speaking.

The Weapon Progenitor fell silent for a long time, and then he left!

Yang Ye left the Dao Dimension and entered the boundless reaches of space.

But he hadnt gone far before he stopped.

A woman was standing not too far away from him.

She wore a mask and had three spears on her back.

Dugu Juetian!

Dugu Juetian had her hands behind her back as she shot a sideways glance at Yang Ye, “So its you!”

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