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Chapter 2214 – Before Immortality!

Slaughter intent!

Yang Yes body was emanating endless slaughter intent, and it made the space within the Primordial Pagoda crack open.

If Yang Yes slaughter intent had been an endless ocean in the past, then now it was like a boundless universe!

It was on a completely different level!

Snowy was stunned by the sight of this.

Meanwhile, the Primordial Pagoda suddenly transformed into a ray of light that entered Yang Yes forehead.


A ray of golden light instantly enveloped Yang Ye, and then the slaughter intent was instantly enveloped by it as well.

However, the boundless slaughter intent still slammed incessantly against the golden light, causing the golden light to start cracking open!

Suddenly, Snowy flew over to Yang Ye, and a strand of spirit energy surged endlessly into Yang Ye.

At the same time, Snowy wrapped her paws around Yang Yes face and rubbed her face incessantly against his face.

Yang Ye gradually closed his eyes.

A long time passed before he placed his palm on his forehead, “G-Get out!”


A ray of red light flashed out from Yang Yes forehead, and it dispersed to reveal Scarlet.

Scarlet seemed bewildered as she gazed at him!

Once Scarlet left his body, Yang Ye felt much better, and he started stabilizing himself.

A long time passed before he looked at Scarlet, and there was a solemn expression in his eyes.

At the instant just now, Scarlet had given all her slaughter intent to him, causing his slaughter intent to become unprecedentedly powerful.

However, it was so strong that he almost lost himself to it.


At that instant just now, Yang Ye simply wanted to slaughter everyone, including Snowy, the Primordial Pagoda, An Nanjing, and everyone else in here.

This time, hed truly experienced how terrifying the Sprite of Slaughter was!

Suddenly, Snowy glared angrily at Scarlet, causing the latter to be terrified and hurriedly move backward.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye went over to Snowy and rubbed her head lightly.

He said, “In the future, dont act rashly and go inside without my permission, alright”

Scarlet gazed at Yang Ye with an aggrieved expression.

Yang Ye smiled, “Im not blaming you.

Its just that Im unable to get accustomed to your strength yet, so Ill get injured if you go inside.


After he explained for a while, Scarlet finally understood what he meant.

She promised that she wouldnt casually enter Yang Yed mind without his permission.

Yang Ye pulled Snowy and the Primordial Pagoda over to the side and spoke softly, “Snowy, youre the eldest, so you cant bully Scarlet.


The eldest!

Snowys eyes lit up.

She liked being called the eldest.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at Scarlet, “Listen to Snowy.

She has a lot of spirit energy.

If youre good, shell be very good to you.

Otherwise, youll suffer a beating!”

Yang Ye felt that he had to educate these little fellows a little.

Otherwise, the Primordial Pagoda would collapse if they started fighting!

The facts proved that when the Sprite of Slaughter grew violent, she wasnt much weaker to the Primordial Pagoda.

Perhaps she was no match for the Primordial Pagoda and Snowy, but she had the strength to fight them!

In the end, Scarlet acknowledged Snowys status and agreed to treat Snowy as the eldest.

Actually, she wasnt that confident against Snowy.

Especially when the Primordial Pagoda took Snowys side.

So, unless Yang Ye merged with her, she couldnt fight Snowy and the Primordial Pagoda.

But the problem was that Yang Ye would clearly not fight Snowy with her.

So, no matter what, Yang Yes problems had stabilized for now!

Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda, and Yang Lianshuang immediately went to him, “Two people are here to see you!”

“Huh” Yang Ye asked, “Who”

“Long time no see!” Suddenly, a voice came from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around, and he recognized the person who said that.

It was Elder Yuan whod helped him in the Weapon Dimension, and there was a middle aged man by Elder Yuans side.

It was Zhong Ye!

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What are you doing here”

Elder Yuan smiled, “The Weapon Dimension is gone, so were here to side with you.

What You dont welcome us”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “Of course I welcome you.

However, Im facing quite a bit of trouble.

Im afraid Ill drag you down with me.”

Elder Yuan smiled, “Is anyone in this large world without trouble right now All that matters is youre willing to welcome us to your side! Right, I have a bunch of disciples too, and I hope youll take them in too!”

“Heaven Secret Hall!” Yang Lianshuang spoke softly by Yang Yes side.

Yang Ye gazed at Elder Yuan, “Senior…”

“Heaven Secret!” Meanwhile, Zhong Ye spoke, “Elder Yuan is the founder of Heaven Secret Hall, Heaven Secret himself.”

I see! Yang Ye spoke softly, “I never imagined you to have kept such an identity hidden!”

Elder Yuan grinned, “I just didnt want to be disturbed for certain reasons!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Senior, you plan to bring Heaven Secret Hall here”

Elder Yuan nodded.

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while and said, “How about this Senior, you and the others from Heaven Secret Hall can stay here, but if Void Spirit Continent faces trouble in the future…”

Meanwhile, Elder Yuan suddenly said, “Well fight together, of course!”

Yang Ye looked up at Elder Yuan, and the latter smiled, “Im not one whos very interested in cultivation, but fighting a progenitor wont be a problem for me.”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Senior, why have you chosen to take my side”

Presently, the large universe could be described as being divided into four parties.

The undying race, the god race, the World Alliance led by the Dao Path, and Yang Yes Void Spirit Continent!

But amongst them, Yang Yes side could be described as the weakest!

Elder Yuan spoke softly, “Treat it as a gamble.

Im gambling on your ability to lead us and slaughter our way out of this! Is that reason good enough”

Yang Ye nodded, “It is!”

Elder Yuan grinned, and then he glanced at the surroundings, “There was once a formation here, but it seems like it has vanished.

So, I plan to set up a new formation here, an extraordinarily powerful one.

However, I need the Sprite Lords help.”

Yang Ye replied, “Thats not a problem at all.

However, youll have to roast a goat for her every day!”

Elder Yuan chuckled, “Then Im really getting off easily here! Haha!”

Just like that, Elder Yuan brought the experts of Heaven Secret Hall to Void Spirit Continent.

After that, what happened next surpassed Yang Yes expectations by quite a bit.

Because Heaven Secret was somehow able to recruit numerous experts!


All of them were Sages, and there were over a dozen of them!

Besides that, a formation covered the entire continent.

As for the large universe, the slaughter was still going on.

Race after race vanished, and corpses covered the large universe!

Meanwhile, more and more human experts rushed to Void Spirit Continent because it was a rare paradise in the large universe right now.

The Dao Dimension!

On this day, almost 600 undying cavalries suddenly appeared above the Dao Dimension.

At this moment, the Dao Dimension was also the headquarters of the World Alliance.

All the experts of the Alliance of All and the three Paths were gathered here.

However, they seemed so weak before the undying cavalries.

Actually, the forces of the Alliance of All and the three Paths were extremely powerful.

Unfortunately, the large universe had suffered from too much internal strife before the undying race arrived.

Especially the battle with Yang Ye and Yang Wudi!

That battle had caused the Alliance of All and the other two Paths to suffer heavy losses!

Dugu Juetian looked down at the Dao Dimension below her.

Meanwhile, the Dao Progenitor appeared nearby.

She gazed at him and said, “Do you really think you can stop my undying race”

The Dao Progenitor replied, “If the outcome is still death, then why wouldnt we try”

Dugu Juetian smiled, “Not necessarily.

My undying race is willing to give all of you a chance to live.

So long as you submit, were willing to let all of you live.

Of course, this offer is only extended to experts at the Major Zen Realm or above, and everyone else must die!”

The Dao Progenitor frowned slightly, “What do you want”

Dugu Juetian replied indifferently, “Do you know why all of you are so weak”

Before the Dao Progenitor could answer her, Dugu Juetian said, “In my undying race, the weak are eliminated, and the weak have no right to speak.

So, the undying race only has experts.

But just look at the weak living beings in your large universe.

Their lives are a waste of the scarce spirit energy that remains in your universe.

Of course, you can refuse.

As far as were concerned, your refusal will only make us waste a little bit more energy!”

The Dao Progenitor shook his head slightly, “I refuse!”

The strong had their own pride!

The Dao Progenitor and the Dao Path would not surrender!

Dugu Juetian nodded, “If thats the case, all of you can die!”

As soon as she said that, three old men appeared behind her, three old men with exactly the same appearances.

Their gazes immediately locked onto the Dao Progenitor.

Meanwhile, the 600 undying cavalries behind her charged down at the Dao Dimension below them.

How terrifying was an army of 600 undying cavalries

Not to mention Sages, even a progenitor would be slaughtered with ease!

The Dao Progenitors eyes narrowed slightly from the sight of this, and a faint aura gradually seeped out of him.

Meanwhile, the three old men suddenly appeared in front of him.

They didnt attack and just gazed at him.

Right when the undying cavalry were about to charge into the Dao Dimension, a voice resounded from within, “We agree to your suggestion!”

Dugu Juetian raised her hand, and the undying cavalries stopped on the spot.

However, the pressure they emanated still pressed down upon the Dao Dimension, causing everyone in it to feel suffocated!

The Dao Progenitor looked over, and the Buddhist Progenitor floated over slowly on his golden lotus.

The Devil Progenitor, Weapon Progenitor, Evil Progenitor, and Shao Siyou were by his side!

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “Youre admitting defeat just like that”

The Buddhist Progenitor pressed his palms together, “We have no chance!”

The Dao Progenitor spoke softly, “Countless living beings.”

The Buddhist Progenitor fell silent for a moment and said, “Everything is insignificant before the path of immortality!”

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