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Chapter 2227 – An Alliance

As soon as Netherworld Destiny appeared, her aura instantly became completely different.

It was deep like the endless starry sky!

Meanwhile, the Demonspawn had noticed this too, but it couldnt retract its attack in time.


A ray of dark light flashed.


A string of blood sprayed out, and the Demonspawn was blasted away.


It slammed against the ground, and there was a huge hole in its chest.

Blood seeped out incessantly from it!

The young girl glanced indifferently at the Demonspawn and said, “Ive killed many Demonspawn from the initial civilizations time.”

The Demonspawn gazed at her with astonishment, “W-Who are you!”

She walked over to it, “What Youve forgotten so soon”

The Demonspawn gazed at her for quite some time.

Suddenly, its eye opened wide, “Y-You are…”

Yang Ye and Tian Xiu had been here that day.

It had intended to kill Yang Ye at the time because it could sense the aura of a precious treasure coming from Yang Ye, the Primordial Pagodas aura.

However, Tian Xiu had stopped it.

After Tian Xiu revealed Netherworld Destiny that day, it had sensed a strong feeling of danger, so it had given up on killing Yang Ye.

Yet now, it had encountered her again.

This time, she was much, much stronger than she had been that day!

Tian Xiu gazed at the Demonspawn, “How much have you recovered”

It glanced at her and replied, “Around 60%.”

Tian Xiu replied softly, “Do you want to live or die”

The Demonspanw replied, “Live, of course!”

Tian Xiu nodded, “Your strength isnt bad.

Besides a few people, no one else in this world can harm you.

Unfortunately, Im one of those few.

I have a friend whos a little weak and not safe at all.

Help me protect him for some time, alright”

The Demonspawn seemed quite hesitant, and Tian Xiu said, “Theres something in it for you.”

The Demonspawn gazed at her, “What”

She spoke softly, “He has the Bodhi Tree or Primordial Violet Energy.

They are enough to help you recover quickly and even advance further.”

The Demonspawn replied solemnly, “Youre talking about that young sword cultivator”

Tian Xiu nodded.

The Demonspawn laughed bitterly, “W-With you and that other expert from before, who in this world can even harm him”

Tian Xiu shook her head slightly, “Just tell me if youll do it or not!”

The Demonspawn spoke in a low voice, “What if I refuse”

She looked it in the eyes, “Ill kill you right now!”

It laughed bitterly, “Like an injured tiger!”

She replied indifferently, “Even if you were at your prime, killing you would be a piece of cake!”

She turned around and walked away.

Bitterness covered the Demonspawns face.

As far as it has been concerned, now that it had escaped in this era, it would be able to roam freely and unmatched throughout the world.

However, as soon as it had escaped, it had encountered two godlike existences!

“What the hell is happening to this world” The Demonspawn shook its head.

Not to mention this era, those two he met today would be extraordinary experts even in his era.

Yet hed had the misfortune of meeting them both!

He had absolutely bad luck!

The Demonspawn thought for a long time and vanished on the spot.

Primordial Violet Energy and the Bodhi Tree!

They were things it really wanted.

It wouldnt just be able to recover rapidly with their help, the Bodhi Tree could help it improve to a higher level!

So, it had decided to go to Yang Ye!

Tian Xiu left the altar and went over to the Initial.

The Initial hadnt left and was waiting there.

The Initial asked, “Do you need something”

Tian Xiu nodded, “Im here to borrow something!”

The Initial asked, “What”

She closed her eyes slowly.

A short while later, shed said something that made the Initials expression change drastically, “You… No, absolutely not!”

Tian Xius gaze gradually turned icy cold, “I have no ties anymore, so dont force me to seek out your race and slaughter it!”

Yang Ye returned to Void Spirit Continent with the Universe Sprite.

However, the area outside of the city was filled with people.

They were from all over the large universe.

The entire large universe had been completely occupied by the undying race, so there were only two places left that hadnt been conquered, and it was the God Realm and Void Spirit Continent.

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye asked, “Whats all this”

Yang Lianshuang spoke solemnly, “The god race concealed the entire God Realm with a formation, so everyone in the large universe is rushing over to us! Only a small portion of them are here right now, and even more are still on their way! What do you think about this”

Yang Ye asked, “Cant we drive them away”

She shook her head, “All of them… Sigh…”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time and said, “Let them stay outside!”

He entered the city once he finished speaking.

Yang Lianshuang glanced at Yang Ye and gazed at the people outside of the city, “I think my hometown is much better.

It may not have such otherworldly abilities, but its peaceful.

People are like dogs in times of chaos!”

She turned around and left.

Yang Ye returned to Void Spirit Hall.

Yang Lianshuang and Elder Yuan were here.

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Lianshuang, you said the god race concealed their territory”

She nodded in response, “I presume they plan to avoid the undying race for now.

Presently, the undying race is too strong, and both we and them are no match for the undying race.”

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and gazed at Elder Yuan, “Elder Yuan, during the god races prime, the four paths and the other races almost lost to them, so would they have been able to fight the undying race at their prime”

Elder Yuan thought for a long time and shook his head, “No! They were absolutely strong in their prime, and Shi Tian was a peerless expert in his prime.

However, based on everything weve seen so far, the undying races resources, reserves, and strength are much greater than them.

If the god race, the other races, and the four paths were all at their prime, then perhaps they would stand a chance.

Yet now, Im sure you know the situation the large universe is in right now!”

He paused for a moment at this point before he continued, “Even a race as powerful as the void spirit race wasnt able to stop them.

So, to be honest, the strength the undying race has revealed so far is probably just the tip of the iceberg, and once they do reveal their full strength.


Everyone revealed solemn expressions when they heard this.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “So, it seems like we have no hope!”

“The heavens always gives everyone a chance!” Elder Yuan continued, “All we can do is do our best.

As for the outcome, well let heaven decide.

Now, we have to decide what to do with the people outside.

As more and more arrive, chaos will ensue if we dont deal with them well.”

“It has already started!” Yang Lianshuang said, “All sorts of things are happening outside the city every single day.”

Yang Ye frowned.

A long time passed before he said, “Lianshuang, Elder Yuan, both of you do as you see fit.

He vanished from the hall once he finished speaking.

“He…” Elder Yuan gazed at Yang Lianshuang, and the latter grinned, “He didnt order us to drive them away, so hes giving them a chance.

I\'ll make arrangements for them to enter the city.”

Elder Yuan said, “Remember to prevent them from causing any trouble.

Dont show mercy to anyone who causes trouble.”

She nodded, “I understand!”

She turned around and left.

Elder Yuan gradually revealed a solemn expression, “How will you deal with this”

In the Primordial Pagoda.

A small golden pagoda was in front of Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at it, thought for a moment, and said, “You should know about the Primordial Axe of Creation, right”

It didnt answer him.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, “Can you release it”


A terrifying aura slammed Yang Ye back, and the Primordial Pagoda started to tremble madly.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Snowy appeared before the pagoda and started waving her claws.

A short while later, she gazed at Yang Ye and started waving her claws again.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly.

Snowy was telling him that his request was too dangerous, absolutely dangerous.

It couldnt be released.

If it was released, everyone in this pagoda would have to die!


That was what the Primordial Pagoda meant!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, “Why”

The pagoda trembled and was clearly answering him.

The Primordial Pagoda said that the axe was extremely terrifying.

It could sense the axes thoughts, and if it were to be allowed to leave now, it would carry out a slaughter!

The Primordial Axe of Creation!

Yang Ye had quite a solemn expression on his face.

He could sense what the pagoda was feeling.

It was clearly afraid of the axe, and it was the first time hed sensed it feeling so afraid!

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Then is it a good thing or bad thing that its in here right now Right, I mean can you keep it in here forever”

The pagoda swayed from left to right.

Obviously, it was saying that it couldnt!

Yang Ye asked, “When will it escape”

Snowy raised her paw.

Yang Ye asked, “500 years”

She shook her head.

Yang Ye asked again, “5,000 years”

Snowy blinked, and then made a lowering gesture to Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye understood what she meant.

He leaped up with shock, “What Five months!”

Snowy nodded.

Yang Yes face was quite unsightly, “What the hell…”

Suddenly, Yang Lianshuang appeared before Yang Ye and said, “The god race sent an envoy.

They want to form an alliance with us!”

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