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Chapter 2233 – Move and Die!

In the city, everyone exchanged glances.

They left just like that

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang frowned, “Hell be fine, right”

Elder Yuan shook his head slightly, “I think so.

If he chooses to flee, not many will be able to kill him!”

Yang Lianshuang nodded, “I hope so!”

Yang Ye and the Demonspawn shot swiftly through the starry sky.

A competition of speed!

Both of them had raised their speeds to their limits!

However, both of them couldnt leave the other behind.

At this moment, the Demonspawn was quite shocked.

It was shocked by Yang Yes speed because its cultivation far surpassed Yang Ye.

So, as far as it was concerned, Yang Ye would be no match for him.

But Yang Yes speed was inferior to it at all!

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped.

The Demonspawn stopped too, “What is it”

Yang Ye replied, “Senior, I think we should stop this.

The undying race is really formidable.

Im really afraid, afraid that we wont be able to return.”

“Dont worry!” The Demonspawn spoke indifferently, “Youll definitely be able to return alive with me here!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “Senior, the undying race is really dangerous.

W-We should just turn back now.


“Are you a man or not!” Meanwhile, the Demonspawn spoke angrily, “I told you to go, so lets go.

Stop wasting time!”

Yang Ye hesitated for quite some time before hereluctantly said, “Alright, then lets go.

I trust you!”

Yang Ye vanished into the distance, and the Demonspawn grunted coldly before vanishing on the spot as well.

The prehistoric ruins.

The prehistoric ruins was one of the undying races outposts now, and the undying cavalries lived here.

Normally, they would be out plundering death energy, but even then, there were around two to three hundred remaining here.

Yang Ye arrived there with the Demonspawn, and the latter frowned slightly upon stepping foot into the prehistoric ruins.

It was no weakling, so it had sensed something unusual about this place.

It was about to speak when Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and shouted with fury, “Trash from the undying race, get the ** out here!”

The Demonspawn gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment while feeling at a loss for words.


Terrifying auras shot up into the sky, and then figures descended near Yang Ye.

The undying cavalry!

Over 100 of them, and they were led by Dugu Juetian!

Dugu Juetian frowned at the sight of Yang Ye, “Yang Ye Where did you get the gall to do this”

Yang Ye suddenly pointed at her and shouted angrily, “How dare you boast before Senior Demonspawn.

Kowtow and beg for forgiveness this instant!”

“Demonspawn” Dugu Juetian gazed at the Demonspawn, and the latter glanced at Yang Ye.

How could it not realize that Yang Ye was trying to use it, and it would naturally not allow that to happen.

It was about to speak when Dugu Juetian pointed at it, “Demonspawn What kind of trash is that Yang Ye, my undying race doesnt have time to waste on you.

Take that piece of trash with you and ** off! Otherwise…”

“Trash” The Demonspawn had a ferocious expression on its face, “Bitch! Whore you calling trash”

Dugu Juetian looked it in the eyes, “Arent you trash Trash like you…”

“Die!” The Demonspawn howled with fury, and a claw slammed down at Dugu Juetian.

The latter was prepared, and her spear left her grasp as soon as the Demonspawn attacked.


An explosion resounded abruptly, and then Dugu Juetian was blasted over 30km back!

At this moment, a solemn expression appeared in her eyes!

She wasnt the only one, Yang Ye had a slightly solemn expression too because the Demonspawns strength had surpassed his expectations slightly.

Suddenly, the Demonspawn pounced forward at her.

The space in the surroundings warped from the impact, and the space around her collapsed in an instant.

Within the collapsing space, Dugu Juetians figure shot backward while the other two spears on her back shot up into the air and transformed into two silver rays of light that shot at the Demon Spawn.

Bang! Bang!

In the pitch black hole in space, two explosions resounded like thunderclaps, and then Dugu Juetians spears were blasted away.

Meanwhile, the Demonspawn didnt slow down and instantly appeared before her.

“Break!” She suddenly grabbed the short swords by her waist and swung them down!


Both Dugu Juetian and the Demonspawn were blasted back by the force of the collision.

But Dugu Juetian didnt stop.

She waved her hands, and a strand of dark energy condensed into a 1km long spear, and then it shot at the Demonspawn!

The Demonspawn didnt use any weapons and just slapped its claw down at it!

Space shook while energy surged out like a torrent.

Boom! Boom!

Explosions resounded incessantly from within the black hole.

Yang Yes shock increased as the battle progressed.

He didnt know much about the Demonspawns origins, and hed only led the Demonspawn here on a whim.

But he hadnt expected the Demonspawn to actually be so strong!

It was much stronger than a progenitor!

It was extremely terrifying!

Meanwhile, black spears shot at the Demonspawn incessantly.

Under the barrage of spears, the Demonspawns attacks were stopped, and it was even pushed back repeatedly!

Yang Ye couldnt help but gaze at Dugu Juetian.

She had grown stronger!

She was much stronger than shed been when they last met!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he gazed at the Demonspawn, “Senior, the undying race is too strong, were no match for them.

You flee first, Ill help you stop her!”

“Flee” The Demonspawn suddenly glared at Yang Ye, “When have I ever fled You flee yourself! Im determined to kill her today!”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, youll die if you dont flee!”

“Then I will!” The Demonspawn spoke angrily, “You shut the hell up and watch.

Just watch how I destroy the undying race.”

As soon as it finished speaking, it ignored Yang Ye and charged madly at Dugu Juetian.

Yang Ye shrugged and sat down cross-legged, “Alright, I will!”

Suddenly, the undying cavalry appeared around Yang Ye and gazed at him with hostility!

Yang Ye pointed at the Demonspawn, “I advise you not to act rashly.

That senior of mine can annihilate the undying race with a flip of the palm!”

“Annihilate us” The commander who led the group laughed with ridicule, “Yang Ye, I dont know where you found that fellow, but I have to say that youre going to be disappointed if you put your hopes in it.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye leaped up and spoke angrily, “Im telling you, you can look down on me, but dont look down on that senior of mine.

Hes a Demonspawn, do you know what a Demonspawn is I bet your undying race doesnt know, Demonspawn are…”

Yang Ye blinked and continued, “They are the strongest living beings in this world! My senior is just injured now.

He can obliterate your undying race with ease at his prime!”

“Him” The commander revealed a smile of disdain, “My undying race has conquered countless universes and seen countless experts! At my undying races prime, not to mention looking for trouble with us, trash like that would be terrified to the point of kowtowing just from the sight of my undying race! Yang Ye, I dont want to waste my breath on you.

Since youre here, then stay forever!”

As soon as the commander finished speaking, she hurled her spear at Yang Ye.


It tore through the air and shook the space around it!

This commanders strength was only inferior to Dugu Juetian!

Yang Yes face remained indifferent, and he just raised his hand and swung his sword.


A ray of sword energy blasted the spear away while the commanders pupils constricted.

She grabbed the flying spear with her right hand, but then her expression immediately changed drastically!


She was blasted over 3km away with her spear!

And two deep trenches had been dug out before her!

At this moment, all the undying cavalry were shocked!

Suddenly, the commander shot forward, and Yang Ye vanished on the spot.


An explosion resounded and space cracked open in an instant.

The commanders figure was blasted away.

The commander was about to counterattack when her expression changed drastically!


A sword stabbed into her forehead.

“Stop him!” The commander howled with fury.

So long as Yang Ye was stopped from pouring his strength into his sword, she would survive.

The other undying cavalry reacted swiftly and immediately charged at Yang Ye.

With over 100 undying cavalry charging at him, Yang Ye couldnt deal with the commander at all.

Suddenly, Yang Ye took a step forward.


A wave of terrifying slaughter intent swept out from him, turning the entire sky blood red.

But that wasnt the end of it, another wave of intent surged out from him.

Sword intent!

However, it was immediately suppressed by his slaughter intent!

But it only took a moment for the sword intents aura to rise rapidly, and then it shot up into the sky and was on par with his slaughter intent!

Because Yang Ye was holding the Sword Supreme now!

When he held the Sword Precursor, his slaughter intent could suppress his sword intent, but when he held the Sword Supreme, both of them were on par!

Slaughter intent and sword intent!

Yang Ye tapped the tip of his right foot against the ground.


A strand of sword energy flashed.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Three undying cavalries instantly lost their heads.

All the other undying cavalry were shocked by this scene!

Yang Ye tapped his sword against his palm, “Move and die!”

“How dare you!” An undying cavalry shouted with rage and was about to attack.


A sword suddenly stabbed into her forehead, and then her eyes opened wide.

Yang Ye slowly pulled out his sword from her, and blood sprayed from her forehead and behind her head.

It didnt take long for Yang Ye to remove his sword, and then he gently wiped off the bloodstains before taking a small taste with the tip of his tongue.

He revealed a slightly intoxicated expression, “Ive gotten a little addicted to the thrill of slaughter.


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