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Chapter 2234 – The Weak Deserve Death!

The undying cavalry here gazed at Yang Ye while coldly arose in their hearts.

Yang Ye was a sword cultivator.

However, no one treated him as one.

After all, he was a sword cultivator with slaughter intent at the Progenitor Realm!

As far as they were concerned, Yang Ye didnt cultivate in the Sword Dao, he cultivated in the Slaughter Dao.

He was mad, demonic, and violent!

That was the peoples opinion of Yang Ye.

Those were what made Yang Ye most terrifying.

At this moment, even the undying cavalry were extremely fearful of him.

They had fought Yang Ye on too many occasions, and he really wasnt someone easy to deal with.

Yet now, Yang Yes strength had clearly improved tremendously.

Yang Ye glanced at the undying cavalry while oceans of blood could be seen in his eyes.

Everywhere he looked, no one dared to meet his gaze.

A strange smile curled up on Yang Yes face.

He was about to attack again when an explosion resounded.

Yang Ye looked over.

At this moment, Dugu Juetian had been blasted away by the Demonspawn.

The Demonspawn wanted to follow up with another attack, but almost 200 undying cavalry appeared before it.

A moment later, they attacked in unison and pushed the Demonspawn back.

The Demonspawn glanced at them, frowned, and said, “These women have some skill!”

It seemed to have thought of something at this point and gazed at Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye was looking at it too.

The Demonspawn was shocked when it saw Yang Yes blood red eyes, “Why is that kids desire to kill that strong”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “Senior, do you need help”

The Demonspawn grunted coldly, “Youre really a scheming fellow!”

It was no fool, so it naturally knew that it had fallen for Yang Yes tricks.

Yet now, it couldnt just take back what it had said.

Moreover, even if it wanted to leave, the undying cavalry wouldnt let it!

Yang Ye shrugged, “I told you that they are extremely strong, but you said itll only take a flip of the palm.

Sigh, Senior, now you should have realized how terrifying they are, right”

“Terrifying” The Demonspawn grunted coldly, “They just have the numbers.”

Yang Ye nodded repeatedly, “Yes, indeed, they just have many forces.

They dare not fight you in single combat, because if they do so…”

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “What if its single combat”

Yang Ye instantly frowned, and he turned toward the endless black holes.

A voice floated out slowly from the door of light there, “Demonspawn, I didnt expect one to still exist in this large universe.

What a rare sight.

Right, my undying race met a few Demonspawn when we first came here all those years ago, and they were much stronger than you.

Do you know what happened to them”

Obviously, the voice was speaking to the Demonspawn.

The Demonspawn gazed at the endless black holes and frowned slightly, “Stop trying to mystify yourself!”

It immediately stretched out a claw once it finished speaking, and its claw shot through space and arrived before the door of light before slapping down at it.

Meanwhile, a finger stretched out from behind the door and tapped against the claw.


The claw exploded apart!

At the prehistoric ruins, the Demonspawns expression instantly changed drastically, “You…”

“You want to annihilate my undying race” A voice came from behind the door of light, “Why dont you try”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Senior, lets go! We have nothing to fear!”

The Demonspawn glanced at Yang Ye, “You go!”

Yang Ye spoke with astonishment, “Youre not coming”

“Why would I” The Demonspawn replied indifferently, “Are you still trying to use me, kid”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, the Demonspawn glanced at the undying cavalry, “Kid, Im leaving.

Are you coming”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and asked, “Are you not going to fight more”

“Fight yourself!” The Demonspawn vanished into the sky once it finished speaking.

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and wanted to leave as well, but Dugu Juetian suddenly said, “Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye stopped and gazed at her, “You plan on escorting me”

She laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, your happy days are about to end.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Im very curious, how many races have your undying race annihilated”

“I cant remember!” She replied, “Why”

Yang Ye replied, “Youve annihilated so many and plan to annihilate more.

Whats the point of it”

“The point” Dugu Juetian replied coldly, “Yang Ye, I know a little about you.

Youre a selfish person, and you dont care about your own race at all.

If you were willing to step forward for the human race, it wouldnt have fallen to such an extent But you didnt.

But every single undying cavalry of my undying race can die for the undying race!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I did step forward once, but they abandoned me.”

Dugu Juetian suddenly asked, “Have you heard of the void spirit race”

Yang Ye asked, “And”

Dugu Juetian said, “All those years ago when we arrived here, we encountered the void spirit race.

While we were enemies, we respect the Void Respect Maiden and the void spirit race.

Thats why we didnt destroy Void Spirit Continent after annihilating them.

Do you know why they received our respect Because they were united.

Because not a single one of them surrendered until death took them.

Most importantly, they were willing to die for the Void Spirit Maiden.

Your human race, and even the god race and all the other races, and nothing before them.

All of you are a bunch of selfish ants!”

Yang Ye asked, “And your undying race is very united”

Dugu Juetian laughed coldly, “If we werent united, how could we have survived in this boundless universe Just take a look at history.

How long do races that do not stay united last”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time and shook his head, “You havent answered my question.

Why is your undying race slaughtering everyone Is it really because you need to absorb the death energy of the dead to survive”

Dugu Juetian walked over to Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, youre too nave.

You dont know how brutal this universe can be.

You should have heard of the initial race, but do you know what they did first upon arriving at that new universe”

Yang Ye frowned slightly, “What”

Dugu Juetian laughed coldly, “They plundered and slaughtered.

The bloody deeds theyve committed are on par with my undying race.

Let me tell you a little more.

Countless living beings and races have been born throughout the universe.

Especially during the time of my undying race.

Countless universes intersected and a myriad of races existed like a forest throughout the universe.

All these races needed spirit energy and resources to survive, so what would happen when spirit energy is insufficient and they havent been able to find a new universe”

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Slaughter!”

She laughed coldly, “Youre correct.

The weak have no right to live.

The living beings of this large universe are weak, so you deserve death.

Its the law of the universe, the weak deserve death!”

Yang Ye fell silent for a long time and nodded, “Thanks for the information.”

Dugu Juetian added, “The next time we meet, either you or we will die.”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Ill be waiting!”

He vanished into the sky once he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, an undying cavalry walked over to Dugu Juetians side, “Hell become a great enemy for our race if hes allowed to continue growing!”

Dugu Juetian replied indifferently, “He wont have the chance.

Moreover, why would we feat him even if he grows further”

The undying cavalry nodded slightly, “When will our patriarch emerge from his closed door cultivation”

Dugu Juetian spoke solemnly, “I dont know, but it wont be long.

Unfortunately, Lord Xiao Lou is standing on guard for our patriarch.

Otherwise, the war here would be over by now!”

She looked up into the sky once she finished speaking, “Im not worried about Yang Ye but that middle aged man in cloud white robes.

Hed truly mysterious and unfathomable.

He will probably bring great trouble to our undying race if he interferes.”

“No matter how strong he is, can he compare to Lord Xiao Lou and the Patriarch” The undying cavalry continued, “What do you think”

Dugu Juetian thought for a moment and nodded, “True.

Right, whats happening with those five progenitors”

The undying cavalry replied solemnly, “Its being done.

However, they wont truly submit to our race.”

Dugu Juetian laughed coldly, “The day Lord Xiao Lou and the Patriarch arrive will be the day they die.

Lets ignore them for now and let them do as they please!”

She turned around and left.

Yang Ye returned to Void Spirit Continent, and the Demonspawn was behind him.

In the sky above the continent, Yang Ye said, “Senior, what do you want”

The Demonspawn sized up Yang Ye and said, “So young yet so scheming.

Youre great!”

Yang Ye replied, “Lets just be frank.

Senior, you revealed such divine might, so I feared your strength and thought of diverting your attention.

I hope you forgive my offense!”

“Youre a true man!” The Demonspawn suddenly said, “I like your straightforward character, so Ill be frank too.

Im here because I hope to get your help.

I need your Primordial Violet Energy and Bodhi Tree.

As for your conditions…”

“Why mention conditions!” Yang Ye suddenly said, “Its my honor to let you use them, so why would I raise any conditions Am I someone like that”

The Demonspawn was stunned speechless.

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