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Chapter 2249 – Progenitor in an Instant!

A long time passed before Yang Lianshuang recovered from her shock, and Tian Xiu had gone far away.

Yang Lianshuang hurriedly chased up to her, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Have you really been there”

Tian Xiu nodded, “I once traveled through a myriad of universes, and I discovered that place by chance.

Its a special place.”

Yang Lianshuang gulped and asked, “How did you get there Even though Im so strong now, I cant find it, nor do I know how to find it.”

“Thats normal!” Tian Xiu spoke softly, “I noticed a concealment formation around it, and even I was almost deceived by it.

However, its because of that formation that I decided to explore it.”

Yang Lianshuang spoke in a trembling voice, “Can I go there”

Tian Xiu stopped and gazed at her, “You want to return there”

Yang Lianshuang nodded, “Its where I was born.”

Tian Xiu replied, “That place cant endure your strength.

If you go there, the slightest mistake may destroy that place.”

Yang Lianshuang hurriedly said, “I can restrain my strength!”

Tian Xiu explained, “The laws of the Heaven Dao.

Its too weak there, and your strength far surpasses it.

So its like a teacup cant hold the tea in an entire pot.

So, unless you seal your own strength and energy, so that it cant escape at all… Then maybe itll be possible.”

Yang Lianshuang was excited, “Of course, of course Id do that.

But how do I find the way back there”

Tian Xiu pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Your strength isnt sufficient to see through that formation.

If you cant do that, you cant get inside even if you arrive in that galaxy.” She paused for a moment and continued, “If you really want to go back, you can ask for Yang Yes help.

His Sword Domain can reveal everything.

Even if that fails, he still has the Bodhi Tree.”

“Ask him to go with me” Yang Lianshuang shook her head, “No, absolutely not.

He cant go there.

That fellows temper is horrible, and the culture there is completely different.

He may do something crazy once he gets there.

No, I absolutely wont let him go there! That place has no place for someone like him!”

Her hometown wasnt a place that people could just do as they pleased like they did here.

There were laws there.

However, if Yang Ye went there, would he abide by those laws Hope that Yang Ye would If someone tried to find fault with Yang Ye, Yang Ye would definitely take that fellows head.

She could imagine the scene of blood flowing like fountains!

Tian Xiu seemed to have thought of something, and she grinned, “Right, you can ask him to just send you there.”

Yang Lianshuang spoke softly, “Thats true!”

Meanwhile, Tian Xiu tapped Yang Lianshuangs forehead, “This is the route I took.

If you want to go back there, just follow it to that galaxy.”

She turned around and walked off once she finished speaking.

Meanwhile, Yang Lianshuang suddenly asked, “What do you think of my home”

Tian Xius figure stopped for a moment and said, “Tell them to stop exploring.

The outside world is very dangerous, and theyll bring death upon themselves if they continue.”

She vanished once she finished speaking.

Yang Lianshuang was at a loss for words.

After she left Yang Lianshuang, she went to the cemetery.

It was a ghastly place, but Tian Xiu had a gentle expression on her face.

As she just gazed at it, she gradually closed her eyes, and two streams of tears slowly flowed down the corners of her eyes.

In the hall.

A long time passed before Yang Yes eyes opened slowly, and they were still blood red.

An Nanjing wasnt too far away from him, she was seated cross-legged on the ground while looking at a black scroll.

Snowy was on Yang Yes chest, and she was snoring there.


Yang Ye took a deep breath.

Meanwhile, An Nanjings hands shook, and then she looked over in his direction.

She walked over slowly to him, “Youre awake”

Yang Ye nodded, “I feel quite terrible.”

She said, “She said you shouldnt use your Primordial Violet Energy because such pain is beneficial to you.”

Tian Xiu!

Yang Ye looked at the surroundings, “Where is she”

An Nanjing replied softly, “She said she needs some time to herself!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and sat down.

Meanwhile, Snowy opened her eyes.

She cracked a smile when she saw Yang Ye awake, and then gave his chin a long kiss.

Yang Ye smiled and rubbed her head.

“Lets start cultivating!” Meanwhile, An Nanjing suddenly said, “She said you must master your Sword Domain as soon as possible!”

Master it!

Yang Ye had a serious expression on his face.

After she started teaching him, Yang Ye realized how weak he was when compared to the supreme experts of this world!

He was nothing before them!


Yang Ye and An Nanjing started cultivating like theyd gone mad.

Yang Ye cultivated in the Sword Domain and kept shrinking it over and over again.

He had to get used to that pain, and only then could he use the Sword Domain in battle.

Otherwise, how would he even fight if he fell unconscious from just using it once

As for An Nanjing, she clearly had been affected by Tian Xiu, and had started to cultivate madly behind closed doors.

As for the matters on Void Spirit Continent, Elder Yuan and Yang Lianshuang were there to deal with it.

While Yang Lianshuang missed her old home, based on the current circumstances, she clearly couldnt head back.

Even if she could, she wouldnt.

While they werent linked by blood, Yang Ye was still a friend to her, a very close friend!

Just like that, time trickled by.

A month later.

Yang Lianshuang suddenly walked into the hall and said something, and then Yang Ye opened his eyes and vanished from the hall.

Deep within the endless black holes.

There was a huge altar somewhere in there, and corpses floated all around it.

Those corpses just floated around there in an extremely shocking ocean of corpses.

There were four people on the huge altar, they were Shao Siyou, the Weapon Progenitor, Demon Progenitor, and Evil Progenitor.

Besides that, there was a huge circle of light in front of them, and endless death energy converged into the circle of light from the surroundings.

Meanwhile, Shao Siyou suddenly stopped, and the others gazed at her.

Shao Siyou glanced at the surroundings and spoke via voice transmission, “I dont think we can rely on the undying race.”

“So what” The Weapon Progenitor spoke indifferently, “There are only two forces in the large universe now.

Yang Ye and the undying race.

If we dont stay with the undying race, then are we supposed to go with Yang Ye Yang Ye is determined to kill all of us, and do you think he can even resist the undying race”

Shao Siyou shook her head slightly, “Yang Ye cannot be relied on, but neither can the undying race.

As far as Im concerned, the day we finish gathering death energy for them will be the day we die.”

The others fell silent.

Suddenly, the Demon Progenitor asked, “Do you have any ideas”

A smile curled up on her face, “If we want to live, we must make Yang Ye and the undying race fight each other.

Only then can we truly escape the undying races control, and that can only happen if they fight until both sides suffer terrible losses.”

The Weapon Progenitor shook his head slightly, “Im afraid the undying race will make us attack Yang Ye before that can even happen.

In that way, it will be the undying race who reaps the final reward.”

Shao Siyou grinned, “Your worries are warranted, but youve overlooked something, death energy!”

“Huh” All of them gazed at her.

She stood up slowly, “The undying race is definitely gathering all this death energy for a reason.

Based on my inference, they may be using it to heal an expert of the undying race.

Tell me, what would Yang Ye do if he received news of this”

The Weapon Progenitor replied, “He may try to stop it!”

Shao Siyou grinned, “He will definitely come.

If he doesnt reduce the undying races strength now, he may not have a second chance.

So, he wont miss this opportunity.

Ive already snuck a message to the people by his side, and he may come here soon.

At that time, the undying race will definitely come forward, and that will be our chance.”

The Weapon Progenitor asked, “To flee”

Shao Siyou nodded, “After being in contact with the undying race throughout this time, Ive gotten a stronger feeling that they wont let us live.

As they say, those not from the same race always have ill intent.

If you were experts of the undying race, would you keep experts who arent from your race You definitely wouldnt.

They havent acted against us yet because they still want to use us.

Once theyve finished using us, or once theyve dealt with Yang Ye, they will target us.

At that time, we will have no chance.

Thus, we must leave before that happens!”

The Evil Progenitor nodded slightly, “Its a good plan.

Even if he cant defeat the undying race, that mysterious expert behind him will definitely be able to pose a threat to the undying race.

At that time, the undying race will have no time to pay attention to us.”

Shao Siyou grinned and was about to speak when she suddenly looked toward the distance, “Hes here!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a ray of sword energy appeared far away at the borders of their vision.

It was extremely swift and instantly arrived before them, and then it dispersed to reveal Yang Yes figure.

Right when Yang Ye arrived here, the space behind Shao Siyou and the others trembled, and then a middle aged man walked out from there.

It was Master Yuan!

Besides that, Dugu Juetian and a few hundred undying cavalry were behind him.

Master Yuan glanced at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently, “I wont let you touch the death energy here.”

Yang Ye started walking in Master Yuans direction, “What if I insist”

Master Yuan clenched his right fist, “Why dont you try”

“The I shall!” Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

Shao Siyou couldnt help but grin when she witnessed this, but her expression changed drastically just a moment later.

It was because Yang Yes attack wasnt aimed at Master Yuan, it was aimed at her!

She was Yang Yes target!

Shao Siyous reaction was extremely swift.

She immediately raised her hand, and then a wave of terrifying energy instantly rippled out from within her.

Suddenly, Yang Ye closed his eyes.

An instant later, his countenance turned ghastly pale while a wisp of blood instantly seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

The Sword Domain!

Yang Ye had activated the Sword Domain!

A moment later, Yang Yes sword descended.

It descended without making a sound or causing any fluctuations.

However, everyone here was stunned.

Yang Yes attack just ignored Shao Siyous energy and descended from above her.

Her eyes opened wide and were filled with disbelief, “I-Impossible…”

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