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Chapter 2272 – Progenitor of Slaughter!

A long time later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.

He was just about to sit up when mincing pain came from his stomach!

“Huh” Yang Ye endured the intense pain and intended to sit up, but he noticed to his shock that he actually couldnt move his hands.

Even his legs were impossible to move!

A long time passed before Yang Ye figured out the situation.

At this moment, he was in a dark room, and his limbs were bound by a few thick iron chains that were secured underground.

Besides that, there was a dagger in his stomach!

So long as he used his profound energy, the dagger would move, and it just had to stab a few inches deeper to take his life!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly!

He recalled everything that occurred earlier!

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At that time, An Nanjing and him were fighting the old man from the initial race.

While the old man fully suppressed them in battle, they were barely able to support themselves in battle against him.

But right when they entered the ground, a ray of white light suddenly appeared before them and attacked them!

If the old man from the initial race was included, they were facing two True Dao Realm experts with the addition of the white light!

In an instant, it was equivalent to facing the joint forces of two True Dao Realm experts.

At that moment, An Nanjing and him were almost at their limits, so they couldnt resist it at all.

After that, he was here!

“Youre awake!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then a ray of white light appeared here.

Yang Ye opened his eyes and looked over.

He saw a woman in a white dress.

Yang Ye asked, “Where is she”

The woman replied, “With the initial race!”

Yang Ye visibly relaxed when he heard this, and then he slowly relaxed his clenched fists.

Moreover, the blood red in his eyes gradually vanished.

An Nanjing was alive!

He was most afraid that she was dead!

Yang Ye asked, “Where am I”

She replied, “White Emperor City!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Ive never heard of it!”

She walked slowly to Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Ye saw her appearance.

She was very tall and slender, with a beautiful appearance.

She could be described as being on par with any woman hed ever met.

However, she emanated an innate aura of arrogance, and it was like everything was no different than an ant to her.

It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

Her gaze moved over to Yang Yes stomach, “I cut open your stomach, but I noticed that the Primordial Pagoda has fused into one with your body, and taking it by force would be destroying it.

So, you must give it to me yourself.”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “What do you think”

She gazed at him for a long time.

Suddenly, she flicked her finger, and the dagger in Yang Yes stomach descended around an inch.

In an instant, Yang Ye felt heartrending pain, but his face remained emotionless!

A short while passed before she stopped, “Do you want to die”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I want to live!”

She spoke indifferently, “But it looks to me like you want to die!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “If I hand them over, I would die immediately, wouldnt I”

She replied, “Your death will be very painful if you dont!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes, “Do I look like someone whos afraid of pain”

She looked at him for a long time, and she was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly said, “I have a request.”

“A request” A cold smile arose on the corners of her mouth, “Youre thinking of making requests”

Yang Ye replied, “Then just kill me!”

He closed his eyes slowly.

She turned around, “There is a place of extreme Yin in White Emperor City, and its one of the forbidden areas of this city.

Its filled with vengeful spirits, and all of these spirits belonged to people who died miserably.

They truly hope for someone to avenge them.”

She suddenly turned around once more and gazed at Yang Ye, “All of them have painful experiences, and Ill make you experience all of it.

Itll definitely feel absolutely amazing.

Right, I forgot to tell you that a Half-Step True Dao Realm expert went there once.

Do you know what happened It only took less than an hour for him to take his own life.

Good luck!”

She vanished on the spot with Yang Ye.

At a gloomy place with dark clouds covering the sky and not a single ray of sunlight descending upon it.

Suddenly, a white ray of light appeared in this world filled with cold and icy wind.


There was a mans figure lying before the white light, and it was Yang Ye!

Yang Ye frowned when he arrived here.

He senses countless eyes staring at him!

The woman glanced at the surroundings, and then a ferocious female face suddenly appeared before her.

The woman raised her hand and slapped it.


Space shook, and the face appeared over 1km away.

The face laughed ferociously, “The dignified empress of White Emperor City is here! This truly brings honor to this humble place of mine!”

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ

The woman in a white dress glanced at the face and replied indifferently, “Ghost Asura, long time no see.

Youve grown quite a bit.


Ghost Asura laughed coldly.

In the end, her gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “Oh my, Bai Zhixian, when did you get a little lover”

The woman in a white dress, Bai Zhixian, immediately revealed a cold expression.

Meanwhile, Ghost Asura added, “Tak, tsk, I didnt expect your taste to be this bad.

You found a piece of trash that isnt handsome nor strong.”

Bai Zhixian spoke indifferently, “Only trash use their mouths.”


Meanwhile, an ethereal pike shot at Bai Zhixian.

She waved her right hand, and it shattered into bits.

Ghost Asura was about to attack again, but Bai Zhixians figure flashed 3km away, and then she flicked a black pearl over.

Ghost Asura frowned, “A Ghost Energy Pearl!” She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Bai Zhixian, what are you trying to do!”

Bai Zhixian replied indifferently, “I want to use the vengeful spirits here!”

Ghost Asuras eyes narrowed slightly, “Thats all”

She nodded, “Thats all!”

Ghost Asura gazed at her for a long time.

In the end, the face sucked the pearl into its mouth, and then an icy cold and evil gale appeared here while countless black specks of light appeared.

Vengeful spirits!

Yang Ye sensed countless vengeful spirits!

They werent new to Yang Ye as hed absorbed countless in the past.

However, the vengeful spirits he sensed now were exceptionally strong, and their resentment even made his heart palpitate slightly!

Hed once possessed Progenitor Realm slaughter intent!

Yet even his heart was palpitating slightly.

So, it was obvious how terrifying they were.

Meanwhile, Bai Zhixian walked over to Yang Ye, “Enjoy this well.

Let me see how stubborn you can be!”

Her figure flashed over 10km away once she finished speaking.

Once she left, the vengeful spirits charged at Yang Ye.

It didnt take long for them to enter his forehead.


In an instant, black energy rippled out from Yang Yes forehead.

Yang Yes eyes opened wide, and black energy swirled within them!

In Yang Yes mind.

There was an estate, and the huge estate was covered in corpses with blood that rose up to the knees.

Countless limbs were floating everywhere, and the stench of blood made it impossible to breathe here.


Corpses covered the area!

All of them had died brutally with their limbs torn off!

Even Yang Ye had never seen such ruthless methods.

It didnt take long for scenes to play within his mind.

The scenes when they were killed; the helplessness, pain, and misery they felt.

He could feel all of it very clearly.

He could clearly experience all the emotions they felt at the moment of their deaths!

At this moment, he was them!


Absolutely miserable!

One after the other, the miserable past of these countless vengeful spirits entered Yang Yes mind.

Any other ordinary person would have definitely gone mad from the impact of this!

However, Yang Ye was no ordinary person!


Had Yang Yes entire life not been that To a certain extent, everything hed experienced wasnt any inferior to these vengeful spirits.

Moreover, he had the Heart of Slaughter.

Such tragedy would only strengthen his Heart of Slaughter!

A long time later, Bai Zhixian gradually started frowning.

Because this was unlike anything shed expected.

Normal people would feel extreme pain upon being attacked by so many vengeful spirits, but Yang Ye didnt seem to be in any pain!

That was very unusual!

However, she didnt stop this and chose to continue watching!

Just like that, time trickled by.

At this moment, Yang Ye was enveloped within the vengeful spirits, and they were charging madly into him.

There were hundreds of thousands of them here, and every single one of them had a miserable past.

As for Yang Ye, he was experiencing all of it!

Just like that, time trickled by, and Bai Zhixian had a stronger feeling that something was off.

At this moment, shed decided to stop this.

Suddenly, the vengeful spirits stopped, and then a voice arose slowly from within them, “Now I truly understand a truth of this world.

The strong do as they please, and the weak can only accept their fate.

A cruel world with a cruel law of survival.”

A man walked over to Bai Zhixian once the voice finished resounding.

It was Yang Ye!

Yang Ye was holding a sword.

He glanced at it, then glanced at Bai Zhixian, “Thank you.

You allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my Dao.

You cant stand up straight in this world without being ruthless!”


As soon as he said those words, a wave of terrifying slaughter intent swept out from Yang Ye.

In an instant, this gray world turned blood red!

Slaughter intent!

Progenitor Realm slaughter intent!

Moreover, Yang Yes aura instantly rose explosively!

It wasnt the aura of a Sage!

Bai Zhixians eyes narrowed slightly, “You attained the Progenitor Realm through the Dao of Slaughter!”

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