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Chapter 2290 – Treasures or Your Head!

Sword Scroll gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “But have you thought about how freedom would await if you took a step back”

Yang Ye replied, “Perhaps that is true, but some may try to take another yard!”

Sword Scroll shook her head, “You’re too extreme!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Sword Scroll, in this world of ours, the weak fear the strong, the strong fear those who aren’t afraid of death, and those who aren’t afraid of death are afraid of those who are both unafraid of death and insane.

At most times, they bully you because you’re weak, and they won’t stop when you make a compromise.

They will just think you’re easy to bully, and then they’ll insult you and try to take a yard instead.

Conversely, if you face them with your fists, even if you lose, they wouldn’t dare to casually bully you like they previously did.”

He shook his head and smiled, “Just like this moment.

Do you think they would let us go if I handed those three treasures over to them”

Sword Scroll closed her eyes slowly, “They wouldn’t!”

They wouldn’t!

Why wouldn’t they

It was very simple.

The natural talent Yang Ye revealed was too terrifying.

He possessed such strength at his age, so they would never leave potential trouble like him alive.

Yang Ye laughed with self-ridicule, “In this world, you deserve death if you’re weak.

If you’re strong, you deserve death too.

Only those at the peak, those who are so strong that no one is a match for them, only they survive.”

He gazed at her and continued, “Sword Scroll, I don’t know what kind of person the Limitless Sword Master was.

However, I refuse to learn the methods of survival that others use, and you don’t have to try and change me.

If you wish to stay with me, you have to tread the same rough road ahead of me.

If you’re unwilling, you can leave whenever you’re free.

I will never stop you.”

Sword Scroll suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, “You’re trying to drive me away”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You’re mysterious and powerful.

So, as far as I’m concerned, having you by my side is more advantageous than disadvantageous.

Why would I try to drive you away However, I don’t like others trying to enforce their will on me, and I don’t like forcing others either.

You’re not the only one, the Primordial Pagoda, the Bodhi Tree, or even Snowy… If they want to leave one day, I will never stop them.

They are my friends, not my possessions!”

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly hugged Yang Ye and ceaselessly rubbed her little head against his chin.

Obviously, she was telling him that she wasn’t leaving.

Sword Scroll took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and gazed at her, “Want to go inside”

She thought for a moment and replied, “Let me have a look!”

As soon as she said that, Yang Ye, Snowy, and her entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Once they went inside, Yang Ye immediately went to the cultivation room, sat down cross-legged, and started healing.

His injuries were too severe.

As for Sword Scroll, he ignored her.

He wasn’t afraid that she would try anything because if she wanted to, she could have killed him earlier and taken all his treasures.

But she hadn’t done so.

At this moment, Snowy was glaring angrily at Sword Scroll while the Sword Gourd hung by her waist and an axe was between her arms.

Snowy was clearly angry that Sword Scroll hadn’t helped earlier.

Snowy’s thoughts were very simple.

Sword Scroll was with Yang Ye and her, so as far as she was concerned, they were on the same side.

Thus, when Yang Ye was in trouble, Sword Scroll should help.

Conversely, if Sword Scroll was in trouble, she felt that Yang Ye should help Sword Scroll.

But Sword Scroll hadn’t helped! So, Snowy was slightly hostile to Sword Scroll, or it should be said that Snowy was very vigilant toward her.

Snowy had blacklisted Sword Scroll in her heart!

Sword Scroll frowned slightly when she saw the hostility that filled Snowy’s eyes, “What do you want”

What do I want

Snowy blinked.

She still hadn’t figured out what she wanted!

Meanwhile Sword Scroll suddenly said, “You must understand that I’ve helped him a lot, but I can’t always help him.

He must grow himself, understand”

Snowy shook her head and waved her claws at Sword Scroll.

Sword Scroll frowned slightly again, “What are you trying to say”

Meanwhile, a voice resounded, “She’s saying that since we’re all friends, we should help each other!”

Sword Scroll turned around and saw a petite young girl.

She wore a violet dress, and her figure seemed petite and noble.

She was Zi’er.

Snowy immediately flew over and hugged Zi’er intimately.

Sword Scroll sized up Zi’er, “A Spatial Mink, and one with violet eyes too.

I’m quite surprised.”

Zi’er hugged Snowy and spoke softly, “Please do as you wish.”

She turned around and left with Snowy.

Sword Scroll fell silent on the spot for a long time, and then she walked off into the distance.

In next to no time, she arrived at the ethereal area in the 7th level.

Sword Scroll glanced at the surroundings and said, “I guess you’re the Primordial Axe of Creation.”

A voice resounded, “Sword Scroll, Sword Book, Sword Pavilion.

Now, only the Sword Scroll remains.

Looks like you’re in a terrible state too.”

Sword Scroll’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flickered within them.

The voice resounded abruptly, “If your main body is here, I would fear you a little.

But you’re really weak now.”

Sword Scroll chuckled, “Aren’t you the same I’m really curious about something.

You’re actually willing to let a Sprite Lord control you! A Sprite Lord may be rare, but it shouldn’t be enough to make you willingly let her use you, right”

The voice said, “Looks like after you lost your main body, you’ve even lost your ability to distinguish things.

How pitiable!”

Sword Scroll’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What do you mean”

The voice replied, “What is above the Sprite Lord”

Sword Scroll replied solemnly, “The Sprite Progenitor! The progenitor of all Sprites who possesses the ability to create all Sprites and use them to create Sprite Energy…”

Her pupils constricted abruptly at this point, “Impossible.

It’s impossible, absolutely impossible that she’s a Sprite Progenitor!”

“Impossible” The voice ridiculed, “Take another good look!”

Sword Scroll turned around.

Her gaze pierced through space and descended upon Snowy who was at the first level.

At this moment, Snowy was prancing around with the Sword Gourd in her grasp, and numerous Sprites were around her.

They were the Sprites she’d brought along from the large universe, and they were all her lackeys now.

She took them around the pagoda every day.

It didn’t take long for Sword Scroll’s gaze to descend onto Snowy’s eyes, and there was a trace of dark violet in Snowy’s eyes!

Sword Scroll’s expression instantly changed from the sight of that dark violet.

“Impossible…” Her eyes were filled with disbelief, “Besides the Eternal Universe, it’s impossible for a Sprite Progenitor to appear anywhere else, and one has never appeared anywhere else either!”

“Is that so” The voice spoke indifferently, “But the fact is that she has started to transform.

When her eyes become completely violet, she will become a Sprite Progenitor.

You who are from the Eternal Universe, I’m sure you know what a Sprite Progenitor represents, right”

A Sprite Progenitor!

Sword Scroll’s voice was trembling slightly.

A Sprite Progenitor was terrifying because of the Sprite Energy.

Sprite Energy was formed by converging all Sprites and using them as the foundation to create a brand new type of spirit energy.

It was ranked the third amongst all energies! Besides that, Sprite Progenitors were terrifying for another reason, and it was because they could converge the strength of all Sprites, or to be more precise, they could forcefully use the strength of all Sprites!

All Sprites were under the Sprite Progenitor’s controls!

However, all Sprite Progenitors were loved by all Sprites, so they didn’t have to take the strength of all Sprites by force, the Sprites would definitely offer up their strength if the Sprite Progenitor asked!

Besides that, Sprite Progenitors were influential.

They usually didn’t interfere in the affairs of the world, and their status in the Eternal Universe was very, very special.

Even some extraordinary overlords would give face to the Sprite Progenitor because Sprite Energy was very, very helpful to experts like them.

Especially divine treasures like the Primordial Axe of Creation.

Every one of the top 10 energies had something special about them, and Sprite Energy was the most special.

It could forcefully improve a divine treasure’s spirit, and it could repair a divine treasure’s spirit.

So, the Sprite Progenitor had an especially good relationship with the ten divine treasures and other beings like them.

Sprite Progenitors weren’t the strongest, but they had the most special status!

Meanwhile, the Primordial Axe of Creation spoke once more, “If you want to recover your main body, I think it’s practically impossible without a Sprite Progenitor’s help, right”

Sword Scroll fell silent.

“It’s unfortunate!” The axe ridiculed, “She’s full of hate toward you now.

If you don’t form a good relationship with the Sprite Progenitor now, once she becomes a Sprite Progenitor, she will probably not spare you a single glance.

Even your main body and I would be nothing to a Sprite Progenitor.”

Sword Scroll still remained silent.

If she was asked who was the most likely to get through the Eternal River in the future, she would answer that it was Snowy.

So long as Snowy became a Sprite Progenitor, she wouldn’t even have to do it herself.

Countless experts from the other side would come to take her over!

At this moment, she finally understood why the Primordial Axe of Creation and Sword Gourd allowed Snowy to do as she pleased.

If they refused to let her do as she pleased now, she probably wouldn’t even touch them if they tried to gain her attention in the future.

Sword Scroll fell silent for a long time, and then she turned around and left.

Meanwhile, in the 1st level, Snowy was playing with the gourd.

Sword Scroll had quite complicated emotions in her eyes as she watched Snowy play with the Sword Gourd, and a thought arose in her mind—Yang Ye can die, but Snowy can’t!

Time trickled by.

After almost six days of recovery, Yang Ye had finally recuperated.

Yang Ye went to the 1st level, and Snowy immediately appeared before him.

Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as he gazed at her.

The Sword Gourd was tied to her waist, and the Primordial Axe of Creation was in her paws.

Besides that, the Sword Supreme was floating by her side.

It could be said that Snowy was armed to the teeth!

With these divine treasures by her side, even a True Dao Realm expert wouldn’t be able to get close to her.

Yang Ye rubbed her head and smiled, “Let’s go!”

Yang Ye took her out of the Primordial Pagoda once he finished speaking.

In the outside world, Yang Ye tapped his right foot down lightly, and a ray of light appeared soundlessly.

An instant later, it tore through the sky and vanished.

The Initial Grounds.

The Initial Grounds was where the Shiyuan Clan resided.

It was a place they’d fought for and taken for themselves, and they’d made the entire Eternal Border acknowledge their status.

A ray of light descended before a mountain range.

It dispersed to reveal Yang Ye’s figure.

Yang Ye looked over past the mountain, the Initial Grounds were beyond it.

Yang Ye was about to head forward when he suddenly looked to the side.

A woman in a white dress with a zither in her arms was walking slowly in his direction.

Her long hair flowed down to her waist, and there was a veil over her face that concealed her appearance.

She walked over to Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Young Master yang, my Lord would like to meet you!”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “Can you wait until I come back”

She shook her head slightly, “You must go now!”

Yang Ye looked up in the direction of the Initial Grounds, “Someone is waiting for me there.”

She suddenly said, “Then please leave those three divine treasures behind.”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and she spoke softly, “My Immortal Estate wants them, so please part with them!”

As she spoke, she walked slowly in Yang Ye’s direction, “You have two choices.

Either leave those treasures behind, or leave your head behind.”

The Immortal Estate!


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