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Nangong Yan who was in the lead of the group smiled and said, “Brother Yang, those conditions I provided just now are still available.

So long as youre willing to part with these treasures, then everyone can still be brothers in the future.

We can share both fortune and hardships, and well get rich in the Grand Myriad Mountains, alright”

Yang Ye smiled lightly, and then he looked at Huang Qing, Qing Hai, and Hai Xue as he said, “Ill give the three of you a chance.


Nangong Yan frowned.

What does this fellow mean by that Could it be that he intends to fight all of us by himself

Huang Qing and the others were stunned when they heard Yang Ye.

But in next to no time, the woman called Hai Xue was the first to recover from her shock, and she immediately took a deep glance at Yang Ye before she stopped hesitating, turned around, and left.

When they saw Hai Xue leave, Huang Qing and Qing Hai exchanged glances, and then Huang Qing glanced at Yang Ye before he went after Hai Xue.

During this period of time together with Hai Xue, he really admired her wisdom.

Because every single time they were in danger, it would be Hai Xues wisdom that saved them.

So, when he saw Hai Xue leave without the slightest hesitation, he knew that the consequences of the matter would be severe, and he didnt hesitate to follow her.

On the other hand, the young man called Qing Hai didnt choose to leave.

Because he desired the corpse of that Spirit Rank Darkbeast.

The corpse of such a Darkbeast was extremely enormous, so even if it was split amongst all 10 plus of them, he would be able to obtain a portion of it.

If he sold that portion, it would definitely be able to be sold for a very good price.

So, hed stayed behind.

“Brother Yang, were all brothers….” Qing Hai seemed to intend to act as a mediator.

However, Yang Ye waved his hand and interrupted Qing Hai, and he said, “I know that very few people in this world can resist temptation.

You didnt, so you have to pay the price!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the Darkbeast army appeared here.

At the same time, Yang Yes figure flashed and directly arrived in front of Nangong Yan before he drew his sword and slashed.

Yang Ye wasnt a bloodthirsty person, but he was absolutely not a soft-hearted one.

He wouldnt attack unless attacked, but once he was, then he would strike to kill! These fellows clearly intended to seize the Inner Core and corpse that belonged to him.

Since it was like that, he naturally wouldnt talk about justice and morality with them!

The Darkbeast army seemed to possess a very bad impression of humans, so there was no need for Yang Ye to give them any instructions before they pounced towards the group of human profounders.

When they witnessed this scene, Nangong Yan and the others behind him were instantly horrified.

Obviously, this had exceeded their imagination.

Not to mention them, any human would probably be extremely shocked by such a scene.

Because a human was actually able to summon a group of Darkbeasts.

Was this normal

Nangong Yan didnt have the time to feel shocked because Yang Yes strike that was swift like a bolt of lightning had arrived above him, and as he sensed the terrifying strength contained within the sword, a wisp of a solemn expression swiftly surged into Nangong Yans eyes.

Now, he finally understood that he seemed to have overly underestimated this fellow called Yang Ye!

He didnt have the time to think about anything else.

Nangong Yan swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground, and his figure shot backward explosively by around 10m to avoid Yang Yes strike.

This caused Yang Ye to be slightly surprised because he hadnt imagined that this fellow would actually be able to dodge a full force strike of his sword.

Even though he hadnt boosted it with Sword Intent, a strike that carried his full strength wasnt something that just anyone could evade!

“Brother Yang, out of consideration for our past relationship, please….” Right at this moment, Qing Hais cry suddenly sounded out from afar.

However, he wasnt even able to finish a complete sentence while under Greys ferocious attacks.

Yang Ye didnt spare a glance at Qing Hai.

Hed given Qing Hai a chance, yet Qing Hai had given it up because he couldnt resist the temptation before him.

Yang Ye couldnt be blamed for this because once he released the Darkbeast army, then he absolutely couldnt allow a single person to survive!

The profound energy in his body surged and instantly poured into the Gale Shoes, and then Yang Ye swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot and relied on the counterforce to shoot out forward like a cannonball towards Nangong Yan.

Amongst this group of people, Nangong Yan was the strongest, and the others would be nothing to worry about once Nangong Yan was eliminated!

Nangong Yans eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye charge over once more.

If it was at any ordinary time, then he wouldnt fear battling Yang Ye.

But at this moment… there were at least seven King Rank Darkbeasts in the surroundings.

Under the joint attacks of these King Rank Darkbeasts, it wasnt long before more than half of his group had perished.

If he waited for the Darkbeasts to eliminate all the members of his group and come deal with him, then he would be finished!

When he thought up to here, Nangong Yan had aroused the intention to retreat.

After he heard another shrill cry resound from the battlefield, he stopped hesitating, and the profound energy within his body surged as he swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then his figure shot explosively in retreat.

When he saw that Nangong Yan intended to flee, Yang Ye grunted coldly, and then he shouted lightly.

“Gale Steps!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Yes speed suddenly sped up, and he directly transformed into a black shadow that instantly arrived in front of Nangong Ye before he drew his sword and slashed once more!

When he noticed that Yang Ye had continued to pursue him without any intention of letting him go, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Nangong Yans eyes.

He immediately stopped, and with a flip of his palm, a sword appeared in his grasp.

After that, he slashed it forcefully towards Yang Ye whod shot explosively towards him.

“Invisible Arc!” Along with his loud shout, a crescent shaped strand of sword qi instantly shot out explosively from the tip of his sword.

The sword qi whistled sharply through the air as it shot towards Yang Ye at an extremely swift speed.

The most mysterious part of this attack was that this sword qi was actually able to go invisible.

Yes, after it left Nangong Yans sword, the sword qi had actually vanished in midair!

Invisible Arc, a low-grade Earth Rank combat technique that could conceal sword qi.

It struck when the enemy was unprepared, and it was extremely mysterious!

This technique was the strongest technique amongst all the techniques that Nangong Yan knew.

At this moment, he didnt dare hold back at all, so hed utilized his strongest technique.

If he was able to annihilate Yang Ye with a single strike, then it naturally couldnt be any better; and if he couldnt, then it was fine as well.

Because all that mattered was being able to repulse Yang Ye and allow him to flee successfully!

When he saw the sword qi vanish, Yang Ye was stunned.

Hed never imagined that sword qi could actually be concealed.

But in next to no time, Yang Ye revealed a faint smile.

He who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart was the bane of all combat techniques.

Just like this concealed sword qi before him.

It seemed to be extremely mysterious, yet it was full of flaws in his eyes.

Of course, besides the reason that he possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, there was another reason, and it was because Nangong Yan hadnt cultivated this technique to its peak!

Yang Ye twisted his wrist and flicked Violet Spirit up at an angle.


Along with a hiss, the crescent shaped sword qi instantly appeared in midair, and then it rumbled and exploded into pieces under Nangong Yans astounded gaze.

After that, a wave of energy arose from the collision and blasted him flying.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan was horrified, and he cried out involuntarily.

“Im the Young Master of the Nangong Clan, my grandfather is an elder of the Origin School, my father is….”

Yang Ye wasnt so kind as to let him finish speaking.

Violet Spirit left his grasp, and it transformed into a strand of violet light that directly pierced through Nangong Yans chest.

Nangong Yans eyes immediately opened wide, and they were filled with hatred and regret!

After he dealt with Nangong Yan, Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and then Violet Spirit and the spatial ring on Nangong Yans hand flew into his grasp.

He didnt check the contents of the ring because there were still a few people struggling tenaciously in the surroundings.

So, his figure flashed towards those humans that were struggling desperately.

After Yang Ye joined the battle, it ended in just a short while.

Over 10 people had been completely annihilated.

No, there was one more person….

That person was Qing Hai whod begged for mercy from Yang Ye just now!

“Brother Yang, I was greedy.

It was my mistake.

Please spare me out of consideration for the relationship….” Qing Hai continued trying to use sentimentality and emotion to his advantage, but he hadnt finished speaking when Yang Ye vanished abruptly on the spot, appeared in front of Qing Hai, and then….

A head flew into the air.

As he gazed at Qing Hais corpse that fell to the ground, Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I gave you a chance!”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly as he gazed at the corpses that covered the ground, and he sighed lightly and said, “Im kindhearted, but what can I do if the world forces me to be savage”

Truthfully speaking, at the very beginning, he truly hadnt thought about making a move against these people because they hadnt gone to Cloudfall Gorge.

In other words, they hadnt tried to find and kill him at that time! So, when he found out that these people hadnt gone to Cloudfall Gorge, hed never thought about attacking and kill them!

However, while he had no intention of attacking them, theyd attacked him instead!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this, and then he started collecting the spoils.

After he gathered the 10 plus spatial rings in the surroundings, Yang Ye started to look through his spoils.


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