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Chapter 2300 – Wait For Yang Ye!


At this moment, Shiyuan Xing’s heart was filled with deep fear.

He’d witnessed Yang Ye’s previous attack, and it had instantly severed the body of a True Dao Realm expert.

But Yang Ye was just at the Progenitor Realm.

How terrifying was such natural talent

If Yang Ye survived and arrived at his level of cultivation, then would anyone amongst them be able to stop that madman At that time, even the Immortal Estate wouldn’t be able to restrain Yang Ye.

Actually, Yang Ye didn’t even have to attain his realm of cultivation.

Even if Yang Ye attained the True Dao Realm, he would be extremely terrifying.

Yang Ye at the True Dao Realm combined with the Sword Domain and True Dao Realm intent.

Experts at the same realm of cultivation would probably be incapable of even resisting a single attack from him!

Besides fear, he felt regret!

Shiyuan Xing felt extreme regret.

He regretted that the Shiyuan Clan had been the first to take action against Yang Ye, and he regretted not gaining a full understanding of Yang Ye before acting against Yang Ye.

Those three treasures were great, but the Shiyuan Clan would still be the Shiyuan Clan without them, they would still be a large and powerful clan.

Yet now, the Shiyuan Clan hadn’t just been unable to get those treasures, it had become an irreconcilable enemy with an extraordinary genius.

Shiyuan Xing wasn’t the only one, the other patriarchs had very heavy hearts too.

Yang Ye!

All of them had acted against Yang Ye for those three treasures, and it could be said that there was enmity between them.

But what kind of person was Yang Ye He was an absolutely vengeful one.

So, if he attained the True Void Realm, how would they resist someone like Yang Ye

Meanwhile, Shiyuan Xing suddenly said, “Besides the two cities and three sects, everyone else who has acted against him is here.

What do all of you think”

A middle aged man suddenly smiled, “What do I think My Beichuan Clan will apologize to him once he comes out from there, and we’ll see if reconciliation is possible.

He was the patriarch of the Beichuan Clan, Beichuan Tian.

“Apologize” Shiyuan Xing revealed a wisp of ridicule, “Brother Beichuan, have you not noticed the state he is in He doesn’t just possess sword intent, he has slaughter intent, madness intent, and those vengeful spirits.

He isn’t a normal person at all.

Do you think he’ll accept your apology Not to mention him, even I wouldn’t accept it.

If you want to kill, you kill; then you try to apologize when you don’t want to kill anymore And then the incident is over If it were so simple, he wouldn’t have become like that.”

Beichuan Tian spoke solemnly, “Shiyuan Xing, isn’t it your Shiyuan Clan’s fault that he has become like that”

Shiyuan Xing shook his head, “I don’t care what all of you think.

In any case, my Shiyuan Clan is determined to kill him.

Of course, I’m very well aware that it’s very difficult for my clan to kill him.

But that’s fine.

If my clan loses, we’ll just be annihilated by him.

As for all of you Haha, if you don’t kill him now, then allow me to be honest.

Once he’s given some time and points his sword at all of you, you’ll understand what despair is like!”

Meanwhile, an old man suddenly stepped forward.

The old man was the patriarch of the Hanyuan Clan, Hanyuan Lin.

All of them gazed at him, and he replied indifferently, “Everyone, you seem to have forgotten that Yang Ye has the Primordial Axe of Creation.

Once it’s unsealed and allows Yang Ye to use it, then I think even the joint forces of our clans wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Simply speaking, we have the initiative now.

Because if we join forces, we have at least a 90% chance to kill him.

But if he attains the True Void Realm, then we’ll be in a passive position, and we can only wait to be slaughtered if he chooses to annihilate us.

So, which do you prefer”

“Why do we only have a 90% chance” A beautiful woman asked abruptly.

She was the patriarch of the Luoli Clan, Luoli Yue.

Hanyuan Lin closed his eyes slowly, “The last 10% is the will of the heavens.

If it doesn’t wish for Yang Ye to die, he won’t die.”

Luoli Yue laughed coldly, “I do not believe in that.

Let me see how he survives.

Don’t forget that there’s the Immortal Estate too.”

The Immortal Estate!

All of them felt much better when they thought of the Immortal Estate.

Because Yang Ye was irreconcilable enemies with the Immortal Estate too!

“Patriarch Luoli is correct!” Suddenly, a middle aged man walked over slowly from afar, and there was a small ‘仙’ character on his chest.

An expert from the Immortal Estate!

The middle aged man walked over to them and smiled, “Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Wang Yun from the Immortal Estate.

I heard all of you discussing Yang Ye, and I noticed that you were still quite hesitant.

Allow me to be honest, you’ve formed irreconcilable enmity with him by hunting him now, so let me ask you this.

Once he grows further, do you think we will spare all of you”

He shook his head and smiled, “Moreover, all of you seem to have forgotten that Yang Ye had entered the Eternal Secret Realm.

If he obtains some sort of fortuitous encounter there, like ascending into the True Dao Realm, then… Haha! Of course, even if Yang Ye attains the True Void Realm, my Immortal Estate wouldn’t fear him, but what about all of you Unless your ancestors show themselves, your joint forces would still be unable to stop him.

As for your ancestors… Haha, I won’t say more.”

Their expressions turned quite unsightly when they listened up to this point.

They’d forcefully pushed their clans into this dilemma.

Meanwhile, Shiyuan Xing gazed at Wang Yun, “Brother Wang, you’re not just here to talk, right”

Wang Yun smiled, “Of course.

I’ll stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point.

My Immortal Estate is determined to kill Yang Ye.

However, I’m the only one they sent.

I’ve witnessed Yang Ye’s strength, and I’m not confident in being able to kill him on my own.

After all, he still has those three treasures with him.”

Shiyuan Xing asked, “So you wish to join forces”

Wang Yun nodded, “Indeed.”

Hanyuan Lin suddenly asked, “What about those treasures once Yang Ye is dead”

Wang Yun glanced at Hanyuan Lin and said, “My Immortal Estate only wants the Bodhi Tree, your clans do what you wish with the other two.”

Hanyuan Lin frowned, “Are you sure that you want the Bodhi Tree and not the Primordial Axe”

The others were puzzled too.

After all, the Primordial Axe was much more precious.

Wang Yun smiled, “Yes.”

They fell silent.

“My Shiyuan Clan doesn’t want any of them!” Meanwhile, Shiyuan Xing spoke abruptly, “We just want Yang Ye’s life!”

Hanyuan Lin glanced at Shiyuan Xing, and then he glanced at the others, “Do any of you have any objections”

They pondered deeply for a moment, and then they started shaking their heads in succession.

No objections!

Meanwhile, Wang Yun smiled, “Looks like we’ve come to an agreement.

Since that’s the case, let’s wait here until he comes out from in there.

Seven True Void Rank experts, and 17 True Dao Realm experts.

Let me see how he survives us.”

Meanwhile, a True Dao Realm expert of the Shiyuan Clan suddenly asked, “Why don’t we go inside”

Wang Yun turned to look at the entrance to the secret realm, “Because the stronger you are, the easier it is for you to die.

Yang Ye is below the True Void Realm in strength yet stronger than the True Dao Realm.

His strength is just perfectly on the border of the Eternal Secret Realm’s limits.

Moreover, if we go inside, we’ll definitely alarm the old fellows in there.

At that time, we’ll probably never make it out.

The rest of you True Dao Realm experts can go inside, but even if all 17 of you go, I’m afraid you won’t be able to kill him, and you might be killed instead.

There are too many variables to consider in there!”

The Eternal Secret Realm!

The stronger a person, the easier it was to die in there!

A True World Realm expert of the Immortal Estate had gone inside once, and that expert never came back!


Just like that, 7 True Void Realm experts and 17 True Dao Realm experts started waiting in Eternal IMmortal City!

Over 20 experts were gathered here to wait for Yang Ye!

At a corner of Eternal Immortal City, a woman in a linen dress was seated there, and there was a huge sword stabbed in the ground by her side.

Her gaze was on Shiyuan Xing’s group.

A long time passed before she withdrew her gaze and closed her eyes, “Fools.”

She was naturally talking about Wang Yun and the others.

Their forces were absolutely capable of killing Yang Ye, and even she couldn’t save him.

It could be said that Yang Ye would be dead the moment he returned outside.

Even the Primordial Axe of Creation couldn’t save him!

After all, their forces were even capable of killing a True World Realm expert, let alone a Progenitor like Yang Ye!

However, what would happen once Yang Ye died

No one had thought about the consequences of that!

As far as she was concerned, the most terrifying aspect about Yang Ye wasn’t his talent in the Sword Dao, the three divine treasures he possessed, or the Sword Domain.

It was the white little fellow by his side!


If Yang Ye died, then based on the relationship he had with Snowy, Snowy would definitely go mad.

Sprite Progenitors were kind by nature, but they had their own reverse scales.

Yang Ye was obviously Snowy’s reverse scale.

Yang Ye’s madness wasn’t that terrifying, but a Sprite Progenitor that went mad was truly terrifying.

Not to mention Eternal Border, even the world on the other side of the Eternal River would have to tremble.

So, the day Yang Ye died would be the day the Eternal Border was finished!

Eternal Secret Realm.

A long time passed before Bai Zhixian sensed the surroundings calm down.

She opened her eyes but didn’t look at the surroundings.

She looked to her side instead, and she heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye.

Bai Zhixian glanced at the surroundings and spoke softly, “The Eternal Secret Realm is another world created by the people of the Eternal Universe, and it was made by their peak experts.

They once lived here, but for some reason, they left and went over to the Eternal Universe.

As for this place, they left many things behind when they left.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I’ve never owed anyone in my life, and I don’t want to either.

However, I owe you.

Don’t worry, I’ll do everything I can to help you break through and attain the True Dao Realm.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took Yang Ye’s hand and vanished into the distance.


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