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Chapter 2304 – True Dao Realm in the Body!

His body was burning!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body was covered in flames.

As they blazed around him, Yang Ye’s body started to transform at a visible rate.

Just like that, a few hours passed before the flames around Yang Ye gradually dispersed.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s skin was quite red, and it took a long time for it to gradually return to normal.

Meanwhile, the old man withdrew his hand, sized up Yang Ye, and smiled, “I thought attaining the peak of the Progenitor Realm would be good enough, but I didn’t expect your body to fully absorb both drops of Divine Blood.

Needless to say, your foundation is really too good.”

Bai Zhixian gazed at the old man, “The True Dao Realm”

The old man nodded slightly, “His body is at the True Dao Realm.”

A wisp of happiness flashed through Bai Zhixian’s eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was much more terrifying than he had been!

Previously, the joint forces of three True Dao Realm experts could suppress him.

Yet now, even five would probably be incapable of doing so.

Now, he was truly capable of both attacking and defending himself!

She seemed to have thought of something and hurriedly gazed at the old man, “Senior, can you restore his consciousness”

His mind!

The old man glanced at Yang Ye, fell silent for a few breaths of time, and then shook his head slightly, “It’s best if we don’t.”

Bai Zhixian was puzzled, “Why”

The old man said, “If I do it, I can forcefully suppress his madness intent, but it will definitely do all it can to resist.

It is one with his body, so it’ll be extremely harmful to him.”

Bai Zhixian spoke solemnly, “Is there no other way”

The old man replied, “There are.

However, he has to rely on himself.

No matter how strong it is, the madness intent must obey him.

So, the best way is for him to suppress it himself.”

Bai Zhixian laughed bitterly, “The problem is he can’t regain consciousness, so he can’t suppress it himself.”

The old man nodded slightly, “There is another way, his sword intent and slaughter intent.

If they can improve to the same level as his madness intent, then perhaps they can jointly suppress it.”

“Jointly” Bai Zhixian was shocked, “Slaughter intent and sword intent aren’t as strong as it”

“Of course not!” The old man explained, “Madness is an extreme intent, an extremely extreme intent.

He’s in a state of madness right now, and it allows his strength to improve tremendously in all aspects.

So, regardless of whether it’s sword intent or slaughter intent, they can’t suppress it alone.

Only their joint forces have a chance to suppress it.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “There’s another way.

Make him advance into the True Dao Realm.

If that happens, he may be able to regain consciousness, and then suppress it himself.

In the end, it actually all depends on him.”

Bai Zhixian laughed bitterly, “That’s almost impossible to do!”

“It’s not easy indeed!” The old man nodded slightly, thought for a moment, and continued, “Let me suppress his madness intent and vengeful spirits slightly so he becomes a little more normal!” He placed his right hand on Yang Ye’s head as he spoke.


A terrifying wave of intent swept out from within Yang Ye.

At the same time, the vengeful spirits in his palm surged out.


The old man’s body shook slightly, but as his palm descended, the madness intent and vengeful spirits were suppressed back within Yang Ye’s body.

At the same time, a blood red circle appeared above Yang Ye.

Bai Zhixian was puzzled, “What’s that”

The old man spoke softly, “A seal.

It has temporarily sealed the vengeful spirits and madness intent within him.

So, he’ll be slightly normal for now.

At the very least, he won’t just try to kill everyone he sees.

Take good care of him while I go into the mountains to get more medicine and beast blood.

His body has just advanced and needs to be fortified further!”

“I’m going too!” Meanwhile, Wang Erya shouted abruptly.

The old man glared at her, and the latter puckered her mouth, “Fine.”

The old man gazed at Bai Zhixian, “Remember not to rashly leave this village, and don’t take him to the rear mountains.

The area outside this village and the rear mountains are very dangerous to both of you.”

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment and said, “Senior, what is this place”

The old man smiled, “A refuge!”

He chuckled and left the house.

Only Yang Ye, Wang Erya, and Bai Zhixian remained here.

Wang Erya kept sizing up Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian from time to time.

In the end, she walked over to the bath barrel, soared up into the air, and looked down at Yang Ye who was within it, “Has he gone mad”

Bai Zhixian remained silent.

Wang Erya stretched out a finger and tapped Yang Ye’s forehead, and then she said, “My grandpa is a very, very stingy person.

It would really pain him just to let me use that Divine Blood, so why was my grandpa so generous to him Moreover, Grandpa is even taking a risk and going to such a dangerous place like the rear mountains.

Oh, is he Grandpa’s illegitimate child”

Bai Zhixian was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stood up, glanced at the surroundings with confusion, and then gazed at Bai Zhixian.

After that, he walked out of the bath barrel and went over to her.

However, her face blushed red because Yang Ye was completely naked.

His clothes had been transformed into ash while his body was being tempered.

Wang Erya’s expression remained normal instead.

She didn’t know anything.

After all, she was just a young girl.

Bai Zhixian glared at Yang Ye, “Put on some clothes!”

Yang Ye didn’t react to that at all.

Bai Zhixian’s face grew even more unsightly.

In the end, it took Yang Ye some time to wear a green robe, and it was naturally because Bai Zhixian had helped him wear it.

Just like that, Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian temporarily settled down in Eternal Village.

Yang Ye’s body had risen to the True Dao Realm here, and because of Yang Ye, Bai Zhixian had received almost 100 Eternal Crystals from the old man.

Such crystals were extremely precious to True Dao Realm experts.

Eternal Crystals were a type of crystal from the Primal Era, and there were very few left in Eternal Border now.

These crystals were of great help to True Dao Realm experts.

These crystals could be said to have made quite a contribution in her ability to attain the True Dao Realm.

Now, she’d obtained 100 in an instant.

It could be said that even an organization like the Immortal Estate would probably be incapable of producing such a number of Eternal Crystals!

After that, Bai Zhixian spent every day cultivating and going around the village with Yang Ye.

It was the old man who’d told her to do this.

Perhaps walking around the village would be helpful to Yang Ye!

Even though Bai Zhixian didn’t understand why the old man had said that, she still did as he’d said.

On this day, along with the rising sun, the villagers started their busy lives again.

Bai Zhixian walked out of the bamboo house with Yang Ye, and then they walked along the only path in the village.

All along the way, there were people ceaselessly sizing up Yang Ye and muttering something.

Yang Ye suddenly stopped when they passed by Butcher’s meat stall.

Bai Zhixian gazed at him, but he walked over to the stall instead.

Butcher looked up at Yang Ye and asked, “Want to buy some meat”

Yang Ye walked over to the stall and looked down at the meat.

The meat wasn’t normal game meat, it was purplish black meat.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that specks of light flickered like starlight within it, and it emanated a relaxing fragrance.

Butcher chuckled, “50 Eternal Crystals!”

50 Eternal Crystals!

Bai Zhixian’s expression changed, “It’s that expensive”

What were 50 Eternal Crystals worth It could be said that if they were in the outside world, those 50 Eternal Crystals could at least buy the help of three True Void Realm experts.

If a True Dao Realm expert’s foundation was good enough, they could even help that person attain the True Dao Realm.

Yet now, just that little bit of meat was actually 50 Eternal Crystals! Bai Zhixian felt that Butcher shouldn’t be called butcher, and he should be called bandit instead!

Butcher glanced at her and chuckled, “To those who know its worth, it isn’t expensive at all.

Heh, this fellow beside you knows its worth!”

Bai Zhixian gazed at Yang Ye and was about to speak.

Suddenly, Yang Ye grabbed the meat and walked away.

Bai Zhixian was stunned, and Butcher was stunned too.

As for the villagers in the surroundings, their eyes were filled with astonishment.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Someone stole from Butcher!”

On the bench outside the village, the slovenly old man suddenly jumped up, “Stole from Butcher Who the heck dared to do that”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

It didn’t take long for countless people throughout the village to run in this direction.

Wang Erya was no exception, and she was even the first to get here.

As soon as she saw Yang Ye holding the meat and walking away, admiration filled her eyes!

Butcher was stunned for quite a while, and he finally recovered from his shock when Yang Ye’s figure grew further and further away.

A moment later, he appeared out of thin air in front of Yang Ye.

Butcher sized up Yang Ye, “Kid, don’t even think you can do as you please because you’re mentally ill.

People have dared to steal from me, but all of them are lying beneath the ground.

Do you…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye drew the chopper that was stuck in the meat and swung it down at Butcher’s head while countless watched in shock.

Bai Zhixian’s face instantly turned unsightly, “Aren’t you supposed to be normal again!”

Butcher was stunned and said, “What the heck! You don’t just want to steal from me, you want to kill me too You have balls!”


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