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Chapter 2320 – Primal Battlefield!

Two sabers and a sword!

Butcher gazed at Yang Ye, and there was shock, pleasant surprise, and other complicated emotions in his heart.

He was shocked that Yang Ye was actually able to use two sabers and a sword in perfect harmony, and he was able to bring forth their full strength too.

It could be said that Yang Yes method of fighting was something that even a True World Realm expert may not be able to face.

He was pleasantly surprised by how unrestrained Yang Yes method of fighting was.

There were no barriers between using the sword and saber to Yang Ye.

There was no conflict between them!

While all Daos converged to the same path, there still was a difference between them.

But Yang Ye was able to perfectly merge them both without any barriers between them.

That was what pleasantly surprised him.

While Yang Ye had become his disciple, he hadnt considered making Yang Ye give up on the sword.

Yang Yes attainments in the Sword Dao were already so powerful, so giving up on it now was absolutely foolish.

But he was worried that Yang Yes Sword Dao and Saber Dao would conflict with each other.

But now he knew that there was no conflict at all!

He had complicated emotions because Yang Ye possessed such combat strength at such a realm of cultivation and age.

Needless to say, Yang Ye was much stronger than hed been in the same realm of cultivation and age, but his natural talent in the Saber Dao far surpassed Yang Ye.

The facts proved that natural talent didnt decide everything!

Butcher glanced at the injury on his stomach again, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Kid, you can graduate now.”


Bai Zhixian was shocked, “Senior, he…”

Butcher spoke softly, “You dont have much time left, and neither do we.

Come with me!”

He turned around and walked away.

Before the bamboo house, Auntie Vege, the slovenly old man, and Butcher were here.

Auntie Vege asked, “Im sure youre very curious about what this place is, right”

Bai Zhixian nodded.

Shed always been curious about this mysterious place.

Auntie Vege spoke softly, “This place was a battlefield, a battlefield during the Primal Era.

During the battle all those years ago, countless Primal Demons, Primal Emperors, and Primal Gods perished.

One of them was an almighty figure called God Tai Ling.

At the moment of his death, he used all his energy to seal this part of the battlefield.

He sealed it for two reasons.

The first is because he didnt want outsiders to enter this place.

Too many experts had perished in this battlefield.

Their corpses, and even his own, were things he didnt want others to disrespect.

As for the second reason, he didnt want some people and demons here to leave.

During that war, some had perished, but some had actually survived.”

She looked up at the sky at this point, “Actually, our village suffered a calamity we did not deserve.

In the beginning, this village wasnt a village, it was a small kingdom.

However, it was very close to the battlefield, so when that almighty figure sealed the area, he sealed this small kingdom too.

As for this village of ours, its that small kingdom from before.”

Bai Zhixian asked softly, “Why are there so few people here”

Auntie Vege chuckled, “Dont forget that there are countless powerful demons here!”

Bai Zhixian fell silent.

Auntie Vege spoke softly, “There were experts in the small kingdom too, but they were much weaker when compared to those Primal Demons and Primal Emperors.

In the beginning, they wanted to break through the seal, but they were suppressed by the seal left behind by that God.

But there were also numerous Primal Demons here, so countless experts perished at that time.

As for the small kingdom itself, it was ceaselessly devoured by the demons in the surroundings, and now, only this village of ours remains.”

Bai Zhixian asked, “Those demons spared this village”

Auntie Vege chuckled, “How could that ever happen They just had no choice.

Because in the beginning, those demons wanted to leave this place too, and then they were suppressed by the seal while some were even killed by it.

As for the remaining demons, they were heavily injured.

So, a choice appeared before us.

The experts of this small kingdom launched a counterattack and annihilated numerous powerful demons.

After that, the demons had suffered heavy losses, and so the humans and demons found themselves at a rare moment of peace.”

Bai Zhixian suddenly asked, “Then why are people able to enter from the outside world”

“Because the seal has been damaged!” Auntie Vege continued, “The humans and demons once joined forces to break open that seal.

While they failed, they heavily injured the spirit of the seal, so the seal became unstable and shrunk slightly.

Its also why this place gradually appeared before the people of the outside world, and they are able to enter this place and leave.

Its because the orders given to the seals spirit was to keep the living beings here from leaving.”

Bai Zhixian asked, “Didnt you say that the seal was created to keep outsiders away”

Auntie Vege smiled, “Have you heard of anyone who gets to this village and still leaves this place”

Bai Zhixian was at a loss for words.

Auntie Vege said, “After the seal shrunk, the area outside of the village became open to outsiders.

However, the village and the area behind it arent.

As for the corpse outside the village, that fellow wanted to enter the village, and Butcher was kind enough to tell him to leave, but not only did he refuse to leave, he wanted to kill and steal from Butcher.

So, Butcher killed him in a fit of rage.”

“Wait!” Bai Zhixian asked, “Wang Erya can go outside! She brought us here!”

Auntie Vege fell silent.

Meanwhile, a sigh resounded, “Its because you dont know how special she is.

That little girl is too special.

Shes the only person here who can go outside.

No, that mad girl is no person.”

Bai Zhixian was curious, “Then what is she”

The three of them exchanged glances and didnt answer the question.

A short while later, Auntie Vege said, “It isnt that the seals spirit refuses to stop her, it just doesnt dare to.

Actually, she could have left a long time ago.

However, that sly old man was worried about what would happen to her.

Shes young and doesnt know how evil the world is.

If shes allowed to go outside on her own, it would harm her instead.

So, the old man kept her by his side until both of you arrived.

However, even now, I still dont know why he chose that kid.

After all, many people have been to this village, but he never chose any of them!”

Bai Zhixian shook her head slightly, “I dont know either!”

Auntie Vege nodded and stood up, “Come with me!”

Bai Zhixian hesitated for a moment and followed her.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye hurriedly followed after her, but Butcher grabbed Yang Ye, “You stay here, you…”

Butcher stopped abruptly at this point and let go of Yang Ye too.

It was because Yang Ye had moved to grab his saber!

Yang Ye was going to attack!

Butcher shook his head as he gazed at Yang Ye who walked by Bai Zhixians side, “If this kid doesnt work on his temper, hes probably going to suffer!”

“I dont think so!” The slovenly old man spoke softly, “You cant get a good foothold in this world without being ruthless, and the more ruthless you are, the better itll be.

I think that kid will face trouble, but he will definitely not suffer!”

Butcher shook his head and smiled, “I hope so!”

Auntie Vege left them to a bamboo house.

In the bamboo house, she glanced at Yang Ye, and then gazed at Bai Zhixian, “I passed down the cultivation technique and some combat techniques of my sect to you.

Cultivate diligently once you go to the outside world.

It wont be difficult for you to go above the True World Realm.”

She turned around and walked to a bamboo bed, and it didnt take long for her to return with a white jade box.

Bai Zhixian was confused, “What is that”

Auntie Vege glanced at Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian, and then she said, “Lifelong Bracelets.

I never wore it again after I lost my husband.

Now, Im giving it to you and this kid.”

“Master…” Bai Zhixian glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Him and I…”

Auntie Vege shook her head slightly, “Theres no need to worry about that.

Hes a person who takes feelings very seriously.

While he thought of you as another woman, based on his character, since he dared to do it, he would dare to take responsibility for his actions.

So, theres no need to worry too much about it either.

It isnt easy for us women to find someone we like in our lives.

Since you have found someone, then dont worry about the rest.

My Master once told me something that I dont feel is very correct, but you can give it a listen.”

Bai Zhixian was curious, “What was it”

Auntie Vege said, “Even if it doesnt last forever, at least it happened.”

Bai Zhixian was at a loss for words.

Auntie Vege spoke softly, “Youre a woman who seeks to be better than others, but do you know that youre like a gentle young lady before him.

Once you head outside, I dont know how far both of you will go, but I dont hope to hear about anything terrible.”

She gazed at Yang Ye, “I believe that I didnt misjudge you.”

Bai Zhixian knelt down slowly, “Take care, Master.”

Auntie Vege grinned, “Its fine.

If anything goes wrong with the spirit of the seal, we may be able to meet in the outside world.

Alright, go on.”

Bai Zhixian bowed to her again and left with Yang Ye.

She led Yang Ye to Butchers stall, and the latter glanced at them and said, “Take care.”

Bai Zhixian gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time, and then he bowed slightly to Butcher.

After that, he flipped his palm, and a golden saber appeared before Butchers stall.

It was one of the eternal treasures hed obtained from that battlefield.

It was a very long saber, and it was perfect for Butcher.

Butcher was stunned as he gazed at the saber.

There was something inscribed on it.

It was written in slightly bad writing, but it was very clear, and it had clearly been inscribed not too long ago.

As he gazed at it, he suddenly started laughing, and his laughter grew louder and louder…

At the villages entrance.

Yang Ye suddenly stopped.

At his side was the slovenly old man lying there on the wooden bench.

Yang Ye abruptly walked over to him.

This time, Yang Ye didnt put a blade against the old man, and he just placed a brand new gourd by the old mans side.

It was filled with wine.

Bai Zhixian glanced at Yang Ye, and then she led Yang Ye out of the village.

Right when they were about to leave the village, they stopped again.

A young girl and an old man were not too far away from them.

It was Wang Erya and her grandfather!

Wang Erya chuckled, “Grandfather said that I can go outside with you and have some fun!”

Bai Zhixian glanced at the old man.

The old man spoke softly, “Thank you!”

Bai Zhixian nodded, and then she took Wang Eryas hand and started walking out of the village.

Wang Erya was absolutely elated.

A short while later, she suddenly turned around, and the old man was standing by the villages entrance.

Wang Erya was stunned for a moment, but it didnt take long for her to smile again, “Grandfather, wait for me.

Ill be back in a few days!”

Once she finished speaking, she turned around and vanished into the distance with Yang Ye and Bai Zhixian.

At the villages entrance, the old man watched them vanish, and a long time passed before he spoke softly, “Live well…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old mans hair actually turned white in an instant, and then fell off his head.

Meanwhile, his body instantly started to rot as well.

A long time passed before a beast bone fell from his grasp.

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