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Chapter 2325 – Ill Count to Three!

Just here to kill!

Shiyuan Xings eyes narrowed slightly while the desire to kill gradually formed within them.

There was no room for reconciliation in this matter.


Meanwhile, the ground outside the city started to shake, and then it cracked open beneath Yang Yes feet.

At the same time, the entire sky had dimmed down.

The stars were visible!

A huge stellar formation had appeared in the distant sky above, and countless strands of stellar energy were ceaselessly converging toward the formation from deep within the starry sky.


A wave of endless pressure swept out from above.

Along with the ceaseless descent of stellar energy, the pressure grew stronger and stronger!

Meanwhile, the ground beneath Yang Yes feet had cracked open, and countless torrents of lava surged up into the air.

An instant later, Yang Ye had been enveloped within lava.


The ground shook violently while earthen energy converged incessantly toward Yang Ye.

Besides that, countless pillars of light surged up into the sky from within the city.

It didnt take long for a huge vortex of light to appear in the sky above the city.

Countless strands of powerful energy were converging incessantly into the vortex of light.

The source of the energy was naturally the experts of the Shiyuan Clan.

It could be said that their entire clan had joined this battle.

Shiyuan Xing didnt dare to be even a little bit careless or underestimate Yang Ye at all!


Shiyuan Xing was very well aware that Yang Ye wouldnt let the matter rest.

So, as soon as he returned to the city, hed started to get the formations ready!

It was the strongest formation of the Shiyuan Clan, and it was called the Convergence Formation.

It converged the energy of the paths of the heaven, earth, and man.

The heaven naturally referred to the stellar energy, the earth referred to the earthen energy, and man referred to the energy of man.

Of course, it was just the Shiyuan Clan now.

The Shiyuan Clan wasnt able to make everyone throughout Eternal Border help them strengthen their formation!

Even then, the formation was still extremely terrifying.

It could be said that even a True World Realm expert would find it difficult to escape from!

Shiyuan Xing gazed indifferently at Yang Ye from above the city walls, “Didnt you want to kill Come, let me see how you do that!”

He waved his right hand lightly once he finished speaking.

The huge circle of light in the city suddenly shook violently, and then a beam of white light that was around 300m wide shot through the sky and slammed down at Yang Ye.

The powerful energy it carried caused the world around it to turn ethereal.

The strength of the entire Shiyuan Clan!

Outside the city.

Yang Yes face was calm.

Suddenly, his sleeves exploded apart, and a wave of mysterious energy instantly converged on them.

Profound Primal Energy!

The veins throughout Yang Yes arms bulged!

Suddenly, Yang Ye took a stride forward while holding Invincible in his grasp, and then he swung it.


A blood red ray of saber energy descended from above Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the huge beam of light had arrived.

However, the blood red saber energy instantly sliced it apart and tore through the air.


The entire city walls rumbled and collapsed!

Suddenly, the lava and flames around Yang Ye collapsed upon him.

Boom! Boom!

Two types of intent swept out from within him! It was his slaughter intent and sword intent, of course! Under Yang Yes command, they rippled toward the surroundings.

At the same time, he launched a sweeping swipe with Invincible using both hands!


Explosions resounded incessantly around Yang Ye while the lava and flames around him were completely blasted apart!

Shiyuan Xings expression became unsightly from the sight of this.

How strong is Yang Ye

Suddenly, Yang Ye slammed his huge saber against the ground.


The ground instantly collapsed in layers.

In just a few breaths of time, a huge expanse of the ground with Yang Ye at its center had been transformed into an enormous abyss!

Yang Yes strike had completely obliterated all the earthen energy!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, Shiyuan Xings furious howl resounded from the sky, and then beam after beam of light surged at Yang Ye from the vortex of light in the city.

At the same time, the enormous stellar formation in the sky suddenly started trembling, and then an ethereal palm of stellar energy crashed down from there.


The entire world started to tremble!

Yang Ye looked up, and then he moved around 3km back.

He grabbed Invincible in midair and charged upward, and then a huge 3km long beam of saber energy slashed down from the clouds.

Life Isolation!

The saber energy was blood red, and endless slaughter intent surrounded it.

Besides that, the energy of countless vengeful spirits were at the tip of it!

Once he regained consciousness, he was able to control all his strength.

The saber energy tore through the air and left behind a long pitch black rift in the sky.

Moreover, the rift was growing in size…

Meanwhile, the huge ethereal palm was instantly chopped into two, and the beams of light were instantly obliterated as well.

However, Yang Yes saber energy had exploded apart as well and transformed into countless fragments of energy that descended from the sky.

Suddenly, Yang Ye took a step back with his right foot, and then he hurled Invincible forward.


It tore through the sky and space was torn open like paper in its wake.

In the sky above Initial City, Shiyuan Xings eyes narrowed slightly as he clenched both his fists.

However, he didnt choose to attack in the end and just allowed the saber to slam against the vortex of light.


The vortex of light exploded apart, and a powerful aftershock rippled out, throwing the entire city into a mess.

Some of the cultivators who were closer to the vortex instantly died horrible deaths!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the blood red saber suddenly shot up into the air from within the city and returned to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stomped his right foot down, and the space beneath him collapsed as he transformed into a ray of blood red light that surged up into the sky to the huge formation up there.

Countless experts from the Shiyuan Clan watched from below as Yang Ye swung his saber!


The sky shook violently, and then the entire formation rumbled and collapsed.

Countless stars soundlessly vanished, and the entire sky returned to normal once more.


A ray of blood red light crashed down from above.

A moment later, a figure descended not too far away from the city.

It was Yang Ye!

The experts throughout the entire city had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces when they saw Yang Ye.

At this moment, how strong was he

No one knew!

The world returned to calm.

In the sky above the city, Shiyuan Xing stared at Yang Ye.

He didnt say a word because nothing would make a difference at this moment.

He glanced at the surroundings and said, “If you still dont lend a hand, then my Shiyuan Clans fate will be yours soon!”

The surroundings remained silent!

A ghastly cold smile curled up on Shiyuan Xings lips when he witnessed this.

He was about to say something when two powerful auras came from far away in the sky.

At this moment, everyone looked up at those two auras.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly instead, and the saber in his grasp was brilliant red!

It didnt take long for a middle aged man and an old man to appear in the sky above Initial City.

There was a small仙 character on both their left chests.

Experts from the Immortal Estate!

Moreover, they were True World Realm experts!

Two True World Realm experts!

Shiyuan Xing heaved a sigh of relief from the sight of this.

He knew the Shiyuan Clan wouldnt be forced to a corner.

The space here suddenly shook, and then five more people appeared in the sky above the city.

They were the patriarch of the other clans.

Shiyuan Xing laughed coldly in his heart upon seeing them.

Hed noticed they were hiding in the shadows from the beginning, but they refused to show themselves.

Now, theyd immediately shown themselves when the experts of the Immortal Estate had arrived.

Needless to say, theyd shown themselves because they saw a chance to kill Yang Ye.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have shown themselves even if Yang Ye slaughtered the entire Shiyuan Clan.

The old man glanced at the patriarchs of the other clans and gazed at Yang Ye, “Youre Yang Ye, huh”

Yang Ye closed his eyes and remained silent.

There was a brilliant violet crystal in his grasp!

An Eternal Crystal!

It was something Butcher and the others had given them before they left.

The old man frowned when he saw Yang Ye remain silent, “Yang Ye, you even dared to kill members of my Immortal Estate.

Im really curious, who gave you the gall to do that You…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and then he hurled his saber at the old man.


The saber tore through everything before it.

Invincible was extremely swift and instantly arrived before the old man.

The old mans expression changed slightly because he hadnt expected Yang Ye to actually attack abruptly! However, his reaction wasnt slow at all.

He immediately twisted his right palm slightly and grabbed at it, instantly grabbing a hold of Invincible.

But the old man was blasted over 1km away!

The old man was shocked because Yang Yes strength far exceeded his expectations!

But that wasnt even the end of it!

As soon as he stopped himself, Yang Ye appeared in front of him, causing the old man to be shocked.

A moment later, a wave of powerful pressure swept out from him.

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

Actually, if one listened carefully, one would notice that it was two sword howls!

A beam of sword energy descended.


It sounded like something here had been sliced open!

A breath of time later, Yang Ye was behind the old man, and Invincible was on his back.

As for his right hand, he was holding a pitch black sword there.

Yang Ye put the sword down, and the old man instantly cracked open behind him.

Blood and internal organs sprayed all over.

The surroundings were deathly silent!

Two more Eternal Crystals appeared in Yang Yes grasps, and then he gazed at the other True World Realm expert from the Immortal Estate, “Ill count to three.

I dont want to see you when Im done, alright One…”


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