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Chapter 2326 – Think Slowly, Ill Kill Slowly!


As soon as Yang Ye counted to three, the others watched with astonishment as the True World Expert of the Immortal Estate turned around and vanished into the sky.

Hed fled!

The patriarchs of the six clans had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

A dignified True World Realm expert from the Immortal Estate had fled just like that!

Fled without fighting!

Was it an embarrassment

Of course.

However, they were actually very well aware that they would have done the same!

One attack!

Yang Ye had killed a True World Realm expert with just a single attack!

Yang Yes saber had been too overbearing and powerful to the point that theyd unconsciously forgotten that Yang Ye was a sword cultivator too!

In the past, his sword was what instilled the most fear in them.

Yang Yes saber was very terrifying, but his sword was worse!

“Fool!” Meanwhile, Shiyuan Xing suddenly started laughing, “A dignified True Dao Realm expert is actually foolish to such an extent!”

Everyone gazed at him.

Shiyuan Xing gazed at Yang Ye, “If Im not wrong, you didnt have much profound energy left within you, right Such a powerful sword technique like that doesnt just exhaust a great amount of physical and mental strength, it does the same for profound energy too.

Otherwise, based on your character, you wouldnt have let him leave, right”

The others felt instantly enlightened by this.

Profound energy!

Yang Ye had instantly killed a True Dao Realm expert just now.

However, if he could casually execute such a powerful sword technique, then would he have allowed that True World Realm expert to leave

Simply speaking, if that True World Realm expert didnt leave and joined forces with them, they would be very likely to be able to kill Yang Ye!

Yet now, Yang Ye had clearly recovered slightly!

Theyd missed the best opportunity to kill Yang Ye!

Besides Shiyuan Xing, the other patriarchs exchanged glances.

In the end, the patriarch of the Hanyuan Clan, Hanyuan Lin stepped forward, “Yang Ye, Miss Ans fate has nothing to do with our clans.

If we withdraw now, can we let bygones be bygones”

Since they couldnt kill him, they could only seek reconciliation!

“Let bygones be bygones” Yang Ye replied indifferently, “If you had the strength to kill me, would you do that Just like a moment ago, the only reason you showed yourself was because you thought that two True World Realm experts from the Immortal Estate would be enough to annihilate me, right What Now you want peace”

Hanyuan Lin spoke solemnly, “Yang Ye, you take one step back, and so will we.

We can all remain at peace.

Why fight to the death”

“Hahaha!” Yang Ye suddenly roared with laughter, “Take a step back.

Alright, Im willing to do that.

Ill spare your clans if everyone who hunted me is dead.

Right, the first to die should be all of you.

So Are you willing to sacrifice yourselves for your own clans”

“Yang Ye!” Hanyuan Lin stared at Yang Ye, “Do you really want to fight us to the death Until only one of us…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down, and then he appeared in front of Hanyuan Lin.

The latters expression changed drastically from the sight of this, and he clenched both his fists and slammed them forward!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye grabbed Invincible with both hands and slammed it down.

It seemed like it would slam open a hole in the world.


At the instant Yang Yes saber descended, Hanyuan Lins figure was blasted away, and he collapsed inch by inch in midair before finally transforming into a pile of blood mist.

No one lent him a hand!

If they had joined forces just now, then their joint forces would have been able to stop Yang Yes attack.

But no one stepped forward!

Not only had none stepped forward, besides Shiyuan Xing, all the others had vanished into the sky when Yang Yes attack crushed Hanyuan Lin.

Theyd fled!

The patriarchs of all four clans had decisively chosen to flee.

As for Shiyuan Xing, he couldnt!

Yang Ye rested the saber on his shoulder as he looked up at Shiyuan Xing, “Didnt you say that you wanted to see how Ill kill Now, watch properly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye slammed Invincible at the city in the distance.


A blood red ray of saber energy tore through the air and entered the city.


In an instant, the entire city was slashed into two.

At the same time, the countless cultivators in the city whod been providing energy into the formation earlier were obliterated beneath this attack!

Countless sharp and shrill cries resounded incessantly throughout the city.

At the same time, countless strands of blood, resentment, and souls surged up into the sky and converged into Invincible.

“A demonic saber!” Shiyuan Xing gazed coldly at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, youve taken the path of slaughter, and you hold an inhumane demonic saber.

Youll suffer a terrible end in the future!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye swung his saber again.


A ray of blood red light entered the city, and then countless shrill cries resounded once more.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes Invincible had grown an even brighter red.

“A demonic saber” Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, “If I use it to kill, it is a demonic saber; if I use it to save, it is a peerlessly righteous saber!”

Yang Ye was about to attack again once he finished speaking, but a wave of terrifying pressure suddenly seeped out of Initial City.

Yang Ye looked down.

There was a statue before a hall in the city.

At this moment, the statue had suddenly started trembling, and then an ethereal figure gradually floated out of there!

“Ancestor!” Countless people throughout the city bowed in unison upon seeing this figure.

The ethereal figure was the Initial Emperor whod once led them from the large universe all the way to Eternal Border! Of course, it was clearly not his main body.

Initial Emperor didnt look old, he looked like a middle aged man.

He wore a black robe and kept his hands behind his back while a dignified air was exuded from him.

As soon as he appeared, the entire world trembled as if it couldnt endure him.

In the city, countless experts of the Shiyuan Clan howled wildly with joy.

The Initial Emperors arrival had undoubtedly given them hope!

Shiyuan Xing heaved a sigh of relief as well.

Hed been quite worried earlier.

Hed been worried the Initial Emperor wouldnt show himself.

Because unless the Initial Emperor showed himself, Shiyuan Xing had no way to contact the Initial Emperor.

Actually, it wasnt an issue of being unable to, the problem was he didnt even know how.

This ancestor of theirs had just vanished abruptly, and even he had never met the Initial Emperor in the past.

Now, the Shiyuan Clan was in a moment of danger, and the Initial Emperor had appeared once more in Initial City like this.

The Initial Emperor glanced at the surroundings.

In the end, he gazed at Yang Ye, sized up Yang Ye, and then nodded slightly, “A body at the True Dao Realm, and cultivating in both the sword and saber.

While youre at the Progenitor Realm, you can kill True World Realm experts.

Needless to say, the younger generation always gives birth to even greater talents!”

Yang Ye gazed at the Initial Emperor, “If you dont bring your main body here, Im going to slaughter your entire clan.”

The Initial Emperor grinned, “No clan can prosper forever.

When I left, I expected all sorts of possibilities for the clan.

However, I still wish to know the reason for everything.” He gazed at Shiyuan Xing and continued, “Tell me.”

Shiyuan Xing hesitated for a moment and told the Initial Emperor everything.

“Three divine treasures!” The Initial Emperor spoke softly, “Even the Primordial Axe of Creation that I sealed myself has come over here” He gazed at Shiyuan Xing and continued, “You didnt do anything wrong.

If you have the opportunity, you naturally should fight for such divine treasures.

However, using a woman to threaten him is below you.

Youre a True Void Realm expert at any rate.

Dont you have a little pride after cultivating to such a level”

Shiyuan Xing lowered his head slightly, “Thank you for your guidance.

However, we didnt kill her!”

“Hmm” Suddenly, a powerful aura enveloped Shiyuan Xing, and the latter gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye looked him in the eye and asked, “She isnt dead”

Shiyuan Xing gazed at Yang Ye and said, “My Shiyuan Clans elder encountered a middle aged man while bringing her back here.

That middle aged man saved her.”

Shed been saved!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, “Then why did you lie to me and say that you killed her”

Shiyuan Xing replied indifferently, “It was just a casual remark.

I never imagined that a woman would be so important to you! How laughable!”

Actually, he really hadnt expected that a woman would be so important to Yang Ye! After the incident between them, hed never thought about telling Yang Ye that she was still alive either.

Why Because all he wanted was to eliminate Yang Ye.

At that time, all six clans were pursuing Yang Ye, so how could he possibly try to explain about An Nanjing to Yang Ye Moreover, at that time, Yang Ye had gone mad, so nothing he said would have made a difference.

However, he hadnt expected that casual remark of his would have caused his clan to fall to this state!

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Do you know who he was”

Shiyuan Xing replied indifferently, “I dont know!”


Suddenly, a ray of brilliant saber energy tore through the sky and shot into the city below.

Initial Emperors eyes narrowed slightly, and he tapped a finger forward.


Yang Yes saber energy exploded apart.

However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared above the Initial Emperor, and then a black sword descended directly at him.

The Sword Domain!

It wasnt one but two overlapped attacks!


Countless watched as the Initial Emperor was blasted out of the city.

At the same time, his figure grew even more ethereal as if it would vanish at any moment!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye swung his saber toward the surroundings.


A ray of saber energy swept through the area and countless shrill cries resounded!

“Yang Ye!” Shiyuan Xing howled with fury.

However, Yang Ye didnt stop, and he just swung his saber down once more.


The space in an area of 1km on Yang Yes right collapsed in an instant, and countless cultivators of the Shiyuan Clan exploded apart.

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on his face and said, “Its fine.

Think slowly, Ill kill slowly!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he dashed off into the distance with Invincible in his grasp.

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