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Chapter 2328 – Two Strikes!

On the city walls, Beichuan Tians figure grew more and more ethereal, and when he saw Yang Yes group vanish into the sky, a smile curled up on his face before he vanished completely.

Self end!

At the moment Yang Ye came to the Beichuan Clan, all the hope and thoughts he had were instantly destroyed.

Yang Ye refused to spare the Beichuan Clan!

There was only one way to make Yang Ye spare his clansmen.

His death!

Besides him, all the other experts of the Beichuan Clan who had hunted Yang Ye had already been killed by Yang Ye.

Yang Ye would never let the matter rest while he remained alive, and only his death could bring peace to his clan!

Actually, both Shiyuan Xing and Beichuan Tian didnt know that the only reason Yang Ye made such a compromise was that An Nanjing was alive.

Yang Ye shot through the sky on his sword.

At this moment, Snowy had returned to her usual self.

She was holding the Sword Gourd in front of Yang Ye and ceaselessly waving her little paw.

As she did that, a ray of sword energy flashed incessantly above them.

Training with the sword!

As she trained, Snowy gazed at Yang Ye while anticipation filled her face.

Yang Ye smiled, “Its amazing!”

Snowy cracked an extremely brilliant smile like a blooming flower, and then she turned around and started practicing more!

“So cute!” Sword Scroll spoke softly by Yang Yes side.

This little fellow before them was nothing like what she expected a Sprite Progenitor to be.

As far as she was concerned, a Sprite Progenitor was a supreme existence that looked down upon all others.

In truth, that was reality.

Very few were able to gain the attention and care of a Sprite Progenitor.

As far as they were concerned, they only sought to step foot into an even higher realm of cultivation.

Yet now, this Sprite Progenitor before her was just a cute little fellow!

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, and a rare smile appeared on his face.

Sword Scroll suddenly asked, “What did you encounter in the Eternal Secret Realm”

It was what Sword Scroll was curious about.

What had Yang Ye experienced in there until hed grown so much in strength when he came back out While it was just an improvement in the cultivation of his body, Sword Scroll noticed that besides his realm of cultivation itself, Yang Ye had improved tremendously in all other aspects.

It was an extremely terrifying improvement!

it could be said that even a True World Realm expert would find Yang Ye difficult to rival!

Yang Ye asked, “Sword Scroll, youre from the other side of the Eternal River, right”

She fell silent.

Yang Ye asked softly, “You cant tell me about it”

She replied solemnly, “I am from there.

What do you want to know”

Yang Ye asked, “Is it very terrifying”

She replied softly, “It isnt to true experts, but its very terrifying to the weak.

The strong prey on the weak there too.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why do they prohibit the people here from going over there”

Sword Scroll chuckled, “They have never done that.

Its the people here who are weak.”

Yang Ye gazed at Sword Scroll, “Huh”

She explained, “Its like people of two different circles.

How do the poor blend into the circles of the rich Let me be honest, the Eternal Universe existed even before your large universe appeared.

It can be said that the Eternal Universe is the oldest among all known universes, and the civilization there is the most advanced.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Im sure youre aware of the Primal Era of the Eternal Border.

It can be said that even the Primal Eras peak couldnt compare to them.

They do not refuse cultivators from over here, its just that the cultivators here arent able to break through the walls between the universes and enter theirs!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “I see.”

He paused for a moment and continued, “Can I break through it with my strength”

She hesitated for a moment and shook her head.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “Have the people here been able to go over there”

“Quite a few have! She spoke softly, “During the Primal Era, many had been able to go over, especially the emperors and desolate gods.

Even the people of the Eternal Universe were extremely fearful of those existences.

Unfortunately, the Primal Era was a chaotic era too, an extremely chaotic era.

The experts and clans entered into conflict, and the powers in the Eternal Universe were happy to see that happen.

So, they didnt interfere, and the Primal Era gradually fell into a decline.”

Yang Ye nodded and gazed at her, “What about you What are you”

She remained silent.

Yang Ye didnt ask again.

He looked up into the distance, and a building appeared at the end of his vision.

The Luoli Clan!

He was in the Luoli Clans territory.

As he gazed at the building, he suddenly drew his saber and swung it.


A ray of blood red saber energy flashed through the sky and shot at the building.

The entire sky had a huge gap sliced open in it as the saber energy flew.

But right when it was about to strike the building, an ethereal hand suddenly stretched out from within it, and then the hand grabbed Yang Yes saber energy and squeezed lightly.


Yang Yes saber energy instantly exploded apart.

It was obliterated within the palm!

Snowys eyes instantly opened wide from the sight of this, and an ethereal axe appeared in her grasp.

Meanwhile, Oxxy suddenly appeared before her, clenched its fist, and seemed like it was ready to fight!

It was trying to curry favor with Snowy!

Since it saw Snowy, it had been trying to curry favor with Snowy for no obvious reason!

Sword Scroll glanced at Oxxy and shook her head slightly as she thought to herself.

This ox isnt a fool!

Yang Ye glanced at the building and started walking slowly in its direction.

Snowy immediately followed him.

Her left paw was on the Sword Gourd while her right paw was on the ethereal axe.

Her face was covered in resolve.

This time, shed decided that if a fight broke out, she would join it!

She couldnt let Yang Ye fight on his own anymore!

Yang Ye walked over to the building.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man in a white robe appeared before Yang Ye.

The mans body was ethereal.

Obviously, it wasnt his main body.

Behind him was the patriarch of the Luoli Clan, Luoli Yue!

Luoli Yue glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye gazed at the white robed middle aged man, and the latter was about to speak when Yang Ye took a swift step forward before swinging his saber with both hands.


Space was blasted apart as a powerful blood red ray of saber energy slammed down upon the middle aged man.

The middle aged mans eyes narrowed slightly while his expression remained unchanged.

He suddenly pressed his palms together, and it clamped down on Yang Yes Invincible.

Moreover, the middle aged man only took half a step back from this!

But the space beneath his feet had cracked open!

At the instant that the middle aged man had clamped down upon Invincible, his expression had changed abruptly because a cold ray of light that was thin as the hair of an ox had arrived before his stomach.

The middle aged mans reaction was extremely quick.

He twisted his right foot against the ground and moved over 1m back.

Suddenly, a saber tore through the air! It was Invincible!

The middle aged mans eyes narrowed slightly as he raised his palm and slammed it forward lightly.


Invincible was stopped on the spot and couldnt move an inch.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared behind it, and then he kicked its handle with his right foot.


The saber shot forward like a bolt of lightning.

The middle aged man moved his hand slightly to the side, and then patted Invincibles handle, causing it to change directions and shot by his ear instead of through his head.

The middle aged man spun his right palm slightly and was about to attack when a ray of cold light appeared before his chest.

Hed seen it clearly this time.

It was a saber that was as thin as the wings of a cicada!

Two sabers!

Yang Yes speed was very fast, extremely fast even, and the switch between the two was very fluid and perfect.

However, as far as the middle aged man was concerned, it still wasnt really enough.

As soon as the saber arrived before his ethereal stomach, two fingers had clamped down on it!

Yang Ye tried to spin the saber with both hands, but the Hidden Blade didnt move an inch!

Meanwhile, the middle aged man suddenly released his fingers, and then curved his palm inwardly before slamming it forward.


A wave of powerful force rippled out from the center of his palm, and it blasted Yang Ye over 3km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

The middle aged man placed his hands behind his back, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Now can we talk”

Yang Ye grabbed Invincible with both hands and hurled it at the middle aged man.


Invincible tore through the air as it shot in his direction!

The middle aged man frowned slightly.

He took half a step back, twisted both his palms, and then slammed them forward.


Yang Yes saber was stopped just a little over a meter away from him!

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared before the middle aged man, and then a ray of sword energy descended straight at him!

The Sword Domain!

The middle aged mans pupils constricted as he tapped his finger upward.


Along with an explosion, the middle aged man was blasted over 3km away.

At the same time, his body had grown even more ethereal.

It was as if he would vanish at any moment!

The middle aged man glanced at his ethereal body and looked up at Yang Ye, “Two attacks!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye put his sword away, placed the blood red saber on his shoulder, and started walking toward the building, “If the Luoli Clan still has experts at the True Dao Realm or above when I get to the bottom of it, then Ill slaughter the entire Luoli Clan!”

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