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Chapter 2329 – Youre Not a Sprite Lord!

Luoli Yues expression turned extremely unsightly when she heard Yang Ye.

As for the middle aged man, he suddenly soared up into the sky, and then he clawed at Yang Ye from afar with his right hand.


A strand of powerful energy suddenly appeared around Yang Ye and seemed like it intended to crush him into bits!

Yang Ye stopped, turned around, and swung his saber.


A ray of saber energy slashed down and obliterated the energy.

After that, Yang Ye grabbed the saber with both hands and hurled it at the middle aged man.


An explosion resounded, and the middle aged man was blasted over 1km away.

Meanwhile, his lower body had vanished.

It wasnt his main body, so no matter how strong he was, he couldnt do anything to Yang Ye right now.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the blood red saber tore through the air and returned to his grasp.

He paid no further attention to the middle aged man because there was no need for him to attack the middle aged man anymore.

Yang Ye just rested the saber against his shoulder and walked toward the Luoli Clan while everyone watched.

He didnt attack Luoli Yue either!

But everyone knew what he wanted, and so did Luoli Yue!

Luoli Yues face was extremely gloomy.

There were only two choices in front of her, flee or die.

If she fled, the entire Luoli Clan would die; if she died, the Luoli Clans experts below the True Dao Realm would survive.

After cultivating for countless years, how could she be willing to just die like this

She was unwilling, extremely unwilling!

However, countless clansmen of hers were standing behind her.

Would Yang Ye spare them

No! Based on Yang Yes character, he would slaughter the entire Luoli Clan if she remained alive!

So, to die or not to die

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was growing closer and closer to the building.

Right when he was just around 20m away from it, Luoli Yues body suddenly became ethereal.

Yang Ye stopped, turned around, and walked away.

The white robed middle aged man who was about to vanish completely suddenly said, “Well meet again!”

His figure vanished completely once he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, Luoli Yues figure was gradually turning more and more ethereal, but her gaze was always on Yang Ye.

Just like that, Luoli Yue and the other members of her clan watched as Yang Ye vanished into the sky.

It didnt take long for the news of what occurred to the Shiyuan Clan, Beichuan Clan, and Luoli Clan to spread throughout Eternal Border.

Hed forced the patriarchs of three clans to their deaths!

Yang Ye had forced three patriarchs to their deaths.

Once the news of this spread, it could be said that some were overjoyed while others were filled with worry throughout Eternal Border.

Sword Sky City and the other sects were naturally happy.

The six clans had attacked Yang Ye when hed just arrived at Eternal Border, and only Sword Sky City hadnt acted against him and even made him owe them a favor.

Now, along with Yang Yes growth, the value of that favor was simply immeasurable!

Besides Sword Sky City, the other sects were happy while feeling a little bit of lingering fear.

It was because theyd almost acted against Yang Ye.

However, because all three sects kept each other tied down, none of them had acted against him.

But they hadnt expected that it would transform into a guarantee of safety for them.

It could be said that Sword Sky City, the other sects, and White Emperor City were the biggest winners.

Especially White Emperor City.

After all, everyone knew that there was something between White Empress and Yang Ye!

The Yue Clan.

Yang Ye flew over to their territory with Snowy and the others.

It was situated on an island, and this expanse of the ocean belonged to the Yue Clan.

No one was allowed entry into this expanse of the ocean at normal times.

Yang Ye looked down at the island below, and there was no movement there.

But he knew that the Yue Clan was aware of his arrival!

Yang Ye suddenly drew his saber and swung it.


A ray of blood red saber energy shot down.

Its target, the island where the Yue Clan resided.

If it struck the island, it would definitely be sliced into two.

However, it hadnt even gotten close to the island before an ethereal spear blasted it into bits.

After that, a middle aged man appeared not too far away from Yang Yes group.

The middle aged man was the Yue Clans patriarch, Yue Tianming!

Yue Tianming wore black armor, held a black spear, and emanated mysterious black light.

“Yang Ye!” Yue Tianming pointed his spear at Yang Ye, “Im not Beichuan Tian or Luoli Yue.

If you want my life, youll have to take it yourself!”

Yang Ye shook his head slowly, “I dont want to fight.

I just want to watch you take your own life.

Only then would I feel happy!”

Yue Tianming laughed coldly, “Im afraid youre going to be disappointed!”

Yang Ye gazed at Oxxy, “Oxxy, return to your true form and smash that island down below!”

Oxxy glanced at Yang Ye, and then it gazed at Snowy.

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed at the island down below.

It was obvious she was telling it to go!

Once it received Snowys order, Oxxy didnt hesitate a moment longer and immediately charged at the island down below.

As it charged, its body grew larger and larger, and in just a few breaths of time, it had grown hundreds of times larger!

Its enormous body was like a mountain that was slamming down upon the island!

Yue Tianmings face instantly became unsightly from the sight of this!

The Primal Demon before him was at the True World Realm at least!

Yang Ye actually had such an expert by his side!

Countless beams of light surged up into the sky from within the island and shot at Oxxy.

However, Oxxy didnt even try to block them and just allowed them to strike it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rumbling explosions resounded incessantly.

However, Oxxys huge figure merely trembled slightly! It didnt take long for Oxxy to slam against the island.


The entire island instantly exploded apart.

At the same time, the water around it was blasted up into the air by the force of the collision.

The water surged over 3km high and covered the entire sky.

Meanwhile, Oxxy swiftly slammed both its palms down.

Boom! Boom!

The entire island was instantly blasted into bits, and countless shrill cries resounded.

In the sky, Yue Tianmings face was extremely unsightly, and he revealed an undisguised desire to kill as he gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “You want to attack me I guarantee that while we fight, your Yue Clan will be annihilated without a single soul remaining!”

Yue Tianming stared at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, dont go too far.

Karma will bite you!”

“Karma” Yang Ye chuckled, “Did you ever think of that when you sent the entire force of your clan to hunt me down Now that Im killing you instead, youre speaking about karma to me Its fine, lets discuss it slowly.

In any case, your Yue Clan seems to be quite big, so Oxxy can kill slowly!”

“Yang Ye!” Yue Tianmings face warped, “The Immortal Estate wont let you go.

Karma will come for you, it definitely will!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his spear transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the sky and descended straight down.

In the end, it pierced into the top of his head.


Yue Tianmings figure stiffened on the spot while his blood red eyes stared at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye chuckled, “I dont know about karma.

All I do know is I repay the kindness I receive, and avenge the enmity I receive too.

Kindness must be repaid as best as possible, and enemies should be annihilated!”

Yang Ye took Snowy in his arms and walked away.

Meanwhile, Oxxy hurriedly returned to its tiny form and chased after Yang Yes group.

At this moment, the island was no island anymore.

It was in pieces!

Oxxy had blasted it into pieces, and countless members of the Yue Clan were fleeing madly in all directions.

The Yue Clan had fallen completely!

In the distant sky, Yang Ye flew on his sword while Snowy stood on his shoulder.

At this moment, she was sizing up Oxxy, and a short while passed before she raised a claw at Oxxy.

Yang Ye glanced at Oxxy who was clearly bewildered and said, “She said youre strong!”

Oxxy remained silent.


Yang Ye grinned and gazed at Oxxy again.

Actually, Oxxy was really strong, and even he wasnt completely confident in being able to defeat Oxxy.

Especially when Oxxys defenses were simply heaven defying!

Meanwhile, Wang Erya suddenly said, “Im really strong too!”

Snowy gazed at her, blinked, and then pointed at Oxxy.

Obviously, she was asking who was stronger!

Wang Erya glanced at Oxxy, “Of course I am.

Oxxy, Im stronger, right”

She ran over to Oxxy as she spoke, grabbed the latters horns, and then shook it incessantly.

This made it seem like Oxxy was nodding.

Wang Erya gazed at Snowy, “See Its nodding!”

Snowy blinked and gazed at Yang Ye.

She was asking him if that was how it worked

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll suddenly asked, “Erya, can you transform”

Yang Ye gazed at Erya.

She wasnt human, so she was very likely to be a Primal Demon.

So long as she was a demon, she could definitely take her true form!


Wang Erya blinked and said, “How”

Sword Scroll was stunned speechless.

Yang Ye pointed at Oxxy, “It transformed just now.

Can you do that”

Wang Erya glanced at Oxxy, and then she thought for a while and said, “Transformation, huh I should be able to do it!”

All of them felt speechless when they heard this.

Meanwhile, Wang Erya suddenly said, “I still havent thought of how to do it! Ill show you once I have!”

The corners of Sword Scrolls mouth twitched slightly.

She glanced at Wang Erya and didnt say another word.

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned.

A moment later, he stopped and looked up into the distance.

A woman in a green dress was standing amidst the distant clouds.

She had her back to them, and she was holding a thick scroll.

“A body at the True Dao Realm, the Sword Domain… Huh That saber… They should be the renowned sabers of the Primal Era, Invincible and Hidden Blade.

Amazing, theyre actually both in your possession.

Huh A Primal Ox, the Eternal Sword Gourd, the Sword Scroll… Oh, what a pity, it isnt her main body.

That young girl… Strange, strange, I actually cant discern her true body.

Oh, right.

Theres a little Sprite Lord too! No, wait! Youre not a Sprite Lord!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly turned around.


A powerful wave of pressure instantly slammed all of them over 3km away!

At the same time, the entire world trembled violently!

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