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Chapter 2330 – Not Enough!

Snowys eyes instantly opened wide when they were blasted back, and an ethereal axe appeared in his grasp.

The Primordial Axe of Creation!

Meanwhile, Oxxy and Wang Erya stood in front of her.

Because the womans gaze was fixed on Snowy.

She had an oval shaped face and clear features.

She couldnt be described as peerlessly beautiful, but she was very nice to look at.

There was a very otherworldly and elegant aura coming from her, and she had a thick scroll in her right hand.

At this moment, she was staring at Snowy.

Meanwhile, Snowy was looking at her.

The difference was that Snowy was quite confused.

Sword Scroll and Yang Yes faces were solemn.

Especially Sword Scroll because she knew what the mysterious woman had discovered.

The woman gazed at Snowy, and then a smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, “No wonder Jian You who never leaves the Sword Ruins left it.

It was because of you!”

Snowy blinked, and then she waved her paws.

She was asking the woman what she wanted!

The woman grinned and gazed at Yang Ye, “Young Brother, are you heading to the Nanli Clan”

Yang Ye nodded.

She smiled, “Dont go there.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Some things have to be done.”

She grinned and nodded, “Get through me and you can.”

Yang Ye suddenly looked up.


A shadow flashed, and then a blood red saber descended from above the woman.

But she didnt dodge at all and just allowed it to descend.

Space was sliced open beneath it!

However, she was completely unharmed.

She was still standing there, and the sliced open space was instantly repaired.

It was quite mysterious!

Sword Scroll couldnt help but frown from the sight of this.

Yang Ye didnt stop.

After his first attack missed, he grabbed Invincible with both hands and swung it horizontally.

It seemed capable of breaking through everything before it, but it was forcefully stopped by two fingers.

She grinned at Yang Ye while holding Invincible with two fingers, “Im bullying you a little.

However, it cant be helped.

I have to interfere in this.”

She shook her fingers lightly.


Yang Ye was blasted back to where hed been a moment ago.

Yang Ye was about to attack again when Sword Scroll stopped him, “Theres no need to attack again.

Shes Nanli Meng, the most dazzling genius of the Nanli Clan in the last 10,000 years.”

Nanli Meng!

Yang Ye was stunned because this name was a little familiar.

It didnt take long for him to recall it.

Nanli Meng was the writer of the book—The Worlds.

Bai Zhixian had told him that shed once been ranked at the 3rd position on the Divine Rankings!

Nanli Meng glanced at Sword Scroll and said, “You recognize me”

Sword Scroll replied indifferently, “Does anyone from all those years ago not recognize you”

Nanli Meng smiled and gazed at Yang Ye, “Young Brother Yang, the Nanli Clan sent me an emergency request to return, so I knew something big would have occurred.

I found out what happened after I returned.

Its my Nanli Clan that is in the wrong, and Ill place the current patriarch under house arrest once I get back.

She wont appear before you in the next 100 years.

As for the True Dao Realm experts who hunted you in the past, all of them have been killed by you.

So, let bygones be bygones, alright”

She hesitated for a moment and added, “I can give you a piece of information for free.

According to my knowledge, the Immortal Estate may be planning something big against you!”

Sword Scroll asked solemnly, “What do you mean”

Nanli Meng smiled,The Immortal Estate contacted me and asked me to join their operation to annihilate all of you.

But my Nanli Clan has no intention to get swept into any conflicts right now.

Thus, so long as Young Brother Yang is willing to spare my Nanli Clan, I can guarantee that I wont participate in anything that targets him.

Everyone who knows me is aware that Ive never been interested in fighting, and Im only interested in strange things.

Of course, if you really cant let go of the hatred in your heart and insist on annihilating my Nanli Clan, I can only accompany you in battle!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll spoke solemnly, “Dont forget about the Immortal Estate.

They are your greatest enemy.”

Yang Yes eyes narrowed slightly, “They still refuse to learn after losing a True World Realm expert”

“Youre mistaken!” Nanli Meng smiled, “Its because you killed one of their True World Realm experts that they will absolutely not let you go.

Because they are afraid! Youve made them feel afraid! If a genius like you is not a friend or on their side, then its best for you to be eliminated.

Not to mention that you are enemies already.

So, how could they possibly allow you to continue growing”

Sword Scroll spoke solemnly, “Its a path they chose themselves!”

Nanli Meng said, “Youre right, it is a path they chose themselves, and they have no way out.

Moreover, the Immortal Estate is the number one power of the Eternal Border.

While they are only the number one power on the surface, they are still it.

So, do you think its possible for them to admit defeat and make a compromise with a Progenitor Its impossible.”

She gazed at Yang Ye at this point, “If I were you, I would return to the Sword Ruins immediately.

If Im not wrong, your loved ones are still there.”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he took Snowy in his arms and vanished into the sky!

Su Qingshi and the others!

Hed almost forgotten that.

Only Sword Scroll and Nanli Meng remained here.

Sword Scroll stared at her, “Youve discerned it, right”

“Discerned what” Nanli Meng gazed at her with bewilderment in her eyes.

Sword Scroll gazed at her for a long time and smiled, “You wont tell anyone, right”

Nanli Meng smiled, “Why”

Sword Scroll smiled, “Youre afraid!”

Nanli Mengs eyes narrowed slightly, “Afraid of what”

Sword Scroll smiled, “Youre very, very strong, but you arent strong enough to possess a Sprite Progenitor.

Even if you can take it from him, it will be a calamity for you and your clan.

Moreover, you never expected a Sprite Progenitor to be so close to a human.

Even if you kill Yang Ye and obtain her, she will probably do everything she can to avenge him in the future.

So, in short, obtaining her is a calamity and not fortune for you.”

Nanli Meng closed her eyes slowly, “According to my knowledge, its impossible for a Sprite Progenitor to appear here.

So why”

Sword Scroll replied solemnly, “It has never occurred, but it doesnt represent that its impossible.

Theres always a first time for everything, right”

Nanli Meng gazed at Sword Scroll, “Hell face endless troubles, and theyll only grow in severity.

Based on his current strength, if the news of its presence is exposed, Im certain that hell soundlessly vanish from this world.”

Sword Scroll fell silent.

“Its best if he gives her up!” Nanli Meng said, “He doesnt have the strength to possess a Sprite Progenitor.

Not to mention him, even the Immortal Estate will instantly vanish from this world if it has a Sprite Progenitor.”

Sword Scroll closed her eyes slowly, “He wont give her up.

That little fellow is more important to him than his own life!”

She laughed bitterly, “You know… Even until now, he still doesnt know her true identity.”

Nanli Meng spoke softly, “A sincere heart!”

“You said the Immortal Estate is the number one power on the surface” Sword Scroll asked, “Then there are powers hiding in the shadows”

Nanli Meng smiled, “Some people and powers like the limelight, but some prefer to keep a low profile.

Just like Eternal Village in Eternal Secret Realm.

Oh, right, Young Brother Yang should know about the situation in the Eternal Secret Realm.

That village isnt ordinary at all, and I think even the Immortal Estate wouldnt dare to offend that village.

There are many other unknown places like that throughout Eternal Border!”

She waved the thick scroll in her hand, “This is the new Worlds I wrote.

Do you want to buy it”

Sword Scroll glanced at her and asked, “How much is it”

Nanli Meng raised a finger, “One divine treasure, like the Primordial Axe of Creation, the Sword Gourd, or even you.

Or perhaps 100 Eternal Artifacts can be discussed too.

Hey, dont go, we can discuss the price…”

Sword Scroll had vanished.

Nanli Meng shrugged, and then she opened the thick scroll to the last page, and then a brush appeared in her grasp.

A short while later, some words had appeared there, “The large universe, Yang Ye.

Eternal Sword Gourd, Primordial Axe of Creation, Primordial Pagoda, Bodhi Tree, Primal Ox, mysterious young woman of unknown origin, Invincible, Sword Supreme, Hidden Blade, Sprite…”

She hesitated for a long time at this point and started writing, “Sprite Lord!”

Once the word lord was written, she rolled it up, and then the scroll trembled slightly.

A moment later, the words within it pierced through space and were teleported somewhere.

Nanli Meng fell silent on the spot for a long time, and then she glanced in the direction Yang Ye had left before vanishing into the sky.

Yang Ye shot through the sky on his sword, and his destination was the Sword Ruins.

Nanli Meng had reminded him that his current enemy was the Immortal Estate, and it was very likely that they targeted Su Qingshi and the others.

So, he must keep them by his side!

At his full speed, it didnt take him long to arrive at the Sword Ruins.

Yang Ye was about to head down there when he suddenly frowned slightly and looked to the right.

Meanwhile, a voice resounded, “Yang Ye, Ive been waiting for you!”

Along with the voice, a middle aged man in golden armor appeared before Yang Ye.

A True Void Realm expert!

There was a small仙 character on his left chest.

The middle aged man gazed at Yang Ye and laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, theres a price to pay for killing a member of my Immortal Estate.


Suddenly, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

A sword howl resounded.

An instant later, a sword descended swiftly from above the middle aged man.

The Sword Domain.

The middle aged man was horrified, “Save me…”


He hadnt even been able to finish speaking when his body split open at the center!

Yang Ye lowered his sword, and then glanced at the surroundings and spoke indifferently, “True Void Realm experts are too weak, they arent enough for me to enjoy killing.

Send two True World Realm experts for me to kill instead!”

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