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Chapter 2346 – Kill a Few as an Offering!

The space in the sky gradually calmed down.

Meanwhile, two of Tian Xiu’s fingers had descended.

Right when the third was about to descend, the Primordial Axe of Creation spoke, “Why force me”

“Force you” Tian Xiu spoke coldly, “I know what you want, you want Snowy.

But you seem to have forgotten that Snowy is with him.

You’re staying with them, but you’re just benefitting without helping.

Nothing comes that cheap in this world!”

The axe spoke in a low voice, “He has a Sprite Progenitor by his side yet doesn’t have the strength to possess her.

But he isn’t willing to give her up.

If I choose him, the end I face will probably be death.”

Tian Xiu walked over to the axe and said, “You want to benefit but don’t want the risk that comes with it.

Nothing comes that easily in this world! Now, I’ll give you two choices.

One, leave and stop coveting Snowy, or acknowledge him as your master.”

“Acknowledge him” The axe was furious, “On what basis I…”

Suddenly, Tian Xiu stretched out her hand and grabbed, and then the ethereal axe in the distance was within her grasp.

The Primordial Axe of Creation stopped speaking!

Tian Xiu’s gaze was icy cold, “On what basis Then let me ask you, why should he continue helping you grow in strength Why should you benefit from Primordial Violet Energy Tell me, why I’ll kill you if you can’t answer me!”

The Primordial Axe of Creation spoke angrily, “Void Spirit Maiden, don’t go too far.


Suddenly, an explosion resounded through the sky.

The space around the axe was obliterated in layers, and the axe itself shook violently as if it was enduring some sort of great pain!

Tian Xiu suddenly clenched her fist.


The space around the axe exploded apart, and then a ray of faint dark like enveloped the axe.

In the dark light, the axe was trembling madly.

Tian Xiu looked straight at the Primordial Axe of Creation, “A divine treasure You think you’re that great If you weren’t still a little useful, I would have crushed your spirit by now.

I’ll ask you one last time, are you willing to submit to him or not.

If you do, you’ll share everything with him.

With Snowy by his side, your advancement won’t be an issue in the future.

If you’re unwilling or have other plans, then I’ll kill you right now.”

The surroundings fell silent.

Was it willing

The Primordial Axe of Creation was a divine treasure, a very powerful one too.

However, it was just a divine treasure, so while it was powerful, the strength it could reveal was limited while not being used by someone.

Moreover, even if someone used it, it would probably still be no match for Void Spirit Maiden.

Just as she’d said, amongst the people she’d met in her life, only the Unfettered One could defeat her!

The axe was a divine treasure with a temper of its own, but she was worse.

Either submit or die!

The axe was certain that Tian Xiu was absolutely capable of that.

A long time passed before Tian Xiu left.

In the starry sky, the little fellows here immediately gazed at her once she arrived.

At this moment, she was their pillar of support.

Only Sword Scroll’s expression remained solemn because she was very well aware that Tian Xiu couldn’t stay here for long.

There were some rules that had to be abided by!

Meanwhile, Tian Xiu looked to the right, and everyone looked over too.

Snowy blinked and looked at her.

Wang Erya licked her tanghulu and spoke softly, “Old man…”

Sword Scroll looked over but saw nothing.

She wasn’t the only one, Oxxy couldn’t see anything either.

It was empty there!

But Snowy and Wang Erya could!

Sword Scroll frowned slightly, and then she swiped her fingers over her eyes.

A ray of sword energy appeared there, and then she looked up and saw an old man in gray robes.

Tian Xiu glanced at Wang Erya, “Your grandfather asked you to stay with him”

Wang Erya nodded, “Big Sis Zhixian too.

Oh, but I think Snowy is really nice, and I feel like staying with her…”

She passed her tanghulu to Snowy.

The latter blinked and licked it.

It tasted pretty good, so she took another lick…

Tian Xiu grinned, “Your grandfather is quite the man, and he has quite the vision!”

Wang Erya was extremely happy when she heard Tian Xiu praise her grandfather.

Tian Xiu nodded, and then she walked over to the gray robed old man.

It didn’t take her long to arrive before him.

If one looked carefully, one would notice that the old man’s figure was quite strange.

It seemed to be one with space, but it seemed to transcend the space here too.

Just like Yang Ye’s Sword Domain.

The old man cupped his fist at Tian Xiu, “I’m the protector of this place.

While you’re at the True World Realm, you possess the ability to break the limits.

Every fight you get in reduces this world’s lifespan by dozens of years.

So, please leave this place.”

Tian Xiu closed her eyes slowly, “I can’t leave for now!”

The old man frowned.

Meanwhile, Tian Xiu continued, “Two months.

I’ll leave in two months!”

The old man shook his head and refused.

Tian Xiu gazed at the old man, “Then kill me!”

The old man was at a loss for words.

Tian Xiu took two steps forward and looked the old man in the eyes, “I want to stay here for two months.

Can I”

The old man replied softly, “I know your strength is extraordinary, but you should abide by these rules.

This isn’t a threat.”

Tian Xiu replied, “I do not abide by other rules, but I will abide by this one.

However, rules aren’t alive, we are.

It isn’t a problem to let me stay two months, right Oh, right, I’m from the void spirit race, and my race is gone!”

She was all alone!

The old man’s eyelids twitched.

He feared people like that the most, especially those with extremely terrifying strength.

Once a misunderstanding occurred between them and a battle broke out, he would probably not have a day of peace for the next few hundred years.

A long time passed before the old man sighed softly, “One month, you can stay for one month.

We’ll go into closed door cultivation during this month, and we’ll only come out after that.”

Tian Xiu pondered deeply for a moment and nodded, “Alright!”

The old man glanced at her and said, “Please don’t get into too many fights.”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

One month!

Tian Xiu fell silent for a long time, and then she gazed at Sword Scroll and the others.

She gazed at Sword Scroll and said, “Which power is the most powerful in this place And what other hidden experts are there”

Sword Scroll hesitated for a moment and shook her head, “I don’t know the specifics.

However, the Nanli Clan’s Nanli Meng should know.

But she’s a slave to wealth, and she won’t tell you anything without giving her something good in return!”

Nanli Meng!

Tian Xiu asked, “Where’s the Nanli Clan”

Sword Scroll glanced at her and pointed to the right.

Tian Xiu nodded slightly, “You stand on guard here!”

She turned around and planned to leave immediately.

Meanwhile, Snowy appeared in front of her and pointed at herself while anticipation filled her eyes.

Obviously, she wanted to go play with Tian Xiu.

Tian Xiu rubbed Snowy’s little head, “I would have taken you with me even if you didn’t ask.

They’ll all die if you stay here right now!” She took Snowy and vanished into the sky.

Wang Erya gazed at Sword Scroll, “Big Sis Sword Scroll, that Big Sister is really strong!”

Oxxy nodded to display its agreement.

Sword Scroll glanced at the dark ray of light in the sky and nodded, “Very strong indeed!”

Wang Erya asked, “Madman Yang will be fine now that she’s here, right”

Sword Scroll replied softly, “Who knows”

Suddenly, Wang Erya looked to the side, “Big Sis Sword Scroll, there are people here.”

Sword Scroll glanced at the surroundings and said, “Ignore them.

They won’t attack while Snowy is gone.”

Just as she’d said, they didn’t attack, but none of them left.

As for Tian Xiu, who dared to follow her

Sword Scroll’s face remained extremely solemn.

They knew how strong Tian Xiu was, yet they were still here.

This meant that they refused to give up on Snowy.

Could Tian Xiu stop them

Moreover, she only had a month.

The Nanli Clan.

At Tian Xiu’s speed, it only took a while for her to arrive at the Nanli Clan, and Nanli Meng immediately appeared before her.

Nanli Meng glanced at Tian Xiu and smiled, “My Nanli Clan isn’t targeting Yang Ye or that little fellow on your shoulder”

Snowy blinked.

Little fellow on Tian Xiu’s shoulder Is she talking about me

Tian Xiu glanced at Nanli Meng, “The Limitbreaker Realm!”

Nanli Meng smiled, “Indeed.

I gave those old geezers quite a few treasures to let me stay for a while.

It really hurt!”

Tian Xiu nodded, “I have something to ask you.

Which power is stronger in Eternal Border, and who’s the strongest expert”

Nanli Meng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What are you planning”

Tian Xiu replied indifferently, “I plan to kill a few people as an offering to the heavens!”

Nanli Meng replied solemnly, “According to my knowledge, Yang Ye isn’t from the void spirit race, so why get mixed up in this for him Allow me to be honest, even you will probably die if you get swept into this vortex.”

Tian Xiu looked up at the sky, “In the past, he treated me as a loved one and protected me with his life.

Since he treated me with sincerity and like a loved one, I will do the same.

I can’t protect him forever, but if anyone dares to touch him in this month, I’ll annihilate everyone they know.”



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