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Chapter 3286 Terrifying Black Dragon

Long Chen didnt even look back.

“Theres no need.”

The mercenary leaders expression changed.

But before he could say anything, Long Chen continued.

“All the things here are masterless items.

Theyll belong to whoever can grab them.

I already know the general direction.

If you feel that the treasures in front of you are very alluring, you can stop here.

Youve gotten half the reward already.

You can choose to look for treasures here or choose to continue with us.”

Just who was Long Chen Just looking at his gaze, he knew what the mercenary leader wanted.

Obviously, if Long Chen had managed to obtain the dragon eggs just now, the mercenary leader would have been dissatisfied.

Hence, he wanted to discuss terms on how any future treasures that they stumbled upon would be split.

Long Chen directly refused him.

After being led here, he already knew the general direction of the seventh branch academy.

Even the mercenary leader had never been there, so he only knew the general direction as well.

Since that was the case, there was no need for Long Chen to quibble with him over such small matters.

If he hadnt been worried about not being able to find the ruins, he wouldnt have even bothered working together with them.

Hearing that, the four of them were actually quite moved.

Long Chen was quite generous.

Just leading him here could count as accomplishing half their mission.

If they were to regain their freedom and leave, then those two Spirit King Pills would have entered their pockets quite easily.

However, they were also a bit unwilling to leave just like this.

They all saw that Long Chen was an unfathomable existence.

Following him should be the safest option.

Furthermore, Long Chen had also said that whoever could grab the treasures in this domain would get to keep them.

That reassured them.

Thus, with Long Chen still pressing onwards, they chose to obediently follow behind him.

After two hours, they saw more and more giant dragons resting.

They had no choice but to be cautious and go around them, trying to maintain a safe distance from all of them.

This valley was truly enormous.

Three days of travel resulted in them still being stuck midway, so Long Chen was getting a bit impatient.

There were dragons everywhere, so they didnt dare to go any faster.

But in these three days, they had all made some gains.

Jiang Yuhe had stolen a dragon egg, and the vice leader of the Iron Blood Mercenary Group had obtained a dragon corpse at the Immortal King level.

The others had also gotten something.

Moreover, the aura here was special.

There were some rare spiritual medicines and even some strange ores in this area.

Bai Shishi had snatched a fist-sized chunk of golden rock, which contained wild metal energy.

It was quite useful to her.

However, the most monstrous one was Bai Xiaole.

Using his spatial arts, he had managed to snatch six dragon eggs so far.

The Vile Dragon Domains experts were all envious.

Without Long Chen here, they would probably have tried to kill him for those eggs.

However, right now they could only be envious and didnt dare to express their greed.

After Jiang Yuhe obtained a dragon egg, her mood improved.

She seemed to relax a bit and actually began to chat with Bai Shishi.

But her words often contained traps as she tested Bai Shishis bottom line.

She could see that despite possessing immense power, Bai Shishi didnt have enough experience in the outside world.

Regretfully, Bai Shishi ignored her.

As for Bai Xiaole and Qin Feng and the others, they werent speaking either.

Since she also didnt dare to chat with Long Chen, in the end, she shut her mouth.

“We cant continue like this.

This is too slow and we cant waste this much time.

Xiaole, Ill help you catch a winged dragon.

Were flying,” said Long Chen.

Although this was more dangerous than what they were doing as they didnt have a full understanding of this place, continuing like this was no solution.

“Alright!” Bai Xiaole instantly got excited.

Long Chen eyed a dragon lying on the ground with its wings spread around it.

Once they were a certain distance away, Long Chen formed hand seals, and an invisible surge of energy struck the dragons head.

This was a spiritual attack.

However, Long Chen was not a soul cultivator, so he could only use the simplest attacks.

The moment Long Chen unleashed his Spiritual Strength, Jiang Yuhe and the others felt their heads buzz.

Their minds instantly grew muddled, and they were shocked.

Long Chens attack was concentrated on that dragon, but just some waves from it were enough to affect them.

If he was directly attacking them, then he would have countless opportunities to kill them.

This was their first time seeing Long Chen do something like this.

They were truly shaken.

Just then, the dragons body quivered.

Bai Xiaole formed hand seals, and when the dragon opened its eyes, the mark of the Three Flower Pupils was present.

The moment that the dragons soul was struck, Bai Xiaole took control over it.

The dragon suddenly stood up and opened its mouth at them, seemingly about to eat them.

Seeing this, Jiang Yuhe and the others turned pale.

But just as they prepared to fight back, they heard Long Chen scold someone.

“Dont mess around.”

The dragons mouth stopped in the air in front of everyone.

Only then did Jiang Yuhe and the others realize that Bai Xiaole was actually teasing them.

They were furious because they really had been terrified just now.

They werent afraid of a single dragon, but they were afraid of disturbing all the other nearby dragons.

Bai XIaole smiled naughtily, clearly pleased after scaring them.

He truly was a child, one who didnt realize that when people scared others, some of them could be scared to death.

Long Chen took out a flying boat.

They set foot into the flying boat, and the flying boat was placed inside the dragons mouth.

After that, the dragon spread its wings and flew off.

With Bai Xiaole controlling the dragon, their speed instantly soared.

In just two hours, they seemed to see the end of the valley.

“Watch out!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted when a giant mouth suddenly bit down.

Black teeth then bit through their dragon, and blood rained down.

Long Chen had only seen a giant black head appear for an instant before its mouth clamped down.

It was another dragon, as black as ink.

Moreover, it was over ten times bigger than the dragon Bai Xiaole was controlling.

“Its a devil dragon!”

Long Chens expression changed.

This black dragons aura was completely different from the other dragons that they had encountered here.

It had the aura of the devil race on it, and it was a bit similar to evil dragons.

But it was also different from the devil races aura.

The aura of this devil dragon was unique.

Previously, when Long Chen chatted with Dragonbone Evilmoon, he had learned some of the history and knowledge of the dragon race.

But in the academys texts, he had come to learn that the devil dragons were existences of the devil world.

Why would they appear here in the immortal world

“Dont move!” Long Chen saw Jiang Yuhe and the others preparing to attack and immediately shouted at them.

He then flew out with his bone saber in hand.

After Long Chen cut off their dragons head, it fell from the rest of the body.

Just at this moment, the black dragon devoured their dragons body in just a few gulps.

Ignoring the falling head, it turned toward other resting dragons in the surroundings.

Long Chen and the others took advantage of this to flee from the dragon head.

They hid, staring at that black dragon in shock.

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