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Chapter 2000 – Slowly, Im Listening!

Kill their way out!

Yang Ye was very well aware that the only way for them to leave was to kill their way out!

Kill open a path covered in blood!

Suddenly, a middle aged man appeared before them.

He glanced at their group and gazed at Yang Ye in the end, “Young Master Yang, the Blood Demon King requests your presence!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Ill be there in a moment!”

The middle aged man nodded and left.

AMan said, “Be careful!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Dont worry.

If we still fight and kill each other now, then well have no hope of survival.

Both Gu Ku and the Blood Demon King arent fools.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished into the distance.

Qin Chuan spoke solemnly by AMans side, “Big Sis, arent those fellows out there going a little too far”

AMan fell silent.

Qin Chuan added, “Even if were able to kill our way outside, well probably become wanted by many races.

Sigh, I may be expelled from my clan.”

Yu Jing suddenly asked, “You regret your decision already”

“Regret” Qin Chuan chuckled, “Regret what So long as Im strong enough, those old geezers from the clan would never abandon me.

Theyll beg me to return and become the patriarch.”

AMan nodded slightly, “So long as youre strong enough, youll have no enemies because no one would dare to become your enemy!”

“Right!” Qin Chuan seemed to have thought of something, “Brother Yang said hes being pursued by all the races”

AMan nodded.

“Tsk, tsk!” Qin Chuan shook his head, “Hes really amazing.

He was actually able to make all of them pursue him, and hes even still alive until now.

Amazing indeed!”

Someone asked, “Do you know why they were pursuing him”

AMan fell silent for a moment and replied, “He took the Sovereign of Mans sword!”

Everyone here was stunned.

It didnt take long for admiration to cover Qin Chuans face, “Thats **ing amazing! Luckily, I didnt fight him when we met.

Otherwise, I may be sleeping underground by now!”

The others shook their heads and chuckled.

In the hall.

Blood Demon King sat at the seat of the host while Gu Ku sat near him.

Besides that, Yang Ye noticed some familiar faces in the hall.

Wan Qianyou and Mo Tianqiong were here!

Mo Tianqiong grinned as a form of greeting when he saw Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded in response, and then he casually sat in one of the seats at the side.

Meanwhile, the Blood Demon King stood up and said, “Im sure all of youre aware of the situation in the Dead Dimension, so I wont waste my breath on it.

If we want to live, theres only one way, and its to kill our way out.

We have to unite and kill our way out!”

One of them said, “Those fellows out there have definitely thought of this, so theyll definitely have extraordinary experts waiting for us!”

The Blood Demon King replied, “No matter who they send or how many they send, it doesnt make a difference to us.

Because we have no choice, and we can only kill our way out.

Or perhaps all of you can just stay and die with this world!”

All the others here fell silent.

A short while passed before someone said, “Can we talk about it with the people outside”

The Blood Demon King shook his head slightly, “Weve tried, and their attitude towards it is obvious.

They want all of us to perish with the Dead Dimension!”

That man said, “Then we have no choice but to fight!”

Mo Tianqiong nodded slightly, “Everyone, the Blood Demon King is right.

We have no other choice.

If we want to live, we have only one way to do that.

Kill our way out there!”

Mo Tianqiong gazed at the Blood Demon King and continued, “The strong lead.

I suggest we temporarily allow the Blood Demon King to lead us.

If we dont have a single commander, our forces will be scattered, and we wont be able to fight the people outside at all.

What do all of you think”

All the others had no objections.

While the Blood Demon King hadnt revealed his strength, they had no doubt that he was the strongest here.

The Blood Demon King didnt refuse.

He stood up, glanced at everyone, and said, “My plan is that Ill lead some people into the teleportation formation, and then well create a pocket of space on the other side.

After that, all of youll teleport to that pocket of space.

In the end, well fight those fellows in that pocket of space!”

The others had no objections to this plan.

The Blood Demon King nodded when he saw this, and then he said, “Brother Mo, Brother Wan, Brother Gu, and Brother Yang, youll come with me!”

Brother Yang

Many people here were stunned.

Whos that

It didnt take long for them to look at Yang Ye who was seated at the side.

Yang Ye gazed at the Blood Demon King, and there was some surprise in his eyes.

He hadnt expected that the Blood Demon King would ask him to come along!

The Blood Demon King smiled, “Its not a problem, right”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Of course!”

The Blood Demon King said, “Then lets set off right now!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Mo Tianqiong, Wan Qianyou, and Gu Ku vanished from the hall as well.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and vanished too.

The Blood Demon King stood before the teleportation formation and said, “Based on your strength, you have a very good chance of escaping if you try.

However, all of you have people relying on you, so you wont abandon them and flee yourselves, right”

“Of course!” Mo Tianqiong smiled, “My son is still here!”

The Blood Demon King nodded slightly and said, “Lets go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all of them entered the teleportation formation, and it didnt take long for it to activate and teleport them away.

A short while later, Yang Ye and the others were in a spatial passageway, and some time passed before the Blood Demon King stopped.

He glanced at the surroundings and said, “Were not too far away from the outside world.

Its another 15 minutes away at most.

So, lets do it here!”

As he spoke, he raised his hands slowly.

In an instant, the space around them trembled, and then he pushed his hands forward.

This caused the spatial passageway before him to turn ethereal, and the space there grew in size.

Meanwhile, the Blood Demon King said, “Do it!”

Gu Ku nodded, and then he pushed his hands forward.

The spatial passageway before him turned ethereal too.

At the same time, Wan Qianyou did the same.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he asked, “How do I create a pocket of space”

All of them glanced at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye shrugged, “I dont know how!”

The Blood Demon King grinned, “Its very simple.

This is the spatial passageway within the teleportation formation.

Just break open the passageway on your side, and the space here will grow.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he waved his hands lightly.


The spatial passageway shook violently!

The Blood Demon King glanced at Yang Ye, “Lighter!”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Gu Ku said, “Well be in trouble if the passageway collapses.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I understand!”

Just like that, the space here grew wider and wider under their joint forces.

Suddenly, something unexpected occurred.

Mo Tianqiong suddenly withdrew his hands and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distance.

Hed fled!

All of them were stunned!

A short while passed before the Blood Demon King spoke indifferently, “I didnt expect him to even abandon his son!”

Gu Ku replied, “So long as hes alive, he can have as many children as he wants.

However, if hes dead, his son is useless.”

The Blood Demon king said, “True.

Ignore him.

Lets continue!”

Around four hours later, the space here was over 30km wide.

All of them stopped.

The Blood Demon King said, “Lets go!”

Suddenly, loud explosions resounded at the end of the spatial passageway, and then the space there started to tremble violently.


A miserable and shrill cry suddenly resounded from there.

All of them were shocked when they heard it.

Because it was Mo Tianqiongs voice!

He was dead!

Moreover, he might have died a terrible death!

They fell silent for a moment, and then the Blood Demon king said, “Looks like the experts guarding the exit are much stronger than we expected!”

His pupils constricted when he spoke up to this point, “Someones coming!”

All of them looked towards the side.

The space there shook violently, and then a figure shot out from there.

A moment later, a man in golden armor appeared before them.

The armored man glanced at Yang Yes group and said, “Get the ** back there!”

The Blood Demon King suddenly took a step forward and slammed his fist forward.


The man in golden armor was instantly blasted over 10km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, his armor shattered, and a wisp of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth!

The man wiped off the blood and gazed at the Blood Demon King, “The Zen Realm!”

The Blood Demon King spoke indifferently, “Get the ** back there and tell them we just want to leave.

All we want is to leave the Dead Dimension.

If you refuse to give us a chance to live, then well all just die together!”

The Blood Demon king turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

“Leave” The man chuckled, “The joint army of all the races is waiting out there.

How will you leave”

The Blood Demon King stopped moving.

The man said, “There is a way that all of you can survive, but it depends on whether youre willing to take it! The Sovereign of Man is a benevolent person, so if youre willing to lead your forces and follow the Sovereign of Man, then the Sovereign of Man will protect all of you.

Besides that…”

He suddenly pointed at Yang Ye, “Hes someone the Sovereign of Man wants dead.

If you kill him and hand him to the Sovereign of Man, the Sovereign of Man will definitely…”

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

The Blood Demon Kings eyes narrowed slightly while a wisp of solemness flashed through his eyes.

Suddenly, the surroundings fell silent.

A man in green clothes was standing before the man, and the green clothed man had a pair of black wings on his back.

It was Yang Ye.

At this moment, Yang Yes sword was pressed against the mans throat.

Yang Ye pushed his sword forward slightly and said, “What will the Sovereign of Man do Go on, tell me! Slowly, Im listening!”

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