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Chapter 2001 – Its All Down to this Battle!

The surroundings were deathly silent!

The man stared at Yang Ye, “I never expected you to have grown to such an extent! Unfortunately, you wont be able to escape death.

The human race isnt the only race that wants to see you dead.”

Yang Ye nodded, “I know, and Ill get even with them in time!”

A ray of light flashed.


The mans head flew into the air, and blood sprayed like a fountain!

Yang Ye lowered his sword, gazed at the Blood Demon King, and said, “What do you think about what he just said”

The Blood Demon King replied indifferently, “Would my demon race become the slave of humans”

He vanished into the distance once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye shrugged and vanished on the spot.

Southern Qilin Mountain.

In the hall.

The Blood Demon King stood up, “Everyone, well fight them to the death in a day from now.

This battle will determine our survival!”

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in his room.

AMan and the others were around him, and all of them had 5 immortal crystals in front of them.

Yang Ye said, “Remember that our main objective is to flee, and not to kill.

If we kill many but fail to escape, then it would be absolutely meaningless.

As for the Blood Demon King and the others, Im sure theyll prioritize escaping too, and they wont really order their forces to fight to the death!”

Qin Chuan said, “Were planning on fleeing before we even fight We probably wont make it like this!”

“We never stood a chance!” AMan said, “The experts of all the races are out there.

With so many experts joining forces, there definitely are many formations out there too.

Theyve made sufficient preparations, so while everyone from the Dead Dimension is strong, our alliance was hastily created, so theres no order and discipline in our forces.

So tell me, how will we fight them”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “We still have to fight, because only fighting can ensure our safety.

However, our main objective is to fight and create a path to safety.

So long as they have the opportunity, those experts from the Dead Dimension wont hesitate to betray their allies.

So, we must take precautions against them and avoid becoming sacrifices for them!”

AMan nodded, “What if we dont have the chance to escape”

Yang Ye replied, “Then we can only kill until we die.

At that time, well just make our death worth it by killing a few more!”

The atmosphere here became quite solemn when they heard this.

Yang Ye stood up slowly, walked out of the room, and looked into the distance.

Countless demon beasts and human experts were converging around the teleportation formation.

Meanwhile, AMan appeared by Yang Yes side and spoke softly, “Actually, all of them just want to live!”

Yang Ye replied, “Big Sis, tell me.

Why do the people out there want to annihilate everyone from the Dead Dimension”

“To eliminate threats! And for their own interests!” AMan continued, “They wouldnt do this if the people from the Dead Dimension were just a threat.

After all, these people arent weak at all.

So, besides them being a threat, its probably because of their own interests! Interests that can even affect them!”

“Interests” Yang Ye asked, “The Dead Dimension has some sort of treasure”

“Not that!” AMan explained, “Think about it.

The situation in the outside world has stabilized, and the races have split up all the resources in the outside world.

Now that so many demon beasts and people are coming from the Dead Dimension, it represents that these people will take a part of their resources!”

AMan chuckled at this point, “Resources are a thing that every race regards as important, because resources are needed to foster experts.

It can be said that resources are the foundation of every clan and organization.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Whats your status in the barbarian race”

She glanced at him, “Why do you ask”

Yang Ye replied, “Im just a little curious!”

She replied, “If we survive, you can come to the Barbarian Dimension and find out for yourself!”


Yang Ye took a deep breath, “All of us will survive!”


The first glimmer of light had just descended.

At the teleportation formations.

Countless experts had gathered around the teleportation formation, and they were led by the Blood Demon King.

Yang Ye and the others were by the Blood Demon Kings side.

All of the demon beasts and humans were looking at the Blood Demon king!

The Blood Demon King glanced at them, “Everyone, I hope will be able to see the light of dawn again after this!”

He waved his hand, “Activate the formations!”

A moment later, the formations were activated.

The Blood Demon King gazed at Yang Ye, Wan Qianyou, and the others, “Well lead the attack.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure appeared in the teleportation formation.

Yang Ye and the others didnt hesitate to appear by his side.

A moment later, all of them vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye and the others vanished, the demon beasts and humans in the surroundings entered the teleportation formation.

Just like that, the experts of the Dead Dimension were teleported incessantly.

It didnt take long for Yang Yes group to arrive at that pocket of space.

The Blood Demon King glanced at the surroundings and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, the army of humans and demon beasts appeared incessantly.

Around two hours later, almost 100,000 demon beasts were gathered behind them, and there were tens of thousands of human experts there too.

Meanwhile, the Blood Demon King stood up, “Lets start the fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was about to attack.

However, an old man in a white robe appeared not too far away from them.

The Blood Demon King stopped.

The old man glanced at them, “People of the Dead Dimension, surrender and you can live.

Otherwise, the only thing waiting for you is…”

Suddenly, the Blood Demon King appeared in front of the old man, and then he slammed his fist forward!


The old man was blasted over 3km away.

The Blood Demon King lowered his fist and spoke indifferently, “And be your slaves If thats it, then I would rather see them die.

At the very least, theyll preserve their dignity.”

The old man wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, “Since thats the case, all of you can die!”

He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

The Blood Demon King placed his hands behind his back, “Lets go!”

He immediately transformed into a ray of white light that shot towards the distance while Yang Ye and the others followed closely beside him.

It didnt take long for the Blood Demon King to stop, and huge white circles of light had appeared around them.

The circles of light were revolving slowly around them.

A formation!

Suddenly, the circles of light transformed into rays of white light that vanished on the spot.

When they appeared again, they were amid the ocean of demon beasts behind Yang Ye and the others.

In an instant, countless demon beasts were sliced up into pieces!

The Blood Demon King spoke in a low voice, “Attack!”

He stretched out his right hand and clawed forward.

Boom! Boom!

A few circles of white light were instantly clawed into bits.

Yang Ye and the others attacked simultaneously as well.

In next to no time, all the white circles of light had vanished.

However, a few thousand demon beasts had vanished along with them!

The Blood Demon King had an extremely gloomy expression on his face!

Meanwhile, a voice came from afar, “Blood Demon King, this is just the beginning!”

As soon as the voice resounded, a middle aged man appeared before them.

At the same time, an army of soldiers in golden armor appeared behind him.

There were exactly 10,000 of them.

Besides that, there were some other experts around Yang Ye and the others.

They were from the devil race, sky race, spirit race, barbarian race…

The middle aged man walked forward and stopped a little bit away from the Blood Demon King, “Im Xiao Wuyi from the human race.

Im here on orders from the Sovereign of Man to ask you whether you agree to surrender.

If you refuse, well only meet each other in battle.

But if you surrender, the Sovereign of Man is willing to pay a certain price to keep you and your demon beasts alive!”

The Blood Demon King chuckled, “The price the Sovereign of Man is praying is definitely huge.

Otherwise, these fellows from the sky race would absolutely not allow it.


Xiao Wuyi spoke indifferently, “Thats our business.

Blood Demon King, the Sovereign of Man doesnt want you to be the human races slave.

Hes inviting you to join the human race.

Blood Demon King, just think about it.

Even if you escape this place, where can you go”

Where can they go

The Blood Demon King fell silent.

It was a question that hed thought about.

He didnt just have a few demon beasts depending on him, he had an ocean of them.

So, where should they go after leaving the Dead Dimension The demon race That was absolutely impossible.

If they went to the demon race, it was equivalent to entering into war with some of the Demon Kings there!

Meanwhile, Xiao Wuyi added, “Blood Demon King, theres no place for all of you in the large universe.

But if youre willing to surrender, therell be a place for you in the human race.

The Sovereign of Man has allocated an area suitable for all of you to live in.

Moreover, you wont be slaves for the human race, youll be equals.

Thats the Sovereign of Mans promise to you!”

Some of the demon beasts were visibly moved by this.

The Blood Demon King closed his eyes slowly, “What does the Sovereign of Man want in return”

Xiao Wuyi smiled, “Its very simple.

He hopes youll stay by the human races side through thick and thin.”

The Blood Demon King nodded slightly, “I understand.”

Xiao Wuyi said, “Blood Demon King, the Sovereign of Man has shown sufficient sincerity.

He paid a huge price to the other races so that he could protect you and the demon beasts who follow you.

Of course, if you really dont want to join the human race, thats fine too.

The Sovereign of Man doesnt wish to force you either.”

The surroundings fell silent.

A long time passed before the Blood Demon King glanced at the demon beasts behind him.

All of them were following him.

Suddenly, a demon beast said, “Well do as you say!”

Countless others shouted in unison, “Well do as you say!”

The Blood Demon King grinned, and then he gazed at Xiao Wuyi, “Alright, I agree!”

Xiao Wuyi grinned.

He gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Blood Demon King, hes someone the Sovereign of Man wants dead.

Since he just happens to be beside you, why dont you kill him to display your sincerity to the Sovereign of Man”

The Blood Demon King turned to look at Yang Ye, and then countless demon beasts here gazed at Yang Ye.

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