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Chapter 2199 Undying Cavalry!

Actually, Yang Ye had never considered sparing the Sages of the sky race when he came to Sky City!

However, he hadnt expected that Xiao Qi would be the new leader of the sky race.

What would she do if he killed all the Sages of the sky race and the residents of Sky City

Yang Ye couldnt just ignore her.

After all, she was someone whod fallen into deep sleep because of him!

In the sky above the city, a woman in a white dress appeared by Xiao Qis side.

It was her older sister.

The woman took Xiao Qis trembling hand, Its a pretty good outcome.

Xiao Qi gazed at the woman, and the latter spoke softly, He isnt wrong.

He did want to kill everyone, and we could all sense it.

However, he gave up that thought because of you!

Xiao Qi fell silent.

She knew Yang Yes temper very well.

Since the sky race had treated him like that, then based on Yang Yes temper, the sky race would have fallen to a similar fate as the barbaric race.

What happened to the barbaric race

All of its Sages had been slaughtered, so it couldnt even be considered a third rate race now.

It could be said that any Sage could reign supreme over the barbaric race, so it was the most miserable race after the human race.

Countless experts were plundering them incessantly, and if this continued, the barbaric races annihilation would be just a matter of time, just like the human race!

If Yang Ye slaughtered all the Sages of the sky race, then the sky race would follow in their footsteps.

But Yang Ye hadnt done that!

The woman in a white dress glanced at the Sovereign of Skys corpse, Father He expected this.

So, he made you the leader of our sky race so that Yang Ye would spare the sky race.

She continued, Xiao Qi, dont think too much about it, and dont hate him.

Lets just lead the sky race well and lead it through this difficult situation!

Xiao Qi nodded, and then she glanced at the direction Yang Ye had left toward.

After that, she left with the woman.

The news of Yang Yes arrival in Sky City spread quickly through the Sky Dimension, and the Sovereign of Skys death spread quickly too.

Yang Ye had come to the Sky Dimension and left.

This allowed countless people of the sky race to heave sighs of relief.

Now, every race was terrified of Yang Ye.

It was a name that instilled terror in them!

Yang Ye returned to Yu Estate, and the experts of the Yu Clan were behind him.

Yu Jings father was among them.

Yang Ye gazed at Yu Jings father and said, Uncle, come with me to Void Spirit Continent.

While there isnt any spirit energy there, its safe.

Yu Jings father hesitated for a moment and replied, Whats Xiao Qis relationship to you

Shes a friend! Yang Ye continued, She helped me a lot in the lower universe, and she saved my life!

I see! Yu Jings father nodded, Then I want to stay here.

Yang Ye was puzzled, Why

Yu Jings father sighed softly, The sky race is in a terrible situation.

Perhaps Ill be able to help her if I stay.

If the Sovereign of Sky was still in charge, then he would definitely not stay.

Because that represented that the sky race would be enemies with Yang Ye, and it would have no chance.

Now that Xiao Qi was their leader, Yang Ye may become an ally of the sky race.

Simply speaking, he saw hope in the sky races future, so he decided to stay!

Yang Ye nodded, I respect your decision.

If you want to leave or need my help, just let me know.

Yu Jings father glanced at Yang Ye with complicated emotions in his eyes, Thank you!

Yang Ye shook his head and flicked a spatial ring to Yu Jings father, Yu Jing and I are brothers.

Now that hes gone, I treat the Yu Clan as him.

So long as Im alive, the Yu Clans business is my business.

The others were overjoyed when they heard this promise.

From now onward, the Yu Clan had a barrier of protection.

Not to mention the sky race, even the other races and the three paths wouldnt look for trouble with the Yu Clan.

After all, it had Yang Yes protection.

Yang Ye left.

The Yu Clan stayed behind, and the spatial ring he gave Yu Jings father was sufficient for them to live on for a long time.

Besides that, Xiao Qi sent a group to get the Yu Clan when she found out that they had stayed, and Yu Jings father became a higher-up in the sky race.

Yang Ye didnt leave the Sky Dimension immediately, and he went to the Sky Stairs instead!

The Sky Stairs!

It was where the Sky Emperor had given him the Sky Dragon!

Yang Ye walked slowly toward its end, and a figure appeared there.

The Sky Emperor!

The Sky Emperor sized up Yang Ye and said, The Sage Realm!

Yang Ye nodded.

A wisp of complicated emotions flashed through his eyes because this speed of growth was too swift!

Yang Ye spoke softly, I came here because I want to help you with something.

The Sky Emperor asked, You want to save me

Yang Ye nodded, If you want, I can do my best!

The Sky Emperor fell silent for a long time before he said, I could have left a long time ago!

Yang Ye gazed at the Sky Emperor with bewilderment.

The Sky Emperor glanced at the surroundings, After the god races defeat, some people died.

Emperor Xuanyuan, the Devil Exalt Ren Tianxing, and the spirit races patriarch Huan Xianling.

Do you know why they died

Yang Ye asked, They were a threat to the four paths

The Sky Emperor smiled, Actually, it isnt entirely the four paths fault.

Yang Ye was puzzled, Why

The Sky Emperor replied softly, Once the god race was annihilated, a new problem appeared.

How will the large universe be reorganized Emperor Xuanyuan, Ren Tianxing, and Huan Xianling wanted to destroy the four paths so such extraordinary powers ceased to exist.

However, they failed.

Do you know why they failed

Yang Ye shook his head.

The Sky Emperor smiled, Because I betrayed them! Actually, they werent the only ones, I participated in it too.

Yang Ye frowned.

The Sky Emperor continued, Actually, nobody knows that the Dao Progenitor is my senior brother.

Senior brother!

Yang Yes frown deepened.

Surprised The Sky Emperor grinned, We are from the same line, but we took different paths.

He inherited the Dao Path, and I chose my own path.

Of course, my senior brother wasnt the true reason I betrayed them, it was because Emperor Xuanyuans group underestimated my senior brother and the others.

They really underestimated them!

He paused for a moment and continued, At that time, the Primordial Pagoda was still in my senior brothers possession.

He was so powerful with it in his hands.

Most importantly, Emperor Xuanyuan overlooked something, the Sword Supreme.

Its a righteous and benevolent sword, and his choice to annihilate the four paths was far from that.

So, the moment he really acted against them would be the moment that sword betrayed him.

However, they were killed before the Sword Supreme could even turn against him!

Yang Ye fell silent.

He hadnt expected history to be like this!

You came here! Meanwhile, he continued, I actually gave you the Sky Dragon because were from the same line, and the other reason is your own natural talent.

Yang Ye asked, Then why are you imprisoned here

The Sky Emperor spoke softly, The other races arent aware of my betrayal.

But if I openly show myself, then what would they think of my sky race All the races would target my sky race.

He glanced at the surroundings and continued, It was my own choice to stay here.

The sky race doesnt have a formidable enemy anymore, so staying wouldnt make a difference anyway.

Thus, I remained here with the intent to take that final step.

That final step!

The Progenitor Realm!

Yang Ye glanced at the Sky Emperor, Youre not at the Progenitor Realm

The Sky Emperor smiled, I meant surpassing it!

Surpassing the Progenitor Realm!

Yang Ye glanced at the Sky Emperor, I guess coming here wasnt necessary.

Since you dont need my help, then Ill be leaving.

The Sky Emperor suddenly asked, If that little girl wasnt the leader of the sky race, then would you have really slaughtered all the Sages of the sky race

Yang Ye nodded, Yes!

Yang Ye suddenly paused at this moment and asked, Senior, Id like to know if you participated in the attack on the armless man

The Sky Emperor smiled, No! However, I did participate in the battle against the Confucianist Progenitor.

The reason I didnt join the battle against the armless man was mainly because my senior brother didnt.

My senior brother and I chose to be neutral at that time.

Yang Ye nodded, I understand.

Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

The Sky Emperor fell silent.

Actually, the biggest winner wasnt just the god race, the Dao Path was one too.

After all, only the Dao Progenitor and him, the two progenitors from the Dao Path were still completely fine and well.

So, the Dao Path could be considered as ranked at the top amongst the other Paths!

Obviously, it was because the progenitors of the Dao Path were completely unharmed.

No matter what, the Dao Path had perfectly preserved its strength, so it could be considered as one of the biggest winners!

The Sky Emperor watched Yang Ye leave and shook his head slightly, In the end, that kid rose up in the world!

Presently, Yang Ye was so strong that even progenitors had to fear him!

Yang Ye left the Sky Dimension and entered the boundless reaches of space.

He was about to travel to the Human Dimension, but he suddenly frowned when he was passing by the prehistoric ruins and looked down.

The prehistoric ruins!

He naturally hadnt forgotten this place.

Right when he was hesitating if he should go down there, he sensed a strand of gloomy energy.

Suddenly, a ray of black light shot up into the air, and then a woman with a spear on her back appeared near Yang Ye.

She had extremely long and pretty hair that hung down to her waist, and her entire body was covered in black armor while her pupils were deathly gray.

Their gazes met for a few moments, and then Tian Xiu suddenly looked up from within the Primordial Pagoda, Big Brother, leave now.

Thats an undying cavalry.

As soon as she finished speaking, the womans spear shot up into the air and stabbed at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Yes sword flew off as well!


A strand of terrifying energy suddenly erupted with them at its center, and it caused the space in a huge area to crack open.

A few breaths of time later, everything here returned to normal.

There was a spear in Yang Yes chest, and blood was ceaselessly seeping out of him.

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