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Chapter 2353 A Storm!

The old man was on the verge of tears because the spirit energy here was rapidly vanishing.

Of course, it wasnt really vanishing but entering Snowys mouth!

A Sprite Progenitor!

The old man had some status and strength, but what could he do Kill the Sprite Progenitor Not to mention whether he had the strength to accomplish that, he wouldnt dare to even if he could.

It was a Sprite Progenitor, so not to mention him, even those powerful organizations wouldnt dare to kill a Sprite Progenitor.

They wouldnt even dare to consider it!

At this moment, if this little fellow refused to go, World Mountain would be transformed into ruins.

Yang Ye glanced at the Eternal Immortal Crystals, hesitated for a moment, and said, That makes me feel bad.

But since its a token of your kind intentions, I have to accept it.

Thank you!

As he spoke, he took the crystals and gazed at Snowy, Lets go!

Snowy blinked and pointed at the old mans spatial ring.

The old mans face darkened.

Yang Ye spoke softly, It doesnt belong to us, so we cant take it.


Snowy shook her head repeatedly and pointed at the old mans spatial ring.

Moreover, she gazed at him in a threatening manner.

Yang Ye was about to speak when Snowy sniffed lightly, and the spirit energy in the surroundings grew even scarcer.

Yang Yes face darkened.

He knew Snowy didnt want the treasures, she was just getting addicted to absorbing all this spirit energy.

Snowys desire for spirit energy was much, much greater than before!

Alright, alright! Suddenly, the old man removed the spatial ring and flicked it over to Snowy, Here, its yours!

Snowy stopped, blinked, and pointed at the spatial ring.

She was asking if he was serious

The old man almost cried.

Yang Ye took Snowy in his arms and said, Lets go!

He took Snowy to the teleportation formation.

It didnt take long for countless rays of blue light to envelop them.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye looked up at the sky, and he saw many eyes staring at him.

Right when Yang Ye was about to vanish, a ferocious voice resounded from within the teleportation formation, When I, Yang Ye, return, it will be the day blood days the skies of Eternal Border red!

His voice was filled with ferocity, killing intent, and a trace of madness!

The old man sighed by the teleportation formation, glanced at the sky, and left.

He was tempted by the Sprite Progenitor too, but he refused to take action.

Even if he could obtain such a treasure, he couldnt keep it.

However, he could still do favors.

Even though hed given away many treasures just now, he felt that it was worth it.

Even if Snowy didnt care about such favors, he knew that Yang Ye would.

Once Yang Ye and Snowy left, two old men and a middle aged man appeared at the peak of World Mountain, and there was an ethereal woman not too far to the right.

One of the old men had a cane with a dragons head on it.

It was the old man whod fought Yang Ye, and he was the sect master of the Longevity Sect, Li Changsheng.

On his right was another old man in a block robe, and that old man was the sect master of the Freedom Sect, Mo Daozi.

As for the middle aged man, he was the sect master of the Creation Sect, Yuwen Qiu!

The beautiful woman was the master of the Immortality Sect, Han Feier!

They just watched Yang Ye enter the teleportation formation and didnt stop him.

They didnt attack for two reasons.

Firstly, they were all heavily injured, and Yang Yes strength had improved tremendously.

He had the strength to destroy a world.

Besides that, they were the only existences in their respective sects who could fight Yang Ye.

World Lord were nothing before Yang Ye, but they didnt dare to act rashly right now.

Actually, they may be heavily injured, but if they were willing to pay a price, they could still kill Yang Ye.

The problem was that after they risked their lives to kill Yang Ye, it would benefit someone else instead.

That was something they werent willing to let happen.

So, simply speaking, they still hadnt decided how to divide the spoils!

They didnt want the other to gain from their efforts!

Of course, it was also linked to Yang Yes current strength.

He wasnt that easy to kill now, and they would have to pay a huge price to kill him.

Thus, they didnt dare to act rashly until more experts from their sects returned.

Meanwhile, the master of the Longevity Sect, Li Changsheng, said, Arent you afraid he wont return

He will! Mo Daozi from the Freedom Sect replied indifferently, White Emperor City is still here, isnt it

He glanced at the others and continued, Allow me to be honest, none of our powers can keep a Sprite Progenitor on our own.

Dont forget that theres the Sovereign Sect too!

The Sovereign Sect!

They couldnt help but reveal solemn expressions when they heard that.

It was a power that had always remained a mystery.

Even Nanli Meng knew very little about it.

Many felt that they didnt exist at all, but these old geezers were very well aware that the Sovereign Sect had always existed!

It truly existed!

Meanwhile, Mo Daozi continued, Besides the Sovereign Sect, there are some other mysterious experts and powers from countless other worlds.

Everyone, even we dare not look down upon some worlds and existences beyond Eternal Border.

For example, the Northern Sword Tomb.

How shocking was it when it was at its prime

Eternal Border was like a hub, and practically all the experts and powers of countless worlds would arrive here.

Because this was the only place that allowed access to the Eternal Dimension, and the Eternal Dimension was the objective of all experts!

There was Eternal Energy there!

Many powers would settle down in Eternal Border, but some wouldnt come.

Just like the undying race and void spirit race.

They hadnt been any weaker to ancient powers like theirs.

Besides that, many local experts, like those figures from the Primal Era were still here.

For example, Eternal Village.

Simply speaking, even if the Eternal Dimension was excluded, they still werent unmatched.

Li Changsheng gazed at Mo Daozi, Then what do you thinkevel.

Mo Daozi fell silent for a short while and replied, We join forces.

Of course, those three Guardians too.

We can only keep that Sprite Progenitor if we join forces, and only then can we avoid fighting and killing each other for it! What do all of you think

Suddenly, a voice resounded, I have no objections!

It was the Immortality Sects master, Han Feier.

The others gazed at Han Feier with a trace of fear in their eyes.

During the battle against Void Spirit Maiden, all of them had witnessed each others strength, and Han Feier was exceptionally strong.

Because shed suffered the least injuries.

Just thinking about that battle aroused a lingering fear within them.

Six Limitbreaker Realm experts and an ancient Divine Treasure.

It should have guaranteed their success, but unexpectedly, Void Spirit Maidens strength far surpassed their expectations.

If it wasnt for the addition of those three Guardians of this world, they would have been annihilated!

Even with those three Guardians, theyd still barely escaped being annihilated.

There was a type of monstrous genius in this world, monstrous geniuses who couldnt be judged by their realms of cultivation.

Void Spirit Maiden was one.

Now, Yang Ye was almost another.

I have no objections! Meanwhile, the master of the Creation Sect, Yuwen Qiu spoke abruptly, Brother Mo is correct, none of us can keep a Sprite Progenitor to ourselves.

Well only be able to keep it if we join forces.

Moreover, once she advances into a true Sprite Progenitor, we can make her take us to the Eternal Dimension.

Lets see who dares to stop us when we have her leading the way.

Then its decided! Mo Daozi suddenly said, Summon all your experts from the Eternal River, and then well wait for Yang Ye to return!

Li Changsheng suddenly asked, Will he return

Well force him to if he doesnt! Mo Daozi continued, The most important matter at hand is for our experts to return as soon as possible.

All of us are heavily injured, so we may not be able to keep the Sprite Progenitor even if we seize it now.

Moreover, if Im not wrong, the ancestors of the Immortal Estate, the two cities, three sects, and six clans should be aware of the Sprite Progenitor too.

Its impossible for them to just ignore that!

Li Changsheng nodded, According to my knowledge, the patriarchs of the six clans are already rushing back from the Eternal River.

They arent the only ones! Meanwhile, Han Feier suddenly spoke softly, Over 90% of the experts there are rushing here.

Itll be a huge battle, and even our joint forces doesnt have a very good chance to win.

So, prepare yourselves.

She turned around and vanished once she finished speaking.

The others exchanged glances and vanished as well.

Right after they vanished, a black robed figure appeared there.

The figure glanced at the surroundings, A Sprite Progenitor My undying race made a mistake

The black robed figure vanished without a sound.

At this moment, Yang Ye and Snowy were unaware that countless old geezers and mysterious powers were ready to make a move against them because of Snowy.

A Sprite Progenitor!

Divine Treasures were trash before a Sprite Progenitor.

Possessing a Sprite Progenitor represented possessing endless possibilities.

Just like at Yang Ye.

Why was he so wealthy Because he had a Sprite Progenitor.

He couldnt have obtained all those treasures without Snowys help.

In the teleportation passageway, Snowy sat on Yang Yes shoulder while holding a white ball of light in her paws.

There was a small ethereal figure swimming within it.

Snowy blinked and ceaselessly played around with the ball of light.

However, the figure showed no desire to come outside.

A long time later, Snowy placed the pearl on Yang Yes shoulder, and then an ethereal axe appeared in her grasp.

She held it with both paws and placed it against the pearl.

Snowys intentions were obviousare you coming out or not!

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