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Chapter 2354 Sprite Ascension!

If all else fails, then use force!

That was what Snowy had learned from Yang Ye!

The white pearl shook violently from having the Primordial Axe of Creation pressed against it.

Obviously, it was afraid.

Meanwhile, the figure within the pearl was moving about madly.

It seemed like it wanted to come outside, but it couldnt.

Snowy blinked, and then she raised the axe with the intent to chop the pearl.

However, Yang Ye stopped her.

Snowy gazed at Yang Ye, but Yang Ye took the pearl and summoned Sword Scroll.

He passed it to her, and the latter sized it up briefly before she said, A Sprite Nourishment Pearl!

Yang Ye was puzzled, Whats that

She replied softly, A pearl used especially for nourishing Sprites.

Theres a Sprite within it.

Yang Ye asked, A natural Sprite

She shook her head, No, its the spirit of a Divine Treasure!

A Divine Treasures spirit!

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he asked, A Divine Treasures spirit Can it be extracted

Of course! She replied softly, Just like that axe of yours.

If it went as Tian Xiu wanted, she could have extracted its spirit.

Snowys eyeballs started to spin as if she wanted to try something.

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll gazed at her, Forget it, you dont have the ability to extract that axes spirit!

Snowy fell silent.

Sword Scroll gazed at Yang Ye, Keep it.

It may prove useful in the future.

Because if you can find its original body, the Divine Treasure it belongs to, then that Divine Treasure is practically yours.

Even if that Divine Treasure has given birth to a new spirit, it wont be able to fight against the original spirit.

A Divine Treasure!

Yang Ye gazed at the pearl, What kind of Divine Treasure does it belong to

Sword Scroll replied, I dont know.

However, since its a Divine Treasure, it shouldnt be weak.

Just like the Sword Gourd and Primordial Axe of Creation, do you think they are weak

Yang Ye nodded, Thats true!=:

As he spoke, he passed the pearl to Snowy and said, Its a treasure, dont spoil it, alright

Snowy gazed at the pearl, hesitated for a moment, and then blew on it.

In an instant, countless strands of spirit energy surged into it, and then the pearl started trembling violently.

Moreover, the ethereal figure within it actually grew even more solid!

Sword Scrolls face became solemn at the sight of this!

Sprite Progenitors had an extremely terrifying ability, and it was to improve the spirit of anything!

After all, there was a difference in strength, even amongst Divine Treasures.

Because there was a difference in level between them, and that level was their spirit.

The stronger the spirit, the stronger they were!

The Primordial Pagoda, Primordial Axe of Creation, Sword Gourd, and even Sword Scroll were actually gradually improving.

Especially the Primordial Pagoda, it benefitted the most.

However, it was normal because it had a relationship with Snowy that transcended life and death.

So, the Primordial Pagoda was a very, very good friend to Snowy.

Because it always didnt hesitate to take her side when anything occurred!

Moreover, Snowys ability didnt just stop at the spirits of Divine Treasures, it was extremely helpful to demon beasts too!

Every demon beast took a very, very long time to advance once.

But if they had the assistance of a Sprite Progenitor, then it could be quickened by countless times.

Just like Oxxy, it was showing signs of advancing after staying with Snowy throughout this time!

That was why Oxxy was always doing everything it could to stay by Snowys side.

Now, it was Snowys little lacky, and it would do everything she asked of it!

Sword Scroll restrained her thoughts and closed her eyes slowly.

She knew that the little fellow would become a Sprite Progenitor soon.

Snowy stopped after blowing for a while, and the pearl immediately rubbed itself against her waist.

Obviously, it wanted more!

Meanwhile, Sword Scroll suddenly gazed at Yang Ye, Tell her to help Oxxy and Erya.

Moreover, if its possible, tell her to recruit some Primal Demons.

With Snowy by your side, there will be Primal Demons and Divine Beasts that beg her to take them.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and asked, That sounds a little too exaggerated, doesnt it

Exaggerated Sword Scroll shook her head, Not at all.

Cant you sense it That stupid cow is at the World Lord Realm.

As for Erya, her aura is much stronger than before.

Yang Ye frowned slightly, and then he summoned both of them.

Once they appeared here, Oxxy immediately went over to Snowys side and stood there quietly.

Erya didnt intentionally get close to Snowy.

She just licked the tanghulu in her hand and said, Madman Oh, I mean, Big Brother Yang, do you need something

Yang Ye scanned them carefully, and then a solemn expression gradually appeared on his face.

Eryas aura was slightly stronger than before, but it wasnt that obvious.

As for Oxxy, its aura was much stronger than before!

It wasnt the aura of a True World Realm expert anymore!

Was it because of Snowy

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, and she was looking at him too.

Their gazes met.

Suddenly, Snowy pounced into his arms and kept rubbing her head against his chest.

Sword Scrolls lips twitched from the sight of this.

Damn, thats a Sprite Progenitor

Yang Ye rubbed Snowys head and spoke softly, Snowy, when youre free, help Oxxy and Erya more.

Right, give them spirit energy so that they become stronger, and then they can help us fight!

Eryas eyes lit up when she heard him.

She loved Snowys spirit energy the most.

Just like the Primordial Violet Energy, Snowys spirit energy felt extremely nice when she absorbed it.

Meanwhile, Oxxy gazed at Yang Ye as well, and there was a trace of gratefulness in its eyes.

It wanted to absorb the spirit energy Snowy provided every day.

Unfortunately, that little fellow only wanted to play.

Now that Yang Ye had said something, both it and Erya were about to welcome days of joy!

The Sword Gourd too! Meanwhile, Sword Scroll suddenly said, Your swords, sabers, and flying blades.

All of them need it too.

Especially your swords and sabers.

With Snowys help and the nourishment of that gourd, their strength will grow increasingly greater, and they may even transform into true Divine Treasures!

Yang Yes blood started to boil when he heard her!

If Hidden Blade, Invincible, the Sword Supreme, the Sword Precursor, the two flying blades, and those three other swords became Divine Treasures, how terrifying would they be

Just thinking about it made him feel excited!

Yang Ye looked down at Snowy, Hear that

Snowy shook her head with all she had.

After all, she didnt want to do something that wasnt fun!

Yang Ye took her in his arms and spoke in a very serious manner, Once they become strong, all of them will be yours, alright

Snowy blinked.

All of them will be mine That sounds good!

Snowy was a little tempted, and Yang Ye hurriedly said, Yes, all of them will be yours.

Mine is mine Right, mine is yours, and yours is mine.

Its ours.


Snowys eyes lit up, and then she nodded.

Sword Scroll shook her head.

What a silly little fellow.

They were always yours.

If they were given a choice, then besides the Sword Precursor and Sword Supreme, the others wouldnt hesitate to choose Snowy.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Snowy agree.

The little fellow was absolutely lazy, so asking her to spend days helping Oxxy, Erya, and all of those treasures was not easy.

Fortunately, shed agreed.

Unfortunately, she was only willing to spend two hours a day on helping them.

She wanted to spend the rest of her time having fun!

While Yang Ye felt quite helpless, he still allowed it.

As for Oxxy and the others, it was absolutely good news.

Besides that, the sacred vein within the Primordial Pagoda was gradually changing too.

According to Sword Scroll, it was a matter of time before it became an immortal vein.

While even an immortal vein couldnt compete with Snowy, the presence of that immortal vein would provide the world within the Primordial Pagoda and Yang Ye himself with endless spirit energy.

Suddenly, Sword Scroll said, Were here!

Yang Ye looked up, and he saw a barrier of light at the end of his vision.

Yang Ye sent the others into the Primordial Pagoda, and then he sped up and vanished into the barrier of light.

Once he entered it, Yang Ye felt dizzy, but it didnt take long for the dizziness to vanish and for him to open his eyes.

A gray sky, muddy air, and extremely scarce spirit energy.

It was a world on the verge of destruction!

However, unlike the large universe, it could hold on for a few dozen years if no outside forces harmed it!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings.

There was a huge teleportation formation below him, and an endless expanse of mountains surrounded him!

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

The Northern Lands!

Using the directions Jian You had given him, it didnt take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the Northern Lands.

Northern City.

An ancient city that existed since the time of the Northern Sword Sect.

It had once been a subordinate city of the sect, and the sect had frequently selected all sorts of geniuses from the city!

Yet now, it was a free city, and there were all sorts of organizations within it!

Countless people came to the city every year and went to the Northern Sword Sect in groups, hoping to find the treasures hidden within.

Yang Ye had asked Jian You how the Northern Sword Sect had been annihilated, but she didnt give him a clear answer.

However, according to her, it had obtained a treasure that it shouldnt possess!

Just like the Sprite Progenitor Yang Ye possessed!

Jian Yous reason for telling him to come here was to try his luck.

Anyone else would have no chance, but who was he He had a Sprite Progenitor by his side!

The little fellow had the ability to locate treasures!

Yang Ye entered the city.

There were people here, but not many.

Moreover, all of them seemed to be in a hurry.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and was about to walk further into the city.

Suddenly, a ray of black light descended before him, and it dispersed to reveal a black little fellow.

It looked like a mouse.

Its eyes were very small, but its nose was very long, and so was its mouth.

Its mouth was like a pots lid.

In overall, it was very ugly.

At this moment, it was staring at Yang Ye.

Thats a Treasure Seeking Mouse! Someone exclaimed, Whose is it Huh Its looking at that man.

Does he have some sort of treasure

Countless gazes descended upon Yang Ye.

Treasure Seeking Mice were a type of pet, and these pets had extremely harsh tastes.

They didnt fancy ordinary treasures, and it would take at least a Pseudo Divine Treasure to arouse their interest!

While it was a pet, no one dared to take it.

Because it was obvious that it was impossible for any ordinary person to possess such a pet!

Meanwhile, it suddenly sniffed, and then a greedy gaze appeared in its eyes.

It stared at Yang Ye while growing incessantly, and it seemed like it was asking Yang Ye to hand the treasures over!

Yang Ye felt speechless from the sight of this.

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